2237-10-02 - Emergency Venting

Kyle, post-argument with Verity, seeks out Erin for venting and threats.

Date: 2237-10-02

Location: Dauntless - Locker Rooms

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Scene Number: 1452

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The note was explicit: "LOCKER ROOM. ASAP. -K". How could Kyle have made it any more clear? The note was unceremoniously left on Erin's pillow and then the sweaty Kyle Costello raced back down to the locker room by the gym for a quick shower. Minutes later, she's half dried off in off-duty tanks and workout shorts, pacing by the lockers with her arms folded beneath her breasts. By the way her jaw is shifting to one side and the manner in which her lips are moving in a silent display of working through her own argument, this isn't one of THOSE emergency locker room meetings.

No. Kyle is peeved like a cat that just fell into a bathtub.

Yeah, well, as clear as the note is, it isn't clear to Erin. She arrives at the locker room wearing her onboard gear, but it looks like she spent at least two minutes trying to pretty herself up. She's thrown on some deodorant, and has put her hair up. And that's about the extent of 'looking purty' for her.

"Hey, sugarplum." She clicks her tongue in her mouth. "What's, uh -- " And then she notices the warning signs of an incoming tirade. " -- the, uh -- yo, what's going on?"

Kyle knows. Somehow she catches the scent of Erin Hayes on the wind and turns sharply towards the woman with a fire lit brightly in her eyes. She turns towards the woman, pointing sharply at her feet as teeth gnash the beginnings of a tirade.

"One of these days I'm gonna frakking deck your ex, Erin." Kyle hisses bitterly. "Next time without headgear." Kyle flattens her lips, then points downwards again, leaning in close to Erin's face. "I used to feel guilty, but frak her.".

Erin looks confused. And when she looks confused, she looks especially cute. "What?"

Her brows furrow. She frowns. She senses the anger directed at her, even if misplaced, and sort of bends back from Kyle's face. "Okay."

There's a pause. During this pause, Erin slides her hands into her pockets. "What happened?" she asks flatly, with a false note of curiosity. She sort of believes she knows already, but she's probably wrong.

"She said I threw shade first and that I was scared," Kyle throws her hands up and turns away from Erin. one hand finds its way to her brow, where she begins to rub at the stress and talk a thousand words per minute.

"I made good on helping her re-cert for fighting and we started talking shit and hitting each other, but she was putting it all on me which is bullshit, because you know I feel bad about you two and her puffy eyes," Kyle snorts and turns back to Erin. Her heel squeaks on the tile. "I feel guilty and she just.,,gets under my gods-damned skin."

Sigh. Erin closes her eyes for a second.

"The situation isn't fair for you, I know." Erin shrugs her shoulders. "I sort of threw you under the bus. And -- " She looks away for a moment. " -- I don't know what to do. Not sure what to say to her. She's just -- she's just really hurt about it. And I can't say, I don't blame her."

Erin scratches the spot just under her nose.

"Look, just -- can you ignore her now? I mean, you tried to be friends, that didn't work -- " Beat. " -- and she's going to need to get used to the fact that we're together now." Shrug. "I mean, if there were something else I could do or say, I -- well, I would." Beat. "But, like, she's not a bad person. I think. I don't know, this is sort of -- I don't know what to say about it."

"That's what's pissing me off the most. I know she's a good person, I can see it, but she's throwing so many jabs over two dates and no frakking and I just-" Kyle replies quickly, shoulders bunching up. She comes to a stop before Erin and sighs, dropping her forehead onto Erin's shoulders with a little too much drop to it that she mumbles a quick apology once her eight pound head comes to a stop. "-I'm not jealous. I just don't want her to think I'm some snake."

Kyle sighs down the front of Erin's shirt and wraps her arms around the other's waist, shaking her forehead with grinding frustration.

"I'm fine." Kyle suddenly switches gears. "I'll be fine. I can ignore her and I'm not trying to be friends. She's your old girl, Erin, I didn't want to fight with her to begin with." Kyle's breathing begins to slow into a silenced rhythm.

"I'm seriously not kicking her ass because for you, you know that, right?" Kyle manages a smile despite the heat waves lifting off of her skin. "Respect and all that."

Erin's a good person to hold and to set your head on. Actually, no, she's not. She's lean as leather and bony as a branch. And she is awkward and about as comforting as a wet blanket.

Still, she holds Kyle well enough, and gives the other woman a kiss on the neck, then one on the cheek, and then one on the mouth. "I know. And I'll deal with her. But the hurt's still raw. I've talked to her about it, and it's still -- " Erin has tears in her eyes. " -- I hurt her real bad, and I don't think she knows what to do about it."

Sniff. "You're not a bad person, Kyle. I'm a bad person. Like, really bad. I mean, can you imagine? You meet someone nice, and then, after a couple of weeks of romance, they are instantly off with someone else? Just tossed aside?" Sniffle. "Like, holy frak, how shitty is that, right? And I'm the shit here. The shit panda."

Sniffle, and sigh. "Look, thanks. For not hurting her real bad. Just -- maybe it'll just take some time. Maybe she'll find someone new?"

"You're not a bad person. StoOooOoop." Kyle groans out and leans in to steal a kiss from Erin. She sighs and slips her hands over Erin's shoulders, resting the heels of her hands above Erin's breasts to pat in staccato. "You did the right thing. I came back from the dead. It's a tiny pinprick compared to the sucking gunshot wound it could have been if we were frakking and you were hiding it you DID-" Kyle grips Erin's shirt for a tug. "-The. Right. Thing."

Kyle leans down a few inches to rest her forehead against Erin's. She lines their noses up perfectly, slipping the bridge of their noses, once, then tries again until they're in a straight line. There, she closes her eyes and grasps Erin by the face and leans in for yet another press of lips.

"I'll figure it out without breaking her knees." Kyle whispers, then drops her wrist to snare Erin's fingers. She locks them together weakly, then tugs. "But she hit me like a freight train and we both need something dessert-like, so...come on. Secret date to the mess." Kyle tugs and tries to shrug it all off. "Then we'll stay in my bunk tonight."

Aw. Erin closes her eyes and smiles. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan." Beat. "I hope you washed your sheets, though. Last time we were up there, it smelled." Like good or bad? She doesn't say. "And we're going to sleep, right? Sleep." Beat. "Because I've got early shift coming in, like, just a few frakkin' hours, and I'm no good when you keep me up at night."

So, it's off to the secret date to the Mess Hall. And, probably, to hunt down and steal treats.


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