2237-11-19 - Country Roads Take Me Home

Sunny and Aldrich talk about music, home, and faith.

Date: 2237-11-19

Location: Crew Lounge

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Scene Number: 1579

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In the crew lounge, one of the crew is apparently performing a song. There's not a whole lot of people around -- maybe a handful -- so a break for music isn't a terrible thing at all, right? Somehow, Sunny managed to get a guitar aboard the vessel: an old, beaten-up guitar that has seen better days. And she plays -- and sings -- with a gentle voice.

It's a song about loss and anger. Drinking. Yet despite the serious topic, it sounds humorous and light. Like a dance over bones. (Here, minus the piano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgdSresNFxc)

And her performance is good enough to get some claps of respect, which Sunny absorbs with a wide smile, and a nodding head. "Thank you, thank you!" Sincere. Happy. Simple.

Aldrich arrives just in time to hear the end of the song. His first destination was to the bookshelf, but he pauses along the way to stop and listen, then smiles and gives some soft but genuine applause. "Very nice," he offers, with a little smile.

"Oh! Thank you." Sunny bobs her head, and grins at the chaplain. "Wasn't sure if the entire idea of a marriage collapsing was something that you'd approve of, but -- " Shrug. " -- well, these are tough times, right? A bit of humor doesn't hurt now and again." She gestures for Aldrich to come closer to where she sits, so she can offer him a hand. "I think I saw you down on the planet the other night? I was getting sauced. I'm Ashley Day, medic for the Wolves' Marines."

A touch of humor brightens the chaplain's expression, and he shakes his head. "Well, art is art. It imitates life, not the other way around." He shakes her hand and settles into a chair nearby, to continue the conversation more comfortably. "I think so, yes. You seemed to be very happy... Aldrich Kavanagh, Wolves' Chaplain. I expect we'll be seeing more of each other. I help out the medics rather frequently."

"Oh, you needn't worry about me, Chaplain." Sunny makes a waving gesture, smiling. "I was born and raised on Aerilon, and I've been in the war for a while now. If I seem happy all the time, it's because it doesn't cost me to be nice or to put on a grin. Mother used to call me Sunshine, and so, friends started calling me Sunny." Beat. "To go along with the surname, see."

She sighs. "Not that I can blame people for being down at times, but -- " Shrug. " -- it's just not me, I guess. Even after seeing a lot of hurtin' and a lot of dyin'. It just -- you just do what you can, help as many as you can, then, next day, wake up, do it again."

Aldrich nods a little, sinking back into his chair. He smiles, mildly, and replies, "That's a very healthy attitude to have. I try to be much the same, but sometimes it /does/ wear on me, I must admit." He lifts a shoulder, and tilts his head slightly. "So Aerilon, eh? Sounds like you have something nice to go home to."

"I guess so! I mean, if you consider going back to farm country to be something nice?" Sunny giggles in a giddy way. "I like it. Many people don't. Can't tell you how many of my friends wanted to blast off that rock, and go searching for galaxies far, far away." She rolls her shoulders. "Not me. I just wanted to help people, became a nurse, enlisted, and the rest is history. And, who knows? Maybe the toasters'll invade there. Good thing my folks never really trusted machines to do much of the work they could do, right?"

"What about you, Chaplain? Got some place -- someone? -- to go home to?"

Aldrich seems content to listen to her talk about her home, until she asks about his, and he shifts a little in his seat. "Oh... Well, I'm from Gemenon. No one was particularly pleased when I left, and no one will be pleased if I return. Farm land sounds nice to me, though. I spent some time on Aerilon awhile back. Very down-to-earth people."

"Well, that sounds sad." Sunny frowns for a moment. "Why don't you think anyone will be pleased if you return? Did you do something over there that others didn't appreciate." She sets aside her instrument, and leans forward with her elbows against her thighs, interested in hearing the chaplain's answer.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly, but the patient smile suggests it a very old story. "How much do you know about Gemenese culture?" he wonders, rather than answering directly.

"I'm afraid not much at all." Straight answer. Straight shot. Sunny smiles after, waiting to see what the next question or answer might be.

Aldrich looks toward the ceiling, nodding slightly. "Well. The Gemenese do not have much...appreciation for anyone who is not Gemenese. I disagreed rather vocally when I was young, and I did not leave on very good terms." He lifts a shoulder, and adds, "It was a long time ago."

Sunny lifts an eyebrow, and ponders what Aldrich has told her. "Well -- " She shrugs. " -- I guess that going back to Gemenon isn't an option. But is that really home for you now?" Beat. "I mean, suppose, for a moment, that my parents sell the farm while I'm gone. Is Aerilon still home? Maybe, maybe not." Shrug. "Oh well. I figure, home's where you're most comfortable. Could be on Gemenon for you, or Aerilon for me. Or, maybe it's somewhere else, depending on the company."

Aldrich shakes his head a little. "I was a wanderer before the war, and I expect afterwards I will be happy wherever I land. I'll just be glad the war is over and I survived it." He leans against the armrest of his chair, slightly. "In any case, you wanted to know."

"I did. And, now I know." Sunny leans back into her couch. "Guess it's only fair that I answer a question, if you've got one. Otherwise -- " She shrugs. " -- I might try my hand at writing something new."

Aldrich chuckles a little, and his eyes sparkle with good humor as he asks, "Well, of course, my first question would be whether I should expect to see you in the chapel, and whether you have any special needs. I try to do services for all faiths represented on the ship..."

"Sorry." Sunny shakes her head. "I don't attend general services. I mean, I did when I was growing up, but my family belongs to a small congregation, which I visit whenever I'm able to visit home." She smiles widely. "Aside from my music, some coffee, and the occasional good book, I don't really need a lot, chaplain. But, thank you."

Aldrich chuckles a little. "Well don't apologize to /me/. That's between you and the gods," he points out. "If you want to pray in private, that can also be arranged. The chapel is a very peaceful place to have a moment alone." He grins, crookedly, and adds, "Or if you ever find that you need to talk, I'm an open ear."

"Okay. I'll keep that in mind." Sunny pats her guitar. "You'd be surprised how often this thing gets me through nights and tough times. Want to hear another song?" She looks around. "I mean, I don't think anyone'll notice or care."

Aldrich sits back a little, and nods. "All right. I'd love that," he agrees. He seems genuinely interested, at least.


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