2237-11-08 - Beach Bootie Bingo

A drag show on the beach welcomes some CF folks on shore leave.

Date: 2237-11-08

Location: Argentum Bay Beach

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Scene Number: 1552

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A spot on the beach with a temporary awning, the sand packed flat underfoot, extension cords running power from the nearest building, and a folding table set atop a bunch of boxes as a bar, festooned with twinkle lights. Torches and a bonfire to one side provide additional light. Towels and folding beach chairs are set up as seating. Everything looks improvised.

Geoff put the word around that there would be a show somewhere on the beach and that people should just follow the lights to get there. And indeed, there is something or other set up on a quiet spot, a makeshift bar, a temporary backdrop of plain cloth stretched on piping, a fire, some torches, chairs, towels, and twinkle lights.

Follow the lights. Sounds easy enough. Cate had ventured down to the surface earlier in the day. She wanders down to the beach, wearing light capris, sandals, and a tank top that shows off many of the accumulated scars on her arms and shoulders. She approaches the makeshift stage with open curiosity.

"Al. I'm fine. It's a show on a beach. Nothing is going to exacerbate my injuries. I'm almost all healed up!" Lyn declares, her arm linked through the chaplain's, as she walks down the beach with him towards the makeshift bar. She's in a loose beachy maxi dress with sandals on her feet, and she looks much better than she did after she got shot and shrapneled thanks to the VRN being 'delayed' on Sagittaron.

Aldrich tries to play it cool and all, but as he makes his way down the beach arm-in-arm with Lyn, he now and then glances over at her with a look of obvious concern, or pauses to help her over a rock (it's just a rock, dude), or whatever. Which probably explains Lyn's declaration. He turns a nice shade of red at that. "Of course," he replies, patiently, in a tone to suggest that he's not going to stop being concerned anytime soon. After a few steps, he adds, apparently unable to help himself, "I still think you should have worn real shoes..."

Akeso strolls up the beach towards the lights, walking the edge of the surf in her bare feet to let the waves lap over them. She has her sandals hanging by the ankle straps from the fingers of one hand, and in the other, a bottle. Looks like she's already hit a bar, or three on the way, but is still walking more or less straight. She's wearing a sarong type wrap over a bikini, fuschia with a large Scorpian tropical flower print. It looks like she probably got it from one of the many stalls on the boardwalk.

From behind that backdrop made from cloth, possibly even sheets, appears what is probably the evening's emcee. He looks local, dressed in upscale (looking) beach fashion. "Gather in, gather in," he invites, "There is still time to go see Protevi at the bar before you take your seats. I saw Protevi once for about three weeks and I /highly/ recommend it." There's no drum kit to set off that joke, but it looks like the emcee is doing double duty after that announcement by setting up a portable music player and speakers with an extension cord.

Lyn chuckles at Al's over protectiveness and leans in to kiss his blushing cheek. "We'll be sitting. And my legs are fine. It was my boobs the Cylons were aiming at." She takes a seat and spots Cate, giving the medic a wave. She chuckles at the emcee's joke, clapping for the show to start. Please, entertain her. She's been in sick bay too long!

Aldrich smiles crookedly, more embarrassed than amused that she's talking about her boobs in public. He gets her seated, but stays on his feet. "Do you want something to drink? I'll get you something," he offers, already taking a step back in the direction of the bar.

A bar? That's enough of a draw for Akeso, she makes a beeline across the sand towards it. As she does, she tips her bottle practically vertical and finishes off the last of it with a quiet, "Ah." when it's been fully destroyed. She'll need a replacement, and that takes her by the seating area where she notices some other marines, and Aldrich. "'Lo." Is her airy greeting, given with a slow wave of the fat end of the empty bottle.

Some words just carry - like 'boobs' - and Cate peers over at Lyn with eyebrows lifted in amusement. "Toasters jealous of Al?" she quips. The emcee's joke gets a weak smirk, and then she's moseying over towards the bar. "Hey Ma," she greets the other medic.

"Something fruity," Lyn calls after Al. She watches his back with a sigh because he's going to worry himself into an ulcer at this rate. She barks out a laugh at Cate's words and nods. "Ayup." She gives Akeso a wave.

Protevi is built broad-shoulders and has a tendency to wink when handing over about every third drink. It help keeps the tips coming in. He serves up the orders and the emcee checks behind the 'backdrop' that must be shielding some performers from view. Then he comes back. "All right, we are getting close to getting started. Now we have some interesting guests in our crowd tonight," he says. "I hear we are hosting the Timber Wolves! Give it up for our brave protectors. You all must have been serving somewhere hot lately, because you are all smoking!" The few locals clap.

Aldrich fetches 'something fruity' for Lyn and a beer for himself and carries them back to the seating area just in time for the emcee to start his announcements. He walks a little more quickly to get back to his seat, and once he's seated, hands Lyn her drink. He lifts his own drink a little to acknowledge the reference to the Timber Wolves.

Akeso winds up following Cate barward and there offers the bartender her empty bottle for a replacement. She doesn't smile a whole lot, usually, but there's a hint of something approximating one on her face as she stands there, anchored to the bar by a hand on the counter. "This should be good?" She's not entirely sure, but definitely not writing it off prematurely.

Lyn lifts her drink when she receives it, then takes a sip, thanking Aldrich quietly and leaning against him comfortably. He might go visit home so she's soaking up her time with him while she can. They might cook and eat him back on Gemenon or something. Who knows?

"Yeah, I don't really know quite what to expect, but Court seems really into it so..." Cate's here for moral support. The mention of the Wolves gets a surprised and somewhat self-conscious look. She gets herself a beer and heads back to watch. Instead of grabbing a chair, she sits down on the sand, on the flank so she can still see.

Someone sticks a hand out from behind the screen to signal readiness, and the emcee looks over his shoulder at that, then flashes teeth at the audience. "So tell me, how many of you have been to a drag show before? I'm guessing the CF throws about one drag show a week, right?"

Aldrich puts an arm around Lyn, a little self-conscious about it before he relaxes and settles in to enjoy the show. He snorts a quiet laugh and has a drink of his beer. Apparently the Chaplain is not the 'audience participation' type, but he's smiling enough to show he's prepared to enjoy the show.

Lyn looks utterly amused. She's never seen a drag show herself, but she knows of them. "This will be fun," she whispers to Al.

Akeso is not too sure either, but nods to Cate before she's off to find a patch of sand. The Sagittaran orders a shot of something hard with a fruity drink to follow it. She sips at that, watching the emcee, bemused.

Cate doesn't raise her hand to the question. She just leans one arm back to lounge on the sand while sipping her beer with the other.

There aren't many responses from the audiences. "Aw, don't be shy," the emcee says. "I can tell that for some of you, it's your first time! This is a drag show and it is time to wild out but above all you need to remember that these girls /do shit/ for /cubits/, okay! So if you want to tip your performer, you just hold your hand up with some cash and she will come, I promise. Now first for you we have a comedy act, the hilarious stylings of Lotte Bootie, come on out here, Lotte!" This is a local queen, padded out as a bigger girl since the performer has a larger frame to begin with, dressed as a sea witch. Her act has some great jokes, some which require a little local culture to get, and some that are old standards, like, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!"

Aldrich squeezes Lyn's shoulder in agreement. He's still not the participation type, but he does laugh when the first performer is announced, and at most of the jokes. And if he gets a little red in the face at some things, well, at least he seems amused.

Lyn laughs along with the jokes and she hands Al some money to tip the first performer. She seems to be having a great time, being anywhere but on the ship at the moment. The fruity drink is definitely helping her relax.

Akeso is slow to find a seat, mostly because she has to linger by the bar long enough to finish her first drink and get another. The second she'll try to take slow and enjoy, while she watches act number one, Lotte Bootie. This might be her first drag show. It doesn't seem like it'd be something too popular back on Sagittaron. Even so, she applauds enthusiastically and laughs when the punchlines hit strike her the right way.

The seats are close enough to the bar that there is no problem seeing from the bar if one prefers. Lotte makes her last joke and blows a kiss before disappearing behind that screen again, and the emcee returns. "Now there's a girl who always leaves you begging for a little more Bootie. Next up, we have a song from one of the /biggest/ names in Argentum Bay dray, that's right, the one, the only, Dixie Normous!" The bartender Protevi comes around to start the music for the act.

Aldrich is a little too embarrassed (or afraid to attract attention) to be offering money to drag queens in the middle of a show. He passes the money to someone else so /they/ can tip the performer. Of course, then the emcee has to ruin his strategy for staying inconspicuous by announcing the next name just as he's taking a drink. He nearly chokes, and releases Lyn long enough to recover.

Lyn nearly chokes on her drink as the performer's name is announced. "Well that alone deserves a tip," she points out to Al.

Cate smiled politely at some of the jokes in the first act, but overall the medic seems pretty subdued. She puts her beer down to clap, though, when the act is over. The guffaws and spit-takes when the second act is announced get a perplexed look. Someone's a little slow on the uptake, maybe.

Akeso narrows her eyes over her drink, having a thoughtful sip as she ponders the name. Dixie Normous? At least Cate isn't alone in not quite grasping the play on words straight off. There's a glance aside at Al and Lyn, brow arching. Maybe she'll ask them after.

Despite the hysterical name, Dixie Normous, another local performer, comes out in a long dress to the accompaniment of a sentimental ballad. She doesn't particularly dance, but she uses a lot of expressive bodily movements in her lip sync to imbue the song with emotion. Despite her apparent sincerity in bringing to life this beautiful, sad song, she is never slow to collect her tips. This one is a pro.

Aldrich manages to recover after a moment or two of coughing, and prudently sets his beer down on the ground next to one foot of his chair. His hand ends up on Lyn's knee this time, but he leans toward her slightly as he enjoys the next performer. She gets an 'mm' of agreement for her comment.

Lyn seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself, clapping for performers, sipping her drink, and cozying up with the chaplain. Wait, they're all having a good time. Are they going to get eaten by CySharks before the night is over or something?

Akeso sets her sandals down during the performance, and brushes the sand from her feet before slipping them back on one at a time. It's not that she's not interested though, if there's one thing she likes, it's sad songs. When Dixie's done, she already has a tip ready.

Cate seems to get more into the second performance, listening attentively to the song while continuing to sip her beer. No tips are offered, but she does bring her hands together to clap. Her eyes drift over to Aldrich and Lyn sitting a little ways away, and she smiles faintly.

<FS3> Geoff rolls Dancing: Success (8 5 4 4 3 2)

Dixie scoops up her tips after that last dramatic simulated note, curtseys, and disappears behind the screen. "All right," the emcee announces, "Here comes the final act, making her Argentum Bay debut, it's Gigi!" With that announcement, out comes a queen in dark outfit and wig who, if you know who you're looking for, is Geoff under all the makeup and padding. The short, ruffly outfit looks like it might have been made last minute out of a black bathing suit, a corset, and some fabric gathered up, but it's good enough. A new cue is brought up over the speakers. It's a well-known pop song about survival, presumably after a breakup, but the performance, which heavily emphasizes dance, underscores the fact that the fierce lyrics could refer to other kinds of survival, too. The dancing isn't perfect, especially given the combination of high heels and sand, but it's not bad, either.

Lyn's mouth drops open. She elbows Al. "Is that Geoff?" she asks, gobsmacked. "Dammit, he has way better legs than I do," she muses.

Seeing Geoff up there gets a smile from Cate. A little one, but a smile nonetheless. She sits up a little bit, paying close attention to the performance.

Aldrich chuckles a little at that, and seems /slightly/ less surprised than Lyn. Slightly. "No, he doesn't," he corrects, loyally, and grins crookedly. "He's good, though, isn't he?" He glances over to Cate with a grin and a 'Look, it's our friend!' expression.

Sloooow tilt of Akeso's head to the left, and then back to the right just as slowly. Her eyes narrow. Everything in her vision is probably a bit soft focus at the periphery thanks to the amount of drinking she's already done, but there's something about the new survivor performing. Why does Gigi look somehow familiar? Oh well, she does at least know the song, and mouths the words to herself once she's mostly given up on trying to place the performer. It's really not until Lyn's question sinks in that it all clicks. Geoff!

Lyn screams and cheers for Geoff, er Gigi, because that's her pal up there!

The song ends and Gigi swoops in for any tips she's missed, then disappears where the others went off to. "What a great show," the emcee enthuses. "Come on out here, girls!" The three queens come out for a final curtain call and then go back behind the screen. "All right, feel free to stay and buy alcohol from us as late as you like, folks, we're here until 2 AM. And don't forget while you're still in town to come on down to the Nautilus if you /really/ want to make the most of your shore leave. See you there!" And then the emcee nips off, too.

Cate slants that little smile Al's way, catching his look and nodding. It totally is! the silent look seems to say. When Gigi's performance ends, Cate claps heartily and even lets out a cheering 'woo!' for her friend. As things start to disburse, Cate gets up and brushes the sand off her pants, then goes off to search for Gigi to offer congratulations.

Big tip for Gigi and a round of applause from Akeso. She looks thoroughly impressed, and drunk, but mostly impressed. When the show wraps up she finds her glass empty so, naturally, it's a trip to the bar. As she passes Al and Lyn she gives them a big eyed 'did you see that?' look. Words fail her though.

Aldrich doesn't exactly scream or hoot because he's still Al, but he does laugh at the appropriate moments and claps enthusiastically when the show is over. He grins at Akeso and nods acknowledgement, as he climbs to his feet so he can help Lyn up. Because /obviously/ she needs help, duh. She nearly died!

Geoff is half out of drag by the time Cate gets back there, clothes changed to jeans and Argentum Bay branded tank-top, but makeup and wig still fully on. "Oh," he says, and comes out from behind the screen a little to see Cate so the other two performers can change in peace. "Hey. Thanks for coming."

Cate doesn't go around the privacy screen, but smiles a little when Geoff comes out to meet her. "No problem." She motions vaguely towards the screen with her beer bottle. "Didn't want to interrupt, just wanted to say you were great up there. Thanks for inviting me."

"Oh," Geoff says, exhibiting a certain after-performance shyness. "Yeah. You're, like, one of my best friends. I mean...it's just...it's not much but like...makes me feel like I'm alive, anyway. I won't keep you, but I'm glad you were here. Get back safe, yeah?"

Akeso gets a bottle of something to go from the bar and starts to wander off on a slowly zig-zagging path towards the surf. There's a wave for Geoff and Cate, but she doesn't interupt as she goes off to have some drunk alone time.

Cate gives a dawwww sort of smile to Geoff's words. "Well, I'm glad I could be here. Al too. Hopefully catch you around before you have to go back to the ship." She offers a distracted wave to Akeso, then looks back to Geoff. "Have fun."


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