2237-10-17 - Double Agent Davion

Despite being bribed by Irene for some interesting scoops, Aleksander decides to plot with Gage instead for even more potential rewards, the risk decidedly worth it or just dangers disregarded.

Date: 2237-10-17

Location: Bunkroom C

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Instead of returning from a patrol down on Sagittaron or guarding one of the various Tyllium mines, Aleksander is actually suiting up for one that is scheduled not too long from now. Standing in front of his bunk, he is just finishing buttoning up his desert camoflauge fatigues, working on the last two buttons. The other pieces of his kit and hits combat boots are resting on the ground next to him, also in front of his bunk, neatly placed. The assault rifle is, of course, not present as that is the last step, signing out the weapon out of the armory.

Gage, for his part, was stuck on another boring night shift down on the planet. There's something to be said for night shift though -- particularly the cooler weather -- that means the other Tauron's been less grumbly about it than he otherwise usually would be. The curtain covering his bunk twitches, and then is drawn aside sharply, the engineer swinging his legs to the ground and settling elbows on his knees, making no move to stifle the yawn that follows. "Davy," he greets, voice rough. <<Heading down to the shithole?>> is asked in Tauran with some amount of sympathy. The daytime heat sucks.

When the curtains to the bunk next to his is pulled open, Aleksander glances at Gage and smirks, nodding his head with a reluctant sigh, <<Unfortunately yes, and under the blazing hot sun as well. Upside is better visibility, downside... I'm going to need to find shade somewhere. I'll probably get yelled at for camping under the mine entrance or in one of their shacks too long.>> Davion doesn't sound too concerned about getting yelled at though, probably use to it by now. Sitting down on the edge of his bunk, he begins slipping on the heavy boots, <<I didn't wake you, did I?>>

The grunt that Gage gives by way of return is definitely sympathetic. He rubs a hand over face and short-shaven hair, making a face. <<Could be worse. Instead of yelling, they could make you do laps down there.>> Shaking his head to the latter question, he eyes his fellow Tauran, and with a briefly sly sort of bland humor, suggests, <<Want to leave me a smoke before you go, in case you don't come back, brother? I'll smoke it in your honor.>> Or just smoke it anyway, when he comes back.

<<If they make me do that, then I will pray to Ares for the Cylons to put a round into me. Then I can be medivac'd back here so a beautiful Leonese Princess doctor can tend to me while I regale her with tales of my bravery.>> Aleksander says with an amused grin as he begins lacing up the right boot before moving onto the left one, ensuring that it is a very snug fit. Definitely do not want to lose a boot or trip on a lace in the middle of a firefight due to improperly attended footwear. <<Have some faith in me, will ya? Since when have I disappointed by not returning? If one of those fat flying toasters couldn't stop me, not much will.>> Rising to his feet, Davion does turn around and pull up the bed to access his storage. Grabbing an unopened pack, he lowers the bed shut before extending it as an offering to Gage. However, he pulls back suddenly, <<Actually... before I give you some smokes, that picture in Harris's bunk. The one of your bunkmate, were you the one that snapped it?>>

<<Sounds like a fanciful Caprican movie I accidentally watched once,>> Gage observes with a snort, but at least it's accompanied by something vaguely amused. With a grunt, he pushes to his feet, stretching hands up above him before dropping his hands to his side and rolling his shoulders. Aleksander's response earns a low, approving chuckle, and a flicker of fingers towards him in acceptance. <<True, brother.>> Not about to look a gift-horse in the mouth, however, he's grinning as he steps over to take the cigarette. Or when he's about to, anyway, though the grin becomes something puzzled at the other Tauran's question, however. He snorts, briefly. <<Thought she could one up me. Gotta keep those jocks in line.>> His head tips in visible, if unspoken question by way of response.

When the question is answered, or at least partly answered, Aleksander is the one with the puzzled expression now though he does give over the pack of smokes, <<One up you? That new pilot trying to mess with a Tauron born marine? Not too bright.>> Grabbing his tactical, flak vest, he slips it over his head before continuing, <<So that's all it was, just retaliation or self defense against a prank by your neighbor? Interesting weapon of choice.>> One clasp is secured, then he reaches for the other.

<<She isn't that bad.>> A statement Gage would never make to anyone else, and certainly not the pilot in question. <<Just hasn't learned her place yet. And that of a Tauron.>> And now he's grinning, like he's enjoying the challenge. It doesn't, of course, distract him from the smokes, taking one with a mute nod of thanks and tucking it, as is his habit, behind an ear for later use. He's already half turning back towards his bunk when the latter question stops him, staring at Aleksander in momentary confusion, and then a hint of suspicion as his arms fold across his chest. <<What are you moonlighting for the Tauron Enquirer or something?>> The one that has this-or-that celebrity alternately pregnant or getting married! ever other week.

Aleksander can't help but chuckle at that, nodding his head understandingly as he pulls the second strap tighter around his midsection, making sure that the protective gear is snuggly in place around his upper body. <<Not the Tauron Enquirer, I've cut ties with my first home a while back though not with my roots. But I am moonlighting for the Harris Gazette, she is trying to bribe me some beer, preferrably Tauron beer if she could get her hands on it, if I bring her back some info.>> Davion doesn't seem to be embarrassed as he blatantly admits that he is indeed poking around for Irene, though he is perhaps a touch curious himself. <<Now I haven't decided on what to tell her but if it can get us some free beer? How I could decline?>> Final strap is snapped and buckled into place, a satisfied sigh released as if the Tauran rifleman feels whole again.

There's a grumbling growl, right around the time the name 'Harris' comes up. A kind of partially resigned, partially amused noise, Gage's eyes rolling towards the ceiling. <<Fine. But I'm getting half of it.>> It's not a bargaining chip, just a statement of fact, as he moves over to twist one of the chairs around, settling on it backwards and resting arms on the back of the chair. <<What information does she want?>> he asks, curiously, frowning in thought.

<<I had already reserved half of what I get from her for you, Tomak, don't worry.>> Aleksander says with a laugh and a shake of his head before he goes to his locker and opens it, now going through the process of loading himself up with the smaller personal items that he has stored there. First thing he grabs is his watch, not a military issued one by the Colonial Forces but one from back when he was in the Legion. <<And I have no idea what she wants. Knowing her though, I'm sure she would enjoy something juicy. Something you would find in the fanciful Caprican movie you accidentally watched once.>>

The grunt from Gage seems to concede, or at least just acknowledge the other Tauron's due diligence. His brow furrows once more, frowning. Caprican movies aren't really his specialty, and he has to think about it. <<There's usually something about some unrequited love, or mistaken identity, or misunderstanding intentions that means the leads fight for the entirety of the movie. At least until it's all revealed and they make up. Something like that?>> he muses. Snapping his fingers, he says, <<How about you tell her Correa tried to snap a picture of me -- she did -- and caught me jacking it. And I invited her to join, hence her expression,>> he looks pretty amused, flickering fingers in the direction of the picture still pinned to the wall near Irene's bunk, of Ines looking frustrated and out of sorts.

Tapping his chin with one finger, Aleksander pauses in picking up the Legionnaire Marine pin as he thinks about that possibility as he nods his head, <<That sounds possible. Though I think she may be hoping for that underneath the pranks and fighting, there is a burning passion that the guy and girl leads have for each other, that is revealed at the end.>> The suggestion from Gage has Davion laughing out loud, one that he couldn't hold back, <<That would be hilarious, Tomak. I'm sure a lot of the others would find it funny but I don't think that is what Harris is looking for, probably a touch too crude. Doesn't fit into a romance novel.>> The fits of laughter dies down as Aleksander composes himself enough to pin that item in his hand on the inside of his right collar, a non-regulation piece purposefully hidden for the most part from the higher ups. He always seems to be toeing the line, or exceeding it just enough wher he doesn't get into that big of trouble for it.

Gage snorts, unsurprisingly. <<She would. She and Zeller are always in the midst of some movie or other.>> He grins with Aleksander laughs, enjoying the idea, too. Who wouldn't love it?! <<I'm no novelist. Hell. Just tell her I want to frak Correa. You know, but put it more romantically. Longing loins and...>> his brow furrows, trying to recall, <<Burning glances.>> He may have got those mixed up; close enough. <<She'll eat that up. That ought to win you plenty of beer.>> The Tauron is clearly not worried about his own reputation, let alone Correa's, given the cold war they're currently in the midst of.

When Gage mentions longing loins, Aleksander can't help but make a face like he just ate something horrible tasting, like Caprican pudding, <<Oh gods... I never thought those two words could go together.>> Shaking his head as if trying to get that word out of his ears, he makes sure the pin is fixed securely and then finally grabs a pack of already opened cigarettes and his lighter, tucking them away into his left pocket. <<I'll see if I can come up with something along those lines, get more booze out of it.>> A pause as he shuts his locker before adding, <<You know, it would be hilarious if word got around the ship that you and Correa are some hot ticket item with burning glances and longing loins for each other.>> A snicker there, very immature for sure.

Gage gives Aleksander a bemused sort of look. <<I don't know they talk about it all the time in those old timey Caprican movies. Trust me. She will love it.>> He rubs at his chin, fingers running over the stubble there, thoughtfully. <<You know, you ought to draw it out some more, try and get even more beer out of her. Tell her you're sure there's more but I won't open up until you get me thoroughly drunk.>> Everyone will buy that one, surely, and the engineer's grinning at the genius of it. His eyes roll at the latter. <<People can think whatever the frak they want. Actually, you know what...?>> He stands up, strides over to Irene's bunk, and takes Ines' photo down. With a smirk at his fellow Tauron, he moves back over to his bunk and sticks the photo under his pillow. <<She'll eat that shit up.>>

<<That's a good idea, Tomak. I'll tell her some of the juicy parts but will let her know that this task is much harder than I first though. I will need to spend more time digging, which means more beer as payment.>> Light bulb is now on and very bright above Aleksander's head with Gage feeding him more ideas, <<Maybe we'll end up with a couple of cases of Tauron beer.>> When the other Tauran goes to take the photo and reclaim for himself, Davion can't help but widen his eyes for a moment in surprise. But once he sees where he has it tucked away, a sly grin appears, <<Very nice touch. She will wonder where it went, I will of course claim innocence and ignorance. She might connect the dots that since I asked you about this, you decided to take it back. A blatant reaction to the questioning, meaning that there could be something more there.>>

<<Two cases? Brother, you're shooting way too low. We could stretch this out for the rest of the war. I can tell you about all the times I almost got the courage to confess my feelings, but then some dickhole interrupted, or a fight broke out, or we got invaded, or flight got scrambled, or...>> Gage has no problems with the excuses -- those are easy to come up with. <<We'll never need to buy beer again.>>

Now all Aleksander can think about is the mountain of beer that him and Tomak will be living under, <<This will be great. But I don't think Harris is that dumb, she'll figure out eventually. Then there will hell to pay, you know. You may end up fighting a two front war.>> And Davion could be drawn in but he doesn't seem to be /that/ concerned about the reprecussions, <<But let the games begin and the beers flowing, eh?>> Grabbing his helmet and tucking it under his arm, Aleksander looks rather pleased with the plan that has been concocted, obviously more time to think about it once he touches down on Sagittaron.

<<Aint afraid of Harris. And she aint dumb, but she wants this stuff to be real. Don't think she'll let that go that easily.>> Gage, too, seems unconcerned about the repercussions, which, given he's living with both Harris and Correa, might be particularly short sighted. But, free beer. Chuckling, he reaches over to lightly thump Aleksander's arm with a friendly tap of his knuckles. <<Don't get dead. We got a plot to undertake, brother.>> Other people wish their friends good luck. Tauran talk up beer, go figure.

There is a nod of his head as Aleksander reaches out and returns the arm thump with his own to Tomak, <<Yes we do. I'll keep my head down, don't worry. Anyone that wants to frak with me, I'll blow them to hell.>> Tossing a casual salute to Gage, Davion turns and heads out of the berthings to head to the ship's Armory.


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