2237-11-09 - Wolves Howl: Prologue

Aldrich stops by while Astraea is planning for the party later in the evening.

Date: 2237-11-09

Location: RP Room 5

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Scene Number: 1554

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It's not the resort's bar, but it is one along the boardwalk. Astraea is here early- very early. Not 'too early for drinks,' but hours before the party is set to begin. It's a crowded, but homey place. Tables, yes, but also some couches and arm chairs. Almost like a college town's coffee house rather than a kitschy bar. It's been rented out for the evening for the Timber Wolves air wing (and officers or others that crash the festivities), though a few people linger at the bar proper for the time being.

The Raptor pilot is in a blue patterned sundress, sunglasses pushed up into her hair while she's indoors. She's seated by the automated karaoke machine, fussing at the console. There's a few music players sitting by her elbow.

Aldrich may or may not realize there's a karaoke event tonight. He shows up at the bar wearing a plain t-shirt and his uniform pants and boots, and makes his way over to the bar to order a drink. It's one of the few times lately that he's been seen away from Lyn's side since she was injured. Perhaps she snuck away while he wasn't looking! Who knows?

There's a mug near Astraea's elbow and she reaches for it after pausing, but finds it empty when she goes to take a drink. The Scorpian woman frowns, absently, before pushing away from the console to make her way over to the bar. She's already calling out in Scorpian for a refill before she notices Aldrich there. There's a moment of consideration before she steps up alongside him. "Padre," she offers, slipping back into Standard.

Aldrich glances up, looking a little surprised to be addressed, but he offers a friendly enough (though slightly weary) smile. "Oh, hello. How have you been? Seems like it's been awhile since we caught up..." His drink arrives and he pulls it closer, but he doesn't take a drink yet.

Her mug is slid across the bar to be taken and replaced with a new one. There's steam rising off of whatever she's drinking, but also the clear scent of alcohol. Astraea leans up on the bar, wrapping her hands around the drink. "Not since the, eh, incident at Camp Thorpe," she offers, glancing over to the man briefly. She rolls her shoulders slightly. "Wishin' we were gettin' a full leave. I mean, this ain't bad, but it was nice last time, gettin' to stay planetside an' only havin' trainin' an' all. When will we all get three, four days off without havin' to hope they'll give onna those passes?"

Aldrich lifts a shoulder a little. "I suppose when the war's over," he jokes mildly, and lifts his drink in a toast to the idea, and has a sip. "I have a pass to go home. Supposed to leave tonight, but I'm still not so sure I'm going to use it," he admits.

"How long, y'think, 'til people are medically discharged for stress an' exhaustion?" Because the Dauntless, at least, going such full tilt without its occupants getting more than their 48-hour excursions here and there might start seeing such soon. Over two years into the war... Astraea lifts her mug, finally, for a sip. "Why not?" There's a look over to him, as he admits potentially not going home. "I wish I could get one for vacation purposes-" instead of needing specific people to visit. "..jes'... go somewhere else for a while."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder a little, and gives a crooked grin. "It's not likely to be... relaxing. It's Gemenon." He says that as though the reasoning should be obvious. Maybe it is. "Do you have any family you could feasibly say you're visiting? Cousins or something?"

"I'd like to see Gemenon someday," Astraea opines, simply. No surprise, surely. For all her closeness to Jigger and how she's been learning Gemenese for the religious texts. There's another drink from her mug followed by a shake of her head in answer to his question. "Ain't got no family off-planet an' I can't really... go stay with th' ones here. Wouldn't want to anyhow."

Aldrich grins a little at that, and replies, "Everyone thinks that until they go there." But there's a certain fondness underlying that to suggest he doesn't totally mean it. "Perhaps you could get a pass to go visit your boyfriend's family?"

There's a sudden laugh at that and Astraea shakes her head. "I don't have a boyfriend," she says, though there's something of a sadness in her expression when she does. In spite of the burst of laughter, at that. "Jes' me. Until I convince 'em to let me visit Libran for a couple days to check out the universities or somthin', I'm stuck."

Aldrich winces a little, and looks down at his drink. "I understand," he replies. "Sounds like a tricky situation to be in... If there's ever anything I can do to help, I hope you'll let me know?"

"Can ya convince th' brass to let us use our passes on... personal development?" Astraea snorts faintly, knowing the chances are slim to none that the powers that be would ever go for such a thing. She pushes away from the bar with a sigh, lifting her mug. "Feel free to stick 'round. Karaoke with th' wing. Should be interestin'. I gotta finish gettin' music put in." Hence the pile of music players she was fussing with.


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