2237-10-14 - R And R

Kyle tries to take Cate's mind off of things when the pair of them have a 48-hour pass to visit Caprica.

Date: 2237-10-14

Location: Costello Home, Caprica

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Scene Number: 1488

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As part of the recovery process after their POW ordeal, the rescued prisoners were each given a 48-hour pass and allowed to take a companion. Cate asked Kyle if she wanted to accompany her to Caprica. It took a few hours to get to Caprica, a decent portion of it spent waiting rather than in actual transit. Cate didn't seem too inclined to chat on the way, though she would have responded if Kyle initiated the conversation. The medic has been even more subdued than usual since the rescue mission - tired and withdrawn. She's wearing jeans and a comfy cotton shirt for their travels. As they head out of the 'arrivals' area of the busy Caprican starport, Cate does ask, "So do your folks know you're coming or were you planning on surprising them?"

Kyle is a flight-sleeper. It's as if the sheer act of not having to wear a helmet on a transport has made her drowsy, but through the flight, she's creeped her eyes open to steal glances as the combat medic. It's been hours since the've spoken, and the sanitary seal on their voices is ripped out once spit into the civilian population of Caprica.

"I sent them a note about it once you put my name down on the leave list, but asked them to keep things simple." Kyle tucks the backpack onto one shoulder. A dash of eye makeup to go with the old, beaten jeans with a hole in the knee and a tee shirt that hangs off of one shoulder. They've invaded civilian life in their costumes.

"Last time there was a huge 'frak she's alive' party, but this is your leave, I'm just a guest." Kyle continues, looking over to Cate as they weave towards the Taxi pool. "They've cleared out a few rooms. It should be pretty low key and not about me." Kyle grins faintly.

"Bet that was a hell of a party," Cate says, actually smiling a tiny bit herself. "You sure they don't mind me staying there?" she asks tentatively, hefting her backpack up on one shoulder and pulling out a bit of hair that got caught under the strap. "I don't want to, like... edge in on your time with your family."

"It was a lot of beer by the pool." Kyle replies, slipping sunglasses over her eyes and waving down a cabbie as they near the curb. "My dad's ex-mil, so when I tell him this is to get away, have a few drinks, take some time off, and try a few restaurants, he's not going to turn it into the second coming of Athena." Kyle adds, squeezing the upper meat of Cate's arm and then offering her backpack to the cabbie.

"Unless you'd rather use the hotel vouchers? I just-" Kyle lifts a slender brow over the rims of her sunglasses. "-I flipped a coin between impersonal hotel getaway or simulated residential life getaway, but it's up to you."

Cate shakes her head to the question, "No, actually - staying with your family sounds nice. Thanks. Just didn't want to be in the way, y'know?" She offers a wan smile before handing her backpack as well over to the cabbie. As they're settling into the back of the vehicle, she says, earnest but a little awkward, "Thanks for coming."

"They understand what it's like. Sometimes we just need a safe place." Kyle replies, scooting in after Cate into the backseat and strapping in. The belt clicks about her hips and she looks to Cate, lips tugging sharply to one side, warmly. "Thanks for thinking of me, Cate." Kyle shakes her head faintly. "An actual bed, an actual blanket, some home cooked food, and maybe a jump in the pool and you're going to feel a lot better, Catey, I promise."

"No problem," Cate replies, flashing that weak smile again. "I didn't really want to go home again - that's kinda a mixed bag for me. This seemed like a good fallback, and I figured it'd be nice for you to see your folks again." The corners of her mouth dip there for a moment. Sore subject. "I hope so," she says to Kyle's assurances.

"Honestly?" Kyle replies, looking to the window as the cabbie pulls away from the curb and begins the drive towards the south side of Caprica City. "My dad would probably take any of us on leave and give them a room, even if I wasn't coming. He's a patriot like that. He knows not to ask about all of the stuff the teenagers want to know about." Kyle looks back over to Cate and shoulders against the door, watching her idly.

"But part of this leave is you knowing that if you need a late night with some beers to talk, then I don't care if it's three in the mornin." A beat. "I'm a knock on the next door over. Deal?"

"Your dad sounds pretty cool," Cate observes. If she were herself, she would have followed up that thread of conversation with more questions about his service, Kyle's mom, etc. But since she's not, she just lets it go and nods to the latter question. "Deal," she agrees readily, and there's a note of gratitude in her expression when she says it.

The taxicab descends into silence for the drive over the main highway towards the city. In another time, another place, the drive might be relaxing, but there are no green pastures or palatial estates to be found. Tall buildings rush past the cab's windows, opening glimpses of the infamous MAGLEV line bombed by the Soldiers of the One. Billboards for businesses and graffiti line the drive, which doesn't seem to miss a single liquor store, convenient store, or fast food restaurant on its way into the lower-wage part of town.

The manhole covers belch steam. The police have doubled up on a drunk driver.

It's not the finest of places.

Thirty minutes later, Kyle leads Cate through the gates of an apartment cluster of four buildings overlooking a central pool. It's within eyeshot of a large auto garage named 'COSTELLO ONE-STOP', and with business hours in place, has left the apartment feeling empty and polluted with the occasional child's toy left out by the pool.

A well kept building in an otherwise safe-seeming part of town, despite being surrounded by ghetto on all sides.

"So...I failed to mention it's not a Virgonese palace." Kyle grins as she holds the gate open for Cate, nodding towards a set of stairs to the left. "High walls and a pool and I can't promise you won't hear a gunshot, but I can promise it's some dickhead gang banger ten blocks up and nothing dangerous."

Cate doesn't seem troubled by the neighborhood. She actually manages a little smirk at the joke. "What, you mean not all Capricans live in luxury? I'm shocked." And teasing, even though the effort is a bit strained. "But really - it's fine. Place I grew up was more like that stuff we passed a couple blocks back -" Aka the ghetto. "So this is nice." She sees the garage over yonder and says, "That's your family's garage?"

"The one and only. It's where I was working after my first tour and then got called up into this drama." Kyle twists around as she walks up the staircase lined with metal rails. She stops in front of a door marked '7' and slides a key into the lock. The door clicks open and Kyle steps into a hallway lined with family photographs, smelling faintly of cigar smoke. "My folks are out this time of day, dad's down here, so he told me to get us set up and get comfortable." She holds the door open with her boot, motioning for Cate to step inside. "And this is the only apartment I lived in until I moved out and got one of my own. Packed up my things into storage, so this is the home I've got until I'm out of the war."

Cate nods, listening with interest. Her eyes are drawn to the photographs on the wall as they come inside. "Home sweet home," she says, taking it all in. More seriously though, "It's cool. I don't really have a place either. My cousin got rid of a lot of my stuff when I didn't come back from Picon," she says, lips thinning at the memory. "She kept the photos and sentimental stuff, and my cat, but..." A little shrug does not bode well for the fate of the rest. A picture catches her attention, and she smirks, "Is that you?"

"Sounds like we've got a few stops to make after the war, shake a few people down, get your shit b-What?" Kyle turns on her heel towards Cate, fully hearing the question. She drops the backpack from her shoulder to hold onto the strap at the top, leaning in towards the picture to take a look.

The oldest male in the picture couldn't be any more than thirty-five. Built like a truck, he's hoisting a young girl missing most of her front teeth onto his shoulders. A pretty enough blonde woman with a toddler in her hands has an arm draped around a slightly older boy. The backdrop? The pyramid stadium. The children look sugar-rushed with crazy eyes. Smiles...all around.

"Frak it sure is," Kyle's cheeks flush red as she points to the faces. "You'll meet the older versions later. Davy, my dad. Mom is Melinda. Mick is the little snot package, and Vinze is the one making the douchesmirk."

Kyle quiets, and looks sidelong to Cate with a wink.

"Vin, for all I love him and for all his group marriage has driven him crazy...has not lost the douchesmirk."

"Nah, she seemed to have kept most of the stuff worth fussing over. Rest of it was just random shit - y'know, clothes, dishes, furniture." Cate studies the picture with a faint smile. "That's sweet. So two brothers, some siblings-in-law, any nieces or nephews?" Then something clicks and she asks, "Is that the C-Bucs arena?" It's the most her eyes have lit up in days.

"Two nephews; all Vin's. I teach them things to get back at my brother's wives. My little attack dogs." Kyle laughs and takes a step back, legs swinging wide to walk comically down the hallway, pointing out pictures as she goes. Fishing trips. High school Kyle on the pyramid team. "It shoooooore is."

Kyle stops at a short hallway and leans in, opening a pair of doors. A pronounced /hrm/ escapes her as she mulls something over, then reappears before Cate with a grin. A lightbulb has gone off somewhere.

"My dad did some work for Dina Carmine, so she got the shop a discount on season tickets for a few years. Say-" Kyle clears her throat and jerks her thumb towards a door. "You wouldn't...by any chance...want to take the room with all of the autographed Bucs flags and stuff would you?" A room littered with Kyle's belongings, but this is beside her point. "I'll take Vin's old room. It's a guest room now, anyway."

"Heh. Sounds like you've got the 'aunt' thing down. My cousin has a couple girls - they're young enough that I feel like an aunt to them even though I guess they're my second cousins twice removed or however that bullshit works," she snorts. Falling in behind Kyle, she takes in the pictures and observes, "Seems like you were a pretty happy kid." The question about the room causes her eyebrows to shoot up. "Seriously?"

"They're little and not yours. That makes you an aunt." Kyle waves her hand, dismissing the idea of any other thought taking Cate out of the Aunt-Pool. "And while you're here, you can help me with aunt duties, because one of Vinze's wives is such a bit..." Kyle lowers her voice, cringing as if the walls have ears. Ducking a bit, she holds her fingers to her lips and points to the apartment building across from the one they're in. Across the pool. Eek.

"Seriously." Kyle confirms, toeing the door open for Cate. Inside is a bedroom that looks like the double-wide version of Kyle's bunk. "I think there's a diary in there, so my only rule is that if you find it, you hand it over." Kyle snorts and opens the next door to a fairly sanitized guest room with a comfortable bed and a sewing table in the corner. "It's your leave, Catey. Sieze it."

"Closest I'll ever get to being one anyway," Cate says agreeably. She smirks at the description of the sister-in-law, then steps into the Buccaneer-laden room, eyebrows up high in amazement. "Wow. And I thought your bunk was like a C-Bucs shrine. This is awesome." She admires some of the stuff on the wall as only a true fan would. "I never could stomach the Virgon teams, and the Hibernian ones never went far, so... the Bucs got to be my favorite." Her smile flickers there for a moment. "Promise I won't touch the diary, but... you sure? I feel kinda bad putting you out of your own room." She chews her lip thoughtfully, "We could share? Put the mattress from the other one on the floor?"

Kyle twirls back towards her older brother's old room and throws her backpack onto the bed. It bounces off of it, falls to the other side of the bed, and when Cate suggests uniting the rooms, Kyle's mouth falls open comically with hands held in post-throw mode. Oops. "Oh my god you're making it SO hard to like...shower you with great stuff because I've been all kinds of worried about you." Kyle drops one hand with a laugh, then rubs at her eyes, grinning all the while. "Okay." Kyle tugs the hem of her tank top into place and waves for Cate to follow her. "Help me move the mattress and I'll take the floor one. We'll do it sleepover style."

Kyle throws herself onto the bed and bounces off of it in a roll for the other side, then comes back up with backpack in hand.

"You know." Kyle coughs and grabs the edge of the mattress. "We've missed a ton of games. We could stay up late watching what we missed."

Cate actually chuckles at Kyle's bed/backpack antics. "Late night pyramid marathon - beer - sleepover sounds pretty awesome actually." She hitches a shoulder a little self-consciously, and admits, "And it's nice to have someone who worries. Better than thinking nobody gives a frak." Leaving her own backpack by the door, Cate moves over to help maneuver the mattress. "I'm fine with the floor one, by the way. Between my sleeping bag at Triton and those coffins on the other ships, it's still a big step up. But I'm sure it offends your hostess sensibilities somehow."

"I do care, and I got all of that extra time off after I came back while everyone was on Caprica. So, if you hardcore insisted?" Kyle grunts as she takes up the mattress, blankets and all, and starts to march it out the door with Cate and into her room. "I think I'd just end up letting you have what you wanted in the end. I'm not gonna fight you hard on it." Kyle grins across the mattress to Cate and finds a spot in the middle of the floor to drop the mattress down on with a WHUMPF.

Kyle turns, brushing her hands, to pick up the extra pillows and throw them onto the mattress.

"Maybe it's because I have a sliver of an idea how you're feeling lately." Kyle shrugs her backpack off onto her bed and turns towards Cate, lifting a brow. "Now, important question. Before everything gets quiet and people start coming back." A beat. "Do we want to go make a store run for food, or get changed and float in the pool and look at-" GASP. "-actual sky?"

"Nah, I don't really care who takes which one. Just letting you know I'm fine with the floor one if you wanted to sleep in your own bed." Cate smirks a bit there, and retrieves her backpack once they get the mattress settled. The question about the pool causes her to rub the back of her neck awkwardly. "Well... I didn't bring a swimsuit. And I kinda don't really know how to swim. But just chilling out in the sun sounds nice. You can swim, I can bask in the sun and sky."

"I only brought one." Kyle chews at her lip and looks up the extra three inches to Cate's face, considering her. The corner of Kyle's mouth sucks in as her face scrunches. She steps over to her backpack and unzips it, digging into it for two pieces of black and red fabric and about fifty feet of black cabling. Then, she hesitates. "Do you...want to learn how to swim?" Kyle's brows shoot up. "I could teach you. We could just run to the mall, come back here and float; it's really easy to do." Kyle twists her head, brow looping in that 'final offer' way. "Otherwise, no suit, it's kind of a 'wait until three in the morning and sneak out' thing."

Cate eyes the fabric/cabling Kyle got out with a curious look. "Is that a swimsuit?" Apparently the cabling threw her off. She peels her eyes away to look at Kyle at the question. "Ordinarily I'd take you up on the offer to learn - it's been on my todo list given how many times I've almost drowned." A wan smirk there. "But... I'm not feeling that adventurous today. And my hand still hurts." It doesn't seem to slow her down much but it's not really at a hundred percent. "Really though - lounging by the pool while you swim sounds pretty perfect right now. So - let's do that."

"This? Yeah, it's just a biki-" Kyle pauses, holding the top half up to show the ties. "Word of warning, never put it in a washer without a delicates bag." Kyle snaps her fingers and then pinches as fingernails into the drawstring material, trying to work the tangle out. She stops by the door to wedge her sneakers off of her feet. "Head down, I'll come down with some beers after I get changed. Leave has officially started."

Ten minutes later, Kyle steps out onto the patio in her swimsuit, sunglasses over her eyes, and sets a radio down on a table. The local radio station drowns out most of the crosstown traffic. By 11:38 AM, somewhere out there in space, the Dauntless continues its war over Sagittaron, but on Caprica, Kyle floats on her back in the pool, mouthing the lyrics to songs while chatterboxing with Cate. Legs kicking in the water, Kyle hugs the edge of the pool and stretches, beckoning the other woman to tap her bottle of beer to Kyle's.

Cate Rhodes' leave...has begun.


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