2237-11-10 - Tiki Delights

After some (by Yelena's standards) excellent seafood for dinner, a trip to some bar or another on the boardwalk is in order...

Date: 2237-11-10

Location: Boardwalk

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Almost any restaurant would be better than the Mess Hall on a ship. And along the boardwalk? There's plenty. Sure, some of it is more casual, but it's not like Nicole or Yelena are 'dressed to the nines.' They're both in dresses, but the sort of swingy, casual ones you find beachside. Yelena's is a dark red with white flowers lined on it here and there. It's not over the top, but it is bold. She's put her hair in a loose braid, as well. Thus, dinner was had in a cafe with outdoor seating. Lena had herself a nice chowder and a lobster roll. From the way she enjoyed it, she's not had much fresh seafood before.

And now, they're on the prowl. What for? A bar. A good one. One with a proper variety of drinks. "You would be surprised," she's saying to Nicole, "what some people think passes for vodka."

Nicole spent most of her meal poking at the dinner. The cafe was well enough, to be sure, and the lobster roll was pricey - but she was thinking literal five star. Nonetheless, Yelena offered to buy drinks so she obligingly let her pick the place on the boardwalk. She tried a bite here or there but... What she wouldn't give for a bit of braised sea bass with a walnut-cranberry reduction and a puree of leek, ginger, and potato on the side. Poke... Poke. Nibble. Then the walk. 

Her's was black, casual to be sure, and tailored with artful splashes of white to form what look like lilies all over the canvas. She glances to Lena with a tilt of her head. She sweeps a hand up to pull back some hair behind her ear, "I think I would - though I wouldn't be entirely surprised. I mean, some of the things I had to serve that were called vodka didn't deserve that right."

Maybe the Tauran doctor balked last minute at the idea of a five-star. She has to work her way up to that! But more likely, the smells of the cafe caught her attention on the way past and she just had to try it. Her glee at the fresh seafood was almost childlike at times. She even cast wary looks at a table with mussels, but was not brave enough to try them.

"You served?" She looks over to Nicole, the sea wind pulling some strands of blonde hair free from the braid. "Not... ah, military, but in a bar?" Yelena seems surprised at this revelation. "Well, it's... mmmm. Tauran vodka is the best vodka." This is said as a simple truth. No different than 'the sky is blue.' "But... some places, they don't seem to want to serve Tauran drinks." She purses her lips in a frown, squinting at a bar they pass before shaking her head. "It's a shame."

There's a sort of indecisive noise as she looks over at the other with a half-smile. She moves along with a sway, starting to enjoy the evening now that they're walking along the boardwalk. Her eyes glance about every so often at the windows into places, even the closed ones. She shrugs her shoulders with another smile, "And yes, in a bar, and honestly? I hate to say it, but the Libran Vodka I always thought was best. No - nothing can compete with the Tauran Brandy though. Ohhhh do I love Tauran Brandy."

"Libran vodka?" Yelena looks offended, complete with hand to chest. She lets out a long-suffering sigh, looking up to the darkening sky. "I guess it could be worse. You could've said Virgan vodka." There's every inch of distaste dripping from the word. "Or Caprican." Just as much ire, there. She shakes her shoulders out, slightly, dissembling back into a more placid expression. "Sorry. Ah, Tauran brandy. Honestly, I never got the taste for it, myself."

"Ugh, Virgan alcohol? I don't think they got anything right." She lets out another sigh, walking along in her black dress. A sweep of her arms off to the side away from them and out to the sea, "Caprican vodka is easily the worst though - if we're talking actual brands - I found one they made in a plastic bottle." Her nose wrinkles in distaste and she turns to look back at Lena. "We're not just going to talk about drinking though, right?"

"Hey, it could be worse..." Gray says in response to the complaint. "It could be /virgin/ alcohol..." Which is to say, not actually alcohol. "So, what're you thinking as far as stuff that's /worth/ drinking?"

The two women walk along the boardwalk under the setting sun. Yelena in a red dress with white, floral outlines and Nicole in a black dress with white splashes akin to lilies. Maybe they planned their outfits. More likely, it's pure coincidence based on them both being quite suitable for a tropical resort town. "Plastic? Ugh." The doctor suppresses a shudder. "Are... no, we won't." She looks over to Nicole, almost sheepish. "Especially since, I realize, I never got your full name." Dinner! And no full introductions! She doesn't look entirely sheepish since they both glossed over it in the excitement of eating a real meal.

So Yelena stops and offers out a hand: "Yelena Reznik. Lieutenant. Doctor that which stitches you up when you get in the way of a Cylon bullet." Reznik. A family well known, in Tisza at least, for being with the Ha'la'tha. And then there's a Gray and woah, another new face. She looks to Nicole for confirmation of 'hey, he's cool, right?'

"Gray Anderson, Corporal. I blow shit up." Yep, combat engineer for sure. "Thanks in advance for the stitching job when I need it."

Nicole looks to her with a smile that sweeps along her lips, she takes the hand, shaking it with her own, "Corporal Nicole Siska." She says, and then turns to look at Gray, a little shrug is given. She's not entirely sure but she's willing to give the benefit of the doubt - not even sure where exactly he came from but... She looks over to him. "Uh, well, it's about the same as far as I was thinking, But -- I don't really know. Lena just came aboard, she said she would pick the place to drink."
She glances back at Yelena and gives a little half shrug of a shoulder with another quirk of an eyebrow. Your call of where! "So, I mean, pick what looks good Doctor."

"Anderson. Siska." Yelena points at each in turn once she has her hand back. "I'll forget in the morning if we find decent booze." There's a flash of a smirk, but it fades fairly quickly. She squints down the boardwalk with pursed lips. "There," she decides finally, pointing to a rather dim storefront. "That place looks good." It's less flashy than the rest, at least, but she starts off decidedly in that direction.

Another little shrug from Nicole's shoulders and she gives Anderson a glance as well. A look over his face as if studying him for a moment, then she turns back and walks off along with Yelena with a light laugh. "Yeah. That sounds about right. Though I doubt you're going to stick with my tastes for long - well - probably not anyway." She moves a bit quicker to catch up with the Doctor, "Wait, the place with the tiki torches?"

Gray shrugs...he's hopeful he'll fit in, but he's also not going to try to prove himself...well, /too/ hard at least. "Tiki torches it is." Hey, tropical theming always equals great drink...right?

There's no sign of Yelena doing anything other than just charging on through. She may be new, but she's trying to gloss over that as much as possible. Perhaps in the wake of her bunk dilemma. "Yes," she declares, "the one with the tiki torches." She doesn't seem afraid of this, no. "Either they'll have good booze or drinks so sweet we don't give a frak." Beat. "Besides, I'm the one buying." How better to win the favorite of your new compatriots than to get them drunk?

"Only because I bought dinner for you." Nicole says with an amused sound to her words and a shake of her head. She glances back at Gray and her eyebrows arch again, she looks between the both of them and she sighs. Sighs heavily. "Okay, okay, clearly I've been bested by both of your wishes on this. Gods I hope that they're sweet and tasty, and not just sweet."

Gray grins at the thought of either option alongside free booze...heck, free booze alone wou;d've cut it. "I'll take whatever's on offer." He can do the landnav course on a hangover...he's sure of that. After all, he's not a Lieutenant. "And yeah, tasty is always nice."

Thankfully, in spite of being a Lieutenant, Yelena is free of such foibles. But then, being brand new, she might be free either way. "Booze. Booze is on offer," the Tauron opines. She gets to the bar's door, squinting at the 'tiki god' logo for a moment before pushing through. Inside is just as garish as out, but with the thick scent of smoke in the air. She seems unbothered by that as she starts hunting down a table that can host at least three. There's looks, by the locals, at her tattoos as she passes... but just as quickly, they look away. She's not Scorpian.

Gray pushes along into the bar behind Yelena, making a note of her tattoo with an eye towards asking about it later. The smell of smoke is all too welcome...it tells him he's free to light one up as well once they get a seat. He also largely gets ignored...he's not Scorpian by a long shot.

Nicole strides in with a lift of one shoulder, a dip of the other, and a movement that lends itself to a bit more of a sweep of her feet than something direct. She walks along with her back straight and head up... she gets stared at, and they skip the tattoos as the reason why. A grin to Lena as she finds the place to sit, and she'll slide down next to her. "Let's see.... Hmm, melon. melon, different melon, aaaand rosemerry and cranberry vodka." Her node wrinkles in a way that says ''Oh gods'' before she slaps the menu back down. "Melon thing it is."

There is a careful grace to Yelena's movements, but it's something so deeply a part of her that she can't play it up or own without conscious thought. And in the moment? There's none of that. She just drapes herself into a chair and grabs a menu in turn. "Did you say... rosemary and cranberry vodka? Like... both flavors in the same?" She sounds equal parts fascinated and disgusted.

Gray also has a macabre fascination with the drink in question, as one can probably guess from the look on his face when it is proffered as a suggestion. "I...I'll try it out..." he offers, bravely. Either it'll work brilliantly (some strange flavor mixes do work for reasons known only to Dionysus) or crash and burn impressively. And like anything a combat engineer does, there's often only one way to find out.

"I think technically it was cranberry vodka with a rosemary infusion." Nicole says with a mildly amused sound, a little shrug, "One thing I hate about food culture, the stupid things they do to alcohol." A sigh, amused, annoyed, and over all uninterested until Gray speaks up. Her head turns ever so slowly his direction, and her eyebrow arches, "Your funeral. But - either way - nice gumption." She gives another shake of her head. A flat of a hand and she'll order one of the melon ones.

<FS3> Gray rolls D100: Failure (5 4 3 3 2 1)

There's a look for Gray and Yelena's eyebrows perch high briefly. "Well, then," she says. "I'm going with this-" she squints at the menu. "Melon berry cocktail. It sounds promising." She tosses the menu back in place, leaning back to wait. "When on Scorpia?" she asks, looking at the other two. "Seemed fitting to try the... local fare."

Gray grins somewhat boldly as he puts the order in. "Like you say..." Well, his fate is sealed...at least when it comes to the first round.

A shake of her head, her own was a Melon chill something or other, she's not too entirely sure. Melon and mint... could work. Maybe. If they get the flavors right, with a good sweetness to mellow out the sharp of the - oh just stop if Nicole. A sigh and she looks between the two of them again with a rather wry smile making a break across her visage, "When on Scorpia indeed. So... what is your fascination with seafood?" She asks of the Doctor.

Gray's drink also arrives, and he takes a sip. He briefly makes a face...but a second sip actually gets a smile. "Ok, it's not perfect but the flavors don't clash as badly as you'd think..."

Yelena, however, seems quite pleased with her drink. It's one of those slush-style ones, too. She takes a long sip before looking over at Nicole. She blinks a few times, "Well... where I grew up wasn't near an ocean. All our fish was... well, frozen. And my father was a terrible cook to begin with." She takes a long sip, "Plus, have you ever tried getting good seafood delivered?" There's a shudder before she's leaning towards Gray: "You have any other cigarettes?"

Gray takes another sip of his actually-workable cocktail, and then he notices that shudder (and a life-or-death question behind it). "Uh...er...just a pair of cigars..." he says, patting a pocket. Making a point of downing as much of his drink as he can first, he nods to Yelena. "Right. You covered the drinks, I'll get some smokes?" he offers. "Any brand preference?" Some folks can be...picky...on this front.

A reach into her handbag and she pulls out a pack, a Tauran brand, tossing the opened back on the table as she goes fishing for her lighter next. a few more reaches around, then a check in her bra... she's pretty sure she didn't tuck it in there. Nope. So Nicole goes back to digging through the handbag one last time before... Ah! And she pulls it out. Damn, a hole in the lining? Ugh, they don't make Ivory Couture like they used to. She looks up and sets the lighter on the table next. "Have no fear." She says in a mild sing-song tone, picking up her drink and giving it a sip.

"So long as they've got filters. I don't know what it is with marines and unfiltered smokes." Bah! There's no knowing what Nicole is digging for, so Yelena just lets Gray go off on Mission: Get Cancer Sticks. She's taking a long drink of her cocktail, however, when the pack is tossed on the table. The doc snatches it up, looking from it to Nicole. She'd picked up on those tattoos, but Tauran cigarettes? Those aren't easy to get ahold of on other colonies. "You'll make me homesick," she (teasingly) complains as she takes one out.

An amused sigh and she takes one herself, flipping the cigarette about in her fingers as she looks down at it for a moment. After they flow along her fingers a few times it finally ends up with filter up and perches between thumb and index fingers. She smiles down at it before it scoots between her lips. "It's not cheap but... can't spend it when it's gone and I have more than enough to spend for now." A wan smile and she'll wait for Lena to light up first before she does.

"Fortunately," Yelena lights the cigarette, taking a long drag before passing the lighter over to Nicole. "...being a Lieutenant pays alright. Not as well as when I worked at the hospital, but alright." She leans back in the chair; drink in one hand, smoke in the other. "But you need to hook me up with your cig source. I could use a pack or two."

Nicole lets out a little noise of amusement, "Changes. Gotta find who's selling them, this one was a smoke shop I had to make a stop at. Took me some time to track it down, better part of half the day really." She sweeps her hair back behind her ears and then lights the cigarette before sliding the lighter next to the pack. The drink was sipped, the cigarette was dragged, and as she let out a puff of gray smoke she levels her eyes at Yelena again. "So... what're the marks on the arms for?"

"Frak. Is it local here? Or some other colony?" Because Yelena doesn't sound opposed to hunting down a shop here in Argentum Bay. But if it's outside the Bay? That's a fair bit trickier. She takes a drag on the cigarette, but her expression clouds over when the question comes. The woman leans to ash the cigarette; affording herself a brief distraction.

There are some marks that have universal meaning for Taurans. Years in service on the side of the neck (if you opt to showcase it). The location of a marriage tattoo. The symbols, on the fingers, that mark one's children. But the right and left arms, when someone is traditional enough to mark times they've succeeded or failed... Those are personal and the symbols themselves usually fraught with symbolism for the wearer alone. Lena captures her tongue between her lips as she considers. "A... lot of things," she says finally, carefully. She looks own to her arms, stretching them out and rotating them slowly. "It's... well, it's a war. Gonna frak up sometimes. And... I always try to be better. So some of these-" her left arm, with more markings than the right, "... well, they're reminders of when I frakked up."

A few nods of her head, a sort of bobbing gesture. Her eyes ran over them a little more critically then, the pause itself seems to warrant this and she pauses. The blue-gray of her eyes turn harder, more focused instead of the easy sort of look not that long before. She raises the cigarette again and takes a long drag on it, exhaling on the tail end of it. "If you only want one, I'll give you one when we get back to the Dauntless. Next leave I'll take you with me." She flicks the back of the cigarette with her thumbnail.

Bringing her drink back in, Yelena affects a small shudder. Like shaking off the memories stirred up by contemplating the marks on her arms. She drinks deep and follows it with the cigarette. Trading off, easily, between the two vices. "One would be great," she says, with a subdued earnest. Interested, yes, but in that stage of the evening where dredging up reactions is hard. "Next leave, I'll make sure I've got the scratch to buy plenty." Because Tauran cigarettes may not be the best, but they are a taste of home.

A little sigh as she looks up at the screen for a moment, "I think I just saw some of my investments crashed." She says with an amused note, "As you said, learn from your mistakes. Always learn from your mistakes~" A sort of musical lilt to it and Nicole stares at the orange ember in contemplation for a moment. The melon drink is raised, sipped, set down and she starts off at a laugh. "Sorry, that was my fault. I should've started with something less direct."

"No, it's..." Yelena considers her words, sucking at a tooth. "I mean, we get them for a reason, right?" She doesn't sound wholly sure of herself, but forges ahead nonetheless. "If we... were so oppose to being asked, we wouldn't have them. I wouldn't. It's just-" she shrugs, downing the rest of her drink. "It's been a while." Since what, she doesn't say. What she does do, however, is dig out enough cubits to cover the tab, plus a healthy tip. It's dropped on the table before she's closing up her purse. "Howabout another cigarette and a walk down to the beach? I'd like to see the water."

There's a pause and Nicole nods her head a few times, like she's making up her own mind in a way and drinks the rest of hers. A little wince as she tentatively exhales... Ow. Ow. Ow. Brainfreeze. She winces for a moment, and sets it down before picking up the lighter and the cigarettes. "Let's do just that." She says, with a smile that's more toward the wry, pushing herself up from the table.


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