2237-10-04 - Subject 8

Emrys goes through the looking glass after being captured by Cylons.

Date: 2237-10-04

Location: Cave

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Plot: Operation: Watchtower

Scene Number: 1455

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First it was muttering guy. Then Cate and Astraea. Their numbers are dwindling, and now it's Emrys's turn. Perhaps he fought back! Perhaps he did like Cate and pretended to go quietly in hopes of catching them by surprise. In any event, any attempts he made to escape were unsuccessful.

The Cylon drags him down a maze of poorly lit tunnels. Emrys will notice a glow somewhere ahead, which eventually opens up into some sort of makeshift... Well, it's hard to say exactly what it is. Laboratory? Medical facility? Some bizarre combination of the two? There are cables running around and a half dismantled Cylon in the corner of the room with cables running out of its head. There are no human guts or blood, or really any signs of butchery, but that might be cold comfort as Emrys is manhandled (Cylon-handled?) into a chair and strapped in.

Emrys fought back, as much as he could in his weakened condition. And when he can fight no more, he'll be deadweight. Determined not to make it easy on them. But in the end, he's strapped into the chair. "I hope you know." He tells the cylon, bitterly but proudly, "You'll get no satisfaction from me. We Virgons have a notoriously stiff upper lip."

The Cylon seems unaffected by Emrys's dead weight-ness. It doesn't respond to the bravado, either. Instead, it goes about the task of attaching some sort of electrodes to Emrys's forehead and temples. It walks away, messes around with some cables... And then there's a short electric shock and everything goes black. Then, miraculously, Emrys wakes up in a Viper cockpit. It's not the Viper Mk II that Emrys is most recently familiar with. It's a much older model. Furthermore, if he looks out at the terrain, he will see, rather than the dull unending brown of the Sagittarian landscape, something much more familiar. That's Virgon down there.

"Hussy! Get your head out of the fracking clouds!" The ECO's voice is familiar, too. He hasn't heard that voice since the Academy.

"Sorry, daydreaming again." Emrys admits, the wry abashed amusement in his tone as he adds "There's this girl.." Because there's always a girl. It's how he got his callsign. And his mind, for a moment, brings to mind an image of a curvy redhead he hasn't met yet. Shaking his head to clear it, he tries to focus on the mission at hand.

There's a chuckle and probably a good-natured eye-roll for that, then a long pause before he pipes up again. "Hey. You gonna take us in or we going for a joy ride?" The image of that curvy redhead won't leave him alone. Not to mention all the other people parading through his thoughts. People he hasn't met yet. People who are... were...will be in danger? He remembers all of it, but this moment, here and now, just feels so /real/. He remembers how this day goes, and a very uncomfortable conversation with his father, still to come.

"Yeah, yeah, we'll go in." Emrys frowns, banking the bird as he aims to just do that. "I've..been here before." This is more said to himself, than anybody else. There's a struggle going on in his mind, between what feels so real and those memories. And the fact he already knows how the day goes. As the bird comes around, he flexes his hand on the stick for a moment. Maybe if he just dived straight into the ground, he'll wake up in that chair. But what if he's wrong...

The ECO guffaws. "You feeling okay, Huss? You've been here a million times, man." Sure, Emrys /could/ just dive straight into the ground. If he experiments, he'll find that he does, indeed, feel pain, so who knows how that would end!

Emrys does think to experiment, and finding that the pinch he gives himself actually hurts...well, maybe he won't try the shortcut. Instead he'll work on landing the viper. And, come to think about it, since when have vipers had ECOs? That's not right. "No, I'm serious. I already know how this goes. I land this thing, later I have a really awkward conversation with father...I've done this whole day before."

"Uh huh. And tonight you'll get drunk and go home with whoever was distracting you earlier, right?" the fellow retorts. He still seems to find the whole thing pretty amusing, as they go in for a landing. "Seriously, man, you gotta teach me some of your tricks..."

"Yeah, sure." Emrys agrees, because it's easier than trying to explain. "To both." He lands the bird, deep in thought the whole time. Something's wrong, but he can't figure out how to right it. He tries to fight it through his mind. 'I know I'm in a chair on a cave on Sagitaron' he tells himself, in his head, over and over again. Closing his eyes, calling those faces to mind, and reopening them. Willing himself to be back in the room, in the chair.

The world fades away for a second while Emrys concentrates, but then there's a knock on the hatch. The hatch opens, and his ECO, Sam, is standing on the concrete waiting for him. His round, inoffensive face and floppy hair are quite familiar from back in the day, but he's most definitely out of place. Isn't he supposed to be dead already? "Hey, everything okay? What's wrong?"

Emrys frowns, both at the site of Sam and the fact he has an ECO in a viper somehow. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, buddy." He finally says, before something occurs to me. "But...I know what'll make you believe me. In my time...I'm in a committed relationship. And I think I'm about to die in a cave on Saggitaron. So if you'll excuse me, time to go." And then he closes his eyes and concentrates even harder, now he knows he can make the world fade. Trying to force it away.

Sam guffaws at that. "You're a trip, man... Have it your way."

After a moment or two (longer? sometimes time seems fuzzy), a different familiar voice intrudes on Emrys's meditation. "Son, we need to talk." If he opens his eyes, he'll find his father standing in the exact spot where Sam had been. Not his father the way he might imagine him now. This is the young man Emrys remembers from youth.

Cursing mentally, Emrys hops out of the cockpit. "Sir." He greets his father. He's tense, as if trying to decide which way to take this. But for the moment he's respectful, maybe even a little fearful. Just as he would have been back then.

Emrys's father looks more concerned than perhaps might have been characteristic for him. "I understand you think you're on Saggitaron," he remarks. It's not a question, and yet it demands an answer.

"Yes, actually, Sir." Emrys tries not to say Sir, but he just can't help it. "I'm in a cave on Saggitaron, strapped into a chair...it's a long story." He knows how insane it sounds. But the 'script' for this day appears to be starting to break, and he wants to keep pushing it, Especially when his father starts acting 'wrong'.

Emrys's father raises an eyebrow slightly. "I see." Did Emrys's father ever accept such a strange explanation at face value? "Walk with me," he requests, in a tone that makes it more of an order, and gestures in the direction that will take them away from the landing area.

"Of course, Sir." Emrys begins to walk with his father, that creeping crawling sensation beginning to spread across his body. His father acting this way is threatening to get to him.

They walk in silence for awhile. In spite of the 'off' behaviors, it does seem remarkably like his father. From the way he walks, to certain characteristic gestures. Once they've left the bustle of the landing area behind, he leads the way to a more secluded area. "Listen," Emrys's father (not-father?) says, finally breaking the silence without looking away from the path ahead. "There's something I need to tell you. Maybe I haven't said it before, but I should have." He finally looks aside at Emrys again, solemnly. "I'm proud of you."

<FS3> Emrys rolls Composure: Good Success (8 8 7 7 5 5 4 2)

And that just breaks Emrys. At least, it does internally. He manages to keep himself together externally, at least for now. "Thank you, Sir. You have...no idea what that means to me." He finally says. Would it be so bad, if he stayed here? In this world? His resolve wavers for a moment. But it's only a moment before the memory of those faces, and one in particular, convince him that it would indeed be a betrayal to stay. A quick mental appraisal of himself. Does he have his sidearm? It should be right there on his hip, for every mission.

Emrys does, indeed, have his sidearm, just as he can remember. His father actually smiles, though it's a reserved one, and he claps Emrys on the shoulder. "Well, it's the truth. You're a good pilot, and..." He hesitates, as anyone might imagine such a man would before this sort of declaration. But then he goes on, "You're a good /man/. You need to know that."

<FS3> Emrys rolls Composure: Good Success (8 7 7 6 5 4 2 1)

<FS3> Emrys rolls Grit: Success (7 3 2 1)

"I..." It hurts. And it feels so good. And Emrys wants to stay. Which is why, of course, he can't. He grits his teeth, steels himself.. "Well, Sir, I...ah. The Colonial Forces thanks you for my future therapy bills, if I get out of this mess." And then he grabs the sidearm, pulls it up in a quick motion, and blows his brains out. He's going to die anyway, he figures. He'll try and get back to that room, and at least do it with his eyes open and outside of the beautiful lie.

It hurts. A lot. You would think shooting yourself in the head would result in instant oblivion, but instead he feels himself fall to the ground. His father looks down at him with a faint, disappointed expression. He speaks, and this time it's in the horrifying Cylon robotic screech. "Subject 8. Partial Failure. More study required." Everything fades into red, and then white. Then, everything goes dark. An uncertain amount of time passes, and when he wakes, he's physically unharmed, but has been moved to a separate cage, which he now shares with Astraea. Cate and the muttering man are missing.

Emrys' world is anger and pain, when he comes to. But he's not dead. And there's Nova. So instead of throwing himself at the bars and screaming obscenities until his voice goes, he'll move to check on her and plot their next move.


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