2237-10-27 - Dustup

Tensions flare when a group of CF marines and Raptor crews drop off some Virgon marines.

Date: 2237-10-27

Location: Sagittaron

Related Scenes: None

Plot: Operation: Watchtower

Scene Number: 1517

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Camp Thorpe. It's the Virgon forward operating base in Sadah Province. Once a small airbase, it's been built up due to the fighting in the area with various temporary outbuildings and fields paved over to provide auxiliary landing pads. Security here is tight, between the insurgents and the Cylons, there's no shortage of people gunning for them.

CF birds don't normally stay here long, but it is a popular "layover" spot as they deliver supplies, refuel/rearm, or stop over on medevac runs. Today it's a bit of a mix.

Calliope's Raptor was damaged by a SAM battery while on patrol. Unable to make it back to Dauntless, it was forced to land here and will probably need to stay overnight to be repaired. Astraea was sent down to pick her up and just landed a few minutes ago.

Irene and the marines are just now landing on the same tarmac. They were sent to assist some Virgon marines who were under heavy fire. There was a brief exchange of fire but the Cylons quickly withdrew. The Raptor picked up the surviving Virgon marines and ferried them here. A few of them are lightly injured, but one is pretty bad off. A military ambulance with flashing lights is waiting on the edge of the landing area, ready to ferry away the wounded guy that Cate and Aldrich have been working to stabilize on the flight back.

Calliope is...well, not exactly chilling. Sagittaron, among the Virgons, is not her favorite spot to take a breather. But she's sort of taking it easy as she waits for her ride home. She's found a spot under a canopy and is fidgeting with a tablet, going through dry flight reports while she cools her heels. The landing of Irene's Raptor brings her out to peer up at it. Even if it's not the one she's waiting for.

Gage is in a grumbling, bad mood. None of this is particularly noteworthy, since this is effectively his default state, although the presence of certain books that've been floating around the Dauntless might account for a deeper scowl than usual on the engineer's face. Or maybe it's just the fact that their fight was pre-empted by the cylon's retreat. An almost-not-quite-battle is more than enough to earn a foul mood. Once they've settled down, he's ready to thump his way off the bus, reaching for the unlit cigarette he'd purloined from Aleksander earlier that's been tucked behind his ear for most of the mission.

It's a quiet sort of flight. Mundane, even. There's even less excitement than if one were to be flying CAP. Go here, pick up this person, come home. Astraea has wrapped up her post-flight checks and left her backseater to handle his. "I'm gonna see iff'n I can find her," she notes over her shoulder to the man, tossing her helmet own on her seat before she hops out of the Raptor proper. There's a look up at the sky; habit, more than anything. Reaffirming that sky and sun are real things. After this small ritual, the Scorpian strikes off across the tarmac, seeking out Calliope. Or someone she can ask.

Aldrich has been working hard to assist Cate, doing everything he normally would to help any CF patient who had been injured. The main difference is that he hasn't had any soothing words to offer to this fellow, and all-in-all, he's been pretty silent and grim about the whole thing. Very business-like, which isn't really like him.

Nicole climbs off of the Raptor, with a steady stride and then it's popping up onto her toes several times before stomping once or twice then off at a steady move around the Raptor on the tarmac. She rolls her head in a slow circle, "How long are we here, anyway?"

Irene lands the raptor as quickly as she can without making it rough, and almost the moment it makes contact she lifts her hand to signal her ECO for the day to pop the hatch. That would be the ever cranky Wooley, who has been in a perpetually bad mood since he was called up to the CF. At least he's competent (and should be given his many years of experience), so he's quick out of his seat and quick to unbutton the door. "Touch down." She announces, even if it's not entirely necessary, but it should allay fears that she's about to toss people out of an airborne raptor. The hatch opening to a view of the FOB and not blue sky is also helpful that way. Wooley then will help unload where he can, Irene stays up front, powering donw.

It's Cate's first mission back since getting shot by the Virgons, so naturally fate would send her to go save some Virgons. That probably accounts for the mild scowl that has been on her face the entire trip. But whatever she might be feeling, she has done her job diligently. Shooting at the Cylons in support of their allies, then doing her best to save the one that took three bullets to the chest. At least she managed to not accumulate any new holes this time out. The only blood on her uniform belongs to her patients, for a change. As the ECO opens the hatch, Cate takes the top handles on the stretcher. "On three?" she says to Aldrich, waiting for him to be ready before starting the countdown. One of the other VRM troopers stands nearby, looking a little shaken up as he holds an IV bag for the medics.

Aleksander, for the most part, was pretty well behaved during the flight to Camp Thorpe, even in the presence of the Virgon Royal Marines. Since the firefight was short due to the Cylons retreating when they saw the Colonial reinforcements, the Tauran rifleman did not get much action in, fired off a few rounds at most to help scare away the Centurions. While in the Raptor, Davion looked like he was taking a nap, legs extended and actually intruding in the foot space of one of the Virgon Marines that was seated across from him. While he was 'napping', Aleksander kept a slight smirk at the edge of his lips. When the bus finally lands in Camp Thorne, he hops out and follows Gage, clapping a hand on the other Tauran's shoulder from behind, "Colonial Marines to rescue again, eh? Seems like they'll fall apart without us bailing them out all the time." This said not too quietly.

Calliope peers toward yet another Raptor touching down, nodding to herself as she spots the number on it. That is the bus she's looking for. "Nova!?" A hand is raised, to do some waving. "Hi! So glad to see my taxi. The patrol got kind of frakked. I hope the techs here can get my Raptor flying again but...won't be soon." A few of the Wolves' Marines she spots are given a quick wave. Friendly faces, and all that. Or, at least, faces from her home ship.

Apart from the badly-wounded guy on the floor and the shaken private holding the IV bag, there are three other VRM troopers and two other CF marines. It was a tight squeeze to get everyone on board, so it's understandable that people start filtering off as soon as the hatch is opened.

A burly, mustached corporal overhears Aleksander's comment. "The frak is your problem?" he snaps. His nametag - because the VRM are into those things, unlike the perplexing CF uniforms - reads 'Taylor'.

"Frak yeah," Gage replies to Aleksander, his shoulder tense under the other Tauron's hand. "These frakkers are almost as bad as the Capricans," he says, as he lights up, inhaling deeply. The fact that he speaks in Standard and not Tauran is just as deliberate, as he settles into a slouch to watch the injured Virgon marine be carried out of the raptor. "Begging for our help with one hand," he gestures towards the injured marine, "And trying to act like we're the assholes pushing in with the other. Speaking of whom--" he smirks at Taylor. "Just talking about how you frakkers needed our help... again, soldier."

"I'm sure Walsh will find at least a hundred things th' Virgan techs did wrong once you do get it back," Astraea notes to Calliope easy enough once the two are in relative conversational distance. Which still might mean a louder voice. Is she dissing the Virgans or just remarking on Walsh's pickiness? Being Scorpian, it's probably hard to tell the difference. She follows the other pilot's gaze and wave to spot the marines. There's a blink: "Do they need a ride also?" She hasn't spotted Irene's bird just yet.

Aldrich nods shortly at Cate, and lifts on 'three' to get the injured fellow out. He snorts faintly at the corporal's comment. "Getting shot at by and then sent in to save the butts of baby-killers makes a man snarky." Is he talking about Aleks or himself? Whatever the case, he doesn't miss a beat helping Cate get the injured Virgan out of the ship.

When he hears the Virgon Marine's unfriendly tone and question directed at him, Aleksander doesn't look surprised, not one bit. Turning his attention from Gage to Taylor, the Tauran gives the other Corporal a look up and down, the smirk fully present now, "Problem? No problems, Corporal... Taylor. We're just happy that we weren't shot by friendly forces again, looks like your squad had your glasses on this time." All smiles, very fake, obnoxious smile. Davion then looks back to Gage and laughs, "I don't know, the Capricans didn't shoot at us. It was a fun fist fight..."

"I mean... in fairness, Capricans can shoot straight, unlike Virgons," Gage throws in on the heels of Aleksander's words, with a smirk.

Cate makes a light scoffing sound back at Aldrich. "Go figure." There's still a little wince when she straightens up with the stretcher in hand, not quite back up to 100 percent even if she was cleared for duty. She frowns over at the exchange between the other troopers as they carry the wounded one over to the waiting stretcher, then busies herself giving them the transfer report. Glancing to the others now and again.

Irene stays in her chair as everyone pours out of the bus, but twists around once she's well through the post flight procedure to look into the back. Her head tilts as if she can sort of make out the talk filtering in from outside, but when she arches a brow at Wooley he doesn't confirm or deny anything. He's a blank slate. Not his problem so he's just going to focus on his job. That's a little frustrating to the blonde so she frowns at him and turns back to her instrument panels to flick the last few switches, grousing, "Are they seriously getting into it again?"

"That looks like Iris' bus..." Calliope replies, low on information, to Astraea. "Not sure what's going on, though. They were out in the field when I had touch down here. Can ask if anyone wants to head back with us. I don't mind sharing a cabin." Gage's crack about Caprican shooting ability - compared to the Virgons - is overhead. And gets a little laugh.

Taylor was already a little red-faced from the exertion of the mission in the Sadah heat. But hearing Gage and Aleksanders' words, he turns an even deeper shade of red. If looks could kill, his glare would be earning them each another sacrifice medal. "Your help? Yeah you sure helped plenty when you frakkers shot our people." He steps forward, getting all up in Gage's face.

A second VRM - PFC Couch - turns towards Aleksander with a sneer. "Seems to me you frakkers are the ones who can't tell friend from foe. Working with those terrorist bastards. You ask me - Hayden's squad had their aim just right."

Nicole is off to the side of the other Marines. She's still stretching as she looks toward them, an eyebrow raising. Something in the tones was getting under her skin and she looks about to try and find something - who knows what. And that was before the Marine started to get up in Gage's face.
"Oh Frak."

"S'ppose it depends on if they're done with their-" Astraea spots Cate and Aldrich with their injured party. "Yeh, we can offer." Even if Aleksander seems to hate being on her bus. The woman is already starting to move that way when the Virgans start trying to strut their stuff. "Frakkin' cocks," she mutters under her breath. Oh, there's a good dose of the Scorpian anger. It'd only be worse if they were Leonese, in her book! "C'mon," the pilot asides to Calliope. "B'fore they cause an inter-Colonial incident or somethin'." And she starts heading towards the marines.

With another grin, Gage exhales smoke right towards Taylor as he steps right up to him. "They way I heard tell? You guys couldn't recognize a friendly face if you tripped over it, got scared at your own shadow, and slaughtered civvies and friendlies. That's pretty frakked up." He's exaggerated a little here and there, especially about the civilians, but tales are all about the retelling. "You want to take a second shot, with someone who's gonna throw back, feel free," he spreads his arms as if in invitation, looking surpremely confident that the other marine's going to step down.

The injured fellow is cared for, and Couch's words seem to make something click in his expression. He calmly sets down any gear that might have been on him, just as calmly walks up to Couch, and then... calmly balls up a fist, taps him on the shoulder, then swings his fist at the fellow's jaw. Never has anyone been punched (at) more matter-of-factly. Maybe it's a priest thing!

That was Aldrich. Whoops.

When Corporal Taylor begins stepping up towards Gage, Aleksander was about to reach out and push the Virgon Royal Marine back until the second VRM speaks up. Those words has the Tauran immediately direct his own ire on the Private First Class, memories of their own squad leader being shot and losing his life. "You know what was aimed right? When my frag grenade landed right in the middle of Hayden's squad, made quite a pretty mess. Have to admit, Centurions are much tougher than you Poncy Marines." Before Davion could even step up to the PFC, he sees the Chaplain already stepping up and getting ready to deck the other soldier. So in turn, Aleksander turns and steps between where Aldrich is now and Corporal Taylor, getting ready to intercept anyone who may be going to the Virgon's aid.

Calliope's blue eyes get rather bigger than usual, and wary, at the back and forth between the Wolves and the Virgon Marines. If there's a reputation for Caprican ferocity (maybe not), she doesn't exactly embody it. "Uh. Right. Yeah. Totally behind you." And she pads after Astraea, sticking close to the other Raptor pilot.

Since Wooley won't tell her what the fuss is outside, and what she can hear is sounding more and more heated, Irene gets up to see for herself. Her co-pilot gets the clipboard pushed at him as she passes by him and steps out onto the wing. Out in the glare of the sun, she puts a hand up to shade her eyes and squints real hard at the assembled marines, trying to both see and make sense of whatever is going down. It looks suspiciously like a rumble. This fact seems to displease her greatly.

Cate finishes her report and watches the other medics load the guy up into the ambulance. Stripping off her bloody treatment gloves, she turns to say something to Aldrich... and he's not there. Confused, she looks for him - just in time to see him going to take a swing at the VRM trooper. She blinks, dumbfounded. Who are you and what have you done with her Al?

Taylor's face twists with disgust at Gage's taunting. "Figures a Tauron would know all about slaughtering civilians." When Gage spreads his arms, Taylor obliges with a hard jab towards his face.

Couch turns at the shoulder tap, starting to open his mouth to snap, 'What?' only to see Aldrich's punch heading toward his face.

The third non-newbie trooper, Garcia, hears Aleksander bragging about the grenade and one can practically see the steam coming out of his ears. "You proud of that, you murdering motherfrakker?" He's coming for the other marine but he's a few steps away.

The newbie who had been holding the IV bag, Hill, just kind of stands there, uncertain.

Aleksander passes.

Aldrich attacks Couch with Unarmed but Couch EVADES!

Gage passes.

Garcia passes.

Calliope passes.

Irene passes.

Astraea passes.

Taylor attacks Gage with Unarmed and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Head.

Nicole passes.

Couch passes.

Hill passes.

Gage is momentarily distracted -- who could blame him? -- by Aldrich's sudden need to get into fisticuffs. It actually makes the Tauron laugh, albeit briefly. "Nice going, Chaplain--" but he doesn't have much time to marvel over that particular development, because there's a swift fist headed right for his face. Taylor's punch impacts on the side of his mouth, staggering him back a step as he grunts in momentary pain. He leans to spit out blood, grins a bloody grin, and then steps in to return the favor, tossing aside his half-finished cigarette as he swings for Taylor's head.

<FS3> Aldrich rolls Melee+4 (8 7 6 6 6 6 6 4 2 1) vs Couch (a NPC)'s 5 (5 3 3 2 2 2 1)
<FS3> Crushing Victory for Aldrich.

Oh, hell no. They're marines, but they're still Wolfpack. They're still her people. And these frakkin' Virgans are gonna attack her people? Astraea saw Taylor's swing before even registering that Aldrich was going after one of them. But it's Garcia, coming at Aleksander from the side, that the Scorpian zeroes in on. One moment she's walking alone with Calliope; the next she's running right at the man, shoulder turned. This isn't classical boot camp fisticuffs. This is a street-raised Scorpian fighting the way that's born and bred into her.

Aldrich's punch connects squarely with Couch's nose, causing him to reel backward with a howl. His hand cups his nose for a moment, blood oozing through his fingers, and then he comes back swinging.

Garcia is stepping in to take a swing at Aleksander, and Taylor following up his punch with a wild grin and another aimed at Gage.

Hill just stands there stupidly for a few seconds, before wading in like he's going to help but isn't quite sure what to do.

Well, this is getting a bit messy isn't it? There's a wince and Nicole sees the opening blows as her head whips back down and around at the others. Okay. Quick, look. Alright, Nicole took a quick guess at the people she's with and measured them against the others. Looks like three in the fight - well maybe two after that hit - and the guy holding the IV bag. She slides around the edge of this fight that seems to ba about to erupt and tries to wrap an arm about his shoulders.
"Woh, woh, woh. Just focus here kid. Right over here, you don't wanna do that. Just relax, focus on the wounded, don't worry about all that." She gives him a wide smile, "Focus on me. Hi. How are you, kid? Just relax-" looks at the name badge, "-Hill. Take it easy. This'll be over in a second."

"Uh, Nova, are you seriously..." But Calliope just kind of trails off with that question. Because Astraea is, clearly, seriously. For her part, she just stands there for a moment, looking uncomfortable and fidget-y. But they are her people. And, she lets out a high-pitched sound that's not really very frightening at all, and launches herself into the fray to back up Astraea. Such as she qualifies as 'back up.' Her hands are raised for frantic slapping.

With Gage engaging Taylor or the other way around, Aleksander is turning to face the Virgon Royal Marine that decided to join in. The question from Garcia is unanswered for now because the Tauran is already preparing for his own fight, focusing on throwin his fist than talking. This isn't a typical fight for Davion because his first strike is aimed at the other Marine's neck, as if trying to incapacitate the man right off the bat. The smirk has faded as well, replaced by a rather serious expression. This is not a typical, fun bar brawl for Aleksander.

Cate lets out a little 'heh' that's at once amused and astonished when Aldrich pops the guy in the nose. But the amusement is short-lived since Couch doesn't go down and is now coming back towards her friend. She jumps in to try and intercept Couch's arm and work it into an armlock.

Aldrich doesn't even care that Couch is trying to hit back. He doesn't even notice Cate trying to subdue the guy. He's too busy coming around with another punch with his other fist. (Hey, if Cate wants to hold the guy and let him punch, who's he to argue?)

It's a rumble. The confusion on Irene's part is cleared up when the fists start swinging in earnest and the blood starts flowing. It's definitely a rumble, and normally she'd be with the Socs, not the Greasers so there's a moment of hesitation on her part but it's very brief. Off the wing she hops, hitting the dust practically on the march, double time, straight for the fight. Her expression, rather unnaturally for her, is grim and set. She is mega super not happy.

Aldrich attacks Couch with Unarmed and NARROWLY MISSES!

Gage attacks Taylor with Unarmed but Taylor EVADES!

Irene passes.

Hill passes.

Aleksander attacks Garcia with Unarmed but Garcia EVADES!

Cate tries to subdue Couch but FAILS.

Calliope attacks Garcia with Unarmed but Garcia EVADES!

Astraea attacks Garcia with Unarmed. Stopped by ARMOR on Abdomen.

Garcia attacks Aleksander with Unarmed but Aleksander EVADES!

Taylor attacks Gage with Unarmed and NARROWLY MISSES!

Nicole distracts Hill successfully.

Couch attacks Aldrich with Unarmed and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Neck.

Aldrich has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Couch)

Garcia finds himself assaulted from multiple angles, including, perplexingly, a blonde pilot slapping at him. "What the frak?" He manages to duck Aleks' punch at least before growling over at his buddy, "Hill - get your ass over here and get this crazy bitch." Which one is unspecified.

Hill was waylaid by Nicole's words. "Uh.. I..." Should he help his buddies? But won't he get in trouble? Her words cause him to hesitate for precious seconds, but then Garcia's yelling at him and he looks almost apologetic as he ventures into the fray to grab Calliope.

Gage's return punch misses, but he doesn't overstep enough to weaken himself too much. This time, it's not a coward's hit -- Gage is ready for it, ducking away from the downstroke of Taylor's attempted punch to his neck, narrowly enough that he can practically feel the air pass by. He gives another grin, and this time uses the brief distance between them to charge the other marine, hopefully giving him enough weight that his punch at the marine's neck will wind as much as hurt him. He hasn't noticed Aldrich go down, too busy in this moment.

"Crazy..." Aleksander mutters when he what Garcia says after his first punch misses, it was a gamble, certainly high reward if he landed it. He didn't, but he also ducks the other Marine's punch and now he's drawing his arm back, throwing another punch and this one a right hook.

Unfortunately, scrappy as she may be, Astraea is just barely over five-feet in height and Garcia's a full marine. Even if a poncy Virgan marine. So while her shoulder connects with his midsection, it doesn't actually do any damage. Other than possibly, maybe, causing her to risk a sore shoulder in the morning. When he calls for Hill (specifically the 'crazy bitch' part), she growls something rather unkind in Scorpian and swings at him. A punch, this time, rather than an attempt to tackle.

Aldrich gets jabbed in the throat in his attempt to punch Couch, and the thing about getting punched in the neck is it kind of puts a damper on your desire to keep punching people. He stumbles back and takes a knee, half-choking and half-coughing. That looked pretty painful.

Nicole lets out a sigh as she sees the man starting to move, a slow, sad shake of her head as she starts moving up behind him. Her smile slides away as it's clear that this is going to get a lot messier and that kid? Well, she did try to warn him, best not give him the chance to blindside someone. She starts in after him, trying to keep behind him and stay quiet. If she can get an arm about his neck and kick the back of his leg, that should do the trick. "Ohhh you silly kid." She says it quiet, almost sing-song and happy.

Calliope flails at...the air, mostly. She certainly doesn't come anywhere close to hitting Garcia. "Oh my gods!" she kind of shrieks at his 'crazy bitch' remark. Wheeling around as...someone grabs at her and turning her flailing toward Hill. She does look mad now, if still not terribly competent. Poor guy.

Cate would've gladly held down the Virgon frakker for Aldrich to hit, but it doesn't work out that way. She tries to grab Couch's arm but he shrugs her off and then punches Aldrich hard in the neck. "Al!" she yells, alarmed, as he goes reeling back gagging. Now the medic is seeing red. No more arm locks, she snaps a clean front punch toward his head.

Out of nowhere comes the most authoritative sounding command given with the clippiest Virgon accent, "ATTEN-SHUN!" It's simple. It's direct. It might even trigger some automatic response from the lizard brains of those assembled that aren't wearing commissioned rank pips. Of course, it's not as deeply voiced as it could be, given that it's being issued from the not very big and not particularly manly Irene. It is a pretty good impression of a VRN instructor though, so yay, acting.

Taylor remains locked in a duel with Gage, circling like a trained fighter and waiting for an opening. They both miss, but the marine is intently focused, a dangerous look in his eyes.

Couch spits blood on the ground in Aldrich's general direction. "Frakking CF pansy." He twists towards Cate, leading with an elbow.

Calliope attacks Hill with Unarmed but Hill EVADES!

Taylor attacks Gage with Unarmed and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Neck.

Gage attacks Taylor with Unarmed but MISSES!

Astraea attacks Garcia with Unarmed. Stopped by ARMOR on Chest.

Aleksander attacks Garcia with Unarmed and HITS! Flesh Wound wound to Head.

Couch attacks Cate with Unarmed and HITS! Incapacitated wound to Head.

Hill successfully subdues Calliope.

Garcia attacks Aleksander with Unarmed and NARROWLY MISSES!

Nicole successfully subdues Hill.

Irene passes.

Cate attacks Couch with Unarmed but Couch EVADES!

Cate has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Couch)

<FS3> Irene rolls Presence: Good Success (8 8 8 4 2)

There's another exchange of blows. Attempted exchange on Gage's part -- he misses, but the aggressive gesture leaves him the opening Taylor was undoubtedly after, striking true on his neck. It makes him lurch away, his body flexing as he gasps for breath, coughing as one hand reflexively raises to his neck, the other stretching out defensively.

Garcia must be some kind of beast because he's just ignoring Astraea. That just frustrates her more. So what does she do next? She tries to jump up onto his back to get her arms around his head and neck. He's so focused on Aleksander that it may even work.

Hill is so polite and tentative as he bearhugs Calliope. "Sir, please stop fighting sir." The fear of authority runs strong in this one. And then Nicole grabs him and he loses his grip. The shout to attention would normally have him snapping to, but he's a little indisposed. He looks like he wants to though.

Taylor lashes out with a quick punch that socks Gage in the throat, a mean grin taking hold. The shout for attention causes him to glance that way, distracting him a bit, but he doesn't snap to immediately.

Garcia is a bit harried, and doesn't stop defending himself despite the call to attention. Though Astraea seems to be an able distraction even if she's not doing any damage.

Cate spends a luck point and is back in the fight!

Aldrich is still holding at his throat, but he glares at Couch. He might be rallying (maybe?) but he doesn't jump back into his fight. He starts muttering something dark under his breath, Gemenese gobbledy-gook, and then makes a vague gesture toward the guy. It's the space-evil-eye! Run!

Cate takes a step forward to punch Couch and walks right into his elbow. Crack. It sends her reeling, but despite that brief stumble she comes back swinging. Couch is likewise a bit distracted by Irene's yell, but it takes only a glance to see that it's not a VRM offier doing the shouting.

It may surprise everyone with how much trouble Aleksander usually gets into and how lazy or inattentive he seems to be when the situation doesn't call for him to be focused, but he is actually one of those that reacts to the authoritative command. His hands do drop to his side as he stands straighter even though he recogizes Irene's voice, no longer defending himself, which means that he is wide open to a punch from Garcia if he throws one.

Calliope takes another ineffectual swing, this time at Hill. He very nearly succeeds in pinning her, though Nicole manages to keep him occupied. She takes this opportunity to make an actual fist, to aim at poor Hill in retaliation for...his attempt to politely dissuade her from this mess. She's too caught up in the moment to stop, really, though the vague call of an authority figure does get a surprised squawk.

Nicole's arm slides about Hill's neck as she grabs him in a chokehold right off of the bearhug he was trying to put Calliope in. A pull down at the proper angle and he'd probably have a difficult time standing up. Nicole's eyes move around at the others, turning Hill so that he's between her and the rest as the arm about his neck tightens and he pulls him further away from Calliope.
"I told you not to get involved kid." She says it in that sing-song tone still. She looks back at the other fighters here, barely noticing that Calliope seems intent on clocking the kid she's currently got in her hold. She kicks at the back of his leg, trying to strengthen the hold on Hill.
"You shouldn't have gotten involved." The eyes run over Irene and she arches an eyebrow. She's clearly not about to stop as the others are being attacked... though it was /very/ convincing.

It would be slightly hilarious under any circumstances other than these, but Irene closes on the fracas and comes to a stop with a precise, parade ground stomp for effect like she's going to come to attention herself. It's muffled by the dirt, of course, but that doesn't slow her down much. She leans in and straightens up like she's been invested with the unquestionable authority of the King of Virgon himself and/or the Colonial Overlord, "Royal Marines, to my left. Wolves, to my right. I don't care who started it, or why, but it's done." She'll bravely, or stupidly, walk the line between two sides like she's unzipping a zipper.

Aleksander passes.

Irene passes.

Nicole successfully subdues Hill.

Astraea successfully subdues Garcia.

Calliope attacks Hill with Unarmed and HITS! Graze wound to Left Leg.

Cate attacks Couch with Unarmed and HITS! Impaired wound to Head.

Couch attacks Cate with Unarmed but MISSES!

Taylor attacks Gage with Unarmed but Gage EVADES!

Gage passes.

Couch has been *KO'd* ! (Damaged This Turn By: Cate)

Second time's the charm, it seems, for Irene's parade ground authority.

Hill snarks back at Nicole. "You'd back up your squad too." He'll either stand there at attention or move over to the indicated position if Nicole releases him.

Taylor takes one last swing at Gage, but then pulls back. Still guarded, in case the CF takes a parting blow, but otherwise he'll go fall in with the others.

Garcia is in the awkward position of having Astraea on his back, tying up his arms. "Get the frak off of me," he snarls.

Couch's distraction proves his undoing, as Cate clocks him on the jaw. He goes down. Not out cold, but dazed. At least he's not fighting.

Nicole will try to give his leg one last kick out from under him before letting go of the chokehold. The others are breaking off, so she will to. Her hand reaches back toward where she has her knife just to be on the safe side as she slowly starts moving backward toward the other Wolves. She keeps her eyes on the Royal Marines, not turning her back to them. She'll give a smile, all teeth and just a sheer aggressive look to the eyes. Sure, she's done if they're done.

Gage is hurting, that much is obvious by the twist of expression as Taylor takes a swing at him and he ducks out of the way. It takes a moment more for the Tauron to catch his breath -- ending with him spitting some more blood onto the tarmac. His expression is set into a scowl, now, head shifting sideways long enough to indicate he's heard Irene's words, but he doesn't back off until Taylor does. His fingers clench into a fist, weight shifting forward... but he doesn't take the opening, tempting as it is. Taylor is no civilian. Gage makes his way towards where the Wolves are gathering -- albeit slowly as he pauses to cough and spit blood here and there.

It's probably a move she's done before. Astraea has mentioned to some Wolves in the past that she grew up with three older brothers. There were likely a number of scraps. Never mind inter-clan conflicts. So she's wholly successful in jumping up on Garcia's back and tangling her arms up in his. "Frak you!" she manages in return, trying to get a solid hit on his head before he manages to shake her off.

Aleksander appears very tempted to go after Taylor since Garcia has a crazy, tiny pilot on his back but with Irene flexing her authority, the Tauran slowly moves to the side indicated for the Colonials. He finds his way next to Gage and winces at the other man's wound. For now though, he holds back any smart-aleck comments and remains silent.

Cate mutters something presumably unprintable at the fallen Couch in Celtan, before turning her glare on Irene. Ignoring the downed VRM trooper, she steps over to Aldrich, prepared to help him up if he needs it. A hand goes to the side of her face, wincing at where Couch's first fist landed. She's not in line, but nor is she continuing to attack.

Calliope actually connects with restrained Hill. Ish. She wings him awkwardly, and seems rather shocked when she actually hits anything. "Oh gods!" She blinks at him, in all his subdued glory, wide-eyed. "Sorry!" She takes a hasty, stumbling step back from the fray. Which means she's sort of complying with Irene's yelling.

With a grimace, Gage rests a hand on Aleksander's shoulder, head bowing for a moment. There's already some fairly nasty bruising starting to show along his neck. He opens his mouth, croaks out a noise, then gives a huffed laugh which only causes more coughing. Still, some wordless communication is helpful when you've made the gesture of a request for a cigarette a dozen times a dozen instances before.

Irene presses through the small throng, leaning back just once to avoid one of the parting shots being thrown around. When she gets to the opposite side she turns on her heel and plants herself there, staring ahead. "Disgraceful." She says to all assembled, jaw tight, posture rigid as if she's trying to hold herself together to prevent an explosion of righteous indignation or worse things. "You have a ten count to disperse or I assure you an authority greater than myself will descend from above and land directly on your heads and jump up and down on them until they are entirely flat. At that point, you will cry to your mothers or whichever god you most favor for mercy and there will be none, just an endless existence of flat headed pain and discomfort. 10!"

Aldrich allows Cate to pull him up, and rubs at his throat. He can't help shooting another dark look toward Couch, before he glances back toward Cate and his eyes narrow. "He hit you?" he demands. He still looks like he's on a hair trigger, but at least he's not restarting the fight. Instead, he just shoots another glare toward the fallen guy, mutters something unintelligible, then spits toward him. (Apparently two can play at that game.) He doesn't seem to be noticing Irene's orders.

With the order to disperse given, Aleksander is still silent but he doesn't take any steps towards the Virgon Royal Marines anymore, instead leading Gage away. He only moves them a couple of steps though, since there isn't exactly a place for the Colonials to disperse to. Instead, Davion pulls out a pack of smokes and offers it, but there is a questioning expression of if the other man should smoke after taking a punch to the neck.

<FS3> Astraea rolls Athletics: Success (8 8 5 4 4 1 1)

For a moment, it may seem like Astraea's not going to relent. However, the others have and she does to. Sort of. The woman's angry and she has a lot of pent up bullshit to process. So Garcia gets a punch aimed at the back of his head before she disengages. It's dirty as frak, but as she stumbles back a few steps -- almost falling, but recovering -- it's clear the Scorpian is not ready to just 'be calm.'

Cate helps Aldrich up, then shrugs at his question. "I hit him back." As if that somehow makes it okay. She rolls her eyes at Irene's lecture, frowning. "Come on, let's get back in the Raptor. It stinks down here," she says with a final pointed glare at Couch, who is just now picking himself up off the ground.

There's definitely some grumbling involved on the Virgon side, but they start to disperse. "Next time, assholes," Taylor shoots back through gritted teeth as they pick up their gear and start to leave. Hill looks completely cowed. "Yes, sir."

Nicole moves in closer toward one of the Raptors as she moves, keeping her eyes on the Royal Marines still. She's not positive if they're going to start the fight or not and she's ready in case they decide to get this party going still. She still smiles, wide, and a crinkle to her nose. Someone could read the expression a bit like ''Still wanna play?'' Mind you, she is still moving away from the area of the fight.

Of course it's not wise to smoke after getting punched in the throat. But then, no one ever claimed Gage was wise -- after all, he invited the Virgon marine to punch him. He takes his time, taking a cigarette and lighter -- nodding a mute thanks to his fellow Tauron -- lighting up and inhaling -- and immediately coughing. After he gets his breath again, he croaks out: <<I'm liking the size of Harris' balls today.>>

"Sorry!" Calliope exclaims again in Hill's direction, before dispersing in the direction of Astraea's Raptor. She can hide in there until it takes her back to the Dauntless.

Aldrich shoots a glare back toward Taylor. "Frack all of them," he mutters, and glances back to Cate, distracted. "Yeah. Quicker we get back to the ship, the faster I can ask the gods to send them all to Hades where they belong." He stalks away, to wherever he's supposed to be going.

Brushing a hand over her braids, Astraea watches the Virgans go. Her gaze is intent, sharp, and untrusting. Like she expects them to turn around and go after the Colonial's again. There's still a fire in her eyes, but as Calliope begins heading for the Raptor, she lets out a long breath. "Anyone who needs a lift back," the Scorpian says. "I've still got room in my bird. Soundbite might enjoy th' company. I've got Trapper today an' he ain't much of a conversationalist."

Irene was probably just channeling one of her former COs in the VRN, but if it does the trick, it does the trick. She counts aloud until it seems like both sides are dispersing, then stops gives everyone a final, crisp checking out and retraces her steps more casually to the raptor. Wooley is there, standing on the wing, having watched most of the show. The guy never seems to smile, but there's a hint of something on his face that could be construed as smile-ish, or smile-like. He must be amused. The pilot isn't so much.

<<Probably saved our asses though...>> Aleksander says in a reluctant tone as he looks around the base, knowing that it /is/ a Virgon base and that there are many more VRMs in the vicinity that could jump in at any time. <<Next time they're not on home turf and on neutral ground, we can give them a real accounting.>> He does grab a cigarette for himself before putting the pack away. When Gage estarts coughing, Davion can only shake his head and pat the other Marine on the back.

"So say we all," Cate agrees bitterly with Aldrich. She looks him over in concern. "Your neck okay?" When Astraea offers up a ride, Cate gestures that way. "Want to head back with Nova?"

Nicole finally breaks her gaze with the others and looks over toward Aleks and Gage who are talking in a language she knows, <<Maybe your asses.>> Nicole shakes her head and hold out a hand with an arch of an eyebrow and a purse to her lips.

<<Maybe,>> Gage is equally reluctant to concede, with a flick towards the departing Raptor pilot's back, and a vague sort of smirk as he exhales smoke a bit more smoothly this time. <<Better go before she leaves us behind.>> He's totally sure she would, apparently, since he moves, albeit slowly, towards the raptor, giving Aleksander a wry look of thanks when he pats his back. Nicole's words earn a lift of brows in an obvious 'please explain?', since he didn't see what she was getting up to during the fight. <<Oh yeah? Took out of the rest of 'em single handed, you?>>

Wow, not only is there one cigarette moocher but /two/ now. Aleksander only blinks back at Nicole when she initially makes her request before he relents with a loud sigh of resignation. Pulling out his pack again and offering it to one of their newer Marine members. A glance at Irene who is getting ready to depart and then back to Gage, he says, "I'm afraid she might open the door mid-flight and kick us off of it." But he will follow along back to the bird they rode in on without complaint.

Aldrich shakes his head at Cate, vaguely. "Whatever..." He goes along with Cate after Astraea, without seeming to really be paying much attention to where he's going. He clears his throat a little, and then adds, "I'm fine." He finally glances toward her, with distracted concern. "How're you? Did he get you bad?"

"Oh gods..." Calliope mutters to herself, head in hands, as she finds a place to hide in Astraea's Raptor. She did not come away from her adventures in fighting particularly pumped up.

A shake of Nicole's head, <<Well, yeah. Didn't you see me just flying around the tarmac there all teeth and nails?>> A dry tone, a shake of her head. <<Just keeping a kid at bay who was trying to do more harm than good.>> She slips the cigarette between her lips a nod. <<Thanks.>> She moves her hand to her back pocket where she fishes out a lighter of her own, a small blue flame and she takes a drag. <<Next shore, I'll get you a few packs.>>
"Just remember, if she opens the door, it's probably because she hates her ECO too." She gives a flick to the back of her cigarette, pulling it back up and another long drag.

<<Go cheer her up with some gossip,>> Gage suggests with Aleksander, with a sudden grin. Nicole's words earn a look, not exactly believing -- but not disbelieving either. It's her latter statement that dissolves Gage into a coughing fit after the briefest of chuckles. He might die before he gets on the raptor, but damn it, he's going to go down smoking -- literally -- taking a deep drag the second he has enough breath for it.

When she notices Aldrich and Cate set to follow her to her Raptor -- presumably to keep Calliope company -- Astraea slows a bit. She looks over to Aldrich and asks, in a low voice: <<All right?>> Her Gemenese is stilted and accent terrible, but it's clear she's been practicing because the enunciation is at least accurate.

Cate calls over to the Tauron group. "We're heading back with Nova." She shakes her head to Aldrich then, "I'm all right. Headache." She hitches her medic pack on her shoulder, tilting her head curiously when Astraea talks to Al in a language she doesn't recognize.

Aleksander has a look of approval when Nicole mentions that she will buy packs on the next leave, finding that as an acceptable trade. He is definitely getting a net gain on smokes with small investments here and there it seems. He does look back at Gage and scowls, <<Frak you, Tomak. You just want me to get booted out of the bus first while it's still flying. I'll share the gossip when she's in a better mood. She looks actually pissed. Rare.>>

"Checklist, Wooley. We're dusting off as soon as possible." Irene tells her co-pilot as she climbs the wing and heads for the pilot's seat. She's going to be out of there like she's fleeing a crime scene, but will wait for the Wolves brave enough to get on her bus. If they get on before pre-flight check is complete, anyway. Once she's strapped in, the worst of the angry sizzles off as the routine and the comfort of just having to worry about the raptor and little else smoothes the rawest nerves. She's not immediately cheery, but she looks less likely to threaten anyone with a head flattening.

Aldrich looks aside at Astraea. His expression is still clouded. <<Hades take their souls.>> he replies. <<Oblivion is too good for them.>> He takes Cate at her word that she's okay. "Gemenese," he explains, tersely, in response to her questioning expression.

Some of those words Astraea gets. The first, definitely. Most of her education in Gemenese has been religion-focused. But the second sets her to frowning. "What is... <<Oblivion>>?" The word is repeated carefully. She does comment, lowly: "They should know better than to frak with us." Whether that's because they're all 'on the same side' or because frak yeah Wolfpack is not immediately clear.

A lift of Gage's hand towards Cate appears to be acknowledgement of her call, the Tauron's pace continuing as they reach the raptor. <<Wouldn't dream of it, brother,>> Gage replies, actually looking momentarily surprised. Still, the flickered look he gives towards the cockpit when they climb up into the raptor maybe suggests agreement with Aleksander's assessment. He slumps down onto one of the benches, leaning forward and resting elbows on his thighs after he's strapped in.

Cate ahs softly when Aldrich explains. "Didn't know you spoke it," she mentions to Nova, but otherwise falls quiet to let them talk.

Nicole moves off to the side, her head moving a bit, eyes looking what looks like nothing - well nothing but a reflection of the Royal Marines anyway. Her hand drifts back toward the blade she kept, and the other hand moves up to take a second long drag. She was taking the second Raptor too. She sits on a crate and just takes a moment to try and relax from the momentary adrenaline rush.

"Nothingness," Aldrich explains. "To cease to exist, in both soul and body." He doesn't look impressed with the rah, rah, Wolfpack sentiment. Instead, he corrects, "They should know better than to make war on children."

"I don't really," Astraea says quietly to Cate. "Not yet, at least. Jigger's been teachin' me here an' there." Mostly through prayers and the Gemenese books he brings her, but even so. When Aldrich explains, she 'ahs' in understanding. "<<Oblivion,>>" she repeats, committing it to memory. There's a snort for his other comment. "They're Virgan. War on families for th' sake of total control is all they know."


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