2237-10-15 - Never Tackle A Cylon

Logan becomes Charlie's first visitor after she finally wakes up post-surgery.

Date: 2237-10-15

Location: Sickbay

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Along with a few others, Charlie was brought in after a patrol gone awry last night. Most of them were injured to some extent, but the sniper had the worst of it and was rushed directly into surgery. Thankfully, her wounds weren't too serious. She gets to remain aboard the Dauntless rather than be sent to the Galactica or a hospital proper. Even so, she's been kept under sedation for a while and is only now awake. A nurse leaves the room she's in after changing bandages and bringing food ('food' being a loose term, as it's just broth for the moment). The door has been left ajar, in case of visitors or the like.

The woman herself is fairly out of it, still, and staring absently off at a point on the wall. But Wagner is awake.

Logan was loitering in Sickbay because it seems to be a bit of a past time for him these days. He frowns as he spots a familiar figure, "Spec." He complains ducking in and peering at her as if sizing her up with his own assessment despite no doubt the medical team's thoroughinspection.

Blinking a few times, Charlie finally comes to focus on the large frame in the doorway. "Titan." Her voice is still a touch hoarse from the requisite tubes during surgery. There's a table over the bed, holding the bowl of broth and another mug. Tea, perhaps. She hasn't touched them, yet. She's bare from the waist up... Sort of. She's got on a sports bra, but her abdomen is just bandaging. "Coulda used you down there," she offers with a faint smile.

Logan grunts softly, "Yeah? Needed a bullet sponge?" He asks wincing as he considers her and the broth. He wrinkles his nose staring down at the abdomen, "Looks worse than a damn shotgun blast. You need to stop attracting so much attention. That's my job." Complains one Recon trooper to the other, "They say how long?" He asks, "All flesh and through and throughs?"

"Dunno how long yet," Charlie admits, glancing downward. She lets out a small sigh. "Bullet sponge. Disraction. Just more firepower. Was supposed to be a quiet patrol... Cylons had other ideas." She closes her eyes, letting out a breath as she leans back. Both hands are lifted in an expression form of a shrug. One that limits abdominal movements. "I guess it's not too terrible, since I'm still on board." She opens an eye to look to the man. "How's your arm?"

Logan sighs softly, "Least it was Cylons not other humans." He winces, "Not that the fraking bullets and wounds are any different. No such thing as a quiet patrol seems these days." He nods, "You're still here. That's the good and bad news." He sighs, "Arm's fine now more or less just cosmetic." He shakes his head and sighs, "Sorry I wasn't there."

"Don't apologize," Charlie says finally with a small shake of her head. "You weren't scheduled for it. S'not like you frakked up or anything." She goes to rest an arm against her abdomen, only to wince and drop it to her side instead. "Siska, Westlake, and Tomak all took hard hits, too. They just... hit us harder than we're used to, I guess?" She's usually not in such a direct line of fire, either, but there was little to be done for it. Every marine a rifleman, after all. "As for your arm-" she looks towards his injury. "All the cool kids have scars."

Logan sighs and shrugs his shoulders, "Still it sucks." He winces, "Damn good group." He nods, "We just got to get better at it. Well I've been told I'll have a NICE scar. But yeah... guess we're all racking them up pretty quick." He says with a sigh and rolls his shoulders, "We need to figure out a way to surprise them more often than the otehr way around."

"Frak, Lindus, we're the best of the best. How much better can we get? We're good as frak. But they're... shit, they don't relent. They don't even flinch when they're hit. It's just..." Charlie stops herself, closing her eyes. The rise of blood pressure and rush of her words having a negative effect. The woman is quiet for a time, just breathing carefully. "Hard... to surprise 'em when we don't know where they'll be."

Logan sighs at that and shrugs, "Don't know. But as good as we need to be you know." He sighs and he just watches, "Sorry I'll stow it." He shakes his head and sighs, "Yeah. Anything I can do?" He asks finally shifting tact and glancing around the room with his brow creased.

Charlie focuses on her breathing for a while more; careful inhalations followed by a slow exhale through the mouth. She finally opens her eyes to reach for the tea. "Do ya know if my rifle made it back alright?" Sasha. Her sniper rifle. And her figurative baby. "I barely remember getting off the planet and... I think I had her with me when we got on the Raptor, but I don't know where she ended up after that."

Logan shakes his head, "I... haven't checked on her. I'm sure someone grabbed her." He furrows his brow, "I can definitely check into it and make sure she makes it to your bunk." He suggests, "We really need to tie that thing to you."

"The doctors won't let me have her in here." Charlie's tried in the past and it's been a no-go. No baby!rifle for her. She does manage a small smile for Logan. "I'd appreciate it. The armory will keep an eye on her if Evan doesn't want the responsibility." Her lips twist, then. The Scorpian probably visited her while she was still unconscious. But she does look to Logan again, lifting her tea for a careful sip. "He's alright, yeah? This is..." she starts, but stops herself from looking downward. "...this is the worst hit I've taken."

Logan smiles softly, "I know... We've tried it before. I'm surprised Erin hasn't figured out a way to stash it in here with you." He offers and he smiles, "Even will do it." He says shaking his head ruefully, "You know he would." He nods and sighs, "As far as I know." He frowns at Charlie, "Well this wasn't enough tos top you not sure what else could be. But... am just glad you're still talking." He sighs, "Damn any of these could be worse. What the hell did you do anyways?"

"Hayes brought Sasha to see me the last time I was laid up," Charlie admits, with a faint smile. "But I guess the docs don't like weapons hanging around." She looks down into her tea before taking another sip. She sets it down after, with a wince that has her settling back against her pillows. "We were behind some rocks for cover. But this one Centurion just... kept hitting me. I had nowhere else to go. We were pinned down and they just... wouldn't drop as fast as usual. Even Tomak's grenade barely dented them."

Logan smiles soflty, "Did she? I'm sure the Doc's went mental." He smiles, "I can get why they don't like them here but at least... visiting priveleges should be allowed." He suggests and he grunts as he listens ot that, "Damnn." He says as he listens to that and sighs, "Just shitty frag pattern or did they have some new bots resistant to smaller caliber? Grenades are pretty reliable for us when we get the chance to use them. Not particularly... subtle though."

"It was Chilly. She probably made it in and out before any of the medical staff noticed." The panda certainly appeared without warning. Charlie gives a slow side-to-side motion of her head in the negative at Logan's question about the toasters. "Shit luck. Some of the Cents went down no problem. Others were just... stubborn. Might've been a poorly made grenade, too. It just... didn't hit them as hard as we'd've liked." She reaches for the blankets, folded down around her abdomen, and draws them up; mindful of the IV in her arm as she does so. "Just.. be careful on any missions you go on."

Logan smiles softly, "Sounds about right. She's like that." He sighs and shrugs, "Hate it when they get stubborn." He scowls. "We need...something another edge." He reaches down and help sto adjust the blanket and sighs, "I'm always careful just.... not always careful enough."

"Find out if you can start taking a rocket launcher into the field." Charlie only sounds like she's half-joking. For a few seconds, she seems about to protest his help with the blanket. Ultimately, she relents. The timer on her IV has released more morpha into her system; it's clear in the dazed look she's beginning to develop. "Don't do like Tomak did. He ran straight at the damn thing. Took it down, but took a bad hit, himself."

Logan nods at that, "Rocket Launcher... or grenade launcher. I should get Gunnery certified. It's not exactly Recon specialty... but shit we need something heavier hitting. Knives and silenced weaponry is all well and good against people but doesn't do help much with toasters." He winces at that and nods, "I've been tempted.... but even I haven't tried to tackle a toaster... yet."

"Never try to tackle a Centurion," Charlie says, in a low voice. She's getting good and drugged, now. Her eyes open marginally, to look to the other marine. "I fought one once, on Picon... Was too close for shooting it." She winces at the memory. "Arda was there, too. It wasn't even a Cent... frakkin' nannybot. If one of those is that brutal-" she shakes her head again, just as slow. "Don't tackle Cylons, Lindus."

Logan listens to this quietly and reaches up to pat Charlie's shoulder, "Fair enough I'll learn from your experience Wagner. No Centurion tackling. I'll leave that to the Pyramid field. I'll stick with Rifles, Rocket Launchers nad Grenades." He assures her soothingly, "You should get some rest. Spec they'll have you up in no time."

"Yes. Much tackling on the field. We should get all you big guys in a game. You, Tavo, Daly, Tomak, Davion, Westlake-" Charlie grins a bit broadly. "Why, there's enough of you for a whole game. Imagine the betting pools." Oh, yes, the morpha is definitely sinking in. She's more than a touch dopey, eyes unfocused when they do open. But then, a bit darker: "I hope... I hate sleeping without Evan."

Logan smiles at that and nods, "Be a fun game. We should organize it. I'll talk to Tomak figure when he's back in a shape." He smiles, "Well we'll see if we can sneak him in here with or without Sasha." he suggests reassuringly.

"He'll visit when he can. He always does." Charlie's confident enough of that. She knows Evan's likely been by, prior to her regaining consciousness. And that he'll be by again soon enough. "It's just..." there's a glance around herself and she sighs, leaning back into the pillows more and closing her eyes. "I hate sickbay. It's not the same. Bright. Noisy. The nurses show up to prod at you every so often. I just want to be in my own bunk. With Evan."


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