2237-10-08 - Normal Shattered

Stirling checks in on Astraea as she recovers in sickbay.

Date: 2237-10-08

Location: Sickbay

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She'll have another day in sickbay, perhaps. Likely no more. The extra observation largely due to the infection in her hand and the doctors wanting to be certain to catch it if it gets too bad. Though in part it may also be out of general concern for the pilot's mental well-being. One never knows how PTSD might manifest itself and the 'downtime' to recover is important.

Even if the patient herself is restless.

Astraea has gotten fidgety to the point of having requested guncam footage from a few of the recent dogfights she's been in. It's the closest she can get to the normalcy of work for the time being. The player is balanced on the table by the bed and she's sitting largely upright. Alert, but in that mildly sleepy state one attains from long periods of time abed.

Stirling had stopped by before, while Astraea was first recovered, which one of the medical staff may or may not have mentioned. Now she's back, wearing her duty blues. There's a soft rap on the open doorframe. When Astraea (presumably) looks her way, the younger pilot is met with a friendly smile.

There's a glance up at the knock to the door and Astraea blinks a couple of times. Perhaps not having expected the CAG to stop by again. She reaches out to pause the footage, sitting up somewhat straighter. "Sir."

Stirling comes on in then, taking that as enough of an invitation. "Relax, Nova," she says gently when she sees Astraea straightening up. The CAG comes closer to the bed, perching on top of a stool there so she doesn't loom. "I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing."

There's a small nod and Astraea relaxes back into the pillows behind her. She lets out a breath, looking down to her hand briefly. She wriggles her fingers against the bandaging. "I'll be better once I'm outta here," she offers, managing at least a hint of a smile. "But that's about th' norm, I s'ppose."

Stirling gives an understanding nod. "Well, they say it won't be much longer. Your hand will keep you off the flight line for a little while, but you'll be all right," she says with gentle confidence. "Is there anything you need? Something to read, or...?"

"Sooner I'm back out there, th'better." Any pilot gets antsy being grounded. It's only worse when you're desperately in need of distractions. Astraea fidgets, slightly, at the question. "Razor was gonna see about gettin' a holoband in here for me. Doc may not've approved it." Yet, is the hopeful sound in her voice. "Haven't really been in th' mood to read. Can't seem to stay focused on anythin' for long."

"I'll speak to the doctor," Stirling promises. "Unless there's some medical reason not to, it seems like it would be a good diversion." She nods a little to the last comment, her face showing a friendly concern. "That's understandable." There's a slight pause. "Nova, I want to tell you - nobody expects you to bounce right back after everything you've been through. You take the time you need. I'm here if you want to talk, and so are the Chaplain and Dr. Kamran."

"I'd appreciate it." Could be that Razor asked at a bad time or they deemed she wasn't quite ready. Astraea does frown, briefly, at the latter words. She takes a slow breath, looking down at her hand. "I really jes' wanna get back to things. Hurricane says I need to talk 'bout it, but I... I don't want to. Not yet, at least. I really jes' wanna feel..." There's a helpless sort of shrug. "normal again. Or as close as we get."

"I understand," Stirling says, nodding somberly. "Astraea," The rare use of the younger woman's first name is gentle. "I can't pretend to know what you're feeling, but I do know what it's like to have the war hit your 'normal' like a sledgehammer." Her lips thin sadly. "It takes time to put those pieces back together, and it takes support." She smiles, then, though it's still tinged with sadness. "I'm sure talking to your CO isn't your first choice, but if you can if you need to. Judgment free. Just talk to someone."

It's rare for many in the Wing to use first names. Astraea looks rather surprised when it comes from the Major, of all people. She takes a slow breath before nodding. "I'm... I'll try. I think I jes' need... time to distance from it a bit more b'fore I can talk. If that makes sense?" Another glance to her hand, then back up. "Right now it's jes'... too much. Once I'm a little more numb to it, mebbe."

Stirling nods. "When you're ready," she offers. "Just don't wait too long. It's like going to the dentist. Nobody wants to -" Sorry, dentists of the world. "But the tooth is just going to keep aching until you do." Stirling offers another gentle smile and then rises. "I'll let you get your rest, but I'll check back in. I'm glad you made it back, Nova." With that, the CAG seems poised to leave.

There's a small sigh from Astraea, but she just nods slowly. "S'what I hear." Doesn't mean she's in any more of a rush to actually delve back into what happened. The Raptor pilot goes quiet for a time before looking up to Stirling. She tries a small smile. "Thank you."


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