2237-10-19 - Sickbay Party

A number of marines converge on sickbay.

Date: 2237-10-19

Location: Sickbay

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Scene Number: 1498

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She didn't escape sickbay yesterday like she wanted. There were some issues with the wound sites and the doctors decided that Charlie Wagner got to be stuck there a bit longer. Too bad, so sad. The recon marine has been able to catch up quite thoroughly on her reading, but she's getting restless. She's almost mobile, but not quite. That stage where you feel almost better, but as soon as you try to do anything... you're reminded that you very much aren't. It's a miserable stage. The drugs are gone. The sleeping is done. And normalcy, sadly, is just out of reach.

Right now, the Piconese woman is watching an old Pyramid game on a portable vid player while eating some mashed potatoes; all that's left on her tray.

Lyn has been back from her 48 hour pass for a few days, but she's been mostly in and out of the shrink's office since then. She's just got word Charlie's laid up, and she comes into Sickbay bearing gifts. Cupcakes. Clearly she's been doing her baking thing as therapy. "Hey Chuck, heard you were in here. Jello sucks," she notes, before setting the little 4 pack of cakey goodness on the side table for the Recon Marine. She's in workout gear, clearly planning a visit to physical therapy soon for her leg.

For her part, Erin has taken her own share of licks and injuries on some recon mission, but she managed to escape. Damnable raccoons and their slippery ways. It's either that, or she's in disguise as a partially-injured soldier, perhaps to garner sympathy or free eats. She's got a bandage around her head, which scoops her hair up a little on the sides, and her right hand is wrapped up.

"Hey, hey, hey, party people." And the Trash Panda comes bearing gifts. "Look what I lifted?" A bunch of bananas, which are deposited on the table next to the cupcakes. "Because these are good, and good for you. Gotta keep eating healthy to look good and keep your hair lustrous and shiny, Chuck." Grin.

And then, Erin looks to Kyle. "Hey, slacker."

Kyle snuck out whole days, as well, at the request of Cate Rhodes for a weekend on Caprica. She's been back for three days now, and has been up and down the deck jogging when not pulled down to the surface in a Raptor. The days away have done her well. She's been bright-eyed, chatty, loud in her meddlesome conversations in the laundry. Watch out, Dauntless, Kyle Costello is refreshed.

"Whhhh-yeah. What happened to-" Kyle steps in, tucking a red-wrapped package behind her back as she falls into line beside Erin. One glance to her bandaged head garners a tiny smile, and in a turn, she breathes outwards, down towards Charlie. "How're you holding up, Charlie? Lyn?" Kyle tilts her chin upwards. "Frak, does this mean I'm next?"

There's a look up and away from the game and Charlie blinks first at Lyn, then at Erin. There's a look to the food with a sense of longing. Particularly the cupcakes. It's to the extent that she sets her tray aside; potatoes unfinished. "Jello does suck," the sniper agrees. She's still in that lovely, forward-fashion combo of sports bra and bandaging around her abdomen. "Just ready to be the frak out of here," she notes to Kyle with a slight wrinkle of her nose. "And I hope you aren't next. This is the pits." She leverages herself upright, one eye closing in a wince as she does so. But at least it means she's sitting up rather than lounging. All the more -- socially -- comfortable for receiving visitors.

Lyn looks pretty refreshed herself, and she doesn't seem to be limping any more. She got to spend time with her mother on Libran, not home but all they have at this point, and with Aldrich along for the ride. It was pleasant. "It really is the pits," she echoes Charlie, "but compared to Cylon accomodations, it's a 4 star resort," she chuckles.

Erin is cheerfully ignorant of her appearance, as usual. "Tell me about it. Last time I spent any time in here, they were busy putting my lady parts back together again, stitching me up like some plastic sex doll." She leans against Charlie's bed lazily. And, for good measure, the Trash Panda ruffles the injured sniper's hair. "Thank goodness you don't need to worry about that, right? Yeah, you'll be back to buckin' and bangin' in no time, I reckon."

Erin ends up eyeing Kyle, though. Because. "Say, you didn't bring back any treats from your little sojourn away, did you?" Eyebrow waggle. "You know, stuff that others'd pay handsomely for? Wink wink?"

"We're ready for you to get the frak out of here, too, Charlie." Kyle slinks to the end of the bed. In the worst magic trick of nonchalance, she slips the package out from behind her back and sets it down in an inconspicuous place, then moves to stand before it. "Not that I'm looking to spend any time in here, either, but dare I use the word blessing that it's an option?" Kyle gently pokes Charlie's upper arm, then looks over to Erin and Lyn, sheepishly.

"You make it sound so sexy, Erin. And...does that mean I'm supposed to say that I didn't? I might have. Might not have. Really, Arda's in charge of us at the first level." Kyle twists her ponytail back between her shoulders and folds her arms beneath her breasts, finding a standing point to perch on. "So how are you three doing, truly?" Kyle eyes the three of them suspiciously. "Let me mother hen for ten seconds?"

There's a hand lifted to swat at Erin's. At least Charlie has those braids; ruffling doesn't negatively affect her hair too badly. She does, however, look down at her abdomen. "I think frakkin' is still out for a bit. I can't even comfortably take a shit." Ahh, crass. But they're marines. They've all heard -- likely said -- worse. She does watch Kyle, almost suspicious as she slips around the end of the bed. It's not like Wagner can do much down there except wiggle her feet! The woman reaches to move the vid player after fully closing out of the game recording on it. "Been better. It was... a shit show," she admits, frowning. "No bigger a squadron of Centurions than we're used to dealing with, but frak they hit us hard. Me, Siska, Westlake, Tomak. We had to call in a medevac."

"I'm not in charge," Lyn grunts. She shrugs at Kyle's question. "I'm alive, back on the Dauntless. Things could be a lot worse. Or so my shrink says," she relates with a smirk. She pulls a chair over and plunks down into it bonelessly.

"Mother hen?" Erin chortles, and points at Kyle from across Charlie, like a younger sibling. "Well, I'd hardly consider you a chicken, Costello, but who doesn't like breast meat, right?" Snort. Snicker. Because Kyle's got boobs, see. Like, yeah, the joke isn't a good one.

"And, as for being in charge -- " Erin clicks her tongue, and looks to Lyn. " -- I think you outrank the rest of us here, at least, so if we're misbehaving, then you're the one doling out the spankings. I think." As it were terribly comfortable, she finds a place to put a buttcheek, and resumes fussing and harassing Charlie. Gently poking only.

"Oh that's great, Charlie, because I was actually just about to ask about how you're shitting. Frakking actually never crossed my mind." Kyle giggles and snaps in the air, rolling her eyes up and over the ceiling. Face slightly flushed, Kyle rubs at her closed eyelids at the mental imagery. She's now two-for-two for being undone with anal expulsive humor. "Frak, and Tomak no less, allow me to dial down the weird feeling I have for not being there. Every time one of you is in trouble I get this wish I could teleport right to you."

Kyle coughs, quickly, shaking the cobwebs of mental imagery from her mind.

"That's what I meant, Lyn, Erin's got it. You're technically the boss." Kyle sticks her tongue out across to Erin from the bed and makes a snarly-face, tightening her shirt by tugging at it. Some kind of taunt. Breast meat. "Well, maybe I just speak for myself here but you're kind of our rallying point in terms of looking to see which direction you're going. Which by the look of things." Kyle looks from Erin to Lyn. "You seem to be doing pretty good. Better than I remember."

There's a look to Erin and Charlie notes: "Don't make me bite you." It's a lot of poking! Gentle or no! She swats, somewhat playfully, at the Panda's hand. For Kyle, there's a shrug. "You wanted to mother hen. Mothers ask about that stuff, right?" Insert innocent smile. Her expression, however, sobers fairly quickly. "Tomak's alright. I think he was right outta sickbay. Siska's doing well, too. I dunno 'bout Westlake. He was still unconscious when we got pulled out." She frowns a measure. "Frakker's just kept hitting us. Hard. The last one up, Tomak ran right at it. Never seen him be that reckless, but... I think it might've saved at least one of us from dying down there."

Wagner finally leans for those cupcakes. "I can't eat much, but I've gotta try these. I've been craving sweets so much." And Jello doesn't count.

"Frak that. If you misbehave I just tell the Gunny. It's his job to give out the spankings. Not mine," Lyn retorts to Erin, stretching out her recovering left leg. Gods bless the Timber Wolves and their lackadaisical approach to ranks. She arches a brow at Kyle. "Better than I was when they got us out of that cave system for sure. The 48-hour pass helped. Spent some time with my mom on Libran for the first time in two years. She only embarrassed the hell out of Al once or twice while we were there. Good times." She grins as Charlie reaches for the cupcakes. She doesn't have too many non-military talents, but baking is one of them.

In walks Akeso Ma, the combat medic who can't seem to ever escape her home colony for long, no matter what military outfit she joins. At least they've taken her off the line for now, probably because it seems every time she goes down there people rather than robots get killed. She's so off duty, in fact, she's just in twin tanks and sweats for the most part. It's probably the bandage wound around her forearm that brought her in, but it doesn't look too bad, aside from being bullseyed with a circle of fresh blood that's soaked almost through the gauze. Other than that, she's looking fine, if totally smile deficient. That doesn't even change when she spots familar faces, but she does lift a hand for a half-assed quasi salute in greeting.

"Tomak's eh." Kyle replies with a see-saw of her hand. She drops the hand back to her forearm and frowns at the story, eyes down to her toes to shuffle at the recouting. "Sounds like he did the right thing in a shit situation, which seems to be the case all around nowadays. The guy's alright, I guess. We don't talk much." Kyle slips over the point and edges onto the far corner of Charlie's bed, taking a seat. "You mean Gunny doesn't yell at you when me misbehave, Lyn? Frak..." Kyle winks over to the woman. "...girl you are hooked on this guy. So you're saying he passed the mom test?" Kyle adds, brow lifting.

At the sight of Akeso, Kyle turns her attention away to frown at her own bandaging. She hisses at the bloody gauze and begins to stand. "Frak, 'Keso. Did Cate and I literally miss everything while we were away?"

"Tomak's a good soldier," Charlie points out to Kyle. "I know he's reliable when we're planetside. Also, if he's along, then I don't have to deal with the frakkin' explosives." She's had too much of that. Nothing's blown up in her face, but she's no engineer. The sniper dips her fingers in the icing on the cupcake, licking it off. This is followed by tearing off a piece to eat. She then offers the rest of the cupcake over to Erin. If the Panda passes? She'll offer it to Kyle, next. It'd seem her injuries are keeping her from eating much. "Pfff. Arda's been hooked on this guy." There's a faint smirk. "Almost surprised you didn't find a temple to waltz him into while you were out there."

"Don't overexcite yourself, Costello. He needed the pass as bad as I did. Al's a worrier and I was a POW. I don't know that anyone really needs to pass a test with my mom, she's pretty laid back." Naomi Arda is kind of a...scientist hippie hybrid of some weird sort. The complete opposite of Lyn's father. "It was nice but weird. Having to visit her on Libran in a refugee area." Because Aquaria is under Cylon control. She snorts at Charlie. "Not sure that's in the cards. It's a Gemenese thing. But I'm enjoying whatever time we have together." She shrugs.

Um, that's a cupcake. Yeah. Erin takes it in her hands -- both of them -- and consumes it in under two seconds. Crumbs are dusted off onto the floor gleefully. Eyes light up and become as wide as saucers.

"Well, as long as everything's better, that's what matters." Actually, it sounds more like this: "Weth, thlong ath errythingth better, thzat'th what matterfs." The other Aquarian -- Lyn's Aquarian too -- snickers and snorts, and punches Charlie lightly in the shoulder. "Thankth Cthuck."

"Is she doing alright? Rhodes?" Akeso wonders as she meanders in further, leaning as she does as if she's trying to find Cate tucked into one of the beds. Not seeing her straight off, she sucks in a sympathetic sounding breath and adds, eyeing Kyle as she does, "I think she might have been alright with missing that last mission. She'd have fewer extraneous holes, anyway."

Akeso would have less herself, but she doesn't complain. She just slowly gives up on the Cate search and folds her arms, bandaged one topmost and stares at the little party of marines. "Oh, hey Wagner. Hayes." Lyn takes a moment longer to place, "...Arda? How liberal are the tops here with passes? Say, if you're horribly injured. Like me." It might help if she played up the injury, but she doesn't.

"Oh my gawds, you ate that entire frakking thing? Erin!" Kyle pulls back a closed fist to slug Erin in the shoulder, but the bandage wrapped around her head stops Kyle mid-punch. Suddenly, it all feels so wrong to punch a wounded woman. "Frak it, you owe me." Kyle grumps to the woman, leaning out to squeeze her knee, then center herself back to the conversation.

"One thing I know?" Kyle points to Charlie, nodding slowly in agreement with her. "Is that Arda and Chappie are the best chance this company's got in getting me into a chapel, so please, if that's where things go, give me like...months of notice if you can." Kyle bites down on her lips and starts plastering her fingers on the bed, smoothing out waves in the blanet.

"Rhodes is doing just fine. Better. Leave cures a lot of ills, Keso." Kyle adds, sitting back down. "She's all accounted for. She could probably tell you how she got her leave approved, duplicate the request?"

In response to the punch to her shoulder, Charlie grabs for Erin's arm to 'chomp.' She did threaten to bite her! It's more of a gumming, really, but she's made her point. More or less. When Akeso brings up passes, the sniper snorts as she leans back into her pillows. "I've never been given one. And I got shot in the head back on Delphi. Honestly? Other than the special passes they give out by lotto during leave, this is the first I've ever heard of it being done." There's a pause, her brow furrowed. "Well... Calhoun got that one to go home a few months back, but... that was for his father's funeral."

"I'm sure they'll give you a pass next time you're a Cylon prisoner for a week, being experimented on," Lyn replies flatly. She gets up slowly and stretches. "I have to get to PT. Enjoy the cupcakes, Chuck. Catch the rest of you later."

Well, with Lyn checking out, Erin holds up a hand to wave her farewell. Enter Aleksander after, but the Trash Panda is enjoying her cupcake. Or what's left of it. In her mouth. As she is not punched, the rogue makes a face in Kyle's direction, swallows, and then resumes eating.

"To be honest, Ma, I've no idea how easy or hard it is to get leave." Beat. "I go off when we're supposed to go off, know what I mean? Otherwise, the Dauntless is home." She then looks to the medic. "That said, I hear it isn't hard if you haven't had it for a while, yeah? Might want to look into it."

"Say, Kyle, why don't you tell Chuck what you've been up to, speaking of leave?" Erin gestures vaguely at Charlie, and then hops off of the bed, turning to where she left her bananas -- by the cupcakes. Because those were really good cupcakes, see. And baked goods are in short supply on a ship like the Dauntless -- homemade stuff, that is.

<FS3> Erin rolls Stealth-2: Good Success (8 8 7 7 4 4 3 1)

<FS3> Charlie rolls Alertness: Great Success (8 8 8 7 7 5 4 4 4 3)

Heading into the sickbay in his off-duty digs, the usual camo trousers and grey-brown double tanktop, Aleksander appears to be looking for someone. Heading to the nearest nurse, he queries, "Is Rhodes taking visitors right now?" After asking that question, the Tauran is already looking around as if he has x-ray vision, able to look through curtains, walls, people.

"She wasn't in the greatest shape, last I saw her. The Virgons had shot her up." Akeso mentions before the general toughness of pass getting is revealed by the departing Lyn. "Frak. My favorite brother is getting married right down there, and even though I'm in orbit and I might as well be in another galaxy." There's a look at her toes, through the deck plating and all the way to the surface of Sagittaron where, presumably, her brother is getting sized up for a tuxedo, or sleeping, or something. She might have ruminated over that a while, had she not then heard a voice. The Tauran one. Up goes her eyes, heel turn and she's staring at Aleksander.

"Later, Lyn." Kyle raises her hand, twisting it at the wrist. With all of the wrinkles by her hip smoothed, Kyle cracks a curious brow to the approaching TAURAN, giving him the same breed of curious inspection as always. "What have I been up to?" Kyle asks Erin, head shoving forward on her neck curiously. "Well, Cate called a friend in for Caprica leave, so I just got back from taking her to Caprica. I got something for you, Charlie." Kyle motions to the wrapped package, far too bulbous to not be clothing. "Erin and I are fixing a lamp together, that's been all kinds of fun while we're not downside sweating our asses off like a bunch of Tau-" Kyle catches herself suddenly, hand lifting in a fist to her teeth to cough. "-Toe draggers."

Considering how long she's been on hospital food, one can rightly assume Charlie to be fairly protective over something as golden as cupcakes. Especially fresh baked ones and not some prepackaged thing from the canteen that could survive a nuclear strike. Thus, she looks only briefly to Kyle before noting movement out of the corner of her eye. There's a sharp look to Erin and the sniper reaches out to dip a finger in her mashed potatoes to flick at the Trash Panda. "I already shared with you." Ninety percent of a cake, too!

"Haven't seen Rhodes," she offers to Aleksander, of her fellow Picon-survivor. "But I'm not very-" she gestures to her general surroundings. "mobile." There's a quick shift of attention to Akeso and an ah! sound from Wagner. "On Sag? That's a lot easier. If he's in an area we've got operations, just talk to Mercer. He might be able to get you on a work duty with a day pass. He did it for me back on Picon." She does, while she's talking, grab for that package- curiousity now getting the better of her.

"Well!" Caught, Erin calmly puts back the cupcake that she was very much ready to pilfer and put into her clothes somewhere, causing a icing mess. "I mean -- I brought you bananas. That's a fair trade, right? Fruit for cakes? Fruitcake?" She whirls about and shrugs with her hands palms up. "Come on. Fair trade!" A quick glance would show that the Trash Panda, indeed, put the cupcake back where it belonged. Minus only a little frosting.

"Anyhow, hope you are getting better, Chuck. Can't have adventures without you, you know that." Erin looks to Aleksander -- up at him -- and then mumbles, "Damn if they don't grow 'em big where you come from, yeesh." The small marine wipes potato from her shoulder absently.

Instead of finding Cate, Aleksander finds another group that appears to be visiting. He also finds Akeso's stare at him and he looks back at her, unable to acertain what that look actually means. It is sometimes hard to tell what she is trying to express. When another Marine says that she hasn't seen Rhodes, the Tauran can only nod, "She is probably resting in one of the rooms and not allowed visitors for now." The statement about him being big has Davion smirking in amusement, "Not the biggest in this outfit, not by far."

"Erin Hayes, are you stealing from a woman in a hospital bed?" Kyle whips her head around so quickly that her ponytail is a helicopter's blade, in danger of clipping bystanders. She gasps and eye-narrows to the Trash Panda. "Sorry, reclaiming things from a woman in a hospital bed?" Kyle points to the woman, rising up to walk around the bed towards Erin, pointing in SHAME the whole way over. "Please tell me you don't know my locker combination, yet." Kyle takes up space against the wall, hands thrust into the back pockets of her BDUs as she leans to whisper something to Erin. "Seriously...got you...if you...me, too, right?"

Kyle leans back and quiets, quietly knee-dipping in a two-step dance while she people-watches the others.

Speaking of not the biggest, Tavo ducks through the door. It doesn't take long to find the other Wolves, offering nods around the room, "Heard everyone was up and awake now." Glancing over his shoulder, he digs a flask out from one of his pockets and, using his body as cover, offers the caramel-y rum within out surreptitiously, "For anyone not on blood thinners or ridiculous amounts of painkillers."

"Sadly not, he's in Leonid territory. Maybe I'll just go over the hill for a day, claim I got lost." Akeso ponders, but she doesn't sound very sold on her own plan. She's just spitballing, and also staring at Aleksander like he's wearing something of hers and he didn't ask permission to borrow it. She relents only when she's distracted, or bored of staring. Maybe both. "Thanks, anyway." She offers mostly Kyle, even if she looks at Erin and Charlie with a wrinkle of her brow. Whatever she's thinking about them, she keeps to herself and turns again, Aleksander being some sort of stare magnet. Not even Gustavo can pull her attention fully away.

"You'd bring me fruit if I stubbed my toe, Hayes." Charlie still remembers the pile of pilfered food on her bunk after an injury. "Bribe Arda for cupcakes of your own." Especially since, after one baking escapade, she totally missed out on her portion because it got lost in the shuffle. Nope, these cupcakes are hers. Mostly. She reaches out for the icing-smudged one and tears it in half. Half is offered to Kyle -- if Erin doesn't intercept -- and the other half towards Akeso and Aleksander both. Sort of a 'first come, first serve.' It's only once the halved cupcake has been doled out that she finally opens the package that Kyle has brought for her. The Picon Panthers jersey is pulled out and her eyes widen.

"Shit, Costello. This is great. I had one back at Triton, in my things, but-" like many, she's had to slowly rebuild 'personal belongings' and it's a slow trek, with how rarely they have leave. "Thank you-" she looks up, over to the other recon marine. "Seriously." The jersey is drawn close as Gustavo arrives. The flask earns a longing look before she sighs. "Even if I wasn't," on various medications, "I can barely handle eating right now." For Akeso, all she can offer is: "I'd say ask anyway. The Gunny is more cuddly than he lets on."

As Charlie admires the Picon Panthers jersey, Erin quietly turns her attention back to the cupcakes. She does this because she can -- and she must. After all, you don't get a nickname like 'Trash Panda' by respecting other people's boundaries. So, while the injured, bandaged sniper is laid out in bed, Erin just reaches out for the cupcakes again, like some frakkin' toddler that just doesn't get the idea of 'personal property'.

Granted, a damned sneaky toddler, but a toddler nonetheless. There's no shame in it. Didn't she bring bananas? That's a fair trade among chimps.

"Wow. That's totally cool. The, um -- " Erin quickly reads off the logo. " -- Picon Panthers, ooh." Rolls for attempt to steal with the distraction.

<FS3> Erin rolls Stealth: Success (6 6 5 5 4 4 4 2 2 1)

<FS3> Charlie rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 7 5 2 1 1 1 1)

"Rhodes is still out, I think, she was shot up pretty bad by those Virgan frakkers." Aleksander says to Tavo who joins the group before shifting his attention to Akeso who is still staring at him, causing the rifleman to shuffle slightly on his feet, as if he is guilty of something. Luckily enough, there is a cupcake in the area that draws his attention and he takes a couple of steps closer towards Charlie to grab it, only to slow when he sees that it is also possibliy offered to Akeso. Usually he would just snatch it but this time he appears to be... hesitant.

Kyle reaches out and takes the half-cake from Charlie. Cradling it gingerly, she retreats back to the wall, only providing somewhat of a shield for Erin in the meantime. She licks the frosting off of her finger in a wholly utilitarian manner, but one eye? Totally kept on Erin and her hijinks. "I had a day to myself down there when Cate was meeting some people she knew, so I went shopping." Kyle peels a lock of her own hair behind her ear, looking from Charlie to Akeso, then Aleksander and his gigantaur-ness. "It's a few seasons old, before everything, but I thought of you." Kyle grins to the sniper. "Enjoy it. Yeah, Erin, der Panthurs. Worthy arch nemeses."

Kyle turns her attention back to the room at large and lifts a hand to Tavo, greeting him. "If you can find room past the wall of meat there," Kyle motions to Aleksander with a grin. She hefts the cupcake proudly and cradles it, taking a quick bite. "Tavo, the energy in here's pretty good. Come soak."

Tavo nods his understanding to Charlie, studying the Panthers jersey with approval, "Raincheck. As long as it holds out." He frowns slowly at Aleksander's response, and the big man glances over toward the door again as is considering going looking for the medic, "Rhodes needs to learn to duck," there's a sort of dry, fond amusement behind the words. "But yeah, they said she was going to pull through, as long as nothing went really bad." The invitation from Kyle draws a chuckle, and once the flask has made it circuit, the big man takes a little pull himself and then tucks it away again, "Not his fault he's big. He's just trying to make up for all you bitty folks." Again, that teasing tone bubbles beneath his words as he holds his hand out just about waist high -- well below the height of any of the women.

Akeso unfolds her arms like she might reach for that half cupcake, but she doesn't. She instead cedes the prize to Aleksander with a lazy sweep of her hand to direct him and safely by her. She's not going to bite, or if she is, it'll be when he's got his back to her. "It's all yours, dirt eater. Don't choke on it." There's a faint smile on offer to the other women, then she strolls off, armed with knowledge about who to ask for passes, at least. There's a glance way up at Gustavo, and the same polite not quite smile but a reasonable facsimile of for him as she goes by and makes her exit.

Nope, no. Bad Trash Panda. Charlie uses the jersey to lash out at Erin. It's not quite a towel snap to the ass, but it's definitely closer to the scale of rolled up newspaper. "I swear to Hades, if you steal one of my cupcakes, I will put out the word that you're not to be given baked goods if you end up in here! I've been on broth and jello," and mashed potatoes, apparently, "for days. Have a heart, Hayes!" As for size, she snorts at Tavo, drawing the jersey back to her like a precious child (that's used as a club). "Being small has its perks. For example, I wouldn't want to haul that-" she points to Tavo, then Aleks. "Into a tree for a sniper nest."

"I'm lighter than I look, Wagner." Aleksander says with a shake of his head when she speaks of hauling him into a tree while reaching for the cupcake since it is now his. He does give Akeso a nod of thanks as she begins heading her way towards the exit of the sickbay. The Tauran is being oddly quieter and more polite than usual, perhaps the word of an inquiry has reached his ears and he is definitely smart enough to know that it is actually a big deal. Not something he can just shrug off.

Erin lightly parries away the lashed jersey with a laugh. "Oh, come on, Chuck." She rolls her eyes. "I'm not the cruel. I would've brought you something better later, you know that." Beat. "Actually, Costello bribed me to do it. True facts." Yep. Sell out your pimp. That's what Erin does, and she does it with gusto.

There is laughter, immediately after, and then a sigh. "Sorry, Kyle." Shrug. "I tried. Failed. Worse things've happened." Always swift with the punches, Erin knocks Kyle gently from behind. "I'm going to shower and work on the lamp again. I've almost got the circuits fixed properly -- had to improvise for a couple of them, yeah? Then, figure, we bring it in here, set it up so that Chuck can watch her vids without needing her hands?" Yep. That's the plan.

"Get better, wouldja?" says TP as a way of farewell to Charlie. Then, with a thin, two-fingered salute, Erin heads out of the sickbay.

"What? No, that's a frakking lie!" Kyle suddenly protests, mouth open in the first stages of a bite into her cupcake half. The jabs from Erin knock her forward, smooshing the icing onto her face. Kyle grunts about it, covering her face with her hand, licking at her lips as she swings a boot out towards Erin's ass, missing her entirely. "I'll be up in a bit to help you, then yes, a get well soon lamp for you, Charlie." Kyle winces, licking and brushing at her lip with the back of her hand.

Kyle holds her hands out, frowning, and steps away from Charlie's bed hunches over in search of a napkin of some sort.

"Erin lies about me, always, you should all know." Kyle tells the room, opting for a tissue to clean her fingers off with. "One of the littles though, Tomak?" Kyle looks to Aleksander. "Do you have to eat twice as much as a normal person? Second question." Kyle pauses. "Do you have a little person living inside of you driving you around?"

The facade of a smile from Akeso gets a slight nod from Tavo, although he does check over his shoulder after she's departed, a hint of a frown flickering at the corners of his lips. It fades, however, at Charlie's bapping of Erin, and he chuckles, gesturing over to Aleksander at his response, "Lindus is bigger than either of us, and he's Recon." Which in his mind means 'scrambles up in trees,' apparently. There's a beat pause, and then he adds, "Besides, we just push the trees over to use 'em as cover." Erin gets a nod at her departure as well, and Kyle's questions get a low chuckle, as he warns Aleksander, "Watch out. She's trying to figure out if she can get this big too."

"You? Lighter than you look? You look like you weigh a ton of bricks." Charlie can't help but grin at Aleksander. She does look from him to the departing Akeso. Her mood sobers, somewhat. "I've heard some of the docs talking about what happened down there. I think you'll be fine. If they shot first, like some folks are saying. It'll be some poking and prodding and-" she waves a hand. "Whatever." While the Picon woman holds no issue with other colonies, her brothers and sisters in arms come first. Always. Then Erin is throwing Kyle under the Raptor and there's a long look for the Trash Panda. "Uh-huh. Kyle got some cupcake." After the ask, if there was such a thing. Pure luck! As for that lamp? "Guys- table?" Gesture, to where the vid player is setup. "And with any luck, I'll be out of here tomorrow."

"I have seen Marines smaller than me eat more than me, Costello," Aleksander says with a frown, one that isn't serious but brows furrowed nonetheless before directing his frown to Charlie. He finally looks towards Tavo, shaking his head, "I don't know how Lindus can hide with that big frame of his. He must have some secret camoflauge concoction or something." Then the Tauran looks back to Wagner and shrugs his shoulders, "I'm not worried. It's those dumb, blind Royal 'Marines'," The word spoken with contempt, as if that term doesn't fit the Virgans, "That are in it deep." He doesn't expound any further than that, not wishing to give anymore details or tell tall tales in this open area, at least not while he is sober. "Well, when Rhodes is accepting visitors, let me know. I'm gonna duck out."

"I'm not looking to become that large, thank you very much. Ugh. I'd look like a piece of construction equipment; I'm not designed to get that large." Kyle replies, dusting her hands off after finishing the last of her cupcake. "But I bet Erin could put away as much food as you." Kyle adds, thoughtfully, nudging Tavo with her elbow. "Both of you, maybe. But I have some thanks to give for you keeping my girl safe, even if you are a crazy as frak Tauran bastard, Tomak." Kyle flutters her hand Tomak's way, dismissively.

"Alright." Kyle suddenly announces, leaning in to give Charlie a careful hug. "Snipes, I'll be back down later with the lamp. Enjoy the jersey and don't let these guys talk you into drinking muscle chalk."

"Is that more or less than a ton of feathers," asks Tavo. He chuckles at Aleksander's commentary on Logan, shrugging, "I think he just hides his head behind a tree and assumes that if he can't see them, they can't see him." By the flash of teeth in a grin, he is probably just flipping the absent ex-Pyramid player crap. As the Tauron gets serious, Tavo frowns thoughtfully, "I heard it was bad." He nods at the request, giving Kyle an obligatory 'oof' at the elbow, "Hey, watch it. I'm delicate, Costello. And were you calling me construction equipment?" The mis-naming causes a faintly confused frown to gather over Tavo's eyes, and he glances over to Aleksander.

"Sure. I'll holler across the ship," Charlie notes to Aleksander. She's not letting anyone know anything. For Kyle, there's a bit of a sidelong look and a nudge. "You've got your tree-like Taurans confused. That's Davion. Tomak is the engineer. Hangs out with Walker a lot. Mostly grunts." Aleksander being the more chatty of the two. Generally. She does return the hug, snorting a bit. "I don't need the lamp. Seriously, finish your domestic project for yourselves." She does roll her eyes over Kyle's shoulder at Tavo. "Definitely the ton of bricks." There's a flash of a grin, however. "Lindus is quieter than you'd imagine a man that big. But mostly he's like, our escape route. That man can book it." She's seen it!

When it's clarified that Kyle was talking to him, Aleksander smirks and shakes his head, "Thanks aren't needed, and we're not crazy, we just do what needs to be done." With that, he gives the group a wave before departing for the exit.

"Oh, whatever, they're all the same. Big and...dependable." Kyle quiets into the hug. "And yeah, I was calling you a truck. Because you're big, too." Kyle fixes one of Charlie's dreadlocks, flicking it back over her head, and slinks back to her full height. "Okay, so that one is Davion." Kyle points to Alek's back, then sneers at his shoulders. "I gave him a head-nickname of Legion. I'm going to have to scrub it out of my head." Huff. Kyle drops her tissue into a garbage can and playfully shoulder-checks Tavo on her way for the door.

"Guard the place while I'm out." Kyle calls to them. "Don't let anyone else get injured."

Wishful thinking.

"You don't make a top-tier team without being able to run. Bet he's run even more lines in his life than I have." Tavo shakes his head in amusement, "Best thing is, the size he is, he can probably carry half the rest of Recon while he's booking it." When he's termed a truck, the Scorpian looks down over his frame, then shrugs, apparently accepting it. "Yeah, okay." He nods to Aleksander and takes the shoulder to the side, grunting in partially-mock pain, grumbles, "Bully," with a chuckle, and then looks back to Charlie, "None of my patrols have been hit. How bad is it down there? Smart toasters or dumb toasters, or just toaster-toasters and the hardcases are the other people?"

Now that her cupcakes are safe, Charlie can sink back into her pillows. She watches the room steadily empty to a less-crowded state. Gustavo's question earns a thoughtful sound. "Well... of the patrols and duty I've had turn to firefight, it's been toasters twice and insurgents once. The Cents that did this-" she gestures to her abdominal bandaging. "Didn't... seem any different than usual. Their tactics were standard. They just caught us in a bad spot and hit hard as frak." She fusses with the jersey, carefully folding it. "The insurgents, well, they were... they tried. Distracted us with a rocket to the hillside away from the mine entrance, but they were too slow placing their charges. One of them shot at Ma," Akeso, "and that was that. Some of 'em got away, but-" she shakes her head. "I hope the ceasefire we've got is for all of them, but... hell, it's not like insurgents are a standard military. They don't have a central brass."

Tavo crosses his arms slowly, frowning in thought at the information provided. He grunts, a thoughtful, slightly disgusted sound. "Yeah. Like clan militia. Patch it up with one clan, you could still have three more little ones nipping at your heels." He looks down at the deck by his boots, frowning and his voice quieting a little, "Don't like the idea of shooting up people again. Hope the ceasefire sticks. And spreads. If the Virgons didn't frak that up."

"It..." Charlie trails off, letting out a slow sigh. She winces a bit as she adjusts herself on the bed. She's got her color back. She's off most of the IVs. Just lingering pain from the injuries. "It becomes... strangely easier once they're shooting at you. The ones we encountered, they started it. We tried to get them to stop, but it was..." She looks to the door, her voice lowering a bit. "Davion doesn't help. Once things are going, he just... frak, he went after them just as hard as he could the Cylons. I pray to Kobol the Virgans did start shit the other day because I don't... know that he's going to come out looking good, Delgado."

Tavo shifts his broad shoulders as Charlie describes the situation further. "Yeah. I still never liked shooting back at people on Scorpia or Canceron. Just... not what I'm here for." He grunts again, as if shrugging a weight off his shoulders, "Maybe I'll point Roths at him. They go way back." Uncrossing his arms, he rubs one hand at the back of his neck, "Or maybe I'll just not pass the cubit, talk to him myself. Hear him out, y'know?" He gives a little upnod, "I should let you get back to healing though, yeah?"

"Either of you. Better it doesn't end up with Gunny or worse... brass. But he's gotta be reigned in, Sarge." Charlie looks up to the ceiling. "When we rescued everyone from the cylons down there, I was put in charge of a unit to take out a SAM battery. Davion didn't listen to a damn thing I said. He just... went off and did his own thing. If that reflects badly on me, whatever." She's not been one to clamor for leadership opportunities anyway. "But it could get someone killed one of these days."

Tavo nods slowly, "Yeah. No sense getting the Gunny involved if he doesn't have to. That's what Staffs are for, right?" He snorts, shaking his head, then sobers from the momentary burst of dry amusement. "He knows enough to know that he's got to follow orders in the field. Even if he thinks they're stupid. And you've got plenty of experience that I bet they weren't." Stupid, that is. This time, his grunt is weary, even resigned, "Frak it. Yeah. One of us'll talk to him. Thanks for bringing it up, Wagner."

"It worked out. That time. He decided to hang out at the battery after Tomak planted the charges. Rest of us returned to cover the egress while he hung out to smoke. A Heavy Raider showed up and he was able to use the battery to take it down, but-" Charlie shakes her head. "He skipped out on covering his fellow marines so he could smoke and play with a toy." Because that's what big guns are. "And I'm afraid that because it worked out that time, he's just going to feel empowered to do it whenever the frak he wants." Charlie lifts her hand to rub at her face briefly. "But what if we'd been sieged by Cents? Or if he'd missed with that shot? I'm all for sitting on my ass at every opportunity, but not when lives are on the line." She closes her eyes for a moment. "I appreciate it. I know I can't say shit. Corporal to Corporal? He'd either laugh at me or get pissed."

The description of Davion's actions draws a slow scowl onto Tavo's features, "He hung out to smoke on the battlefield? Frakking Legion, man. Like, be a pro." He lets that subside to a grumble, shaking his head, "Yeah. Goldbricking is for around base, not in the field. And as far as I figure, you can't chew him out, but you can still give him a piece of your mind. We all gotta hold each other accountable, right?"

"I did, there. So did Ma. And from the looks of it tonight-" Charlie looks towards the door. "I think she's pretty frakkin' unhappy with him." She gives a shrug finally. "Maybe it's part of... how slapdash some of this is showing. Some of us have been marines of some stripe since before the war. Others..." She just sighs. "Talk to him if you can. Maybe he'll listen. Maybe not. But I don't want to see any of our people die because he's off playing with his dick rather than doing his job."

Tavo snorts faintly, "Bite your tongue. Some of us were soldiers before the war." There's even a flash of a grin as he mentions his past in the Army. Still, the amusement fades quickly, "Yeah. The people who signed up to fight Cylons are all sorts of fired up, but some of them don't have the discipline. From what I'd heard, I thought he was one of the ones who had it. Davion's apparently been in for a while. But yeah, I'll talk to him or I'll get Roths to do it." He offers out his hand for a power-clasp, knife-edge of his upraised hand toward her, "Heal up, Wagner, so you can get to popping headshots."

"Soldiers are only good for distracting the enemy," Charlie teases, flashing a smirk to Gustavo. "Nice grouping of bullet sponges they make. As for Davion? Frak if I know what the Legion teaches of discipline. For all I know, it's a glorified day care full of nap time and macaroni art." She reaches out to meet his hand with her own. "Hoping to be out there again in a few days. Or at least on the firing range making sure Sasha's in fighting shape."

"That's why they make us so big," confirms Tavo. And then he snorts more loudly, "At least we don't have to name our weapons." His big mitt might totally envelope Charlie's hand, but the clasp is perhaps surprisingly delicate, a quick squeeze and then a release. He gives a nod, then turns to head out.


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