2237-11-21 - Smoke Break

Some medical types discuss drug theft, exploring the island, and height-related challenges during a lull in sickbay.

Date: 2237-11-21

Location: Clinic

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Scene Number: 1583

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If for no other reason than to have a larger facility, it is damned good to be back on the ground. Well, that, and the sound of something other than the droning, deep hum of the ship's engines around you, helping to remind you that there actually is something alive outside your door. And just for the nonce, one of those living things includes Tove Lind, settled on a stool just outside one of the side doors leading out from the imaging suite. One of those secluded little nooks hospital staff always seems to ferret out for when they want to do one or more of the sort of unhealthy things that they tell their patients they shouldn't be doing. For Tove? That's smoking, the smell of the burning tobacco carrying a light sweetness.

The imaging suite is not exactly a common spot to just hang out, so it's a bit unusual that Cate emerges from there sans patient. The way she's rubbing her face suggests she might have chosen the quiet spot for a quick nap. Seeing Tove there, she blinks a little in surprise, but then offers a slight smile. "Hey."

Leaned forward as she is, forearms resting on her knees, bundled up in her overcoat, it's Tove's head that turns, at the sound of the door opening behind and to the left of her, her eyes rising an almost comical amount to make it all the way up to the face of the combat medic. "Hey, Rhodes. Don't mind me. Just taking a few minutes before I head back into surgery." It's been a few days since they arrived at the base, but some of the patients were less stable than others, and reconstruction is always a thing.

Imaging? A pharmacy? Heck, any place can be a meeting place. Sunny pops out of the drug haven, with a clipboard and a pen. And a big ol' smile on her face that just pops open and gets bigger when she sees other people. "Oh! Hello!" She recognizes Cate, at least. "Hey, there, Rhodes. And, um -- doc." To Tove. "I was just -- " She sticks the back end of her pen behind her, at the pharmacy door. " -- taking stock. Making sure nothing's missing, out of place, all that."

Cate comes up a little closer to the doorway Tove is sitting in, crossing her arms at the chill air wafting in from outside. "Surgery huh?" She stifles a yawn, still waking up. "Someone managed to get themselves hurt already, or just follow-up from before?" She glances back when Sunny appears. "Hey Day." Hearing her mistake Tove for a doctor, she gestures to the seated woman. "You two met? Lind. Day."

"Mostly just follow-ups. I think we've for an ortho up next, rebuilding a shoulder and elbow." She takes another drag of the cigarette, holding it a long moment, long enough for the unfamiliar blonde to step out, before she exhales, "Oh, you've mistaken me for someone else. Just a nurse." A tip of her head at Sunny's words, "Weird, right? Some of the shit that ends up going missing? You'd think it'd be the painkillers, and it ends up being the anti-nausea medicine for the girl trying to hide a pregnancy." She shifts her attention back to Cate, "Before the war, these poor kids would have been mustered out. Don't suppose we have that luxury anymore." And then, as though it's something she had to remind herself to do, "Tove Lind. Everyone calls me Lind. Always nice to see a new face. Marine or Navy?" That question seems to be directed at Sunny.

"Marine." Sunny is far too pleasant to be a Marine. "But, like, I hear what you're saying. And that kind of makes sense." Shrug. "When I was on Tauron, it was definitely the pain meds going missing. Figured it was patients looking for a fix or for more help, but, turns out, most of the stuff going missing? Taken by other staff." She lets out a low whistle. "I get why, but, wow, that was -- " Snerk. " -- you know, that was kind of eye-opening, right?"

She looks at Cate, and tucks her lower lip under her teeth. Then, she looks back to Lind. "I'mmmm guessing I might be interrupting something, so, like, I can just -- " She points over at a nearby desk, and walks with exaggerated motion in that direction. " -- put my clipboard over heeeeere and then -- "

Cate hehs softly at Tove's description of the missing meds. "That's one I hadn't heard before. Like Day said - I'm more used to seeing the painkillers vanish. But yeah... patch them up and put them back out there, seems to be all we can do." She glances to Sunny and shakes her head. "You're not interrupting. I just got here, like, a second before you. You're from Tauron then?"

"Good to meet you, Day. And nah, you're good. Not interrupting anything. Not even a smoke," which she's still working on. Tove does sit up enough to free a hand, sliding it into a pocket and rooting around until she pulls out a pack of smokes and a lighter. She holds them out, in a direction sort of equidistant to both woman, as if to indicate that she's offering them to both. "It's always the people you least expect." Whether she means the people stealing meds or the people you find out are from Tauron is unclear.

"Hmm?" Sunny stops and looks to Cate. "Tauron? No, not me. I'm from Aerilon." Beat. "My family? They own a farm outside of Johnsville, actually, where they raise soybeans, chickens, and cattle." She smiles widely, beaming. "I actually was just on Tauron on a short tour, and I was there when I was training to be a nurse." Her smile becomes a grin. "I liked it! It was an interesting place."

Sunny's attention goes to Tove. She shakes her head. "No, thanks. I don't smoke." Because it's bad for you, one might almost hear her say.

Cate holds up her hand with a little headshake when Tove offers the smokes. She ohs softly to Sunny. "I see. That's cool. I saw a little bit of the Tauron country when we were there, but not, like, what it was really like." She glances to Tove. "What about you? I forget if you told me where you were from."

"I've actually never been to Aerilon. One of those places, perhaps thankfully, we'll probably never get to this war." The colony has, for the most part been spared the cylons. "Grew up in the city, but we had this little plot of land where all the neighbours would come together, plant vegetables and things. Everyone had a little patch. No animals though. Not sure if I could handle that. I mean, it's a bit weird, food that's still in a condition to respond to you?" A snort, as Tove tucks the pack and lighter back into her pocket, "I'm from Sag. Leonis Protectorate."

"Oh." Sunny's lips press into a line. "Yeah, we -- umm, we had a lot of land. Fields." Shrug. "But, that's what happens when you're out in the farm country, y'know? No cities, but no cylons, really." She smiles after, warming back up again. "Oh well."

"So! Ah -- " She licks her lips. " -- is there -- is there something else that needs to be done? I mean, do you -- Lind -- do you need any help with that surgery, or -- ?" Sunny looks kind of hopeful. Maybe she's bored.

"Hopefully not. It's nice to think there are at least a few places that haven't been completely frakked up by all this," Cate says with a grim press of her lips. Cate nods when they describe the respective farms, listening curiously. Sunny's question about helping gets a little shrug. "I got off duty a little while ago, so no idea."

"You make it seem like a place I'd like to visit. If it wasn't the city on Sag, it was the desert. I still find myself fascinated by seeing so much green." Taking a final drag of her cigarette, Tove sweeps her arm wide to take in the small common, but the green cliffs and land beyond the base. "An extra hand never goes amiss. And anything you can learn now, is going to help you when it's go time. They run the medics," which Sunny has to be, since she's a Marine, "on regular rotations in sickbay. I'd be glad to show you how to prep and assist."

"Really?" Sunny looks at Cate fora second, and then back at Tove. "I mean -- yeah, of course, sure." Her eyes brighten. "I mean, I'd like that, yeah? Prepping and assisting." Beat. "I mean, I know how, but I'm out of practice. It's been, like, a couple of years since anyone's, like, asked me to scrub in and assist." Yep. Tove just made Sunny's day.

"You know, if we ever get a chance to get out to Aerilon, why don't we all take a trip out by my parents' farm?" Like that'll ever happen, right? "In the summer? Hours and hours of sunlight. Beautiful horizon." Sigh. "I can't tell you how wonderful it is. I have to show you."

Cate smirks a little at Sunny's enthusiasm. "Looks like you've found yourself an assistant," she observes lightly. Sunny's offer causes her to glance over, eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Sounds neat. That's nice of you to offer."

"Be glad to have one. Not that much taller than me though, alas." A grin follows that, "I'll still need the stepladder. You'd be more the thing, Rhodes." You know, being the closer to normal sized one among them, "I'd love that. Be nice to see what a real farm looks like." Tove takes a moment to stub out her cigarette, putting the butt away in one of those covered ashtrays that keep them from making a mess everywhere, "I was actually thinking about maybe heading down to do some exploring once I was done with my shift. I caught a glimpse of something that looks like an old lighthouse up the hill on the beach. Might be worth a visit to see it. You'd be welcome to come."

"Can I?" Sunny blinks, and wipes her hands down along her trousers. "I don't have much else to do. And that does sound like fun." The day seems to be getting better and better. Scrubbing in? Check. Surgery? Check. Going for a trip with someone she just met? Check. And Sunny hasn't the guile to contain her excitement. She bounces unconsciously on her heels.

"I'll bet it's warm out there. Picon's warm, right? Should be warm. Maybe I should wear shorts. Do you think that's a good idea? I mean, what if I also need boots? That'd look kind of silly."

Cate lets out a soft chuckle. "That's a new one - being wanted in surgery because I'm tall." She seems interested when Tove mentions exploring. "A lighthouse, huh?" But then Sunny is talking about shorts and Cate gives her a perplexed look. She slants that look to Tove as if to say: She's kidding right?

"You know how irritating it gets when all the shit you need is on the top shelf and you have to try to look professional while climbing up the side of a cabinet to get something? It's not cute. It's like being grown and needing help to do your grocery shopping." A beat, "Ask me how I know that." And a grin, "You'd come in super handy." A glance between Sunny and Cate, Tove doing her best to keep a straight face, "I think it's a bit too far north for shorts. And the wind up from the water's probably pretty chilly. You'd be better off with long sleeves and maybe a jacket." A nod to Cate though, "Couldn't see it too well from the tarmac. Lighthouse or maybe a lookout of some kind, it's right on the edge of the cliff."

"Oh." Beat. "Oh!" Sunny tsks. "I'm so-- gosh, where's my head at? I just thought, Picon, and lighthouse, and thought, well, there's got to be some water, right? And a beach? And that means warm weather?" She puts her hands together, and then laughs it off lightly. "You're right, right. Boots, long-sleeved shirt -- oh! I have this nice hat I can wear too." She waves her hand around through the air, in a circular motion. "Used to wear it on the farm."

She grins, and looks at Cate, and then Tove. "And when something's a little out of my reach, I just use a cane or a crutch, if I can find one." She crosses her arms. "Because, sometimes, there's no Rhodes around." Beat. "Or, I'll climb. I've no shame, really."

Cate lets out another little chuckle. "Well, sounds like a pain in the ass," she says with a note of sympathy. "You should just make Jake get things for you," she reasons, her smirk just a touch strained. Breezing right past that remark, she says to Sunny, "Well, Picon is known for its nice beaches too. I know Wagner was a big surfer wherever she was from."

Tove snorts laughter, as she finally rises from her seat on the stool she'd settled on, "When we're out and about, you bet your ass I do. But he'd be a bit hard to explain in surgery." Once she's tugged her jacket back down, she offers glance between the women, "I've got a couple of hours yet, but if you're around when the afternoon shift comes on, I'll be heading out then." And a glance to Sunny as well, before she heads on, "Schedule's full the rest of the day, so stop by when you're ready to get that refresher." A final tip of her head to both women, before she ducks back into the clinic.

"She was?" Sunny looks at Cate, confused. "I mean -- I guess, I just don't see it." Beat. "But, I guess this war sort of changes people, right?" She frowns for a moment. FROWNS. "That's probably the worst part of it."

Sigh. And then, the smile comes back on. Like a freakin' set of headlights. "Oh well." She shrugs. "All that aside, how're you, Rhodes? I think, last time I saw you, you seemed a bit down." Confused look. "Or maybe that was someone else." Beat. "Nah, I think that was you. Mm."

"Yeah, you should ask her about it sometime," Cate says about Charlie. As for the other question, she snickers and offers a helpless shrug. "Nah, it was probably me." It would be a challenge to find anyone who could actually recall Cate being up. "I'm all right. I'm starving though - going to go grab a bite to eat. Have fun in surgery," she says with a little smile, and then she's wandering off.


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