2237-10-22 - In Search Of Cheer

Isolde and Cate catch up, both having a hard time finding reasons to be cheerful.

Date: 2237-10-22

Location: Deck 3

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Trying to find things to be cheerful about continues to be a real struggle for one of the most cheerful ECOs onboard the Dauntless, but she is surprisingly relentless in her pursuits. With her earbuds tucked into her ears, Isolde Asa-Newton comes pretty much dancing her way out of the gym with her towel tucked around her shoulders and her dark ponytail bobbing to the music that is literally in her head. She spares most people the unfortunate experience of having to hear her sing, though she occasionally whisper-sings lyrics that appear to be part of some Tauron pop song.

Cate certainly hasn't been helping in the cheerful department. The girl has been grimness personified ever since disappearing for a week on the surface of Sagittaron, and not even a weekend away from it all could shake her gloom. Getting shot up badly enough to have to spend a couple days in sickbay didn't help her disposition any either. Wearing her usual sweatpants and hoodie, she's walking down the hall with her hands stuffed in her jacket pockets. Sill holding herself stiffly to ease healing wounds. "Hey, Iz," she calls, possibly not realizing that her friend has earbuds in.

Cate's call just happens to come right as the song is transitioning to the next track, and Isolde peeks up suddenly and turns toward Cate with a blossoming smile, complete with dimples. "Hi Cate," she says, reaching up to tug out an earbud. She rubs the towel across her cheek a bit, mopping up some of the sweat. She hesitates a moment before stampeding onwards, "How's it going?"

Cate hitches a shoulder. "It goes. Watched some of the guys play pyramid for awhile." Watching because she's still not cleared to play, much to her dismay. "Looks like you had a good workout."

Isolde grimaces. "Did Tavo play? I keep meaning to come by to watch him play, but it slips off my to-do list most of the time." She rubs her shoulder a bit, falling in beside her friend. "Wasn't bad. I think someone broke one of the treadmills, so it has a really sad 'Don't Use Me Or Suffer The Consequences' sign taped to it. I'm waiting for the betting pool to start on how long it will take command to fix it." She offers a wry smile.

Cate shakes her head. "Nah, just some scrubs. Love to see Lindus and Delgado play sometime though." Cate falls into step, still keeping her hands in her pockets. "Bummer about the treadmill. Least that's one you can work around, just running the decks."

"Oh, yeah... I'd be a real popular person... bellowing 'Make a Hole' every two seconds." Isolde flashes a grin toward her friend and then shrugs a bit. "But, that's not a terrible idea. Maybe we can run in squads... I'll make Delgado run at the front of the pack. He'll clear the way." The Tauron casts a smile toward Cate before she shoves her hands deeper into her own pockets. There's a long pause before she looks sidelong to Cate. "So. Um. You doing okay lately? I feel like we've been kinda ships in the night lately..."

"It's not so bad if you pick the right time. Avoid the common areas." Cate glances over to explain her insights by saying, "I always hated treadmills. Running and never going anywhere." A glum shrug answers Isolde's question. "Only a couple more days of light duty." Which is not really what Isolde meant and Cate presumably knows that full well. They reach the stairwell and Cate's forced to take her hand out of her pocket to open the hatch. She holds it for Isolde.

Isolde ducks through the opened hatch, not pressing Cate until they are in the stairwell. "You know what I meant, Cate... are you okay? I feel like we barely had time to talk before you disappeared to Caprica. Which I still don't know exactly why you went to Caprica of all places." The small ECO looks genuinely concerned. "Did you... have fun on Caprica at least?"

"I don't know what okay even looks like any more," Cate says, and it doesn't sound like a flippant evasion but a genuine reflection of her state of mind. She looks back at Isolde with a sad frown. "But I'll survive. I always do. It's my frakked up superpower - to get kicked in the teeth a million times and then get back up to go get kicked again." As for why Caprica, she shrugs. "They gave us a pass home to visit family, but I didn't feel like imposing on my cousin again, or dealing with the shit back home, so... figured at least on Caprica I could check in on Bean's mom. Give Costello a chance to see her family again. It was okay."

Isolde lapses into silence for a long moment, listening to Cate with that dutiful ear. Then she offers a faint frown, and starts to nod again. "Yeah, I guess... I mean, I guess I just wanted to check in on you." She clears her throat a bit, moving along beside Cate. "Um, well... I've been thinking of maybe trying to get a pass to go home, too." She hesitates. "I still haven't told my parents about Van and I... you know... getting hitched." She puffs out her cheeks. "Definitely something that needs to be done face-to-face."

"I appreciate it Iz. It's just... it sucks, and there's nothing really anybody can do to make it better. Least I had it better than the others." The other ones who were captured, she means, though she doesn't expand on that thought. Walking down the stairs is still painful, causing a grimace. "You still haven't told them?" That surprises her.

"No," Isolde says cautiously, hands still in her pockets as she tromps down the stairs. "I haven't. Van doesn't know I haven't either." She puffs out her cheeks a bit. "Um. You know my dad is impossible to please... I guess I know that he's not going to be really happy about this whole thing. He thought Van was just a kinda, um, passing fancy. You know. Wartime hook-up. He's still hoping I come home and marry a good Tauron marine."

Cate shrugs. "Well. Frak him. Van's your family now. Doesn't matter whether he approves or not. He'll get over it. Or he won't. Either way, that's on him not you." The words are strained, but it's not clear how much of that is her mood and how much the mild wince that accompanies each step taken down to the berthings level.

Isolde tilts her head slightly toward Cate at her words, and then the ECO starts to chuckle. "Gods, I wish it was that easy." She shakes her head. "I think I'm going to need some psychological intervention before I can do that... I mean, I can definitely say it, but I'm shit at that kind of follow-through." She hangs her head slightly as she continues along, her steps twice as loud in the stairwell. "I figure I'll face it at some point, but I would really rather not do it through a vid message."

"Yeah. Guess I wouldn't know," Cate admits with a rueful shrug. "You guys'll sort it out, I'm sure, when you're ready. Maybe they'll give out passes home again next time we get shore leave." Another shrug. "Or if they're not going to be happy for you, frak it - why bother telling them at all." They reach the next landing and Cate relaxes a bit as the pressure of going downhill eases off. "They can get the memo when the war's over."

Isolde actually laughs at that. "Yeah... that'll be one way to sort it out." She snorts, and then says in what is perhaps the most pessimistic thing uttered by the chipper woman, "If this war ever ends..."

"Can't go on forever," Cate points out matter-of-factly. "We can't win a war of attrition against robots. Either we get the upper hand and start pushing them back, or we're frakked." Just don't ask her where her money would be. She opens up the next hatch on the berths floor.

"Okay, well... you let me know the second we get the upper hand," Isolde prompts gently with a rather wry smile. Then she gives Cate a gentle nudge, trying to not upset her aching frame. She continues into the berthings deck, and peeks around for familiar faces before she starts toward the berthings themselves. "You ever wonder if we could, I dunno... have a truce? I mean... the Cylons already have Aquaria... I doubt we will ever get it back." Then she grimaces and shakes her head. "Nevermind... probably a shit idea."

Cate just snorts to the first comment, though she's soon frowning at the idea of a truce. "Think that ship sailed back when they decided to start massacring hundreds of thousands of innocent people," she says tightly. Not too many steps from the hatchway, she stops and jerks a thumb back towards it. "I actually think I'm gonna go check up on Al. I'll seeya later." She claps her friend on the shoulder and then heads back into the stairwell.


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