2237-10-17 - Unfriendly Fire

A joint mission with the Sadah rebels goes awry when the Royal Marines haven't gotten the memo that everyone's supposed to be friends now.

Date: 2237-10-17

Location: Sadah Province

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation: Watchtower

Scene Number: 1495

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Chambers' rebel group agreed to the cease-fire a couple days ago, and yesterday they sent word that they'd be willing to work together with the CF. This is the first test of that, with Chambers agreeing to send a couple of his people as scouts to show them some areas where the Cylons have been active. Mercer's squad has just been dropped off at the village, and have spent a few minutes unloading a few crates of medical supplies and emergency rations from the Raptor. A couple of the villagers are gathered around to meet them, including two of Chambers' fighters. One is the woman that Donny was flirting with - he learned her name was Ariana when he was here before. The other is a younger man named Gene.

Surprisingly or not, Donny isn't flirting right this moment. Instead, he's been busying himself with unloading a lot of the medical supplies, helping ferry out crate after crate. Stacking them neatly as he spews some nonsense or another out to a rebel waiting to take things from there.

"Right- these pills make you larger, these ones make you small..." Donny pauses, he looks at another crate before he shrugs and looks back to the man, "I don't think those ones do anything at all.". With that said, he gives the rebel a pat to the shoulder and he's turning to Ariana and waltzing up. "Yo, Ana." he says, a lopsided grin on his features and reaching into his pouches with his dominant hand, taking out a small stack of booklets- all revolving around conflicts with the Cylons. "These are for you, like I said I would. Your younger folks shootin' good since my last visit?"

Having seen more mine entrances than villages, Akeso seems pleased about the change of pace. As pleased as she ever seems, anyway. She'll help with the crates without a fuss and afterwards, check out the people who have come out to meet the Wolves. There's a faint smile for them and a few traditional greetings are offered in Sagittaran. In between those and afterwards, she scans the street and the houses, as if suspecting an ambush even in such idyllic environs. Or maybe, a wild goat might jump out with a knife. Can't be too careful.

After disembarking from the Raptor, Aleksander grabs one of the crates that they brought with them and moves it to the area indicated. However, after putting it down, he wanders a few feet away, trying to look inconspicious as he pulls his pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one up. It seems like he is shirking the duty of going back to the Raptor to carry more supplies, enjoying some idle time to smoke and do nothing. The Tauran seems agreeable to the fact that the insurgents have decided not to shoot them and is willing to shoot the Cylons, apparently willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to a common enemy.

Aldrich may have been assigned to this mission due to his part in helping broker the agreement with the rebel group, or maybe he volunteered for the same reason. Whatever the case, he's here, and his pulling his weight helping to unload the crates of supplies, while making friendly with the villagers. Or specifically, with Gene, after that comment Donny made. "I...wouldn't take him too seriously." He grins faintly. "I've heard you folks don't always believe in using modern medicines. Is that true?"

Cate helps to move the crates, smirking at Donny. "Yeah, I'm sure those kinds of pills were high on their list to include."

Ariana smiles and shifts her rifle aside to take the papers. "Thanks. And yes, they appreciated the pointers." She looks to Aldrich then and nods. "Many don't, that's true."

Sergeant Grey stands off to the side, supervising.

Grinning, Donny glances back at Cate, "Guess my great mind is one of a kind." he says with a shrug before he looks back to Ariana. "Good to hear. If I get any more time around here, I'll see if I can hammer anything else into their noggin's." he says, a hand coming over to rub his chin thoughtfully.

"Yeah... Maybe trench digging or something..." There's a pause, then Donny looks back to Aria. "Look- I'll figure out some excuse to visit." he says with a hand fanned out, before he's stepping away with a smile. "One sec-" he offers her and he's heading over to Aleksander, "Hey- can I bum your lighter?"

Akeso seems to come to the determination that the people are okay, but has nothing to say to them beyond the greetings. She'll just stroll off to stand next to Aleksander, like she means to bust him for shirking on the crates, or smoking on the job. Something. She gives him one of /those/ looks. Then smirks and seems to decide not to hassle him for real, probably because her bunkmate is asking for a lighter. She walks on a bit further, and looks over a shoulder high stone fence into a small front yard. It's mostly dust, so she raises a hand to the face she sees in the open doorway. Hello, neighbor.

Aldrich nods cheerfully, and pauses with a hand atop the crate he'd been moving. "I see. If there's a chance, I was hoping someone from the village might be willing to sit down and talk with me about it. I'd be very interested to learn why." He glances to Donny, then offers a little flicker of a smile. "Just a thought, anyway." And then he's off to fetch the next crate.

The last crate is unloaded and the Raptor takes off, kicking up dry dust as it goes. Ariana shields her eyes against the artificial wind, and then gives Donny a curious look. "Digging trenches? We're not planning on staying in one place long enough to use them." To Aldrich, she says, "I'm sure our priest would be happy to talk to you about it."

When Donny approaches to borrow his lighter, Aleksander hands it over bottom first so the other Marine doesn't accidentally grab it by the metal top. Then he gives Akeso a completely innocent look, as if he doesn't believe he is in any trouble, just standing by and keeping an eye out of trouble. Being the perfect lookout. The Tauran does keep an eye on their medic as she wanders off into a yard.

Geoff has kept his mouth shut while he's been working. He's not about to be the one to blow an important diplomatic mission. Or something. But if other people are gonna smoke, he's gonna smoke. So he fishes out his cigarettes and lighter.

Donny reaches his hand out, grabbing the lighters bottom between two fingers and nodding, "Thanks." he says, his other hand slipping out his own cigarette that he puts between his lips and lights. Inhale, exhale, enjoy. Donny's gaze follows Akeso for a moment, as if he were going to say something before Ariana catches his attention again.

"Mm." There's a moment and he holds up a digit as he retrieves his cig. "That's th' thing about trenches. They're a cheap and effective means to gain a defensive foothold that isn't permanent. You don't gotta stay long to have a trench, but it's good to know. You'd be surprised how dense dirt can save lives."

There's another drag and he's looking to Aleks, handing the mans lighter back, "Here.". Donny steps back and stands somewhere between his rebel friend and his CF friends so he can talk to both comfortably. "I think its good to learn things, regardless if you think you need to know 'em or not. If I could go back and teach my young self that math -did- have use later on. Boy, I could've been anywhere but here."

Not long after the Raptor takes off, their radio operator (PFC Miles) steps back, touching his earpiece as if to help him hear better. He calls over Sgt Grey for a word. After a brief conferral, Grey says, "Squad, we've got a Royal Marine unit approaching from the south in skirmish formation. Maybe they spotted some Centurions in the area. Let's go check it out. Miles, try to make radio contact with them."

When the lighter is handed back, Aleksander gives Donny a nod as he tucks it away in between his own drags. As the Raptor takes off and leaves them, the Tauran looks up and watches as it grows smaller and smaller, a wistful gaze following the transport since it is their only ride back to the Dauntless. When an update is provided and they are to move out, Davion unslings his rifle and waits for the others to move out. He does look back to where Akeso is and calls out to the medic, "Ma, time to go."

Akeso's eyes light up and though obviously tempted, she doesn't clamber over the wall, but does go as far as lean into the stone and lift herself up on her toes so she can peer over. "Oh, it's a kitten. You're so cute and fuzzy." She coos at the little hairball. If they could call a pause on the whole war thing she might stay there for a bit, but Sgt Grey has orders and Alek's calls. She doesn't linger, turning with a quick frown to double time back to the rest of the squad to form up and head out. "Off we go then. Don't catch any bullets with your face today, Davy."

Geoff grunts at the news that they could be headed into combat. Of course they are. He looks down to check the settings on his rifle.

Donny is enjoying his cigarette a little bit more, blowing the smoke out from his lips as he looks sideways at the sand at his feet being blown off by the leaving Raptor. "But yeah- so like I was sayin--" Donny is cut off by the sarge, and he's giving him his attention.

His arms come around to cradle his rifle in his arms, holding it near his chest and at the ready. "I try not to be wicked and -still- no rest." he sighs, the words meant for no one in particular. He turns on his heels and falls in with his squad.

Aldrich had just stopped to mop a bit of sweat off the back of his neck when the call goes up to move out. He lifts a hand to indicate he's heard, and readjusts his helmet as he heads over to join up with the other members of the gathering squad.

Akeso is rewarded with a smirk of amusement from Aleksander as he shakes his head, "I won't, since I will be walking behind you." It seems like he is planning on having her catch the bullets for him if they are fired in his direction. As they begin to trek towards their objective, the Tauran is still taking drags of his cigarette. His eyes are starting to scan the surroundings though, more alert than his demeanor would show.

"It's a lost cause, might as well be wicked while you can," is Cate's deadpan device for Donny. She unslings her SMG and falls in with the rest of the group as they move out.

Communications are a little wonky in these mountains - a mix of Cylon and terrain reasons. Grey asks a couple times if Miles is able to reach the other squad, but no luck so far. Ariana and Gene mingle with the marines as they cross the town. "Wouldn't they have warned you if there were Cylons in the area?" Ariana asks Donny, frowning. "Do we need to sound the village alarm?"

"You'll want to scrunch down some and walk a bit closer, just don't step on my heels and breathe on my neck. I hate that." Akeso helpfully suggests to the much taller Tauran, otherwise there'll be a whole lot of him left open to bullets. She overtakes him as she says that, winding a Sagitt style scarf around her neck as she does, incase she needs it later to shade her head or keep dust out of her mouth. When that's done, her rifle is unslung and held across her body and she steps in front of Aleksander.

Geoff takes a moment to scratch his chest as they move. He doesn't join in on the banter, but he never seems to. Maybe he gets nervous. Hard to tell.

Aldrich glances over toward Ariana, vaguely worried, but he keeps his thoughts to himself. He checks his rifle a couple of times as he walks along, then looks up toward the sky, squinting for signs of trouble. After awhile walking, he falls in next to Geoff, without a word.

"Nah, I wouldn't get too hasty yet." says Donny, ashes falling from his cigarette as he moves with the squad. "Communication between two forces is bad enough, moment you toss in killer robots and giant rocks and it's a recipe for shit not working." he offers to her. "Also why I mentioned trenches- it's good for temporary command centers and communication runnin'."

Donny looks back to Cate and Akeso, grinning. "By the way, you two- a reminder that I'm frakkin' -invincible-, so save your medical miracles for the other guys." Then he's falling in besides Geoff. A hand rises to pinch his cigarette- maybe he didn't notice the other marine getting his, but without taking his eyes anywhere but forward, he offers his own to the fellow marine. Just a little over half left.

When there is mention of comm troubles and failure to raise the Royal Marine squad, Aleksander takes one final drag of his cigarette and tosses it on the ground, crushing it with his boots before he continues on, trailing beind Akeso. There is no attempt to hunch forward and get closer to the combat medic, as if to actually use her as cover. When Donny pipes up about being unkillable, Davion can't help but arch a brow, a bit surprised by that admission. Perhaps a new bullet shield has been found. The trek continues and the Tauran does become more silent, perhaps become a bit more serious due to possible trouble without trying to look too concerned about it. He does hold his rifle with both hands, safety flicked off.

Aldrich clears his throat a little. "You know, there's a saying on Gemenon about tempting the Fates," he observes, directed generally in Donny's direction. Then, he adds, "Where the Cylons are involved, it's usually better safe than sorry. Maybe we /should/ be telling the villagers to get under cover..."

Cate snorts softly at Donny. "Yeah. Let's hope we don't put that to the test."

Ariana nods, still fretting for her village but content to take Donny's word for it since none of the rest of the marines look too terribly alarmed. "Fair enough. Just a different style of fighting than we're used to." Hit and run tactics for the win, no trenches required.

"Take up defensive positions here," Sgt Grey says, gesturing towards some walls and rocks surrounding an open area on the southern outskirts of town.

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"I'm good," Geoff says, gesturing to his own cigarette. But his nod shows Donny he appreciates the gesture. When the order comes, he finds himself a rock to hide behind and drops his cigarette, grinding it under one foot.

"Duly noted. Just scream like a little girl if you're really injured, so I know." Akeso replies in a neutral, possibly even serious tone, to the other ex Legionnaire in the squad (the invincible mustached one). There's a glance over her at Aleks, as if she felt some of his hot breath on the back of her neck, a brief smile and a her eyes are forward once again, always scanning. When another order is given, she complies finding a wall to park herself by.

"Yeah.." Donny's voice is slow, his gaze travelling. "But if the fates don't kill ya', then the war fatigue does.". Donny glances back to Ariana, with a lopsided grin, "Nothin' wrong with experimenting." he offers before he looks back to Geoff. "Ah-" he says, "More for me." Then the cig's back between his lips.

Donny looks to Grey as the order is given and he nods. You know how he was talking about trenches? He takes out a small entrenching tool and begins to dig out some dirt and sand behind a rock. Not a lot, but just enough that he can hunker down behind the rock for a little more cover. A teeny tiny bit. It's debatable if it'll do anything yet. "I'll give you my girliest scream, Ma." he says, poking the barrel of his rifle out of cover as he sets up his aim.

Once the location has been selected to defend, Aleksander takes a look at the surroundings, seeing the walls and rocks. He does looks back to the town area, at the squat, square buildings as if to keep a fallback position in mind in case it is needed. Davion moves further out towards the side, taking cover behind one of the rocks and extra dry shrubbery, so they're not too bunched up together which could give Cylons an area to focus their fire on. Hunkering down to one knee, he settles into his own spot and waits with the others. Here's hoping that the Royal Marines took care of the toasters themselves.

Aldrich scratches the side of his chin, then solemnly picks his own spot to hunker down, pulling up his rifle to be ready, if needed. He checks his helmet to make sure it's solidly in place, then settles in silently to wait, probably meditating silently.

The marines can see figures moving in the rocky terrain, approaching the village. Desert camo, definitely not chrome. Moving as one would towards a threat. Grey gives up on the radio when they still don't have any luck getting it working. He stands up, waving a hand to get the marines' attention. Gene is standing close by. "Marines!" he shouts. Then a burst of fire rings out from the rocks. Two bullets hit his vest but one strikes his neck, causing a gush of blood. He collapses, gurgling.

"The frak?!" Geoff yells out. "Hey! Friendlies! Aren't we supposed to be friendly?" That last part might be more to his compatriots.

Aldrich glances over the rocks he's ducked behind, squinting out at the approaching figures. He frowns, glances up as Grey stands, then instinctively ducks and curses under his breath when the blood gushes. "Supposed to be!" He calls back to Geoff. "Anybody got a white flag...?"

Donny hears the word marine, and he's looking over to Gene. There's a bit of relief washing over his face until he then sees Gene catch a bullet through the throat and a flash from a muzzle is spotted out of the corner of his eye. Eyes widen, brows dip and he raises his rifle from low ready to a firing position. "Hold your frakkin' fire! We're friendly!" He hollers, but his index finger anxiously scratches from his dust cover to touch his trigger.

That's not good. That's not good at all. When the firing starts, Akeso takes cover, adding her voice to the chorus, shouting as authoratively as she can, "Hold your fire, we're Colonial Forces! Hold your fire! Colonial Forces!" And under her breath, "You dumbshit Virgans." She doesn't fire back, presuming it's a case of mistaken identity or itchy trigger fingers, or a bit of both. Having heard more than see Grey get shot, she creeps to the edge of her wall to check on him, but doesn't rush his way wrecklessly, "Sarge?"

When it is desert camo figures showing up, Aleksander begins to relax as he was aiming his rifle on the movement, especially when Sergeant Grey is calling out that they are also friendlies. However, the sudden burst of gunfire jolts the Tauran back to full alert and he ducks further under the rocks. "I frakking swear Ares, if they shoot at us some more, I'm going to throw a grenade back, friendly or not."

There was a slight pause after the initial gunshot, one of the royal marines questioning the sergeant about their targets. But in that split-second lull, Ariana - having seen her friend gunned down - immediately returns fire. "Frakking bastards!" she shouts. And then there is more of a hail of return fire. Sgt Grey is down, gasping for breath after taking a burst to the chest. And Gene is clutching at his neck, blood pouring through his fingers.
Aleksander takes careful aim at Vrm4.

Akeso passes.

Geoff passes.

Vrm2 attacks Akeso with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Donny suppresses Vrm3 with Rifle+Ap and succeeds.

Ariana passes.

Vrm4 attacks Akeso with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Abdomen.

Aldrich passes.

Vrm6 attacks Donny with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Right Leg.

Vrm1 attacks Cate with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Vrm3 attacks Gene with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Vrm5 attacks Aleksander with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Gene passes.

<FS3> Donny rolls Composure-1: Great Success (8 7 7 6 6 5 2 1)

Cate dashes forward when she sees the sergeant and the kid go down. She hunkers down, staying low as she scrambles along behind a wall, but it's not enough to protect her. There's a brief stretch where she has to emerge from behind the wall to get to Grey, and a bullet catches her in the side of the vest, knocking her flat. She lays there for a second and then crawls the rest of the way to behind the wall where Grey and Gene fell.

As the Royal Marines continue to fire on them, Aleksander watches as Rhodes takes a bullet through her tactical vest and into her chest, going down, then another round glances off of his own armor. That pretty much ticked off the Tauran and he has no qualms about killing humans, he was trained to kill. As promised, Davion pulls the pin on the round frag grenade in his hand and he calls out to his own people, "Grenade out!" With Ariana already shooting back, he has made his own calculation that there will be no further break in the firefight until one side surrenders or is eliminated.

"Frak, Cate!" Geoff yells. "Motherfrakkers!" He levels his rifle at the one he thinks was shooting at her.

If Donny wasn't sure about firing back at first- he sure is now. His finger pulls back the trigger and he fires a burst of rounds that slam into and around the cover that Virgon Number Three was behind. Then, Number Six takes a shot that grazes and puts a tear through his coveralls at his right thigh. He sighs sharply and his eyes squint down as he adjusts his aim now, shuffling a bit to adjust himself in his cover.

Aldrich stays ducked behind cover, wide-eyed and momentarily frozen. Shooting humans is /not/ what he joined up for. Training or no. He sees Cate go down, and in spite of the 'bullets first' thing that gets drilled into everyone who goes through basic, he crouch-walks toward Cate, unslinging his medpack as he goes and trying to be as small a target as possible when he darts through spaces without cover.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Akeso keeps shouting, "HOLD YOUR FIRE. COLONIAL FORCES!" Only on this iteration she has to include Ariana, doing the old universal ceasefire gesture since, you know, there's a lot of noise, "Hold your fire! Hold your frakking fire or I will personally stomp a hole in your chest!" This seems to bring a hail of bullets down on her position, the stone wall crackling with impacts, one ricochet snaps back and hits her in the stomach as she leans out to see what's going on with Grey and Rhodes. That's enough to shut her up temporarily, but she keeps trying - gesturing. Points for effort.

Aleksander uses Frag Grenade. EXPLOSION!

Aleksander attacks Vrm4 with Frag Grenade(Concussion) and HITS! Impaired wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Aleksander attacks Vrm4 with Shrapnel and HITS! Graze wound to Right Arm.

Aleksander attacks Vrm4 with Shrapnel and HITS! Graze wound to Abdomen. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Aleksander attacks Vrm4 with Shrapnel and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Aleksander attacks Vrm5 with Frag Grenade(Concussion) and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Abdomen.

Aleksander attacks Vrm5 with Shrapnel and HITS! Graze wound to Left Leg.

Aleksander attacks Vrm6 with Frag Grenade(Concussion) and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Aldrich passes.

Geoff attacks Vrm1 with Rifle+Ap but hits the COVER they're behind.

Akeso passes.

Vrm3 attacks Ariana with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Ariana passes.

Vrm5 attacks Aleksander with Rifle+Ap but MISSES!

Donny attacks Vrm3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Chest. (Reduced by ARMOR)

Vrm4 attacks Akeso with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Right Arm.

Vrm1 attacks Cate with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Impaired wound to Abdomen.

Vrm6 attacks Donny with Rifle+Ap but Donny EVADES!

Ariana has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Vrm3)

Cate has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Vrm1)

Vrm4 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Aleksander)

Vrm5 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Aleksander)

Vrm6 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Aleksander)

"Piss," Geoff says when he doesn't hit his target. And he'd been doing so well lately. He doesn't stop firing, even if he flinches at the grenade.

<FS3> Donny rolls Composure-3: Success (8 4 4 3 3 2)

Well, Ariana stops shooting, but probably not for the reasons Akeso might have been hoping. The woman takes a shot square in the chest, her return fire at the Virgons cut off abruptly as she falls. Looks like she might still be moving. Maybe.

The grenade goes off in the middle of a group of royal marines, knocking three of them down. The latter two seem to finally get the message from all the shouting back at them, and there's at least one of them shouting (at his own people or the CF troops? Who knows!) "Cease fire! For frak's sake!"

Cate spends a luck point and is back in the fight!

It appears that Akeso's call for cease fire does not reach Aleksander's ears as his toss is pretty much picture perfect, if they were attacking Centurions, there may be robotic parts flying all over the place. Instead, the concussion blast and shrapnel nails three of the Royal Marines. An angry gaze is shot towards the combat medic, the anger most likely not directed at her but at the situation that lead to their own people and the insurgents being taken down. Davion was never a good peacekeeper and his own style of peacekeeper is through enforcement. He does finally heed Akeso's order to cease fire as he rises from his cover and begins to advance on the Royal Marine's position with his rifle pointed at them. In a loud and voice filled with frustration and animosity, he shouts at the Royal Marines while he approaches, "Throw your weapons down! On the ground! Let me see your hands!"

Ducking his head down as he went in for his shot, he pulled the trigger and gritted his teeth as he watched his round land into his targets chest. Donny looks over though, and he catches the sight of Ariana falling after taking a shot herself. His face goes pale, his brows rise and his eyes wide. His chest beats wildly and he bares his teeth before he turns his hate-filled eyes on the one who he thinks is responsible. He straightens his aim, and he bellows out in a loud yell, "You FRAKKIN' BASTARDS!"

Whatever shouting there may be about a cease-fire, Cate sees that one of the royal marines still has his weapon trained their way. Having already been shot twice, seeing their pleas met with bullets, she's not taking any chances. She may be barely able to sit up straight, but that doesn't stop her from raising her SMG to her shoulder with blood-slicked hands. Mumbling something under her breath in Celtan, she fires.

"STOP. FRACKING. SHOOTING!" Aldrich shouts, glaring as much at the people still shooting on their own side as the others. "FRIENDLY FIRE!" He makes it to Cate's side, and tries to grab at her arm to stop her. "We've got to stop."

All that waving ends when Akeso is shot in the freaking arm for her troubles, but with Ariana down and grenades exploding, that horse has left the barn. "Cease fire!" She tries, on the odd chance someone might listen to an acting sergeant, besides Aleksander. In the meantime, her cover is proving barely any cover at all, so before popping up to try and reach the trio with the serious injuries, she shouts, "COLONIAL FORCES!" Then she's up and darting to the next bit of wall, rifle held up over her head in a way that shows she's clearly not using it and doesn't intend to, and medic pack already in her other hand.

Vrm3 attacks Donny with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Graze wound to Right Leg.

Aldrich passes.

Akeso passes.

Aleksander passes.

Geoff passes.

Vrm1 passes.

Donny attacks Vrm3 with Rifle+Ap and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Chest.

Cate passes.

Vrm3 has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Donny)

Geoff finally hears a number of people yelling cease fire and, reluctantly, at the last moment, he does, laying his finger aside the trigger.

One (hopefully?) final exchange of gunfire results in another royal marine bleeding on the ground, and then the last guy standing is waving his rifle butt-up in the air as if with an imaginary white flag on the end of it. Lacking an actual white flag, it's the best he can do. "Cease fire!"

Cate had the marine in her sights, but then Aldrich is tugging on her arm and Cate and spoiling her arm. "For frak's sake, Al, the coileach bastards are trying to kill us," she snaps at him, the words choppy with pain. "Let me go!" It's an almost desperate plea, and she tries to yank her arm free. That doesn't work out so well, as the sudden twisting motion just ends up with her doubled over and groaning in pain. She mumbles a mix of Celtan sprinkled with profanity.

Donny grits his teeth, heaving angrily as his dominant eye peers through his iron sights. Left eye is closed, and then it opens again and he's found his mark. CRACK! The bolt of his rifle snaps back and then forward again and he fires a round into the royal marine's center chest. The same marines own bullet comes by to graze at his right leg again.

When one is showing signs of non hositility, Donny lets his rifle hang by its sling at his neck and he's sprinting over to Ariana, "Aria- Ariana!" he worriedly blurts, rushing to her side. There are some Scorpian curses that sound less that pleasant to go with it.

Aleksander doesn't flinch or leap to the side when there is more gunfire exchanged, his aim immediately went to the Royal Marine that was still firing but before he could take aim and fire his own rifle, Donny's rounds takes the man down. The Tauran is still moving forward though, closing in on the remaining Royal Marine and coincidentally or purosefully, he is putting himself between the friendly forces behind him and the last Virgon rifleman. "What the frak are you guys thinking?" Those words are spat out at the last man standing on the 'hostile' side. "Do we look like frakking canners to you? Am I made out of Gods damned metal? Dumb frakking blind poncy motherless goats."

Ariana is still breathing, but judging from the red stain in the center of her chest, that's a touch and go proposition. "Gene - how's..." She coughs, red specks on her lips. "How's Gene?" Alas, poor Gene, the blood spurting from his neck has stopped, soaking the ground red beneath him.

Geoff grabs his gun by the strap and then stands up, making a beeline for the one royal marine who's still up, right behind Aleksander, their words probably overlapping. "You dumb motherfrakkers!" he's yelling. "What the frak was that?! You shoot at human beings with all this shit going on? When we call ceasefire? The frak is wrong with you?!"

<FS3> Donny rolls Composure-4: Failure (5 5 4 4 4)

Two of the VRMs are still mobile - the guy who called the cease-fire, and another fellow cradling his arm with his other like a makeshift sling, bleeding from the shoulder. It's the injured shoulder Corporal who shouts back at them. "What the frak we were thinking? What the frak are you doing in a frakking village filled with frakking insurgents. Those bastards hit our squad just last week." He spits towards the ground, but in the vague direction of the downed Gene.

Aldrich mutters some Gemenese profanity back at Cate, and tries to pluck the gun out of her hand. "It was a mistake. They're calling for a ceasefire for frack's sake," he snarls. Yes, snarls. He peeks over the wall or whatever is providing cover, checking to see if the fire is likely to have stopped permanently and drops Cate's rifle. He glances toward Akeso. "You can handle the wounded here?" He doesn't wait for an answer, but his expression is dark as he stands and runs to get between Geoff/Aleksander and the last royal marine standing. "Everyone get back to your own sides!" he shouts. "We've got wounded to look after and so do they, so if you're not going to help, shut the /frack/ up." The normally mild-mannered chaplain is looking just about as angry as he gets as he tries to catch up to get between the two sides.

When the bullets stop singing by her ears, Akeso gets much bolder and beelines for Grey and the radioman. That takes her right by Cate and Aldrich, of course, so both get a quick visual inspection. She's no doctor, but, she knows what blood looks like, so says, "Rhodes, you're hit. Sit down, breath." She'll then start treating the more worse off, including poor old Gene. That's a quick bit of triage for her. Grey at least has a chance, so she starts working on the hole in his chest, talking quietly to him to keep him from slipping off. "Someone get on the radio and call in a bus!" She'll shout over her shoulder, "Are there any wounded Virgans up there? If so, call in two buses."

Donny clutches at Ariana's entry wound, staring down at her with wide eyes. "Gene--" Donny looks up and stares at Gene, and his face reads the worst news. "Gene's gonna be alright." Donny says through a shaky voice, staring down at Ariana with wet eyes. "Gene's gonna be okay-- I need a frakkin' MEDIC!" he calls out, looking around desperately. Donny's chest rises and lowers quickly with his heavy breaths, trying to apply pressure to Ariana's wound eough to stifle the bleeding but not enough to restrict her breathing.

"Good," Ariana whispers. "Virgon bastards." Her breathing is labored but she's a fighter. She's not dead yet. Grey is drifting in and out of consciousness as Akeso works on him.

When the Royal Marine Corporal tries to turn the blame on them, that inflames the situation and pisses Aleksander even more and he even takes a step towards the VRMs. The weapon is lowered but he is more than willing to use his fists, "/Last/ we..." Any words are cut off when Aldrich rushes up to play peacekeeper, which is probably a good idea. There is a brief moment where the Tauran will try to push past the Chaplain but soon enough the pressure relents and he turns around, stomping back towards friendly lines. His rifle is safetied and then slung over his shoulder as he looks towards the downed friendlies. Since Akeso is tending to Grey and Donny is over Ariana, doing what he can to staunch the bleeding, Davion heads to where Cate is, "Rhodes, lie down. A medic will be here soon." He's trying to look her over, "What can I do to help?" Anything to calm his mind and not pay attention to the Royal Marines.

"You don't know how they are," is Cate's pained snarl back at Aldrich, even as she slumps over holding her ribs. She doesn't fight him any more over her gun though. That ship has sailed. She would've been content to sit there and follow Akeso's instructions, but then there's Donny frantically calling for a medic. She's trying to get up, and when Aleksander comes over, she reaches for his arm. "Help me up - Rooper needs a medic."

"You stupid sons of bitches," Geoff says. "You dumb fraks shot first. And you /kept/ shooting cuz you wouldn't open your frakking eyes and ears--" He turns on Aldrich. "/YOU/ HELP THE WOUNDED! That's what you /should/ be doing in the field, not slinging a frakking rifle! Get out of my face!" He is perhaps not at his most reasonable right now.

"We shot at insurgents, you frakking asshole!" Corporal Injured Shoulder shouts back at Geoff. He steps forward in a way that might have come to blows had his friend, only a Lance Cpl, not stepped in front of him and blocked his path.

The more peacable Lance looks back at Aldrich. "We'll deal with our own - you just keep your people the frak away from ours."

Donny seems to be going through stages of grief. His gaze is erratic, and he's not sure where to settle it. He's stammering, and with his heavy breathing he's seemingly beginning to run out of breath. "This-- This isn't right-" he says, murmuring wildly as he looks to the Virgons and then back, "We're not-- We shouldn't be shooting eachother.. Cylons-". Cylons. He mutters that a few more times as he stays at Ariana's side, trying to find himself. Doesn't seem to be working out too well. He does make the smart decision of removing his firearms from himself, and putting them at a fair distance.

Aldrich is usually not the person to stand up for himself, but he pushes back at Aleksander when he tries to push through. "/Stand down/ for gods sake..." When the Aleks situation resolves, he turns on Geoff, eyes narrowing and hackles up. "Back the frack off. Now is /not/ the time for this." He shoots and equally sharp gaze at Corporal and Lance. "And /you/ can shut the frack up, too. They were working with us, you ignorant assholes. We /just/ negotiated a peace with them. A peace you've just endangered, if not outright ended, you..." he falls back on Gemenese, calling them something that would probably be pretty offensive if anyone here were likely to understand.

When Cate tries to rise, Aleksander does reluctantly help her up but there is a questionable tone in his words, "Rhodes, are you supposed to get up?" He will help her towards where Donny is calling for a medic if she insists.

"Sit the frak down, Rhodes. You're bleeding like a stuck pig, you're not going to be much help to her." Akeso growls, working fast as she can to stablize Grey. "You and Davy over here. Davy, put pressure where my hand is on the pad. Don't let him or Rhodes pass out. Keep talking." She's so far in medic mode, she's not even caring about any tensions between the RNs and her side, she just works. Whether they listen or not, she'll pop up and jog over to the downed Sagittaron. She might have been annoyed with her earlier, but there's no trace of that now. She's just a patient. She'll do what she can, by herself or with Cate's help if she's determined.

"Murderers," Geoff says. "They should go to frakkin' jail. If I wasn't on the insurgents' side before I sure as frak am now," he says, shooting Aldrich a look and then backing away from the marines, while still eyeing them.

Cate is not that determined, not now that she sees someone tending to Ariana. Her chest hurts, and she's starting to feel a little dizzy. She still clings to Aleksander's arm, but uses it to lower herself back down to the ground, grimacing. "Help me get this off," she then asks Aleks, fumbling with the straps on her flak vest. She mumbles, "Going to survive ten zillion battles with Cylons and end up dying from a frakking Virgon bullet. Could've just stayed home for that."

Donny gulps down some dry desert air, his gaze looking up to Akeso as she jogs over. "Ma- Ma you've gotta stop the bleeding." he says, removing his hands from Ariana now to let the medic do her work. His eyes look down at his palms, bloodied. His stomach sinks quickly as he recognizes as blood that isn't his own. He sinks his ands into the sand, clenching fistfuls. Another stage is coming up: Anger. He's already looking back at the guns he just threw away.

Shoulder Corporal abandons his makeshift sling long enough to make a rude gesture even as Lance is pushing him back. "Just back the frak off," Lance snaps, to both sides equally, as the Virgons begin tending to their own wounded.

Aldrich glares at the two, but he's backing off. Probably that won't be the end of it, but now that he's convinced the explosive types to head back to their own side, he follows them, heading back to where his medkit is so he can pick it up and join the efforts to treat the wounded.

<FS3> Akeso rolls Medicine: Good Success (8 7 7 5 4 4 3 3 2)

Akeso quietly and methodically goes through her mental treatment checklist after she's put her ear to the wounded woman's chest for a moment. She's a machine after that, a patchemup machine. Somehow, whether by sixth sense or less uncanny perception, she notices Donny try to go off angry and gives him a warning sideeye. He might not notice that, but he and everyone else might hear the diagnosis, "She'll live, but we need to get her and everyone to the Dauntless asap. Who has an ETA on the bus?" Beat. "Rhodes, how are you holding up?" She's next on the list, so the Sagittaron finishes up, grabs her pack and trots back over to her. There's a tight smile for the fellow medic, "Oh, good, you're already stripping. Let's see how many extra holes you've got today."

Cate gets her vest off, presumably with Aleksander's help, and is slumped against the wall when Akeso comes by. Her hands press field dressings over the holes in her side and the side of her chest. "Really hurts," she mumbles in response to Akeso. Doesn't seem to be bleeding too bad though. "How's the sergeant and the other guy?"

Aldrich is here to make sure Donny doesn't do anything stupid, even if the side-eye from Akeso doesn't work. He drops to his knees next to Cate. "Sorry. How're you doing?" He glances up as Akeso arrives, with a tense smile. "How can I help?" He glances to Cate, and offers, "They may've had more casualties than we do. They're lucky I'm a man of the gods. I'd have let Geoff have his way with them."

"Other guy is KIA. Sergeant's stable." Akeso replies, bluntly enough, as she cleans up what blood there is to see what she's dealing with. Aldrich gets a nod in the process, "I imagine so. I'll run over and check if they need help after this." Then, stick down the field dressings that Cate's putting on and make sure she isn't still leaking. "Well, Rhodes. Looks like you won't be playing the piano for a little while, so take it easy."

"Shit," is Cate's response to Akeso's news about the other guy. When Aldrich mentions the other casualties, she mutters, "Serves 'em frakking right." It's followed by a mumble of something unflattering in Celtan. She bites back a groan when Akeso starts tending the injuries. "Piano. Yeah." She slants Al a pained look. "Can I get some morpha. Please."

For the first time, Aldrich's expression shifts more to concern than barely suppressed anger. "I don't think you should," he advises, gently. "They aren't interested in our help." The morpha request jumps him into action, going about the process of administering it. "They didn't know they weren't attacking enemies," he offers to Cate. "They were following orders. Be angry with the person who gave the order. Personally, I intend to find out who it was and curse his family to the seventh generation."

"I'm going to offer, either way." Akeso replies, firmly - but she doesn't rush up to do that. Cate has so many holes that need patching, and she's taking good care of the other medic. If it's a little rough at times. "You do your cursing, I'll do the patching. We'll see what helps the most." Though she's addressing Aldrich, she looks straight into Cate's eyes as she applies pressure to one of the worst wounds and gets a dressing on it, tight.

"We'll always be their enemies," Cate argues with Aldrich, bitterness shining through even in her weak voice. "So you can go ahead and curse every damn one of them." She sucks in a breath when Akeso presses down on the hole in her chest. The medic starts getting droopy then, a mix of morpha, pain and exhaustion carrying her off to a dazed, half-asleep state.


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