2237-11-07 - A Walk To Not Remember

Irene and Faye have some time to kill before dinner at the Harris country house on Virgon during their shared 48 hour pass, so they go for a walk. Stuff happens. Things. Some of it they mutually decide is best to not remember.

Date: 2237-11-07

Location: RP Room 5

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Scene Number: 1548

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The Harris estate is about an hour southwest of the capital where the modern steel and glass melts away, replaced by stone and thatch. The roads narrow and wind over gentle rolling hills of pasture land divided by criss crossing breaks of tree and hedgerow. It turns out it's not a castle as Irene might have said, but it's not exactly a humble little cottage either. It's what they call a country house, or a manor. Stone, two stories, at least six bedrooms surrounded by acres of land, both field and forest. It's certainly... bucolic. Perhaps a bit boring for anyone used to city life, but beautiful.

After meeting the parents (they're nice of course), and settling in, there's about an hour or so before dinner. Irene decides to take a walk, pulling Faye along with. "So, what do you think? Sorry if father seemed a little... distracted. We're lucky he didn't put us to work repotting his plants or something."

A short glance around and then she takes Irene's hand to entwine her fingers. She looks about, first craning her head off to the left, then craning her head off to the right. It's like she's trying to take it all in at once. "There's the Faye response, the cheesy response, or the Doctor Dirk response. Which would you like?" She asks with a smile that starts growing ever more. The eyes finally settle on Irene and it finally crests into a grin. A little bump of her shoulder into Irene's.

"How about the Faye response then? The only audience here are the sheep, and possibly mum, if she's peeping out the window at us." Irene replies, having a glance over her shoulder as she does as if she fully expects her mother to be there, in a crack in the curtains, staring. Not that she came off as creepy at all, more like she was the tree Irene fell not very far from. Vibrant, funny and very blonde. Her daughter must have got all her serious from her dad.

As her boots crunch over the gravel drive, Irene gives Faye a return look. Brow arching lightly, daring her to Faye straight for a change, perhaps.

Faye turns her head for a moment, a flip of her hair to cover an eye as she looks away. A little smile and she darts in to give Irene a kiss on the cheek as her cheeks color. She squeezes the hand to boot and says in a bit of a quieter voice, "It's beautiful, idyllic, so very quiet and wonderful, but the company is what makes it perfect." She looks up then, toward the roll of the green and then toward the sheep surely chewing on grass in the way that sheep do. Thankfully not like a goat or a llama which would surely tear out clods of dirt along with the grass.
"Besides, I always thought that sheep made a great audience. Baa is their way of applauding, right?" She dares a quick glance at Irene.

Irene swings their clasped hands between them more than is strictly necessary, as if she finds it entertaining in itself, and rolls a shrug out of her shoulders. "I don't know, but I'm glad you like it." There's a moment of quiet from her, as she stares off at a distant pasture dotted with fluffy white sheep grazing. Eventually, smiling, she says, "It's nice to be home. I'm glad you could come too. You didn't like, ditch family or anything did you?" Oh gods, sudden worry.

"No, I didn't ditch family." Faye glances back and helps with the swinging of the arms. She sticks her tongue out at the other pilot, "You asked for serious and all I get from Iris is an ''I don't know''?" A laugh and she shakes her head, reaching up to sweep the hair up behind an ear. "Alright, alright, so I mean - I could've gone home? But I would rather spend time with you. When we wind up closer to Libran I'll take you there. It's not nearly so grand, my parents weren't so well off." Sudden worry?! Faye is a bundle of frayed nerves held together by the glue of dirk and a (slightly) still fading marker.

Irene wrinkles her nose up and pulls a quick face at Faye, for her tongue sticking out. Fair play. She's mollified by the answer given though and her concern completely evaporates. "I don't have to be on all the time. Gods. I don't have any steam to blow off now. Like. There's nothing to stress here, except- well." Maybe one thing, but she apparently doesn't want to think about that so she distracts herself, "Wait! We should go this way!" Which is off the lane, into a shallow ditch and over a stone fence, all to get into a field on the other side. "See the trees at the far edge? There's a stream there." Oh well. A stream. Try not to die of excitement, Faye.

A laugh as she's pulled along, "I don't mean you have to be. Alright, you win this round. But -- Except what?" Faye asks as they move over the fence into the field. Her boots crunching on the grass as they head toward the trees. She helps the arm swinging resume as she looks toward the far side and the stream that's hidden in there. She smiles and continues along. She might not die of excitement, but she seems genuinely intrigued and happy to be on the walk with her.

It's not a long walk, but if there's a path there, Irene isn't on it or it's overgrown. The grass is knee high, so a bit of a slog, especially since it's damp and soon soaking pantlegs. She doesn't even seem to mind. "Except my grandparents. You're not a terrorist are you?" She probably forgot to ask that before. It's not usually something that comes up in casual conversation. "Have you ever been to Hibernia? Are you secretly Hibernian? Sagittaran?" The interrogation is done in an amusedly breathless way, at least, all while swinging hands as though she's just talking about something silly, like sparkle ponies.

Woh, woh, woh. Sparkle ponies are serious business! Silly, pfft! She swings her arms along with, giving a glance toward Irene before the puffs of sheep draw her attention again. She's not used to sheep as much, and they look like they'd be bundles of fuzzy clouds. A smile, maybe they would be as soft as one. Probably not- What? She starts to smile a bit more wryly, a laugh escape as she shakes her head, "I've never been, no, and I'm not. Well, actually, I was on Sagittaran for a little - a lot were pulled in to help out the ICJPK." She shrugs, "If we're being honest anyway." A smile.

"I didn't think so." Irene smiles as she reaches out to grab the top of a plant to skin the tiny leaves and seeds off between her finger and thumb. This drags her back a step, but she catches up with a hop, presenting Faye with the miniature 'bouquette' which looks like a teensy little fir tree, all green and pointy. "They might grill you a little bit, but don't take it personally, it's just the way they are." A narrow path suddenly appears right about then, so she follows it as it winds down a bank to the stream's edge under centuries old trees.

Faye smiles and holds up a hand to her chest, looking down at the 'boquette', "For me?" A raise of the other hand, burying her face a little for the fake stage blush. She'll reach out to take it of course and smiles ever wider, "That's alright. I don't mind being raked over the coals a little with questions." her boots find the path, probably a bit sandy and the shoes sink in some. "I honestly didn't think that this would happen - with you and what not. I fully expected just to fly and not worry much." A blink as she gives a quick glance to Irene, "Not that I worry! I mean, I didn't think I'd find someone I'd actually care about." Pause, "Care-care." Pause and she stumbles for words, so she shuts up instead.

The stream is almost black in the shade, like glass, but shallow, probably only waist deep in the middle. It obviously gets much deeper at certain times, since the banks are high and the soil eroded under overhangs of grass and tree roots. The path leads to a more gentle slope to the water, where animals obviously stop for a drink. Fuzzy sheep, probably. That's where Irene goes, sure enough, "Why not? You didn't... Actually you said you kept breaking things off with people. I thought. You never said why either." Which of course, makes her curious and possibly suspicious, but mostly the former since she mentions it with her head tilted inquisitively at the other woman.

"Because-" Faye's eyes trail off to the stream, "I was just looking for fun. Nothing serious, and they always wanted it to be. They never took the time to be /fun/." She raises a shoulder and stops next to the water's edge too. She edges closer still and pokes at the water's edge with a booted toe as if she could tell how warm or cold it was through the material. Faye looks back toward Irene then and gives another half-smile, "You, on the other hand, tackled me, broke my swimsuit, and then we had fun." She just shrugs, "I was more nervous asking if you wanted to date than I ever was auditioning."

Irene drops into a crouch suddenly, not because there's Cylons on the far bank attacking or anything like that, but because she's found a neat river stone. Or just a river stone. She plucks it out of the water and rubs her thumb over its smoothed surface for a moment once she's standing again. Thinking. "But what if I stop being fun?" She intones, like that's somehow a spooky outcome. OooOOooh. Scary seriousness! She's teasing of course. The stone, she underhands as high as she possibly can and watches it arc up up up and then down, down, bloop! She's so easily amused.

Faye watches the rock, it flies bloops, and the dark haired one frowns. "You know, I think you're supposed to throw it more flat to skip it." She reaches down and picks up a rock as well. A rub along the surface and she reaches back and tosses it. Ksh-loop. It seems Faye is really not that good at skipping them, a frown and she mumbles, "I suck at that anyway." She looks back down at Irene then, her shoulders shifting and crossing her arms across herself. Grrr, Defensive Faye!

Well, it was more impressive that Irene's attempt, but hers did make that really satisfying bloop sound. She picks up another and does the exact same thing. Bloop! "I can't date someone that bad at skipping stones! It's over! Walk home!" To space! She starts out serious but by the end she's laughing, and turns to sideways hug Defensive Faye around the waist. Her chin ends up on the dark haired pilot's shoulder, and a wrinkle-nose face is made at her, "... Silly butt." Now she's throwing around insults, the cruelty! If she did it without smiling it'd be devastating, that level of name calling.

The side hug nets a snuggle back. She presses lightly, not wanting to upset anyone's balance after all, and turns her head to look at Irene who's perched on her shoulder. She gives a little wiggle of her nose back like a rabbit, twitch-twitch. "... Jerk face." She responds back, a smile pulls out along her lips, curving them from one side to the other, and a lean in to bump her nose against the blonde's. "Well, I totally didn't want to date you anyway." She tries to sound as serious as Irene was, but she failed miserably.

"Do you want to just, I don't know, fool around in the bushes instead? For old time's sake?" Irene asks rather non-chalantly, since they've broken up and everything. It strikes her that one last hurrah is in order, since it would only be polite and stuff. She really shouldn't waggle her eyebrows when she asks something like that, but she totally does.

Faye looks at her, the smile sliding away as she takes a moment. A hand reaches up, cupping one of Irene's cheeks and sliding back to her hair so she can run her fingers through it. A lean in, a kiss, "I'd very much enjoy that." a slowly growing smile, a slitting of eyes and another lean in to try and kiss the other woman... and maybe try and push her into the bushes to boot.

Someone behind the pair clears their throat. It's a big, manly throat clearing, followed by a greeting, "Hello, girls. Don't mind me," And there's Irene's father standing there, empty bucket in one hand, dressed just as he was earlier in a chore coat, jeans and rubber boots. "I'm just watering some specimens."

To say Irene is startled would be a supreme understatement. She almost jumps out of her skin and runs screaming into the woods mid-kiss. At first all she can blurt is, "Oh my gods!" Then she's laughing a bit as she disentangles and steps aside so her father can sneak between them to dip and fill the bucket in the stream. As he does that in a crouch, he glances over his shoulder at the pair, "I didn't mean to interupt, Turnip." Then up he gets, water sloshing onto his boots, gives both a measuring look and begins to stroll off from whence he came, adding, "Don't be late to dinner. Your mother is going all out."

Irene smiles all the while, trying to look casual as she toes the back of her opposite heel and stuffs her hands deep into her coat pockets. "We won't be. See you in a few minutes!"

To say that Irene was started, Faye was equally so and at the sound of the man she nearly shrieks. Held back only by the fact that- I lied, she shrieks. And when she turns to look her color drains. "Oh gods." Faye says, mortified by the fact that she was just seen by Irene's father has made her just stares. Irene's laughter breaks her out of it and she sort of curls up with her legs under her. Hands fly up, brushing her hair back repeatedly behind one ear and then the other. The cheeks now flash full of fire as she blushes and looks anywhere but up at him.
"We won't, I promise, Sir." She says meekly. Brush.. Brush... Brush... A sideways glance at Irene, and it's not until he turns to stroll off that she begins to giggle. First just a little, then a riotous snickering giggle that has her blushing and grinning from ear to ear. "Turnip?" She asks amid the giggle-fit.

Irene mostly keeps it together until her father is out of sight, then covers her face in her hands and starts shaking, almost like she's sobbing. Instead it's a snort first and then she's joined in the giggle fit. "That could have been so. much. worse." She eventually gasps out, dumping herself on the ground unceremoniously. There she catches her breath. "Gods. I almost jumped in the stream and swam away when you screamed." Or crawled under the nearest rock. Her cheeks are bright, bright red and so are her ears, burning with embarrassment. "Uuuuuuh. Turnip. Don't worry, he'll happily explain it if you ask."

Faye reaches her hands up and covers her burning cheeks, then they simply cover her face and the groan of "Oh my Gods." can be heard muffled through it. Then more giggling as she shakes her head, still covering her face. As the hands slowly pull down, she looks over the fingers to the blonde. Another couple snickers into her hands and then she lets them slide down into her lap. She watches her still, cheeks still on fire, "Wanna... fool around in the bushes for a few minutes?" Another snicker, but she's genuinely trying to stop.

Irene composes herself as she sits up proper and hugs her knees. She's almost fully recovered when Faye floats that proposition and she starts shaking again, laughing on the inside behind her furiously serious face. That's probably a hard no. "Stop!" She squeaks before very casually tugging her sleeve back to reveal a bare wrist she pretends there's a watch on anyway. "It's almost dinner time. We should go clean up and pretend this totally never happened. It's the Virgon way."

Faye scoots over, closer to Irene and looks back the way that they had come - and the way the fatherly Sean Bean like dad had left. A glance back to Irene then and she wraps her arms about Irene's shoulder and tries to give her one last kiss with an added snuggling to go along with it. "After all of this," no if we get through it, "let's do a movie together. We'll star in it. Start our own show after that. Just the two of us against the industry." She looks up at Irene, nervousness in that look.

"You're going back to the business after all this?" Irene asks as if she actually hadn't been planning to at all, or she simply hadn't thought that far ahead. It's so seemingly out of left field to her that she's a bit distracted on her end of the affection giving, her response half-hearted at best. She's thinking. Thinking requires concentration. It shows in the tiny furrow of her brow.

"I don't know." Faye says completely honest, "But I just know that - as far as I'm concerned - whatever I do, I want to do it with you." She lets her eyes trail down away from Irene, off toward the water. A soft sigh that escapes from her nose, "Even if it's just as friends, I want to do it with you." She turns her head to the side, resting her cheek on Irene's shoulder.

Irene tips her head so she can rest her cheek to the top of Faye's head, but doesn't say anything right away. There's a bit of an affirmative 'mmm' sound, and after a pause with nothing but the soft gurgle ripple of the water flowing downstream and rustle of the leaves overhead to fill it, she whispers playfully, "You want to /do it/ with me?" She is such a jerk face. "After dinner?" She rocks into the other pilot and when there's a bit of a gap between them again she picks herself up off the ground and holds out her hand. Grabby motion. "Let's go eat. We'll worry about our superstar, glamorous future later, okay?"

A giggle from the other, as she hears Irene make the offer. She whispers softly, "Leave your window open. I'll climb through or something." She says it amused, but as she looks up at Irene she's smiling and her cheeks are burning. She's such a silly butt, a nuzzle in once more toward Irene's neck and finally she'll try to untangle herself from the bus driver.
"What's for dinner do you suppose?" She muses, looking off back toward Irene's family home again. A little smile, "I hope there's dessert. Cookies would be awesome."

"Knock three times so I know it's you and not the hunky neighbor, Baron Hardbottom." Irene tells her, finding a hand to clasp and swing again as she starts back up the path. As for dinner, she shrugs a little, "I'm not sure. Hopefully some of my favorite things. Pie. Definitely pie. Tarts too. Is there anything you can't eat? I should have asked ahead of time." She stops again suddenly, stoops to pick up a stone nearly the size of her fist and under hands it back towards the stream. It's short, bounces with a grass muffled thud and then rolls into the water with a big splash. "I'd trip on it later." She explains, pretending like she just didn't want to throw a rock into the stream for fun.

"Ooo." Faye says as she swings her arm in time with the other, "I should've told you. I'm gluten intolerant. And lactose. And fructose. And a vegan." A nod of her head, she sees the toss and tosses up her free arm into the air as it splooshes. "WOO!" 

She looks to Irene and shrugs, "I thought that it was coming at your foot even as you picked it up personally." A nod of her head, she leans in and whispers, "I was kidding about the food. Not allergic." A lean back. "Three times, got it."

"Faye, you are a silly person." Irene says very, very seriously. It's kinda rich coming from her, of all people, especially when she's almost, practically skipping back home. As they step into the field she slows to stare across at the house, noticing a dad shape in the yard already. She turns a little red. "If you need something nice to wear to dinner you can raid my closet." she tells her, having probably not mentioned there was anything approaching a dress code before now, minutes before dinner. Helpful. "It'll be fun."

"I knew I should've brought my dress uniform!" Faye hisses a bit to Irene as she sees the shape too and blushes equally - maybe even a little more than Irene. "You promise I can impress him?" She suddenly looks at Irene and there's a very real concern that crosses her face. Oh no! Faye worried! FAYE REALLY WORRIED! "What do you mean it'll be fun? Is there something I was supposed to do?"

Irene bites her lip for a moment, then gives the most uninspiring answer ever, "Sure!" Then realizing how inadequate that seems, she rambles on with further pointers, "Oh yeah, maybe. Well, just laugh at his terrible dad jokes and chew with your mouth closed, always. Sit up straight. Uhm. Show gratitude, but don't be over the top about it. Don't say anything bad about the food or upset my mum... you know, just be polite. Manners are important. But don't worry!" Sure, don't worry! It's only a semi-formal Virgon dinner. She flashes Faye a grin and repeats her new mantra. "It'll be fun."

"Well, I mean, yeah. That's a given." Faye says in her same half-hiss as she walks along clutching Irene's hand as if it's a life line. "But I mean... I think his dad jokes are kinda funny. And I hate mouth chewers. I guess I might slouch a little and your mom is awesome!" She's talking fast herself and her color is rising, and then Irene flashes her a grin. She repeats the mantra, and Faye melts into her.
"Okay." She says in a small voice, giving in to Irene's confidence - feigned or not. It'll be fun. It'll be fun. It'll be fun!


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