2237-10-17 - Sickbay Surfing

Nicole stops into the Sickbay for a checkup on her wounds, but ends up running into the Sickbay resident Charlie. They discuss how things are going, and what they want to do after. Well, more like what Charlie will do after. Here's a hint, ice cream and surfing.

Date: 2237-10-17

Location: Sickbay

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The usual bustle of the Sickbay. Ahhh yes, how wonderful. Especially since some of the Marines are still bed ridden and every few days another is there to take their place. It's been a trying world for the ground pounders, and the medical staff can tell the tails of it. The usual light murmurs that filled the room was instead a din of commotion. A check of a pulse, a look over the papers, and then an order for the patient before its on to the next. Morning rounds are actually becoming more of a thing aboard the Dauntless.
It's amidst this that Nicole makes her appearance. She managed to get out of the fight with fairly minimal damage. Just a bruise that covered the majority of her upper body that was now coloring to an awesome and sickly yellow. She's sans-shirt on a bed as the doctor is giving it a look over for a final check before clearing her to light duty. "For the love of the Gods." she mutters, the walls around the bed aren't pulled shut around her.

Of the squad on patrol, Charlie came back with the worst of things. Noah may have been unconscious, but the sniper's wounds required immediate surgery and an order of bedrest for a few days or so. She's at least out of the more intensive recovery rooms now (likely to clear room for those who are worse off at this juncture), but still on bed rest. The complaints nearby draw her out of a morpha-daze and the Piconese woman blinks at the ceiling a few times before slowly dragging herself -- carefully -- into a more upright position. "Frak," she mumbles, rubbing at her face briefly. Then a look over to spot Nicole: "You didn't get yourself hurt again, did you?"

The woman turns on the bed and looks over in the direction of Charlie. "Well, damn, I guess I'll have to try harder to kill you with my bedside manner." Nicole gives a half-smile, and looks back toward the Doctor as she's poked at a few more times. A pod here, a lift of the arm, a ''hold like this.''
"No, same one. That cylon caught the armor just right or somethin'. I didn't realize it, but I got banged up pretty good." She holds the arm out, the doctor presses down, then another couple prods and pokes before finally a moderately clean bill of mostly health.

There's a sympathetic wince from Charlie... or maybe it's just her own injury flaring up as the morpha wears off. "We took it hard out there," she says, leaning back into her pillows. "You heard from Westlake or Tomak? They doing alright?" Her hands start to settle on her abdomen, by reflex, but she moves them to her sides instead.

"How is the stomach anyway?" Nicole asks, glancing back in time to see the settle and then the shift of the hands away. She picks up her gray jacket and starts to shift about on the bed until she's facing in Charlie's direction more fully. She pulls her right arm in first then, a bit more gently, the left one. That's the side the yellowing is on, so it's not surprising she's being ginger with it.
"I have been pretty catatonic in the bunk room, and haven't dropped by C." Nicole lets out a sigh to go along with it, a zip up to ''clothe'' herself again and she shrugs. "I think I saw them both in the mess, but I'm not sure. 80% sure it was Tomak though."

"I think I hate broth," Charlie opines. "And jello. I really want like, a steak." Evan is going to owe her one so hard on leave. She lets out a slow sigh, nodding absently. "And I haven't been back to C." 'Home.' Nope, she's been stuck in sickbay. "I guess if they've been in the mess, they must be doing okay. That's good." She glances downward, at the bandaging adorning her abdomen. Above that, she's just in a sports bra. "I think I'll be released tomorrow, from what the doc said. Still light duty though. No missions for a bit yet, I'm afraid."

"They're still keeping me on light duty, it's driving me batty." Nicole glances to the side, glaring at the doctor who's on their way to a different patient. She sighs and looks back over to Charlie as she plants her hands on the bed to either side. "I bet, I'm glad they're at least giving you that though. I've heard of people who had stomach injuries and they wouldn't even give them a glass of water. Just IV-fluids and wait." She shivers at that though, that really would be its own little form of hell.
"I am glad you're getting out, stressed me the frak out the whole ride back. I thought I might've screwed up and you might start bleeding out. I'm not exactly a medic here." Nicole gives a dry smile.

"Light duty, the realm of paperwork and armory duty." The former being a horror for Corporals everywhere. The bottom of the totem pole is supposed to be free of that garbage! Except it's not. No matter how much you purposefully frak up said papers. Charlie purses her lips as she considers. "You have a point," she concedes. "I still want real food though." There's a look over to Nicole as the other marine mentions frakking up. There's a sidelong sort of grin. "Well, if you had, Evan probably would have had your hide. But as luck would have it, you did just fine. Guess our first aid training is worth something after all."

"I think I'd rather that paperwork than the armory duty." Nicoles mutters with a toss of her head to the side as she watches Charlie, there's a pull of her mouth off to one side. "I know, and don't worry you'll be back to eating from the mess before you know it. All that wonderful bits of protein mashed together with some greens and other joys of unknown substance."
Nicole starts to laugh then as she mentions Evan, a shake of her head from side-to-side, "I guess that's just another thing I managed to avoid through a lot of luck and poor training."

"Don't forget the canteen. Candy bars and chips as far as the eye can see." Which isn't far, considering the cramped quarters of the ship. Charlie does manage to smile, though. She shifts, slightly, to try to get more comfortable. "You can have all my paperwork if you want. I don't mind armory duty." Until she gets bored and doodles crass things all over the sign in/out sheets. "Hopefully we'll have a medic next time, but you did well for the situation."

"Deal! I'll take the paperwork, you do the armory." There's a shake of her head and a laugh that start and dies soon after. "Do you think they'll actually let us swap duties?" She grins and shuffles her weight backward onto her hands propped onto the bed. She tilts her head to one side with a flip of the blonde hair.
"You know, I guess I always overlook the canteen." She adds, her eyes slowly moving up and to the side, "I think partly because - frankly - I miss my five star meals more than I miss a candy bar."

"I dunno. They might. I'm not sure they actually care about paperwork enough to care. It's just this... thing they make us do. Kinda like before the war when you'd be assigned watch for twenty-four hours over something ridiculous like a couple boxes of ammo. It's just to keep us busy." Charlie doesn't know if Nicole served pre-war, but she goes with it nonetheless. There's a snort at the mention of five-star meals. "Frak me, but those are rare treats in my world. I've been in for... eight? years now. Maybe longer. Hard to remember. One mess is like any other. The canteen is what makes it easier."

A laugh from the woman on the other bed, she oozes off of it and onto her feet. "I joined up when it all hit the fan. So still not used to all this. Can you believe I ran into a pilot that joined when it all started." There's a snort and Nicole shakes her head.
"Frak I should've been smarter, but - whatcha gonna do when it's all about emotion." She shake sher head from side to side again, "They are all alike, I give you that, though the Athena's mess was a bit nicer. More food options at least."

"I got sick of surfing and because it's all I'd done with my life, I figured... why not join the marines? I thought it'd be easy." Charlie scoffs at herself, giving a small shake of her head. "I mean, it wasn't bad until all of this. Hard work, but... I like the structure." Going from being a professional athlete into service makes sense. You're already used to people telling you when and what to do. "Galactica's was better, but this one is better than the Vanguard. And all three are better than the hospital ship I was on before I volunteered for the CF."

"I did a lot of jobs." Nicole said as she cast her eyes off to the side, "A little bit of everything at different points in my life. I think, sometimes, it's easier to say what I haven't been than to say what I have been."
There's a toss of the blonde's shoulders as she starts over in Charlie's direction, she might as well hang out closer to her bed - look like a visitor to the other rather than a visitor to the Sickbay. "I think I can get ya some chocolate smuggled in here if you want me to give that a shot. I saw a pilot get some a week or so back."

"Variety is good. Spice of life and all that." Charlie smirks a bit to herself. She watches Nicole's approach; barely moving, herself. Movement brings pain, still. She's being a good little patient, if only out of necessity. "Chocolate... Hmmm." There's a thoughtful look before she shakes her head. "I'll be out of here tomorrow and... I don't think I want chocolate." So there's limits to what her stomach is able to handle, apparently. "Just like, a good burger. Or even the meatloaf in the Mess. With some mashed potatoes." So it's a savory thing.

"Ooooo." Nicole gives a heavy wince as she looks to the other Marine, she shakes her head again as her tone takes on a regretful slant. "Mysteryloaf was last night, I think tomorrow is mystery soup with peas." A nod of her head and the curve of her smile returns as she takes up a spot half-leaning against Charlie's bed.
"It was nice. You know, I once was even a gardener. Not to be confused with a landscape artist, I did that too." She grins.

"Well, damn. Mystery soup?" Charlie tsks. "I might have to stay put an extra night." No one wants the pea soup. Well, someone might, Wagner doesn't, though. She lets out a breath, closing her eyes; tired, perhaps. Or maybe more morpha was issued through that IV of hers. "See, that sounds nice," she says after a moment, opening an eye to regard Nicole. "I began surfing when I was young. Then went into the marines. My resume is very limited. I honestly don't know what I'll do after the war. But it sounds like you'd have plenty of options."

"Yeah, I hate to say it." Nicole solemnly nods as she looks toward Charlie, the tone far more somber. "And I fear to think what that meat is they keep trying to pass off as pork. I mean you know that they say the most pork-like meat is-" And she gives a little wiggle to the eyebrows and glances around the Sickbay. Perhaps that's what happened to Tomak and Westfield.
"Well, if it makes you feel better," She leans a bit more on one hand, pressing it down into the siding along the Corporal's bed, "I worked darmn near every job under the sun, and I switched so often it's a real pain to get a job. Maybe being in the Marines will help round that out."

"I think that's more a Cylon thing to do," Charlie points out, making a face. "And now I'm going to have nightmares about tincans trying to feed me people. Great." She affects a bit of a shudder. "At least we have fresh fruits and vegetables most of the time, even if the meat is pet-grade, it seems." She looks to Nicole as the other marine leans in. There's a flash of a grin, "Better than me. You think anyone would count athlete as a job after this? I've got to put everything on this gig. Almost a shame I didn't go engineer or similar. That at least has applications outside of the Fleet."

"Considering the number of atheles that we have aboard?" Nicole says with an arch of her brows, "Keep up your skills and they'll probably be clamoring after you once the war's over." She lets out a laugh and a shake of her head.
"I'll probably go private sector or something." She says, a tilt of her head to the side and a look to the side to go along with it, "I mean, what else can I do? Maybe I'll get lucky and land a cushy job."

"I'm no Pyramid player," Charlie says with a laugh. She winces at the way it pulls her wounds, taking a slow breath and calming. "Surfer. Very niche. There's no teams looking to flesh out their numbers and it's been eight years or so since I last competed. No one's going to be looking for me." There's a small shrug for Nicole. "Dunno. But I'm sure there'll be something. Work enough jobs, you have to have a skillset that someone wants, right?"

"Hah!" Nicole shakes her head as she sees the wince. "Okay, you're right, you got me there. Not many people going for surfer but - I mean really - you'll have a great lil' nest egg after this war so. Just go remember how to be a beach bum?"
The woman gives an arch of her eyebrow and tries her best to surpress her smile. "Maybe even work at a hotdog with a stick place?"

"Well," Charlie leans back into her pillows, closing her eyes. Trying to relax. "Evan and I want to travel. Explore the colonies. I figure that'll keep us busy for a couple years, at least. After that?" She shrugs, taking a careful breath. "Beach bum doesn't sound so bad."

"That sounds nice." Nicole says with a slow nod of her head. "I imagine I'll have something lined up by the time I'm getting out of here." Nicole's eyes dance off to the side as she gives a slow smile. A shrug of her shoulders. "Don't forget the hotdog with a stick job in there to keep the spending cash flowing in there. Part time it, find one on the beach. Take a break and go surfing."

"Mmmm. Maybe an ice cream stand instead," Charlie offers in a faraway voice as she begins to drift. "Hot dogs on a stick sounds sweaty and gross. But ice cream?" She nods slowly, yawning. She doesn't even bother to stifle it. "Ice cream is cool, delicious... And it's not like we get enough of it out here. Hot dogs, well, the mess has those sometimes. And they're terrifying."

"Pfft." Nicole rolls her eyes, her words growing a bit softer and quiet and her hand motions not quite so great. "Yeah, but you don't want to be eating your merchandise." Her head shakes more slowly from side-to-side, "Though I can understand the appeal. Think about it, the warm sand, the salt air, cool breeze, the taste of ice cream and the call of the birds. The sound of the waves curling over and crashing in their sets, the tubes and barrels. The sight of the white caps."

"I totally want to eat the merchandise. If I'm gonna be in some sort of stand, there's gotta be perks." Charlie falls quiet for a time. Maybe she's fallen asleep? There's no snoring, at least. Small victories. Then her eyes flutter open a bit. "I miss the ocean. I hope... we get to go back to Scorpia soon. I need to... get out on the water."

"You will." Nicole's voice grows softer still, "You'll see the blue of the ocean, the cast of the orange near the sunset. Blues, purples, reds and oranges, it'll be quite the sight. Now, take it easy Wagner. Sleep and remember the better times - Gods know I wish I could."


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