2237-10-02 - Bunkhouse Echo's Future Cold War

Kyle hosts Verity's hand to hand re-certification. The two share bitter words and take it to personal levels.

Date: 2237-10-02

Location: Dauntless - Gym

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Scene Number: 1451

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It was a requirement of all personnel to be certified in basic hand-to-hand combat. It was rare that you would be exempt from that. It made plenty of sense, given that there was a war going on. That was how the two now found themselves where they were at. The Gym itself had been reconditioned and prepared for a full day of certifications. Though it was generally done between those of their own. Pilots would recertify pilots, Marines would recertify marines. Certification was more about getting it done - and generally it was easier with the person across from you.

Verity was stretching herself out as she came onto the matt. Her helmet and gaurd where they needed to be. She exhaled and inhaled..stretching out her back appropriately. Her head shaking, as she prepared. It had been quite a bit since they saw eachother, and for her - she had subsided in the anger. Her eyes coming up to look for Kyle.

"Ready..When you are."

Kyle had always hated the headgear required for certification, or at least friendly boxing matches. Even with the thumbs free on the gloves for grapple, it felt like wearing headgear while riding a toy, and in reality, nearly every fight Kyle had ever been in had been without a helmet on. Overbearing. Overbearing is the word.

After her own stretches, she found herself at the corner of the mat watching Verity prepare herself. A twinge of tension runs up the back of her spine as she waits for the woman. Knuckles roll against knuckle, fingers flexing, as the redhead turns to face the brunette with a ponytail streaming out of the back of her headgear. When their eyes meet, Kyle's hazel orbs aren't entirely friendly, but just like the rest of her head, they're guarded.

"I didn't think we'd actually end up doing this, Ensign Harte." Kyle brushes her gloves down her tanks and the short, gray sweatshorts she's wearing. Arms come up in a stance, gloves ready to block, as she bounces her heels closer to Verity. "You sure I don't need to check you for a shiv?"

Kyle winks when she says it, extending a glove to tap knuckles with Verity's to signal their start.

"The Sagitarron in me wouldn't let me run away from a fight." Verity says with a soft chuckle as she adjusted the fingerless gloves. Her eyes looking to ensure they are on appropriately. She didn't appear to be to bothered by Kyle at the moment, this was shaping up to be just your normal average recertification. She didn't dare look up at the woman though, "So.. You know an interesting fact? You come off so gaurded.. and yet, I'm the only one that decided to not jump at it the first chance I got." A shake of her head, "I can only imagine how you feel about the others."

She looks up at her and motions with her hand, "..Shall we?" She slowly gets into position, "First Certification in basic is standard defense.. You're a marine so you may be used to the advanced stuff. You just need to come at me in basic forms.." Her hands come up defensively, ".. You're Caprican Right? Surprised you'd even be a Marine.."

"I love interesting facts." Kyle repeats quickly at the end of Verity's rhetorical question. She hovers just outside of Verity's reach, waiting for her and taking ample advantage of the lack of eye contact to read the expressions on the shorter woman's face. "Yeah, let's." Kyle finally agrees and steps in closer, lifting her gloves and shoulders, elbows tucked in. "I'll make sure you get what you need to pass this, honestly."

Kyle's eyebrows soften. "Honestly, Harte? You and the others don't bother me." Kyle mutters under her breath, eyes swiveling to her hands. "I wasn't born Caprican rich, so it's not guarded. I was just keeping my chin high, head on a swivel." Kyle, without introducing it coming, steps in quickly to punch out with a jab and a left...a basic combination to defend against.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Melee (8 8 6 5 4 1) vs Verity's Melee (6 5 4 3 3 2)
<FS3> Victory for Kyle.

".. Mmm.. Thing I love about Capricans.." Verity says as she raises her hand with a wave, as if batting it away, "Most are Rich, most are smart, witty, beautiful.. but regardless of what side of the tracks you grew up on.. You're all very terrific Liars.." Her hands stay up and she comes up to block what she believes to be an overhead attack. Though she is drastically wrong and is hit in the gut quite forcefully. This causes an oof and knocks her back. She shakes her head with a soft growl. Her breathing just that bit labored.

"..If you didn't care, you wouldn't be so sassy. I don't have.." She reaches up to touch the tender part, "Any interesting in causing issues.. Though if you're alright with open relationships.. Why isn't your beaux?" She then tries to use her left foot to move forward and come around to hit Kyle in almost the same place..using the speed one would get as you train for dexterity in flying.

<FS3> Verity rolls Melee (6 4 3 3 2 2) vs Kyle's Melee (8 8 8 7 5 3)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Kyle.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Composure: Success (7 6 5 4 3 2 1)

Being called a liar right before landing a punch to the stomach is satisfying. Kyle's eyes flash and she bounces with a little more of her ingrained self-confidence; a confidence some might say borders on the arrogant. "What, you think I'm lying to you? Frak." Kyle cocks her head to the side, see-sawing it in preparation for Verity to come back in. "Look, when you walk in a room and your beaux with her ex, and her ex gives you that look, you don't mouse when you should wolf, know what I mean?"

But Verity's already begun to wriggle under Kyle's skin, far past the collection of stars tattooed into her hip.

Kyle catches Verity's arm with the edge of her elbow. Taller, but not faster, she uses her strength to control Verity's arm, jabbing her in the side once, then flipping the redhead onto the mat before her with a loud slapping noise. "She's going to do what she wants to, but she hurt you to get to me." Kyle lets go of Verity's arm with a little shove. "Put yourself in my shoes, Harte. You've got a right to be angry, but frakked up as everything is, I'm not about to let myself get treated like a homewrecker."

<FS3> Verity rolls Grit: Success (8 4 1)

"No.. I have no idea what you mean.. Nor what you think you saw.." Verity says somewhat harshly back. She is surprised when she is caught, and flipped onto the matt with a thud. She gasps and cries out at the same time as the air escapes from her. When she is let go, she rolls away .. Coming back onto her feet. She was out of breath, and her abdomen hurt. She looks a little wobbly, even stumbling to the left a moment. She shakes the dizziness from her head and her hands come back up.

"Good to know atleast one Caprican can throw a punch." She growls softly, she slowly begins to circle Kyle, "Are all Marines dumb? I mean I seriously thought that the idiot ground pounder was just a stereotype.. What the hell do you think was going on? Two Dates.. and me telling her I didn't want to Frak.. It wasn't a huge big deal."

The frown stays and her voice was strained, perhaps it was the fighting they had done - or maybe there's something else there, "Why the hell would you be some sort of Home Wrecker? Hell I told her she needed to choose.. And yet, you somehow feel like you got to protect something that I wasn't even trying.."

She moves forward, coming to bring her leg up and with a slight jump - slam it into the face of the Marine. Not the most honorable move.

<FS3> Verity rolls Melee (8 8 6 4 3 1) vs Kyle's Melee (8 8 7 6 6 3)
<FS3> Victory for Kyle.

"I'm not the possessive type, but if you're trying to act like this isn't bothering you, then you're a liar, too." Kyle leans forward into her stance, stepping back before the circling begins. When she bounces on her toes, the ponytail behind her bobs up and down. "You tried to throw shade, it didn't work, you wiggled your fingers," Kyle wiggles her fingers before the attack comes in. "Must have been a hot two dates, not that I bothered or cared for any of the details. No big deal for puffy eyes? Bullsh-"

The heel of Kyle's hand comes down hard on Verity's knee when it comes up. She shoves down, pushing the redhead back to her feet and grabbing the front of her shirt. The sudden tap of her knuckles against Verity's jaw comes with a shove back, placing some distance between them. Kyle points a finger between her opponents eyes, brows narrowing.

"Don't." Kyle warns. "I know you've got this new money Sagittaron dustbowl thing going on and being an officer might make you feel like you can afford an apartment for a change, but I might feel a little guilty about how things went for the two of you." Kyle lowers her fists back into a fighting stance. She steps in, swinging for Verity's jaw. "Don't make me hurt you, too."

<FS3> Kyle rolls Melee (8 6 6 6 2 1) vs Verity's Melee (7 7 7 7 6 5)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Verity.

<FS3> Kyle rolls Composure -1: Good Success (8 8 6 4 3 3)

"..Good..You just admitted you were lying." There was a smile from the woman, like that of a cheshire cat that just got what she wanted. It was perhaps this ego that caught her off gaurd as her foot slammed against the womans defense. She cries out again, leaving herself open to be grabbed and pushed back. She steadies herself with her back foot. Her head shaking, "That's your problem.. Caprica.." She says relating to where the woman came from, "I didn't throw any shade. You're so defensive..so scared.." She pauses and waves her hand, "Or so..whatever the hell toxic shit you got going on with Erin.. to see that I didn't." She chuckles softly and looks at the wall. Her eyes staring at it a moment, "..Nothing did happen." A brief pause, "Though Erin doesn't have fancy clothes. Which is endearing."

"If you have a problem with Erin - than you take it up with her.. and one more thing.." There's a brief pause and growl as her hand comes up to block the womans hit. She leans forward, "I was giving you a handicap.. You want to see what really happens to Capricans when they try to frak with a Sagitarron and don't have a gun to defend themselves?" She brings her hand to hit Kyle squarely in the chest and knock her back.

<FS3> Verity rolls Melee (8 6 4 4 3 2) vs Kyle's Melee (7 6 6 3 1 1)
<FS3> Marginal Victory for Kyle.

Kyle's had Verity under lock and key the whole fight. Confidence is squeaking in, and the more the damned redhead speaks, the more Kyle's jaw twists and tightens into a hard line next to the chin strap of her headgear. Kyle was so sure of herself before the sparring match began, but Verity's wiped at the surface enough to find the spots beneath. Spots Kyle Costello hadn't known were there to begin with.

"Frak you, Harte." Kyle hisses under her breath, right into the other woman's face. She keeps her tones low, private, silent to the others sparring in the background. "Don't get smug with me. You and I both know this hurt you both and at least I'm smart enough to call it for what it is."

Kyle's biting down on her words with the sudden hand comes in. The punch to Kyle's chest shoves her back and throws her feet out from beneath. Kyle comes down onto the mat. With a high pitched growl, Kyle slaps the mat beside her and is about to get up when...she's technically been knocked down.

"Frak it, you passed your cert." Kyle waves her hand towards the lockers in angry dismissal. "Seriously, Harte, just...get away from me before I do something my jacket will regret."


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