2237-11-20 - Dressing Down

Kell and Astraea get a lecture from the CAG after their adventure on Scorpia.

Date: 2237-11-20

Location: Offices

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The crew arrived on Picon today. Stirling has spent most of the day seeing that things got set up in the hangar and dealing with the million little logistical issues involved in moving an entire squadron's operating base. But despite all that going on, some admin things still need to be dealt with. That resulted in Astraea and Kell being told to report to an office in the base's admin building. An actual office with a door and everything - a luxury Stirling lacks on the Dauntless. The place is spartan, long since abandoned when the base's training operations were shuttered. Stirling is sitting behind the desk when they arrive, looking at something on a tablet. Assuming they knock, a crisp, "Come in," is offered.

As soon as he received the message that the CAG wanted to see him, Kell made his way to the office that Stirling now inhabits. Stepping inside after knocking, he looks impressed with the new digs for a moment before the mask of professionalism takes over. Moving to her desk, the young Leftenant salutes their CAG, "Lieutenant JG Kell reporting as ordered." Proper behavior is always his go-to when there is a possibility that he is in trouble.

After Caprica, there's a measure of nerves being on a base again. After the last stint on Picon, there's even more nerves. Astraea's was settling into a suite and waiting to see who will take that second bunk when the summons came. She changed into a duty suit and began the trek to the offices. She arrives around the time Kell is knocking and it allows her a moment to take a slow, bracing breath to dissemble before they step through. "Sir," she follows; a measure less formal, though she stands at attention at the other pilot's side.

Stirling's eyes lift from the tablet to see who's arriving. "At ease," she tells them, though she doesn't invite them to sit. "I've received a request - the local police in Tybarre want to speak with the crew of the Raptor that landed there ((whatever the date and time was))." Eyebrows arched, she looks from one of them to the other. "Anyone care to tell me why that is?"

Moving to an at ease position, Kell winces when he hears the mention of Tybarre police, his fear of getting into trouble very possible now, "Yes sir. Nova and myself may have had stumbled into the middle of some clan Scorpian clan conflict when we finished visiting her brother." There is a pause before he adds, "We made sure not to draw our personal sidearms or escalated the situation, withdrew in our Raptor as soon as we could and we came to no harm, nor did our vehicle. That is why... we did not feel the need to report the incident, Sir. Apologies for not doing so."

There's a wince from Astraea as well and while she moves to an 'at ease,' she does not relax. The woman takes a slow breath, looking down to her feet. She considers for a time, puzzling over possible answers. "Like Draygo says, sir-" She swallows. "He went with me to visit a family member an'... Assamar an' Crossguard have, ah... been in conflict over Tybarre for some time." She looks up to Stirling, anxious. "We may have gotten caught up in th' middle of somethin'. But we left as quickly as possible an' didn't engage."

Stirling's expression is bland. The major might be good at Triad. "So you two are seriously telling me that you were chased through a busy city street by armed gunmen shooting at you, and you decided it wasn't worth mentioning to anyone? Not to me? Not to the local police?"

When Stirling reveals she knows more than she initially let on, Kell is at a loss of words. He may have a Triad face but that only applies to triad for him. When facing a superior officer, it's obvious he is less incline to hide something when the truth is obviously out there, "Umm... we didn't want to cause more trouble than what had already happened, sir." That is the best response that Razor could come up with at this point, which is the truth. He didn't want to cause more trouble on the CF or for Astraea.

<FS3> Astraea rolls Composure: Success (8 8 4 3 1)

It's not a Triad face, but Astraea does retain a measure of calm because it's clear she didn't expect Stirling to know so much either. The Raptor being shot at, sure. That's fairly obvious and their explanation would have worked. Them being shot at? Well. The Raptor pilot looks, briefly, to the Viper pilot, then to their CAG. She's quiet for a moment "Like... many Scorpians in the Fleet, sir, I... was part of... matters with my Clan an'... there's still, er... some bad blood." She looks uncomfortable. "I guess it was... worse than I thought. Crossguard was... keepin' th' peace. It, ah- so long as I don't go back, it shouldn't be an issue goin' forward, sir."

Stirling looks between them, a disapproving frown forming. "Let me get this straight: You didn't report an attempt on your lives, or offer yourselves as witnesses, because you didn't want to cause trouble?" The way her eyes go to Astraea when she speaks shows that the CAG clearly heard her, but no comment is made on any of that just yet.

There is no answer from Kell this time, realizing that he may just end up digging himself a deeper hole if he keeps trying to climb his way out. He does look a bit defeated, after the cards are laid out on the table. The way Stirling recounts their reasoning, it does seem rather silly and not very well thought out. For now, he just awaits what punishment awaits them, fearing for the worst.

There's a look, again, to Kell. Astraea's expression tilts sympathetic as he deflates. She takes a deep breath and looks to Stirling, stepping forward. "I didn't want to report it, sir, because this is all from b'fore I was a member of th'Fleet. From b'fore I went to Academy, even. There was no damage to Fleet property. Th'Raptor wasn't hit at all. An' I'd have taken full responsibility if Draygo was harmed."

Stirling shifts her focus to Astraea then. "It's not your past on Scorpia that concerns me, Lieutenant. It's your actions now. You may have been on shore leave, but you're still officers in the Colonial Forces. Your behavior, on or off duty, reflects on the fleet. How do you think it reflects on the fleet when you turn a blind eye to a crime committed? How do you think it reflects on me when I have to hear from the Scorpian police that two of my pilots were involved in a gunfight a week ago?" She doesn't raise her voice at all, but it definitely becomes more impassioned. And not in a good way.

Hearing that only makes Kell feel worse, since he appears to agree with Stirling's assessment that it does indeed reflect badly on the Colonial Forces. "It does not reflect well on us, sir." The answer is straight forward as Razor doesn't avoid that fact nor does he make any excuses. It seems like his focus on trying to keep Astraea out of trouble only lead them deeper into it.

The Scorpian pilot withers under Stirling's gaze. She's done so well with their CAG for so long. In all her struggles to mesh with the wing and now this. Astraea's clearly struggling here and the Raptor pilot looks pained in the wake of those words. She runs her tongue over her lower lip, casting her eyes downward. She remains standing tall... or as tall as her barely-over-five-foot self allows. "Sorry, sir," she says, voice barely audible. "I... didn't want to... drag th' Wolves into... my personal affairs."

"No, it doesn't," Stirling agrees sharply with Kell. Then she slants a look back to Astraea. "It ceases to be your personal affairs when it involves criminals taking potshots at our pilots on a public street." She leans forward on the desk, still frowning. "I expected better than this from both of you."

A puppy being scolded might be accurate to describe what Kell looks like though he tries to keep his face straight and masked. The disappointment from Stirling only makes it worse and it's obvious that he has no answer to that.

Astraea's shoulders slump and she bites at her lower lip. The Raptor pilot is quiet for a time. She puzzles over a response, but ultimately finds none. Instead she takes a slow, deep breath and straightens. "Yes, sir," she says finally. "You're right. I-" she looks over to Kell and studies for a moment, studying him. "We shoulda told you." Her gaze goes back to the woman. "It won't happen again."

Stirling turns that stern, disappointed gaze from one to the next. "It would be within my rights to charge you both under Article (mumblemumble) and send you up to Captain's Mast. What you did showed astonishingly poor judgment." She's referring to the general article that covers 'everything that goes against good order and discipline' rather than a specific infraction. She lets the threat sink in for a few seconds before going on. "But I'm not going to." She doesn't elaborate on why, but just says, "I expect you both to prove to me that my faith is not misplaced."

"Yes sir, we will make sure not to make the same mistake ever, sir." Kell says, knowing full well which article the CAG is speaking of and that they could easily been transferred out of the Colonial Forces. His facial expression has returned to one that is passive, more of a Triad face, but one can sense the tightness in that expression that he isn't happy. Even if they are not getting punished.

There's a flinch from Astraea as Stirling lays down what she could pin them with. The jig freezes, breath held. She swallows, wavering slightly in place, trying to suss things out for a moment. Her next words? Her next movements? Finally, she takes a slow breath, straightening. "Thank you, sir," she says, finally. "It won't happen again." There's a beat, before Astraea adds: "What do you need from us right now?"

"You'll both write up a statement about what happened. I'll review them and send it on to the Tybarre police and hopefully that will appease them." Stirling leans back in her chair again. "And one more thing. Our Raptors are military aircraft, not your personal taxi service. I realize that's on Captain Wayne for approving the flight, and rest assured I've reminded him of this fact as well." She looks between the two of them one more time, seeing if they have anything further to add. If they don't, she says simply, "Dismissed."


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