2237-10-15 - Post Trauma

Cate visits Lyn in sickbay after the rescue.

Date: 2237-10-15

Location: Sickbay

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Scene Number: 1489

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Cate had come by while Lyn was sleeping, sitting protectively near her friend for a bit before finally dozing off in the chair near her bedside. The nurses cut her a little slack on the whole 'visiting hours' thing under the circumstances and didn't wake her up to shoo her out. The medic's hand is still bandaged and curled up protectively in the crook of her opposite arm, and the bruises on her face and cut on her cheek are still visible.

Lyn is looking much better than she did when they found her. She's had a solid repair of her shrapnel leg wounds, a course of antibiotics and fluids for the dehydration, and she doesn't have the Cylon apocalypse all over her anymore. Still, she is paler than usual, with dark circles under her eyes from lack of real rest, and her hair needs serious washing. Dry shampoos just don't cut it. Aldrich must have brought her some sleepwear, because she's in CF issued Pajama pants and a tee. It's always cold in the Sick Bay, so she has the blankets drawn up.

Arda stirs, finally, and makes a groggy whimper from whatever she'd been dreaming about, and struggling to consciousness through pain killers. She blinks a few times and looks over, expecting to see the chaplain hovering as he has been, and finding Cate instead. She smiles a little and reaches over with the hand not loaded up with IV needles to touch the medic's arm. "Cate?" she asks, croakily.

Cate jerks so hard at the soft call and touch that she almost falls out of the chair. Overreaction much? There's a brief moment of bewildered disorientation before she blinks and seems to register where she is. Though her heart is still pounding, her expression quickly shifts from OMG-WHERE-AM-I-ARE-THERE-CYLONS to concerned friend. "Lyn, hey." She rubs her face, carefully avoiding the bruises, and sits up a little. "You feeling any better?"

"Easy there, we're home." Lyn slowly adjusts herself to a semi-seated position, sucking in a bit of breath at the movement of her injured leg. It's more habit though, the pain killers are working fine, and the repair was well done. If Cate hadn't done what she could when they first woke up in that cage, that leg might not even be there right now.

"Feeling a lot better, yes. Pretty sure you saved my leg back there in that cage, Cate. Thank you," the recon marine says sincerely. "Also, be prepared. I'm pretty sure Al is going to hug the shit out of you for helping get me back to him," she smiles wearily.

Cate slowly continues to shake off sleep, shifting a little uncomfortably under the thanks. "No worries. Wish they'd left me more of my kit to take care of it better. Nurses say it got infected." She offers a wan half-smile when Lyn mentions Al. "He was really worried about you. We all were."

Lyn runs her unhindered hand through her limp hair, grimacing at the inevitable "needs a good washing" feeling. One of the reasons she keeps it short. If recon is long-term out in the field, it's easier to deal with when you don't have proper facilities for cleaning up. "Yeah, I imagine me rolling around in a dirty cage for a week wasn't optimal for avoiding infection," she admits. "But it was a manageable one. No permanent damage. Just a bit of physical therapy in my future." She grunts at that, she is not fond of PT.

"And probably a few months of therapy with Doc Anders too," Lyn adds with a smirk. "I'm glad you escaped. They didn't get a chance to hook you up in that chair, did they?" she asks, concerned.

"Yeah, or getting tended to by a medic with dirty hands," Cate looks down at her hands with a rueful smirk. "But I'm glad your leg's okay." Even though she knows there are other wounds that aren't so easily seen. The question about the chair causes her brow to crease, and she shakes her head. "I got away after they took me out of the cage. Smashed the guard with a rock and ran into the tunnels." She doesn't ask what chair Lyn is talking about. Her anxious, somewhat pained expression might suggest she's afraid to know. "I didn't want to leave you guys but... I didn't think we could all get out."

"Pretty sure if you hadn't left us, we'd still be there, or dead, by now. They were experimenting on us. Not sure what their end game was. Possibly pacification somehow?" Lyn frowns, mulling over why they did what they did, and to what purpose. "I don't think they were finding much success. I think they were not sophisticated enough in their understanding of how human desire works. I don't think we respond well to neat and tidy happily-ever-afters. Part of being human is the daily challenge of things not going perfectly," she tries to explain.

Cate folds her arms. Resting her hand, or just a protective gesture against the bad memories - who knows. "That's frakked up. But pretty much everything they do is." She makes a little scoffing noise. "Though a happy-ever-after sounds pretty nice right now." A wan smirk there.

"They tried to make me believe the last two years were a bad dream. That the Uprising never happened, that Aquaria never fell. My dad was alive. Jonas was alive and somehow, merged with Aldrich to be a combination of the two great loves of my life. We got married, had kids, lived in that little beach cottage on Scorpia," Lyn says wistfully. Then she frowns. "But they tripped up. Because there were NO Cylons in this fantasy world, and that didn't mesh with memories before or after the war started. So I had to let that happily-ever-after dream go, and crashed back into reality."

Cate listens to that with a horrified look on her face. "Man, that's..." Words fail her, and she just shakes her head. "Frak. I'm sorry you had to go through that."

Lyn smiles wanly. "I guess it could have been worse, but it hurt to have all my wants handed to me, and then having to rip them away because I knew it wasn't real. There will be a hell of a therapy session or six about it, I'm sure. Don't know what the others were shown, but I'm guessing it was similar. No war, all our deep down desires fulfilled. A world with no pain, no struggle, no conflict, isn't really a world. The toasters don't understand that. So I'll be ok in time."

"I'm sure you will. You're tough." Cate mirrors that wan smile with one of her own. "I'm just glad you're back in one piece." She shifts again, uncomfortably, and says, "Anything I can get for you? Some chocolate, or a magazine or something?"

"What about you? Are you all right? Your hand?" Lyn asks, brow furrowing in concern. "You look like you haven't slept in a week Cate. You need to get some rest. I don't need anything. You need to take care of you."

"I'll be all right," Cate says, an unwitting emphasis on the future tense there. "The hand's not so bad - it hurts, but it'll heal." She snickers at the latter comment. "I was just asleep a few minutes ago," she points out. Not that it really counts, having a nap in a hospital chair. The weak attempt at mirth is short-lived though, and she hitches a shoulder. "Haven't been sleeping too well," she admits. "But I'll be okay."

Lyn snorts. "Ask them for whatever pain killers they're pumping into me. I've been mostly sleeping. It's the staying awake that's tough. Speaking of which," she is looking pretty tired. "I should get back to my Zzzzs. Promise me you'll try to get some sleep?" she asks.

"Yeah I think they kinda frown on just doling out morpha like that," Cate observes wryly. "But sure, I'll try. You get some rest." She stands up and gently touches Lyn's arm before heading out.


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