2237-10-26 - A Wild Isolde Appears!

Thanks to a mysteriously appearing Isolde, some of Kell and Astraea's Super Awks is averted.

Date: 2237-10-26

Location: Ready Room

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Scene Number: 1515

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Part of why this new habit of Astraea's to actually watch guncam footage has stuck is that it gets her away and into some relative peace and quiet. In addition to that, it's something she can focus on. Something that takes her outside her own head. The two combine for something akin to a meditative experience: a place she can find some sort of calm.

The woman has absconded with dinner after flying CAP. She's freshly showered, in off-duties, and has taken over a couple of desks. One holds her binder and notes, the other her meal and coffee. The lights are dimmed and the footage casts flickering shadows across the room. Nova is working on a sandwich made of whatever meat was on offer in the mess and a couple slices of bread, remote in her free hand, and elbows perched on the desk as she watches the screen at the fore of the room.

Keeping himself busy with squadron related duties or tasks as usual, Kell is headed to the ready room with the intent of review flight tape. Duty blues is the outfit of the day, like most days, so it appears that Razor is not going to be on flight duty any time soon. Seeing that someone is already there, with the main screen turned on instead of one of the desk terminals, the Libran was afraid that he may be interrupting a mission briefing or some sort of meeting. Causually, he peeks in and sees that it is only one person, "Sorry, is this room rese..." Seeing it is Nova reviewing tapes, Kell pauses, "Hi Nova, didn't realize someone was already here using the room." He only took a couple of steps in, now holding position by the doorway.

The pause button is hit as soon as Razor begins speaking; even before Astraea has truly processed who it is. Due to the angle, it's a Viper's footage at the moment. It's from that sweep to pick up those Royal Marines. So either Razor or Sweetpea's footage. The Raptor pilot doesn't look over yet. She just sort of lingers before leaning back a bit in her seat to finally, finally look over to the Libran. "Oh, hey." Suddenly shy, she sits up a bit straighter and sets her sandwich back on the tray she'd absconded with. "I was just-" she looks to the screen. "that last mission we-" as in 'both of us' "-were on."

Kell does glance at the main screen, seeing the Viper and connecting the dots with what Astraea was saying. Nodding his head understandingly, the Libran tightens the hold of the octagonal notepad tucked under his arm, "That's good, Sweatpea and I flew pretty well together with Whisper. Started out tough being outnumbered but we did well taking them out." Another pause and hesitation as he tries to think of what else to say. It appears that after their last conversation in the bunkroom, Kell is still uncomfortable being close to Astraea, "I didn't mean to interrupt or disturb what you were doing." Sounding like he is about to turn around and head out.

Isolde abruptly appears from behind the podium, frowning over a octagon-shaped tablet that has a cord running from it to the presenter interface meant to be used during briefings to easily scroll through footage. It is a good guess that she's been here the whole time, tucked out of sight while she worked on whatever is causing the interface to be wonky. She knew someone was running through footage, and blinks owlishly at Kell and Astraea. "Hi." Beat pause. "How's it goin'?" The vowels are elongated in that question, trying to sound relax and cool while also slightly awkward.

There's another glance to Kell. This one lingers and there's a hint of yearning there. Not specifically for him, but for something else. The comfort they used to have another one another, perhaps? Astraea is quiet for a time before she looks back to the screen. "You did. I always feel safer flyin' SAR when I've got solid gunners overhead." Like him, but it's implied rather than outright stated. "You wanna go over 'em with me?" She barely gets out the question before Isolde appears. There's an attempt at a smile for the ECO, but it wavers. "Hey, Izzy."

At the invitation extended by Astraea, Kell hestitates again and was about to so 'no thank you' but just as he was about to open his mouth, Isolde pops out as if out of nowhere. The Libran's eyes widen slightly in surprise before his brows furrow together, "Izzy, what are you doing there?" He then looks back to Nova as if wondering if the Raptor pilot knew their friend was there the entire time.

"Um." Izzy looks between Nova and Razor, and she starts to smile a bit. "Well. There's been this small glitch with the interface and I knew I could fix it, so I was waiting for some downtime to do so, but I figured someone would be in here anyway... I was just staying out of the way." She glances slightly toward Kell and then back to Astraea. "Sorry if I Interrupted... something."

There's just a small shrug when Razor looks her way. Apparently, Astraea didn't know. Damn sneaky backseater. She sets down the remote since it seems there won't be any footage playing for the moment. When Isolde mentions interrupting with that look, Nova looks a bit pained. She glances own to the desk before her, prodding at her binder a bit. "No. You weren't."

Kell is also concurs with Astraea that there was no interruption, "I just got here, Izzy. If you want, you can review the footage with Nova, seems like the scheduling has been putting us on different slots when we actually run into hostiles." For now, the Libran remain at the doorway, getting ready to turn around and head out any minute. Perhaps sticking around because Isolde managed to surprise everyone.

Isolde glances slightly toward Astraea again before she beams to Kell. "Nah, you should come watch, too... you know how awful I am at footage. I get distracted." Badly. She pads out from behind the podium, setting aside the tablet once it's unplugged. "Besides, I missed this mission... I'm gonna need some insight if you want any feedback from me."

Biting into her lower lip, Astraea starts gathering things onto one desk. Just in case. Or maybe it's like a psychological wall of protection. The Scorpian picks her sandwich back up, returning to eating it slowly. "You had good overwatch," she notes after she swallows a bite. "Could give her a breakdown of it-" Finishing her sandwich, she picks up the remote and starts winding back the footage. It is Kell's Viper- there's Sweetpea's in the background. She winds back to when they first reached the location before hitting play.

With further coaxing from Isolde, Kell hesitates once more at the door as his decision is slowly swayed, from departing for other parts of the ship to staying. Releasing a breath, he nods his head and steps deeper into the room, picking a desk next to Astraea and Pi, "I guess we can review it all together. I was on Alert-Five when Whisper gathered the pilots that were available to fly for an emergency evac mission. A squad of VRMs were in trouble and needed air support and extraction. So we were it. The usual two Viper, one Raptor element as escort, with another pair of Raptors for transport." Setting the mission that Nova and he flew in this footage for Isolde.

Isolde helps cushion the awkwardness by sitting between Kell and Nova, as if she knows what she's doing. She looks thoughtfully at the screen, listening to Kell's description, and keeping an eye on the screen as it flashes by. "Uh huh. Sounds pretty normal setup."

"Sweetpea, Razor, and Whisper on escort. Myself and Soundbite on pickup." Astraea's voice isn't entirely steady, but she's trying. There might be some relief as Isolde takes the middle seat, but not a lot. She does lean past the ECO to gingerly offer the remote to Kell, allowing him to take over switching between cams and place in the footage. "SAM and ground troops in evidence on arrival."

With the trio getting down to business, Kell seems to be able to slip to his usual self as he reaches out to accept the remote, fully focused on the screen now. Even though Astraea has probably seen the first half of the mission or maybe even most, the Libran turns back time on the clip and starts where the flight was still approaching the objective. His focus is on Stirling's Raptor for now and her gun camera, the combat zone in sight and the Colonial Air Wing preparing to make attack runs on the ground artillery pieces. "Since we were not able to get comms direclty to the VRM group, we couldn't tell them to pop smoke on Centurion positions. That is probably why Whisper didn't have us make strafing runs on the toasters, only focusing on the two SAM emplacements. If it was a Colonial Force on the ground, we could've communicated and coordinated better."

Isolde tries to keep the focus on what they are there to do: analyze film! She tilts her head slightly as she spots Stirling's Raptor, and then again when she spots the artillery. "Feels like we've been here before," she says dryly, "just slightly different landscapes." Then she glances over to Nova. "Did you have to do a SAR?"

"Th' best we could manage was a single pass from me an' Soundbite. I think she went talons. I had my ECO on the KEW. Th' two of us took out as many as possible while overwatch got th' batteries. More worried 'bout those anyway. Centurion fire doesn't do much of anythin' to our birds." Unless they're carrying rocket launchers, but Astraea -- understandably -- prefers not to think about that too much. There's a snort for Izzy's commentary. "Where there's Cylons, there's SAMs." She does give a small nod to the ECO. "Yeh. After our pass on the ground forces, Sweetpea an' I both landed to do pickup. Lost a few of 'em, 'cause they still had Cents firing."

Kell is more or less nodding his head when Astraea speaks of what she was doing with Soundbite as they were descending to pick up the beleaguered Virgonese Royal Marines. He continues to control the video, moving forward at normal speed until there were the SAMs and the Centurions, slowing it down so the other two could get a closer look on the angle of attacks made by each pilot as well as the result. He would use the laser point from time to time as he slowly goes through the flight footage of the mission, as the clearing of the extraction site was actually the easy part. The second half of the mission was intercepting the Cylon air force that responded, a large number of Raiders trying to disrupt the extraction. Methodical is one way to describe Kell as he goes through the mission footage and if both Isolde and Astraea can stay awake, it is a rather detailed review. Sometimes the same event but from different cameras.


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