2237-10-05 - Fun And Games

Nicole and Mira have a short discussion on religion while watching a game of pyramid. Short as in... they mention that they're both interested in it academically.

Date: 2237-10-05

Location: Pyramid Court

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It's not exactly regulation, but there's still a game going on. Marine or Navy lost in favor of just which team you're playing on. It's pretty good, owing much to the high level of athleticism in the military - and their past lives. The ball is moved from triangle to triangle until thrown at the backboard, it bounces off not going through the hole much to the groans of a few people.
Nicole is off to the side, on the benches. She's not much for playing it but she does like the sort of atmosphere around it. And there's enough people it's easy to just sit there and be one of the people watching. She has one leg crossed over the other, angle resting on her knee, and a sketchpad propped up on her make-shift ''table''. A glance up to see what it was all about, then back down.

"You're an artist?" Comes the soft, confident femine voice that walks near the woman. She slowly moves to sit down next to Nicole, her head tilting as she moves to look at the Padd and then up at those participating. She has on a blue, sleevless shirt along with blue shorts. It would seem someone had been planning on participating in the game - but found it was full and decided to move next to Nicole. She smiles at her and then looks forward at the gaming that was happening, ".. It looks like the games are filled for the rest of the day.." She quietly notes, one hand moving up to move a red lock from her hair.

A glance to the side comes from the blonde, it's not overly good, but it's at least something on paper. Quick sketches here and there. Mostly gesture and meant to be quick. Her eyes turn back down to the paper and she gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Not really, just something I toy with from time-to-time. I'd have to put in a lot more work to be decent at it. It's an engaging distraction though." By contrast she's wearing the off-duty outfit with the sweater zipped up most of the way to hide the gods awful colors underneath.
"I wouldn't know." Nicole glances again toward Mira and quirks an eyebrow for a moment. "I didn't know you were the type, Doctor." She moves the sketches over into Mira's, lap, resting the book there so she can look more easily. They're all so-so, nothing that people would probably pay for anyway.

"..I'm very athletic in fact.." Mira notes with a smile, her shoulders shrugging, "I enjoy staying fit. It's really important to me." She looks down at the pictures and slowly nods, "It appears to be a good basis. Natural Talent is generally just practice over a period of time." There's a soft chuckle, "It's amazing how many people think that you just instantly become good at something." Her fingers glide over the sketches curiously. She bites her bottom lip as she looks over the images. She finally moves her eyes over towards the blonde, "I..hope you've had a good day?" She leans over and whispers to her. Her eyes staying on Nicole's for a moment before looking forward.

"You don't play? I would think it would be something required. It takes dexterity, strength, and mental fortitude to do. I am surprised the marines don't mandate it.."

Another glance over toward Mira, a raise of an eyebrow and then a nod slowly of her head. "It's not too bad. A bit slow after a patrol, we're still trying to locate some missing Marines." She begins to fuss with her hair then, twisting and moving it about until finally a couple pencils and it's in the rough shape of a bun. It probably won't hold for long, but it's better than nothing if she wanted her hair up.
"I understand where you're going with the idea of pyramid, but it's also can be a bit of an impact sport." She puts her hands on the seat of the bench toward the back of it where her fingers can wrap around the edge. She scoots a bit closer to the redhead, looking down at her own work on the page. "I also know what you mean about art and talent, it's earned. Some people can be better to start, but mastery is practice."

"..Mastery is always something tough to attain." Mira agrees and dips her head. She looks up and watches as the people move back and forth. Her eyes following them, "Oh ofcourse.. I.." She jumps for a moment.. surprised, but doesn't move forward anymore. She shakes her head, as if trying to get something out of her hair as she looks back forward, "I.. know it's Impact intensive. It's just another pa..part of it." She leans forward and stretches her back as her hand comes back as if to swat at something.

She glances over to Nicole curiously, head tilting forward, "..What are your plans for the day then? Have to..to go back out?"

"No." Nicole says, keeping her hands on the back of the bench as she half-rocks backward for a second. She's still looking down at her drawings for the moment, "I think that one was quite good." A sort of up-nod toward one of the pages. Then her eyes shift out to the court and she cants her head to the side with a sigh.
"It's pretty much just relax for the day, besides all the other standard never-ending lists of things to do between missions." She gives a purse of her lips, a slow blink as she seems to follow one of the plays going on.
"I'm actually surprised they allow it at all when we're not on leave, but I suppose it's just another way to try and burn some stress." A glance at Mira, "How do you burn off your stress, Doctor?"

"Sto..OHP.." Mira straightens up and her back curves like that of a cheschire cat as she begins to focus, almost unreasonably - on the game. She keeps her eyes focused on those playing as they talk. She seems singularly focused on their conversation and the players, "It's important to keep fit and focused. You never know when there will be a cylon attack." Her voice almost sounding strained a bit. She finally turns her head and looks to Nicole. Her head tilting, "I.. like to read.. I enjoy playing Cards." She closes her eyes and bites her lips as if something had suddenly come to her mind. Her eyes finally open and a soft giggle, "I enjoy Religion."

"Studying, more than practicing."

A furrow of an eyebrow is given to Mira, "Err. You alright?" Nicole looks between Mira and the players, blinking as she seems to try and figure out exactly what is going on. Then the topic of religion comes up and Nicole's eyebrows reach up higher. "Oh! Oh, you know, I've studied a bit of that as well? Not really a forte of mine, but it's something I've dabbled with." She reaches a hand into her pocket, and pulls out a recording device.
"I think I recorded some of my notes about Pithia, want me to see if I can find them?" She gives another raise of an eyebrow, tilting her head to the side as she looks at the redhead. She even gives a little playful wiggle to that recording device. "I know it's not exactly a dissertation or anything, but I thought I had some good points on the mind, body, and soul."

"..Ye..A" Mira says somewhat cryptically. Though she shifts a moment and seems to be leaning more off the seat she's on, then on it. Her eyes stay focused on Nicole now though as they continue to talk. Her head shaking just perceptibly, "You..don't seem the type to really enjoy Religion." She admits slowly. She seems very curious now and leans closer, her voice going soft, "Talk to me about your thoughts on it? Or I would love to see it sometime. Are you religious or no?"

"No. I'm not very religious. But sometimes I think it's good as a reminder, to know where we've given control in the past." A shrug of her shoulders then and a sigh, a bit drawn out but not in a bad way. A smile sliding along her lips as the Blonde gives a short cheer as one of the players sinks the ball in. "Woo!"
Then it's back to the woman seated next to her. "And since you said studying more than practicing, I'm guessing the same is true for you?" She takes the recorder and puts it back into one of her pockets, storing it away. Perhaps later she'd get the woman to listen to it. "But, my thoughts is that there's no way to prove if it does or doesn't, much as it's true of many things. There's a lot of documentation on it though, true or not, and I like to delve deeply into topics that interest me."


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