2237-11-15 - Night At The Cove

(While back on Scorpia) Kyle and Cate talk significant others and post-war plans while playing some virtual pyramid at the beach bar.

Date: 2237-11-15

Location: Scorpia

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Separated from the water by only a narrow strip of sandy beach that vanishes at high tide, The Cove is a casual tourist trap, made up to fit the milieu without going overboard. The roof is thatched (over modern materials), with fronds hanging down over the wide eaves. Wicker-backed chairs are scattered over a palm-tree-lined stone patio, clustered around glass-topped tables. The main attraction, however, is the brightly-lit bar, lined with stools and backed with a staggering array of rums, beers, and other alcohols. A small area off the bar is set aside for dancing on the occasions when a live band plays -- when it's empty, there is often karaoke. A Pyramid-X game sits in the corner beyond the stage.

The Cove is hopping tonight, with CF servicepeople on leave and the usual locals plus tourist mix. The girls haven't been here long - enough time to grab a couple drinks and for Cate to end up at the Pyramid-X game in the corner. Playing solo or co-op mode with Kyle depending on the other marine's mood, she remarks, "It's nice that this one has the latest team rosters. The one back home was always, like, four seasons old." She glances over at Kyle. "You been enjoying your leave so far?"

"I am! I am." Kyle repeats herself, the second time thinking it over more than the first. With her hair combed down in straight sheets, she glances through one such hook of her brown hair towards Cate. She sets her cocktail on the edge of the Pyramid-X game for now, opting to watch. "These beaches are way warmer than the ones I've got back home, so I've kinda pegged it in as a vacation spot someday. I'm gonna remember this place." Kyle adds, tilting her eyes towards Cate's face. "What about you?" A grin leaps into place. "Your boyfriend have family here, too?"

"I'm glad," Cate remarks about Kyle's leave, her hands maneuvering the joystick and buttons with obvious experience. "I know Caprica City has a beach, but it seems like it's not quite the same level of 'beach action' as this place. Or even Picon." A little shrug answers Kyle's question about how her own leave has been going. "I'm enjoying this," she says with a slight smile, avoiding comment on the days so far. "But no - just his mom back on Caprica. Though I'm not sure I'd really call him a 'boyfriend'," she says with a contemplative frown. "You going to visit your folks again? I heard they were giving out 48-hour passes." She scores a point in the game and lets out a little, "Yes!"

When the gaming cabinet rocks, Kyle snatches up her drink and cradles it in a twist of her wrist against her collarbone. It's evening, so she's thrown a shoulder-baring mesh shirt in blue over the strings at the base of her neck. They, too, are the same color. "What? Not a boyfriend, but you're visiting his mom? Cate." Kyle groans with the rolling tone of protest in her voice. "Sorry! Sorry." Kyle places her hand to Cate's shoulder and gently headbutts her arm. "I'll stop."

The tiny straw swimming in the green cocktail slips between Kyle's lips.

"I might. I don't know yet. I know my dad's going to go crazy about me making Sergeant, because I am now officially the Costello to make highest rank." Kyle cackles and does a little dance in place, holding onto the knot in her ankle-length sarong. "My brothers are going to be so jealous."

"Oh, sorry," Cate says, eyes flicking up when she sees Kyle having to rescue her drink. She's got on a simple tank top and capris, one of her few civilian outfits. Smirking over her shoulder at Kyle's groan, she says, "I know, I know, it sounds weird. But his mom's pretty cool. I just went to check up on her when we were assigned to that airbase in Cap City. Y'know, after the air raid? I knew she lived alone and figured he'd be worried about her so... anyway. Maybe he is. I dunno." Cate frowns at herself and then focuses on the game for a minute, scowling when the computer scores a point. The scowl is short-lived given Kyle's little happy dance, and Cate smiles over at her. "You haven't told him yet? You totally have to go home for that then."

"It doesn't sound weird, Catey, I'm just trying to figure out if I'd be being the good friend or bad friend to ask all the questions." Kyle turns for the nearby table and leans out past Cate to set her drink down. "At the risk of sounding crude, as your friend, it's my duty to, you know, help if you need it." Kyle smirks limply to the woman at her side, then reaches out for the joystick and the buttons. "Talk to me. Am I supposed to be the friend that helps or the friend that keeps the light on and hopes you don't come back until morning?"

Kyle Costello presses a finger covered in blue varnish on the button to sign herself into the game.

"Haven't told him yet. He's going to want to throw a party." Kyle taps the joystick around, selecting her player. "You think the boss people are ever going to ask questions why I keep going out on leave with either you or Erin?"

Cate offers a little smile back, scooting over to make room when Kyle joins the game. "Hey I'm just happy for someone who gives a shit - I'm not gonna quibble over how you do the friend thing," she assures her, then shrugs. "But I don't mind questions. Just don't know if I even have the answers for myself." She picks up her own drink from a little ledge near the game and takes a gulp. "Truth is I've never had much luck with guys so... I guess I'm just, like, four times bitten five times shy or something." She hitches a shoulder, the subject of Kyle's promotion being much easier. "You don't want a party, I take it? And why would the bosses care who you go on leave with?"

"I am seriously dead set now on finding out if you two aren't dating because HE is being weird, or because you're being weird, but if you ask me, going to see his mom while you're on Caprica should at least warrant a dinner that doesn't involve 'Do you want the mashed potatoes or the creamed spinach'. Splat." Kyle reaches back for her drink, takes a gulp for herself, and sets it down beside the console. She finally joins into the game, head dipped down to stare at the pixels in concentration. "Mess Hall dates only apply if they're the only restaurant in town."

Kyle quiets, tapping on the buttons. Its an unnecessary silence while she mulls over the answer to Cate's question.

"I do want a party. I want all of my friends to be there." Kyle quiets and glances Cate's way. "I keep thinking staff'll freak out if I'm dating someone in my unit."

Cate isn't paying as much attention to the game - whether it's because she's distracted by the conversation or by playing one-handed while she takes another drink. Probably both. "Probably because I'm being weird," Cate admits with a rueful chuckle. "He took me out to dinner last time we were here. It's hard being on different ships though. Only getting to see each other once every couple months, if we're lucky." There's a slightly pensive look on her face, but it eases when she glances back toward Kyle. "Well, you should have a party then. Not every day you get to be the first one in your family to make Sergeant, right? And really I wouldn't worry about the brass. Half the unit is sleeping with the other half anyway. I mean, hell, Newton and Izzy got married for frak's sake and nobody cared."

"You know, I was way surprised to hear that! Way surprised there hasn't been a flood of it, either, since once that gates open, whoosh." A flow of laughter rolls off of Kyle's tongue freely. "I know in the back of my head I'm making plans for when this war is over, but I don't know if I'd tempt fate like that, myself. It's bad enough the person I'm seeing's already on board with the rest of us." A beat. "Or better. It's definitely better! Just...different ways."

"How about this?" Kyle finally decides, looking away from the game to poke Cate in the erm with her finger. "How about you tell your boy to come to Caprica and we'll try to arrange it for when -we- get some leave on Caprica, and we'll double date it, talk you up, put you two in a hotel room and-" Kyle's eyes cross in the center. "Then it wouldn't be weird when Erin and I go off to literally make monkey noises in our hotel room?"

"I think it goes both ways. I mean, you worry about them either way. If they're here, it's more... in your face, I guess. Especially if they get hurt." Or killed, as was the case with Cate's last boyfriend. Which probably accounts for the pensive look returning to her face. "But you also get to help look out for them, see them every day..." Cate trails off with a shrug. "Different ways, like you said." The suggestion about Caprica gets a weak smile. "Yeah, that'd be cool, but I don't know what our chances are of all getting leave at the same time. But if we can swing it, sure." On the game's screen, they manage to score another point, and she compliments Kyle's play. "Nice one."

"Thanks." Kyle's cheek perches up, dimpling as the game goes into a resting period between periods. She wraps her fingers around the short haft of her drink and carries it to her lips for a sip. "I've been lucky so far. I know I'm taking a lot of risks like I am, but I've put Erin through more worry than she's put me thus far." Kyle sways into her turn towards Cate with a grunt. "I don't know. It's almost weird to me that people are busying themselves with being in," Airquotes. "Relationships, with all of this, but if they're gonna do the big romance thing, I just want my friends happy. I want 'you' happy. I want this war to end next week." Kyle's features sink and she blows her breath up towards her eyebrows. Kyle turns and steps backwards, slipping onto a barstool.

"I try really hard to keep from feeling like I'm thinning out, Catey. Even harder to keep it from showing."

Cate seems content to abandon the game, bringing her drink over to perch on the stool next to Kyle. "Next week sounds good. I'd be down with that," she says with a wry smirk that doesn't take the wishing too seriously. She finishes off her drink and then signals for the barkeep's attention. "It seems weird to you? I dunno... seems kind of natural to me. People looking for comfort, connection... some little bit of happiness in the middle of all this shit. Al told me once that we don't need anybody else to make us happy but..." Her face scrunches up. "I'm not sure I believe that. I mean, I'm not saying romance is the magic key to happiness or anything. But I do think it's hard to be happy all on your own - no friends, no family, no significant other." The barkeeper comes by and Cate orders another drink - and motions to Kyle to see if she needs another too. Then as the man moves off, she slants Kyle a glance. "Thinning out meaning... spread too thin?" Apparently she missed the meaning there.

"Tell that to someone living on a deserted island." Kyle holds up a finger to the bartender, mouthing 'please' to the man. She crosses her legs and straightens her back, lifting her voice with a sudden burst of energy. "I mean that's such bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love Lyn Arda and I might think she's crazy for dating in the incense boat, but I think that's easy for a Chaplain to say because," Kyle clasps her wrist over her breast. "The Lords of Kobol are with them every step of the way." Kyle ends her dramatization with a sigh. "Frak that. Dogs can be great company, but it's not the same."

"So-" Kyle clears her throat and stretches out her long arm, fingers fluttering Cate's way in preamble. "-I'm not saying that I'm there or that things are wrong, but I mean spread thin like I haven't aged a year since this war started but I feel like I've aged fifteen already." Kyle drops her arm back down and holds her drink two-handed. "I really don't want to come out of this feeling like some tired, achey old maid."

Cate spares Kyle a sad smile. "I don't think it's as easy for him as you think. And he meant well with it. Make your own happiness and all that." She shrugs. "It's a nice theory." The bartender brings her another drink, and she thanks him and takes a sip before nodding. "I know what you mean. Though I kinda already feel like a tired, achey old maid, so... probably a bit late for me. At least for you there's hope," she says with a wry smirk.

"I know that sounded bitchy of me. I'm just not into the chapel thing." A beat. "Or maybe the chaplain thing? I don't know. I just fail at wondering what some invisible force thinks." Kyle follows up with an apologetic twist to her lips. "No. For me there's plenty of hope because I spend all of my sleeping hours in Erin's bunk and we're talking plans after the end of the war. I feel good about my hope. You?" Kyle points to Cate. "I'm not losing hope for you. It's not too late for you, and frak's sake if by some stupid twist of fate I ever end up married there is NO WAY I am ever asking one of my brother's wives to back me up as BFF."

Cate hitches a shoulder. "It's okay. I get that the whole chaplain thing rubs some people the wrong way. But he's one of my few good friends so... I'm biased." A brief smirk, and then she nods. "I'm glad you have that hope. Seriously... it's good to have plans and dreams for the future. Hell, to even believe you'll have a future." Cate takes another sip and muses. "For me... I mean... even if by some miracle I survive this war in one piece, I have no frakking clue what I'm going to do. I mean, sometimes I imagine what it'd be like... to settle down in Cap City. Hang out with you and Erin, and Chance and his mom.... but I think I'd get homesick."

"No! NO!" Kyle suddenly protests. "Sorry! I'm not one of those," Kyle grinches her voice's town into a raucous growl. "'Err-one chapel is evil stupid bad people frak all religions'" End voice. "Aldrich is great with Arda, he's your friend, so by proxy I love the guy even though we don't really...ever...talk. You're allowed to have whatever friends you want, it's just important for you to know that maybe when all this is done and there's some kind of half-naked Aphrodesian potluck thing that I will help you get your hair ready, but...maybe I'll be busy that night." Kyle's eyes dance with laughter when she sais it, head shaking towards her straw.

"Visit home. Stay where your heart is." Kyle says in her sideways bend for her glass. "But let's say this ends, Erin and I are living together and while Cap would be easiest for me and I know I could set up easy, the frak am I kidding, I'm going to go wherever she's happier, because I think I'm the more durable one when it comes to stuff like that."

Cate chuckles softly at Kyle's protest. "Oh, I wasn't saying you were like that or anything. I mean, I know people like that and that's not you at all. I'm not holding my breath on any Aphrodesian potlucks, but if there are any? Totally taking you up on that," she says dryly. But then more seriously, "Stay where the heart is. That's a good philosophy. I'll drink to that," she says with a faint smile, lifting her glass and doing just that.

"It's all I really got right now, my family's tucked tight on Cap." Kyle repeats the gesture, lifting her glass and bringing it to her lips. She holds the straw with her fingers and drains the drinks, setting it aside. "It's not too late to start working on post-war communal living plans, either." Kyle beams, rubbing her hands together. She slides off of her seat and waves Cate over to the machine. "Let's do this again because I think someone across the bar was giving us a look." Kyle wide-eyes Cate and shuffles back in for the game.

Shoulder to shoulder, playing video games, Kyle and Cate drift off into the background, chattering and drinking.


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