2237-10-08 - Demons In The Dark

Overnight guard duty rapidly goes from mind-numbingly dull to vastly more dangerous.

Date: 2237-10-08

Location: Mine Entrance, Sadah, Sagittaron

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation: Watchtower

Scene Number: 1470

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Overnight guard duty. It's everyone's (least) favorite! And on a mine, at that. The Timber Wolves have had a lot of mine guard duty; some more than others. The up side to night guard duty is that they're safe from the glaring light of day, even if the desert air can get surprisingly cold and one cannot see the various critters (big and small) that scuttle across the rocky ground. Best check those boots and packs.
There's a small hut by the entrance, largely used to check credentials of employees, but it's being used for radio check-ins and (if the marines have opted to do so) a place to take turns kicking back in a chair. The sky above is clear, the stars bright, and so far everything has been mind-achingly dull.

You bet that Charlie's sticking close to that little hut. It has light. Light means she can watch out for scorpions and other creepy-crawlies. She does not want to find something unexpected in her boot or armor or frak-knows-what. The sniper is currently claiming that single chair, feet kicked up as she claims to be 'listening to the radio' for the time being. Other people get to stare off into the night for a little while as she kicks back and breaks off bits from a protein bar to munch at. No- well, there are spiders in the hut, but at least they're little wee ones. None of those big, terrifying things the locals talk about.

The dullness of these guard duty postings is probably why Akeso is chilling on the ground outside the hut, back against the wall, rifle across lap and a paperback in hand. She's reading an absolutely trashy looking romance of a Leonese flavor, but the light coming from the hut's open door really isn't totally sufficient so she's mostly squinting at the pages. She seems to just go through a few paragraphs and then spend a few seconds listening and looking out into the darkness before repeating the process. It really is too dark now though, so when she lifts her nose from the pages she lets the cover flap over and stuffs it into her chest pocket. "J'en ai assez." She yawns in Leonese before picking herself up off the ground.

Logan is tucked up aginst the side of the hut not inside it but resting against the building as the heat of the day leeches out of it. Logan watches the area quietly from his spot and taps his foot absently against the ground. His eyes continue to cascade back and forth he then tilts his head to Akeso, "Whose the what now?" He asks absently not parsing the words.

Nicole is little bothered by the creepy and crawling things, in fact she seems to care about them very little as she tucks herself away from the others and a bit off the beaten path. She's keeping her eyes and ears out, away from that hut and the light it gives with her radio transmitter button at the ready. Her eyes slowly start turning upward, looking toward the skies and enjoying the darkness with the pinpricks of light. She hears the bit of movement by the hut as Akeso picks herself up on the ground. A smirk, then out toward the skies and the area around the mine. It might be her least favorite thing to do, but she relished the quietness of it.

Bailey probably could have gotten out of this; Bailey was kidnapped by Cylons and experimented on, after all, and she's still getting over a head wound. But how bad can night guard really be? It's better by far than doing nothing, and she passed a basic medical clearance. Primary advice being 'don't get hit really hard in the head again.' Getting back to normal after she's managed to not shake the whole Cylon brain-computer experience is important. She's very professionally staring off into the night, though she's twirling some of her hair around a fingertip as she does so.

Duty does not care if you are tired or cold, so when Aleksander's name is called again, all he can do is step up and do the shift. It seems like ever since his war-game antics back on Caprica, he has found his name slotted more on these guard duty slots, as if that would teach him a lesson on being more serious. At first, the Tauran was glad to not be under the hot, Sagittaron sun that beats down relentlessly on them, but he soon discovers the night could be just as bad. The Marine rifleman was not exactly prepared as he did not bring an extra jacket, just his fatigues and the tactical armor on, so in between long sips of warm water in his canteen, he would be taking drags of his cigarettes, waiting for the clock to continue ticking and his shift to end. In between an exhale of smoke and inhale of a new lungful, he stifles a yawn.

There was only a bare glance to Akeso's book of choice, but Charlie didn't linger long. Not her style. She likes a good ol' Gemenese or Aerilonian western. Pretty much whatever runs opposite her father's books. The woman breaks off another bite of the protein bar before folding the wrapper over the rest to tuck away into a pocket on her gear. "Anyone got a deck of cards? I feel like we could get a few Triad hands in." It's not as if there's been any signs nor sound of Cylon activity in the area. They might as well be back in boot guarding a box of ammo on the sergeant's whims.

"I said I've had enough." Akeso answers, less angry about it than bored, going even further after a moment by explaining her issue with the plot to Logan like he'll care, "Sylvie won't choose the right man and I'm sick of this hairy cretin she's always bedding instead." There's a displeased grunt for her after that, but it's mostly since she's stretching out her arms and running in place briefly to get the blood flowing through her legs again. That done, she pokes her head into the hut and nods, "I have a deck, but I think I want to stretch my legs some. Anyone want to go forward a bit and see if there's toasters coming up the road?"

Logan starts to ask, "Whose Syl... oh. OH right." He chuckles as he finally places the discussion points and shakes his head faintly. "I.. see." He says slowly amusement evident but then he shrugs his shoulders and starts to sit up, "I'm down to go. Although if we trip on some Cylons I expect it's going to be quite a surprise for everyone around."

For the time being, Aleksander is standing guard a little bit away from the guard shack, staying out of the light so that his natural night vision isn't impaired. The only source of light would be the red glow at the end of his cigarette that glows when he takes a drag. His ears are open though, relying on detecting any unnatural sounds out in the darkness than trying to see in the dark. When there was mention of a possible patrol in the area, the Tauran glances in the direction of the shack for a moment.

Nicole smiles, shaking her head from side-to-side as she listens to what's going on that bit aways. She stays still for the moment, looking around to see if anything else is on its way before finally moving. She slides up to her feet with a scuff of the dirt as she finds purchase. She'll go along with as well, though she's also staying quiet while she's ''out of the lime light'' of the hut. No reason to talk too much after all, what with it being so nice and quiet.

"Hopefully without tripping involved," Bailey says slowly, though she doesn't appear against the idea of standing up and walking around: while she hasn't stood from her seat yet, she stretches out one leg, pointed first, then back against her chest, before repeating with the other. "Though if we literally trip over them, we have already won." It's only after that attestation and another stretch that she pulls herself to a standing position.

When there's talk of going down the road a bit to check for patrols, Charlie leans forward to take up her rifle. She finally abandons the chair in the hut, propping the gun against her shoulder as she steps out. "I'll wait back here with whoever else doesn't want to go forward." Doesn't seem she has any protest against it. She understands the boredom; she was just asking about Triad, after all. "Radio back if you spot anything and fall back so we can meet up with you."

Now where were those cards? Akeso pats herself down with one hand, until there's a solid sound from one of her pockets. She reaches in under the flap in behind a package of gauze pads and extracts a deck held with an elastic band. "Voila." She underhands them to Charlie so she can entertain herself and anyone else who doesn't feel like a walk. There's a nod for the sniper too, and to everyone, staying or going along witih, "I will. We'll be sticking to the road, and stop about fifty meters out at the curve and listen to the bugs for a few minutes. If something turns up, we'll fall back to this position with haste."

Logan smiles at Charlie, "Not going to climb ontop of the shack?" He asks and he rolls his shoulders as he begins to stretch absently lifting one leg and then lowering it back in place. He flashes Charlie a thumbs up. He considers and asks, "With Haste? And here I was hoping for a leisurely stroll." He says but then he's glancing around to see if everyone's ready.

Dropping the spent cigarette after a final drag, Aleksander ashes it under the heel of his boot, making sure that no dying embers remain to give off a little bit of light. He then glances to where the others are gathered as the patro is beginning to take shape so the Tauran begins moving to join the group. It looks like Davion will be joining the patrol though he is quieter than usual, perhaps still a bit wearing from yesterday's mission.

Nicole sees the majority of people going along with, or it seems like most of them are going along with, so instead she starts to move her way toward the shack. She'll stay behind to keep Charlie company - well that and to be at least somewhat more social. "Don't get shot." She says to Akeso with a flat tone, but a smile all the same, before moving into the hut. "You said something about Triad? I'm terrible."

"Leisurely haste," concludes Bailey, doing one final backward arch of her back before standing up straight and joining the walking team. "Leisurely haste and not getting shot, all sound sensible and reasonable enough." She's even more terrible at cards: that must be why she's escaping.

"Not a sniper mission," Charlie points out to Logan, sticking her tongue out at the ex-Pyramid player briefly. She catches the deck Akeso tosses with an appreciative upnod, waving the other four away as they start own the road. She picks a spot near the shack where just enough light spills out to plunk herself down; rifle at hand nearby. It keeps the big radio in range, too. "We'll have to get you caught up," she notes to Nicole. "Can't hang out on a ship and not play Triad." There's goo humor to her tone as she shuffles the cards, dealing out a hand for each of them.

"It'll be leisurely." Akeso assures the big recon Marine but there's a faint hint of a smile there as if she knows, and he should know that such a thing couldn't ever be promised in a war zone. Not for true. "I just don't want a repeat of the last time, we had that party of Cylons show up without warning. If that sapper had got much closer we would have been spread across the valley as chunks." She nods to Nicole, even that also is something she can't promise. "So, Davy, Lindus and Stanhope with me. We'll be back in ten, unless someone wants to volunteer for listening post duty." With that, she checks her rifle and starts to walk off into the darkness.

"Oh, I've played." Nicole snerks, "I'm just terrible at it." She moves up closer to Charlie, propping up her rifle at hand as well before taking her cards and holding them up in her hand. She frowns a little, a dip to an eyebrow as she stares at them again. "Not so good at the rules though. Isn't there something about having each one of the colors in your hand...?" She raises her eyebrows as she looks at Charlie curiously.

Logan nods in mock relief, "Phew." He says as he's assured of leisurely. He glances back to Charlie for a moment and grins, "If you say so Spec." He glances to Aleksander and nods and sets off with Akeso. The large figure hunching down lw and moving quietly into the darkness as well eyes roaming and tense as he does moving a bit farther off from the group as they go.

Aleksander is smart enough to know not to volunteer for anything, the only reason why he is joining the patrol is that he is a bit cold and some movement will help warm him up, even if it is just a leisurely walk. When Akeso starts walking, the Tauran joins as he unslings his rifle, the safety switched off after he checks the magazine. The nod from Logan is answered with one in turn, though nothing is said. It seems like Davion is a bit quieter when his Tauran brother isn't around.

Bailey is on the same page; she's walking just because she wants to be walking, and it's a nice alternative to sitting. Staying leisurely rather than tripping on Cylons being a better way to spend her time than not. She's managing, so far, to keep her annoying tendency to hum when walking subvocalized, though anyone with hearing that is as keen as hers or is very close to her might be picking up the theme of some ballet.

Even though it was Akeso's bright idea to go for an impromptu patrol, she cedes the point to Logan, gesturing him ahead. "Apres vous, mon Marine geant." She says in a smooth, hushed purr of Leonese. In slightly mother hen fashion she then slows to let Aleks and Bailey pass as well, if only so she can look them over before what little light thrown from the hut fades. <<Cold?>> She prompts the mute Tauron in his own language. Then Bailey, her head slowly tilting as she picks up the melody. "Just let me know if you need anything. Pain meds, whatever." She offers the other Marine, certainly conscious of her recent ordeal. That all said, she'll get quiet, obviously wanting to get all the chatter out of the way at the outset.

The team has been split up. This is, however, no horror movie set nor investigation down in a spooky bayou. It's guard duty at a mine site overnight. Patrols are fairly standard, if not required. In their case, not required due to the location of the entrance, but wholly acceptable.

A few minutes after the four depart down the way (but once they're well out of conversational range and easy line-of-sight), there's a sound overhead. One that's unmistakeable and recognizable to all of the Wolves. The explosive back-burst that echoes through the surrounding canyons followed by the low hiss of an RPG. It flies towards the patrol in that split second before impacting into the hillside overhead.

<FS3> Logan rolls Athletics: Good Success (7 7 6 4 4 4 3 3 2 1)

<FS3> Akeso rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 7 7 5 5 4 3 1)

<FS3> Bailey rolls Athletics: Success (7 5 5 4 2 1)

<FS3> Aleksander rolls Athletics: Good Success (8 8 7 5 5 4 3 2)

<FS3> Akeso rolls Alertness: Good Success (7 7 7 6 5 2 2)

<FS3> Aleksander rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 6 4 4 4 3 2)

There's a long moment where Charlie is staring suspiciously at Nicole at the question. "You realize we're not playing for anything, right? There's no benefit to bullshittin-" but any further attempts to get the woman to admit she's totally a card shark fall flat when the sound of that RPG goes out through the canyons. The sniper drops her cards, leaping to her feet as she grabs up her rifle. She can't see where it impacted, but she can tell it wasn't far from those who just walked out on patrol and she's already taking off at a jog down the road towards them.

<FS3> Charlie rolls Alertness: Success (6 6 5 5 3 3 2 1 1 1)

<FS3> Logan rolls Alertness: Good Success (7 7 7 5 4 4 1 1)

<FS3> Nicole rolls Alertness: Failure (5 5 4 4 2 1 1)

Even though Aleksander may feel a bit cold right now in the unfamiliar Sagittaron night, he certainly wouldn't admit it to the Sergeant, even if she queries him in his native language. Shaking his head, he answers in the same language, <<Nah, I'm good.>> The quiet patrol, however, is interrupted by the RPG attack and the Tauran quickly tries to take aim at the source. However, soon enough he is evading the tumbling debris in forms of rock and dirt, getting out of the way.

When Bailey opened her mouth, it might have originally been to say words of some kind. Likely words of appreciation for Akeso and her combination of concern and musical appreciation. But those are not words that come out at all: it's just a sibilant shriek-yelp hybrid as she's suddenly ducking around things flying at her. Suspiciously land-looking things. That fancy hearing of hers is not doing her any favors, now, as the recent concussions combined with the volume just have her head feeling like it's been inserted into an echo chamber.

Logan is merrily working his way up in the darkness when that familiar and horrible sound breaks the quiet of the night. He curses, "Do-Ow-n!" And then he's diving down for any cover he can get to even as the evening night erupts in blast of that orange mayhem. He hisses as he gets banged up tucking in behind some rocks, "Anyone see them!?" He calls out surveying to try and find the source of the fire pulling his rifle up as he searches for a source to fire upon.

Akeso does what comes natural when an RPG streaks in; she dives off the road into the ditch, such as it is. It might not be much, but it is more cover than the center of a flat surface. It's also so much better than having a ton of rubble come down around one's ears. There's a hissed out curse from her once her teeth stop rattling, but she's silent otherwise and ready for bullets to start raining in from the ambushers. When that doesn't start immediately, she gestures to the others lifting finger to pressed lips. Quiet. She then points at her eyes and points those two fingers roughly towards the point she's sure the RPG came from, above. "C'mon, out of the jaws of this trap." She urges, picking herself up as stealthily as possible to try and move out of the kill zone.

And then there's the sound of the RPG going off and Nicole turns her head with a "What the frak are they doing out there and why was I not told that there are fireworks?" Nicole tosses down her cards that are, indeed, total bullshit without any such full colors. Her hands grabbing up her rifle as she follows off after Charlie at a jog.

"If they brought fireworks and didn't share, I'm gonna short-sheet them all," the Piconese sniper notes to Nicole as they take off down the road. Rifle fitted to her shoulder, Charlie slows her pace as she spots the crumbled section of hillside. Bits of rock still falling away. "Everyone alright?" She calls ou as she turns, quickly, backpedaling towards the foursome as she tries a sweep to cover the area behind them as well. "Anyone catch where it came from? I don't see any toasters." Nor hear any, either.

"Negative," Comes the answer from Aleksander as he was too busy watching out of rthe incoming RPG as well as the aftermath of the explosion with the debris coming down from above. For now, the Tauran is staying down on one knee, presenting a smaller profile if possible but his eyes are scanning the area, for any possible glint in this darkness or any other sounds. His rifle is up, the stock pressed against his shoulder ready to take aim and fire off some shots if needed.

Logan grumbles, "Ornery bastards. That's no way to say hello." He says ignoring the fact that they'd probably do the same thing. "I'm in one piece." He complains ignoring the few scratches and begins trying to move behind cover to find another angle in case they're going to get another shot. His eyes slowly searching for movement all but crawling around the ground. "Anyone got flares?"

"No," says Bailey, first, then tries again, "On the flares, sorry. I appear to be in one piece." She's pretty sure about that part, though she has yet to try standing up; she's crawl-slithering away from where the noise came from rather than taking the risk of standing and potentially getting brained a third time.

"So say they all." Nicole says back to Charlie's comments on short-sheeting, it's a dry tone. But then at the question and she sees it all too... Well Nicole falls quiet again and starts her eyes moving, "Was that a toaster weapon or we got something else going on out here? Frak." She looks back in the direction of the mine.

<FS3> Logan rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 6 4 4 4 4 4)

"We've got a few options. Play dead and surprise whoever comes down the hill to take the gear off our corpses, or split up, climb the hill and try to get them, fire indiscriminately from here and hope we hit something, or bug out right now and make sure they aren't already looting the mine since there's nobody guarding it." Akeso quietly sketches out a few options as she pauses in her withdrawal from the rubble strewn ambush site. "These have to be Sagitts. This is just the kind of shit they pull."

<FS3> Bailey rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 8 8 7 5 4 4 3 3 1)

<FS3> Akeso rolls Alertness: Success (7 4 4 3 3 2 2)

<FS3> Charlie rolls Alertness: Great Success (8 7 7 7 6 5 4 4 3 2)

<FS3> Aleksander rolls Gunnery: Success (8 7 5 5 4 3 3 3 2)

<FS3> Nicole rolls Alertness: Success (8 8 5 5 4 3 2)

"I don't recommend firing and hoping we hit something. Chances are they've already moved positions. It's what I'd do." Charlie was already watching back the way they came and the sniper suddenly goes still. "Shit." Her voice drops, as if it weren't obvious where they all were already. "We've got to get back. Now." They abandoned their post, technically...

When Akeso reasons out what might have hit them, or missed them on purpose, Aleksander actually nods his head in agreement, "That didn't sound like a standard Cylon RPG... and Cylons usually do not miss by /that/ much." Or the machines aren't creative enough to distract them with a rocket to the terrain above, they tend to try to straight out kill. As for the decision on what to do, the Tauran is silent, just waiting for the plan to be laid out.

"So do you suppose people are -- " Mid-sentence, again, Bailey is interrupted by noticing something. This time, it isn't a rockslide. "Did anyone see that?" There's uncertainty in her voice, as if Bailey both isn't sure if she saw anything at all or what it was.

Logan mumbles something about needing a bag or something. He continues to peer around slowly and he curses, "Couldn't just be Cylons." He begins weaving his way back towards the hut and it's posting. "I'd say someone call the QRF but... I think that's technically us." He hisses to anyone nearby as he tries to make a serpentine way back towards the hut as he tries to get a better view of the movement from there.

"Oui. He's already gone, or we'd still be eating rockets." Akeso agrees with the Picon sniper, popping up after a quick look at the heights, "That was the distraction, there's likely a party already raiding the mine. Let's go." And she's already taking her first steps for the hut when Bailey sees something. "Stanhope? See what?" She prompts, not seeing whatever it is but trying, trying her little heart out like she's squinting to read Leonese romance novels in the dark.

By the time that Charlie was announcing it to everyone else, Nicole was already starting off at a run toward the mine. She forwent the tucked in rifle to the shoulder for expediency as she starts saying louder, "Frak-Frak-Frak-Frak!" She had left her pack back there too!

"There's someone at the mine," Charlie says, echoing Akeso's words. And explaining her hesitation. It's not Centurions. The woman takes a sharp breath and tightens her grip on her rifle, moving into action as Nicole takes off at a run. She's not about to let the other woman run in alone. "Stick close, eyes open. Davion, watch our tail!"

Bailey is looking straighter in that direction, holding stillness so she can focus, trying -- and failing. "By the mine," she says dejectedly, "Something blocked the light, I think, not for long. Or someone," and that's definitely not the answer the drooping Bailey wants it to be.

When the decision appears to be for them to trek back to the mines, Aleksander falls to the back as he is assigned rearguard today. He actually chooses to trail further behind, a decent gap from the main group though he is trying to remain a bit more stealthy and quiet, perhaps hoping to catch anyone off-guard who is trying to hit the main squad again.

The scene at the mine is not Centurions. It's a group in ragtag, dark-hued attire. Mostly black, but also navy, brown, and other colors that are likely to go unnoticed visually in the cover of night. Few of the men and women are wearing full armor, but most of them have vests at least and other bits and pieces here and there. Their faces are covered by keffiyeh and those not wearing helmets of some fashion at least have caps on.

Two are crouched to either side of the mine entrance, rapidly working to set charges. The others stand, nervously, keeping guard over them. One man, holding an SMG, barks back to quickly ask "How much longer?" One of the voices to answer souns annoyed, but anxious: "Almost done!"

"Hey! Remember this is between them and the Virgon, don't go in shooting like these are canners. Secure the approach and cover the entrance. Wagner and Siska, get up on the higher ground. They could have friends lurking up there with more rockets." Akeso says after Bailey gives her the heads up about someone back at the hut and everyone seems to be bugging out. She joins in the fast march, sure enough, rifle up despite her talk of some measure of possible diplomacy.

When the patrol returns to the mines, Aleksander sees that there is already a group of insurgents up to no good at the entrance. His hand is already reaching for one of the round frag grenades clipped to his armor when he hears Akeso says that they shouldn't be going in guns blazing. There is a slight frown but his hand releases the explosive, going back to his rifle again. The Tauran doesn't look very happy though, since he had a RPG shot near where he was and the quiet, lazy guard duty has been completely disrupted. His ire is of course directed at these rebel scum.

Logan slows as they draw near to the mine relieved to get closer. He scowls as just how easily the wolves got suckered. Logan takes a wide approach trying to find a good spot his rifle tucked in under his arm lifting it. He scowls as the movement begins to resolve into people. He doesn't fire but he does keep his rifle pointed towards the entrance and waits trying to get close enough to get the drop on the rebels and letting the others deal with the talking part.

"Son of a, Frak. Frak-ity Frak-frak!" Nicole says as she's charging off toward the mine only to plant a foot in a slide and change course off on a right angle to her original course. She had heard Akeso after all and she was ordered up to higher ground - which was off to the side instead of straight on in at the mine.
"Frak-Frak-Frak!" She continues to curse at the thought of them that close to her unattended bag. She's starting to scowl, "If they go through my stuff, I'm going to kill them all." She says it flat, serious-flat, not ''haha, that's just me not being literal'' flat.

Talking isn't Bailey's talent either, so she's staying on the quiet side -- listening, on the other hand, is, and so she's stepping cautiously, keeping a metaphorical ear to the ground even as she keeps her rifle trained in front of her. Occasionally she changes the position of her head, blinks, repositions again just in case she's somehow missed things by ... paying too close attention to other things. This is how less smart people get shot, but Bailey remembered to be armed before being potentially distracted this time.

The approach of the Wolves sets most of the insurgents to working faster. They knew they'd be back eventually anyway- the distraction wasn't meant to be permanent. But one of them is just a bit more jumpy than the rest. Even as the man with the SMG is stepping back to guard the one setting charges near him, a younger member starts and swings around to fire the shotgun he's holding in the direction of the marines.

The reason for Charlie's hesitation was the realization that they were going to find people and not machines back at the mine sight. She takes a breath and gives a sharp nod at Akeso's words. "C'mon," she notes to Nicole, veering off to the side along with the other woman as they seek out the high ground to make sure there aren't others lying in wait.

When the insurgent begins taking aim with his shotgun, Aleksander immediately takes aim with his own rifle at the young member that is obviously an immediate threat, "Drop your weapon or I /will/ put you down!" Roars out the Tauran knowing that instead of just shooting, he is most likely giving away the chance of downing the hostile before the shotgun can go off. But the Sergeant did say that it would be preferrable that a firefight is avoided with these rebels. But his finger is on the trigger, ready to be pressed down.

Logan passes.

Charlie passes.

Aleksander passes.

Insurgent3 passes.

Insurgent1 attacks Akeso with Shotgun and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Leg.

Akeso passes.

Insurgent2 passes.

Insurgent7 passes.

Insurgent4 passes.

Insurgent5 passes.

Insurgent6 passes.

Nicole passes.

<FS3> Aleksander rolls Intimidation: Failure (5 4 3 3 3 2)

Akeso had the good sense not to charge straight at the hut, which is probably what spares her from taking a shot gun blast directly to the face. As it is, she's just a shifty shadow out there and luckily, the trigger happy insurgent doesn't hit her square but she'll be digging buckshot out of her leg later. She drops to the ground and rolls to the side, cursing in halting, angry Sagittaron, <<YOU DUNG EATING SON OF A GOAT! SHOOT NOT!>> Grammar is a bit off, but that's what came off the top of her head in the moment.

"Nasir!" The man with the SMG is too late calling out to the one with the shotgun who had been their 'eyes.' He fires the shotgun at the approaching colonials. Thankfully, his aim is pretty terrible and Akeso does not have to take buckshot to the face. The shouts from the Tauran, however, just harden something in the young man's eyes and he turns the weapon towards him. Maybe confusing him for the Virgans that usually operate in the area.

"Frak," SMG says, bringing up his gun to his shoulder. <<Hurry it the frak up back there. We need to get out of here.>>


SMG, glaring at the marines, just calls out: "Go find some tin cans and leave us be." But he's antsy; clearly on edge and ready to get the hell out of there, but not without completing the objective if possible. Or abandoning the others.

The man with just a pistol in hand? Well, he's already edging towards the hillside; away from the marines.

Logan curses as they shoot and wing Akeso, "Down! Drop your Weapons and get down now!" He's shouting in demand even as he begins crossing towards the insurgents and he fires at the Insurgent taking aim at him.

They were shot at, they tried to be reasonable, and they're probably going through her backpack right now. Nicole was done with this, and she was up on the high ground anyway keeping an ear out for any others that might be out there. One thing was for sure, if you attack the Colonial forces and don't start off with an apology? Well, she was done. They're not the police, they're not here to make friends, and they're not here to get shot at for the frak of it.

<FS3> Aleksander rolls Wits: Success (8 3 2)

With the insurgents ignoring his words and even bringing their weapons to bear, Aleksander knows that his attempt to get them to drop their weapons has failed and a peaceful resolution is no longer an option. Instead of firing his rifle, he is already beginning his run to the side and while doing so, he plucks the frag grenade that is clipped to his armor that he was reaching for earlier. A quick pull of the pin, he tosses it towards two of the armed insurgents while yelling out, "Grenade out!"

When Nicole stops and goes to fire on the insurgents -- or at least take aim -- Charlie drops as well. Her gun isn't in its sniper arrangement; this was meant to be guard duty only. Even so, she lines up a shot and leans against a rock as she does so. Up on the hill, unfortunately, their options for cover are limited. "I'll try to get the ones setting the charges," she hisses into the team comms.

Charlie attacks Insurgent5 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Insurgent2 attacks Charlie with Smg and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest.

Bailey attacks Insurgent7 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Right Arm.

Aleksander uses Frag Grenade. EXPLOSION!

Aleksander attacks Insurgent2 with Frag Grenade(Concussion) and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest.

Aleksander attacks Insurgent2 with Shrapnel. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Frag Grenade(Concussion) and HITS! Impaired wound to Left Arm.

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Shrapnel. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Shrapnel. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Logan attacks Insurgent7 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Insurgent4 passes.

Insurgent1 attacks Aleksander with Shotgun and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Arm.

Nicole attacks Insurgent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head.

Akeso fires a burst!

Akeso attacks Insurgent1 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Right Leg.

Akeso attacks Insurgent1 with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!

Akeso attacks Insurgent1 with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!

Insurgent7 attacks Logan with Shotgun and HITS! Impaired wound to Right Arm.

Insurgent5 passes.

Insurgent6 passes.

Insurgent3 attacks Bailey with Rifle but Bailey EVADES EASILY!

Insurgent1 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Nicole)

Insurgent5 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Charlie)

Insurgent7 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Bailey, Logan)

When one of their demolitionists drops (along with a couple of others), SMG swears in Sagittaron. <<Go!>> He calls to the others. The one with the pistol need not be told twice. The one with the other explosives is just sort of staring across to the opposite side of the entrance. She drops most of her gear and takes off at a run, as well. SMG and the one holding a rifle begin a slower retreat, covering the other two as they back away from the site.
Dropping her target, Charlie lets out a breath and begins to line up on the other... until they drop and run. Rather than fire on them, she just holds and watches. "No other contact," she chirps into the comms. That doesn't stop her from turning on her perch on that hillside and checking down the road. Just in case.

Well, Akeso did try for some diplomacy, but getting dinged before any words of peace can be traded really puts a damper on her enthusiasm for it. When she's rolled herself prone, her pantleg from the knee down already darkening with blood, she reflexively returns fire at the shot gun toting Sagitt. Maybe when it's all over and if there's anything left of either side, they can discuss peace terms and offer apologies. For now, it's war. "Return fire!" She yells, but it's not all that necessary and drowned out in the cacaphony of gun fire. Everyone is firing! She's firing. Down goes shot gun. She shifts and takes quick aim at another.

Nicole lets out a breath as she lines up. A little adjust downward for the added height. What was that guys name Nasir? She thought she had heard that name before the shot from the shotgun, and that was the blast that started it off. She was not about to let him get away with it. Exhale, squeeze.
And just like that, it was another one down. Old times, new times, it's all the same -- always the same. "He's down." She sees the man with the SMG start to give orders. Yelling at them in some language she doesn't know. Ah. You. And she shifts her aim to try and take aim at him as he retreats.

Bailey never was a big fan of shooting first, but technically, she didn't -- other people talked, then there was shooting, and one of those guys did actually shoot at her first. Her head might still be a little bit echo-y after firing off a few shots, but she's backing off to the side to observe as it seems like the insurgents might be taking the easy way out. "How many are left," she breathes quietly, but it's not likely anyone is going to hear her. It's less than before, and that's the important part.

Adjusting his throw a little bit to try to avoid blowing up the explosives, Aleksander's grenade explodes far enough where the two insurgents are cut up but not out. Their ear drums probably are not having a good time though. The Tauran doesn't come out unscathed as one of shotgun pellets hits his right arm, a stinging and annoying wound. That doesn't stop Davion though as he already has his rifle up and taking aim at the still hostile insurgents. He doesn't even bother asking for them to surrender again, instead just pulling the trigger, firing out a burst at the rebel wielding a rifle.

Logan fires once into one of the insurgents striking center mass but not before slugs enter into his arm. He curses, "Frak!" His right armstruggles to hold up his rifle and he grunts shifting it to his other hand and holding a hand over his arm. He lets the rifle hang and switches pulling his pistol as his arm continues to bleed firing off a shot at one of the still attacking insurgents.

Logan attacks Insurgent2 with Pistol but Insurgent2 EVADES EASILY!

Insurgent4 passes.

Insurgent2 attacks Aleksander with Smg and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Bailey passes.

Akeso attacks Insurgent3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Abdomen.

Charlie passes.

Nicole attacks Insurgent2 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Neck. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Aleksander fires a burst!

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest.

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Abdomen. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Aleksander attacks Insurgent3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Left Arm.

Insurgent6 passes.

Insurgent3 attacks Akeso with Rifle but MISSES!

Insurgent3 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Akeso, Aleksander)

There's no time for them to stop for their fallen. Something hardens in SMG's eyes when they're still attacked even in the retreat- no matter that he fire back. Still, as the other two with him disappear own the ridge-line, he finally drops his weapon on its sling so he can turn and take off at a run, too.

It leaves the front of the mine with bodies, not Centurion bits and pieces. There's also the matter of those explosives. Just how far along did they get in planting those?

"Son of a bitch." Nicole murmurs at she watches her shot leave the man with something well short of a wound that should've killed him. She narrows her eyes further and growls, she's not about to leave him off without another shot if she can manage it before he gets over the ridge.

The burst from Aleksander's rifle riddles one of the insurgents with bullets even as return fire from the hostiles has a round nicking the chest plate of his tactical armor. With the rebel going down, the Tauran shifts his aim to the other retreating insurgent that is heading for the ridge-line, as if trying to get a shot off before they can escape. The explosives isn't his field of expertise so they are ignored for now.

With most of the insurgents down, and the ones not, one the run over the ridge, Akeso rises to her knee and starts gesturing, "Cease fire! Cease fire!" Then she's up on her feet and moving slowly, both to be cautious and because she's gingerly with that one leg, "Cover the ridge Davy, I don't want them taking pot shots. Everyone alright? Stanhope? Lindus?" She glances aside as she names them, noticing the arm injury, "Let's secure this and I'll patch you up."

Logan lowers his pistol as that. "Arm is frakked up. But I'm mobile." He grumbles keeping a tight hold for his pistol. He lets the others keep an eye on the others. He begins inspecting the area and checking on the explosives now carefully.

Unwilling to fire at fellow humans and especially ones that are retreating, Charlie keeps up her survey of the hillside. However, when she notices Nicole continuing to line up on the retreating figures, she hisses over to the other Corporal. "Siska! We're not here for them!" It comes on the heels of Akeso's call and the sniper moves to her feet, starting to move back down towards the others. It's not until then that she realizes she'd been nicked in the side early on and she winces, somewhat, as her armor pulls away from the blood already drying to the edges of the wound.

"He's the leader from the looks of it." Nicole murmurs back, "I'll bet you even odds he's got enough intel on him to keep MI busy for at least two days." She's still lining up her shot for the moment. Of course that was before Akeso gives the order and she lets out something that sounds a bit like a growl as she finally lowers the rifle down. The others that are down there will have to do.

Despite his finger right over the trigger, Aleksander hears Akeso's orders to cease fire and his finger moves away at the last second. He is still taking aim at the ridge though, as if waiting to see if one of the insurgents turn around to take some pot shots at them, as if waiting for them to give him an excuse to return fire.

Akeso keeps her rifle up and strolls into the carnage after giving Logan a sympathetic frown. "That's a good one, Lindus. Let's make sure these guys are down. We need Wagner and Siska down here. Stanhope keep watch." She calls the pair up the hill down on comms as she reaches the man that tagged her with the shotgun. She kicks the weapon aside and kneels to check for a pulse, briefly. Then she's up and moving to the next. From there she can see them, and oh gods, it's that a bomb? "Frak. They left us a present, guys. The really not fun explodey kind."

Wagner is already on her way own the hill. "Copy, Ma," she offers over comms. She's not running own the hill. That hit across her side is stinging a bit too much for that. It's not a bad wound; it's just a bleedy one. She's holding it as she approaches, hand on her rifle upon its sling. The woman gives the bodies on the ground wide berth. None are moving.

Nicole flicks the rifle onto safe and starts down as well, giving one last look behind them, before she goes to take a look at the insurgents that were shot. She would start by handcuffing each of them - living or otherwise - with her zipties. Best to be sure instead of sorry. She doesn't do explosives.

Logan begins looking for a timer or anything that indicates the bomb might be armed, "Anyone got EOD training?" He asks grimly. He smirks at Akeso, "Yeah... as long as I get to keep the arm." He suggests as it continues to drip blood and he winches starting to roll up his sleeve to see more and more of the damage as the adrenaline begins to calm.

With the insurgents not looking about to jump up and cause problems, and with Nicole zip-tying them, Akeso decides they're not a danger. There's the explosive, that's more of a pressing concern. "Not /training/ training." She quietly answers the Aerilonian, but despite the lack of official EOD schooling, she still gives the device a thoughtful staring at. She's definitely not eager to take a crack at it and looks around to the others, hoping they have the requisite training and confidence to handle it. "We can call it in, but I doubt we'll get anyone over in time. In fact, we should probably not stand right here next to it." Prudence seems to dictate giving it some space, so she backs off.

There's a sort of sinking feeling in Charlie's stomach as explosives are mentioned and (worse)... they don't have any of their usual engineering team along. No Walker, no Tomak. The sniper takes a slow breath, "Uh. I've watched Walker and Tomak a lot." And I blew up a jamming array once. But she doesn't mention that part. That's the opposite of what they want to do. Either way, Logan's getting patched up. Nicole is hogtying bodies. Aleksander is watching the ridge. Bailey probably needs a good sit down. She takes a breath and slowly angles her way towards the mine entrance. "Might... uh, wanna stay clear. Just in case."

"Don't cut the frakking red wire?" Nicole offers with a tone as dry as the desert. She starts to poke through their pockets once they're ziptied, pulling any documents or things that may be useful. She discards weapons, ammo, and the like in lieu of the other stuff. It's like she doesn't have a single frak to give if they have ammo on them still, but a bit of paper or a photo? Yoink.

Akeso will focus on medical aid, that seems much safer. She slings her rifle and takes out her battle pack once she's out of what she imagines is the immediate blast radius of the bomb. Seems about right. "Let's see that arm, Lindus." She commands, already tearing a gauze pad out of its packaging. "And Wagner, if it's beyond your skill, don't worry about it. It's just a mine entrance, they can dig it back out. We can't put you back together so easily. We'll just clear out and call it in. Siska, drag these guys clear." The insurgents she means, since she nods roughtly at the lot.

Logan holds still while his arm is dealt with, "You got this Spec." He says to Charlie carefully wincing as he tries not to focus on Akeso ensuring his arm doesn't fall off at the moment. He stays with akeso though continuing to glance back worried at the entrance.

<FS3> Charlie rolls Demolitions: Good Success (7 6 6 4 3)

For the most part, Aleksander has remained silent, feeling no need to voice any comments or opinions since he isn't anything close to an EOD expert. That is Tomak's field of expertise, so the Tauran just keeps an eye on the ridge and also the surrounding area, watching out for another potential RPG attack as well.

Approaching the explosives slowly, Charlie first stops at the one where she'd managed to drop the person setting the charges. She doesn't touch much of anything. Maybe carefully here and there to get a closer look, but the sniper is very, very careful about things. "He didn't finish whatever he was doing," she calls to the others. "This side's clear." Breathing a bit easier, she moves to the other... and then backs off shortly after. "It's- alright, it's not our spec." It wouldn't be. "And I don't see a timer... but I think we should clear out and call it in, Ma. I don't feel comfortable trying to do anything there. All I can say is I think it's set."

Nicole listens to it all with half an ear as she continues to rummage through pockets, pausing only long enough to look over an item, before coming onto the next person. She's at least efficient about it, and keeps each person's ''stuff'' in their own individual piles. Next up! Shoes.

Akeso holds the pad to Logan's arm and wraps it tightly with bandages as she's listening to Charlie describe what's what with the explosives. "That'll hold for now. Try not to bleed." The medic smiles faintly before gathering her pack and straightening, calling back in to Charlie, "If it's not hidden and there's no timer, it must be remote detonated. Get out of there, Wagner. Siska, what are you doing?" The systematic looting finally gets an arch of the brow and a mild frown as she approaches, "Grab the radio. We need to call this in." In the meantime, starting with the guy that shot her, she puts her arms up under his and drags him clear - dead or not.

"Intel." Nicole says flatly. Normally she wouldn't do this because it's usually a chrome plated wonder machine/killer that they dispatched. This time it's humans. "They have to have come from somewhere, they should have something on them that's telling. No one is perfect. No one." Of course it might be something they don't have the tools to detect right now, but that doesn't stop her from sorting through what she can. She does a quick jog over to her pack, yanking out... baggies?
Then back over to the latest one where she pulls out a piece of paper from the man's boot and stuffs it into the bag along with the rest of the pile she's made next to him. "Sorry, what was that?" Nicole asks as she looks up at Akeso, having missed if she was talking to her about radio'ing in or not.

Logan snorts at Akeso, "Thanks." He says using his own hand to test the holding of the pad and bandage. He nods looking relieved that it's not worse. He reaches down to help drag the nearest downed body with his good arm. His eyes widen at the discussion of it being remote detonated and he grows more nervous, "Come on Spec..." He says though it's not clear if he's expecting her to get out or to disarm it as he surveys the area for cover if they need it.

Oh, she's not gonna try disarming it. No way. Charlie is moving clear of the mine entrance and towards the shack that had been serving as their base of operations. It's where the radio is, after all. It's not fully clear of the blast zone, but what can you do? She hovers partially in- and partially out of the hut as she gets on the line and starts reporting the incident... and the need for EOD.

"Nevermind, Wagner's handling it." Akeso says noticing her half in and out of the hut behind Nicole. "Great. All your intel's going to be scattered across this entire valley shortly, but A for effort, Siska." That maybe came off sounding harsh, but she is bleeding into her left boot and the night's guard duty has been sort of a giant failure. She might be justifiably annoyed. The guy she's dragging by the arms she lays out on the ground then jogs in for another.

And bag that up, put it into the man's jacket... next, bag that one up, into the jacket. She's working to keep just slightly ahead of the marines as they're pulling the people away. She shoots a look toward Akeso and gives a slow rise of an eyebrow to her. The eyes trail down toward the woman's leg and then another arch of a brow, "You didn't leave yourself for last did you?" She says, shoving another handful of stuff into another plastic bag. It looked a bit like half compulsion and half routine that seemed to be driving Nicole at this point.

"Alright, we've got pickup incoming," Charlie says, hanging up the radio and grabbing what of their supplies she can as she evacuates the hut to join the others. She's still favoring that one side. The woman does cast a suspicious sort of side-eye towards Nicole and her sorting of the insurgents' belongings, but doesn't say anything. There's an upnod to Logan. "How's Lindus?"

Logan does his best to help carry critical things out while he can before clearing the area with the rest. He's wincing a bit more and more eyeing his arm clearly trying to tell it not to bleed through. "I'm in more or less one piece. Tagged my arm pretty good. But Min didn't amputate it yet... I think there were worries I'd tip over."

Tis but a scratch. Akeso doesn't seem too inconvenienced, that'll come later when she has to requisition new trousers, but for now, she's still mobile. Leaky, sure. Leaky and annoyed. "It's fine, when things calm down I'll slap a bandage on it." She replies to Nicole, while doing a decent job of dragging the body out as she did the other. She'll put it with the rest Logan and her have moved. Given that they're well beyond her care, she leaves them be at that point, apparently just wanting to not have them shredded in an explosion. "Logan, you'll be okay. Someone will just have to shuck his corn for him for a little while. How's you?" She asks Wagner then, not so oblivious as to miss the telltale signs of an injury. Her medic pack is already out before the question is even finished.

"Just winged my side is all," Charlie says, turning just barely so it can be seen. "Had worse." Far worse, really. Logan's carried her out of worse. She moves her rifle to her shoulder, looking towards that ridge line... then the hills. Nervous, maybe, that more might come. Or that the Cylons might choose this as a good time to descend upon them all.

Fortunately, their Raptor out arrives before too long. It's actually a pair of Raptors. One for them and another with the EOD an clean up crew.

Akeso hands out drugs and bandages where applicable after she's satisfied that Charlie's just been winged and isn't in fact, bleeding internally or anything. She gets a bandage for sure, then the medic treats herself. "C'est vraiment frakked." She comments, idly, once she's fixed up. For the rest of the wait, she mostly watches the hills, but she doesn't seem that concerned that the insurgents will be coming back.


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