2237-11-21 - Three's Company

Akeso and Yelena discover they have a third, unexpected roommate!

Date: 2237-11-21

Location: Barracks

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Is it really stealing or simply liberation of closet space? Because Nicole is pretty sure that it's simply liberating closet space. She made sure to segment off an area for Akeso's shoes even, leaving only enough space for the mattress and the folded up items that look like an unclaimed bed. It just also so happened to appear in her closet while they were out of the room... without any sign that someone had gotten into their room. Such is the way of Nicole and her closet liberation!

She also happens to be currently sitting in said closet with her legs crossed and only a faint light emanating from under the bottom of the door into it. In her hand is a book which she is reading titled Way of War: Tauron Conflicts. She flips it over to the next page with a lick of a digit and a careful slide, her bed still looks like it's waiting to be claimed. Her eyes scan over the next line and she, at least for now, looks completely at ease holed up in this tiny space.

When Yelena moved into the room, it was as-of-yet unoccupied; two beds, two desks, two closets. It seemed the most prudent way of things after the 'you can wrestle' going-ons of the previous night. She didn't want to risk getting involved in any such situation unwittingly. The woman was still new enough to the Wolves to have absolutely no idea of who was involved with who or what bestie situations there might be that she'd risk getting in the midst of. Thus, she claimed a room that hadn't yet found itself with any occupants due to people out on assignment or wandering the base before selecting their own groundside berthings.

Returning from a long shift getting acclimated with the Northolt hospital, Lieutenant Reznik schleps her way into the hotel-like accommodations with a coffee in one hand and a partially unwrapped burrito in the other. She's juggling the two as she slides out of her duty jacket, alternating bites and drinks as she shoulders through the door and towards the desk on her side of the room. She has utterly no idea there's a glimmer of light from under the door of the closet that isn't hers.


Akeso returns wearing sweats, slippers, a sports bra and a towel which she's wrapped around her head. Definitely just back from the shower, she still has a warm, pinky sheen to her skin from turning the temperature up to almost scalding. Much relaxed, she pretends not to notice any light coming from the closet and simply sits down on the edge of one bed to casually file and smooth her nails with an emery board.

The sergeant's stuff is already here, it might be noted, she hasn't just wandered in at random to do her nails. Everything is neat and tidy at least, save the pack she's just dropped in the center of the mattress with the medic bag sitting right on top of that, unzipped as if she had been restocking or just doing inventory.

Akeso's slow to acknowledge the other obvious occupant of the room, mostly because she's fussing over her nails. She does though, with a terse press of the lips that sort of implies a smile and a greeting, of sorts. "I hope you don't snore or fart a lot."

Sniff... Sniff-sniff. Burrito? Ugh. That's almost as bad as a lobster roll. What she wouldn't do for seared sea bass with pistachio-citrus crust on a bed of arugula with a side of broccolini in a citrus-wasabi butter sauce and a glass of '34 Picon White. Nicole lets out a brief sigh as her stomach gives a little pang of regret, yet another reminder of the things she left behind. Yet another flavor stolen from her. Lick, flip. And there's Akeso, the sound of the other's voice. And a clean scent that wafts in. Ah, the burrito is Yelena.

Thank the Gods I didn't decide on her closet. Ew. Burrito uniform smell. And for a starter, maybe a little ahi poke with a ponzu base for the sauce. And... her stomach gives a little growling noise that says it's going to kill her if she doesn't stop thinking about food. Snap. she closes the book. "Alright... Alright..." And she slides the door to the closet open and steps out.

"You know, I can't say I've ever been awake to check." Yelena's answer comes after a swallow of coffee before she sets the mug on the desk. The burrito is quickly polished off, the wrapper tossed in the waste bin. Akeso's likely seen many a doctor eat in the same style; on the run, barely chewing. Eating quick, cheap, terrible foods from the mess hall. A life of the college gourmand never left behind, much to Nicole's dismay. Yes, even off the clock, Reznik is still in the habit. She finally shrugs out of her jacket and drapes it over the back of her chair, down to the dual tanks beneath. The woman's hand is barely off the chair when she registers what is not, not a mouse in the wall.

She stares at the marine. "Siska?" The name is all that Lena can manage, dumbfounded for more.

<FS3> Akeso rolls Composure: Good Success (8 8 7 5 5 5 3)

A normal person might jump out of their skin when someone randomly walks out of their closet unnannounced, but Akeso is not normal. She doesn't startle. Not even a little. The only reaction is a turn of her head while the emery board flips over her fingers and is soon gripped as if she means to start stabbing closet lurkers. Recognizing her fellow marine, however, she refrains from violence. She doesn't refrain from arching a brow practically to her hairline though. "I'll ask the obvious question: Why were you in my closet?"

Curious, the medic leans forward and peers beyond Nicole as if suspecting more people to come tumbling out like clowns from a tiny car. Seeing no one else, she glances to Yelena and then back to Nicole. What the hells. "Were you in there all this time?"

<FS3> Nicole rolls Composure: Success (8 7 5 4 2 1 1)

It's not the Doctor that makes Nicole's face almost bust into a smile, but instead Akeso as she leans around her to look back in the closet. She gives a raise of her own eyebrows, managing to just barely keep the smile from her face. She turns to look back behind herself, then over to the Doctor, back to Akeso. Then back to the Doctor, "Your burrito smells terrible, but it made me hungry." She starts over toward the door, because - clearly - it's best to simply fix the hunger problem.

That's not to say she doesn't say anything else, on the contrary her voice is quite light, "I was reading a book in my bunk, and I suppose that really depends on what you classify as-" finger quotes, "-all this time-" end finger quotes, "-if you mean since you hung your uniform up and made sure that your boots were squared away tucked in front of your slip-on shoes and next to your running shoes." Her shoulders give a shrug as if answer with ''Who's to say'' with the finger wiggling mysticism not included.

"Blame the mess," Yelena says simply, glancing towards the waste bin. "My stomach was going to eat me alive if I didn't eat something on my way out." She starts heading for her own closet, but hesitates, a hand upon the door. There's a flicker of uncertainty across her features as she looks to Akeso, then to Nicole. There's a hint of accusation in the Lieutenant's mien. "Is there someone in there?" She means her own closet, clearly.

"I hope it's somebody really handsome and shirtless." Akeso answers, fingers crossed. She has simple desires. As for the rest, she treats it as just another day in the life, offering a perfunctory half smile of amusement before pushing her pack to the foot railing and swinging her legs up so she can lean back against it all. Comfortable, she goes back to filing her nails. Marines be crazy. That's just how it is. She probably accepted that many years ago.

After a bit, she blows on her nails and holds them out for inspection, glancing aside when she's satisfied to see how Yelena's making out. Has she found the courage to brave the closet of mystery and possibly terror yet?

"I think when I was moving in I saw someone taking up residence in yours." Nicole says as she thoughtfully taps at her chin. Her head cants to the side slowly, her brows pulling lower, "Hmm." Tap-tap-tap. Her head turns in the Doctor's direction and she shrugs with a quirk of her eyebrows upward. "If it's a clown, I recommend closing the door quickly." She nods her head and opens the door.

"Be right back." She says, with a close of the door. There is, of course, nothing that strange in Yelena's closet, only Akeso's. Which is still glowing with the dull light and the book - with bookmark - now resting on the bed.

"We can only hope," Yelena responds to Akeso's own dreams of handsome, shirtless men residing in their closets. "We'll invite him to dinner with us." When she opens her closet there is... only her sparse few things. If she is disappointed, she does not show it. The woman removes her off-duties, leaving the doors wide (lest a clown be hiding in the shadows) as she begins to change. While she's mid-shirt removal, she offers in a muffled tone towards the medic: "I don't think we've been properly introduced. Yelena Reznik." Once the simple, drab olive tee she's going to wear is tugged into place, she turns to face Akeso. "Do you want to join me at dinner? I plan to get something better -- more filling -- than a burrito." Likely to Nicole's eternal joy.

Handsome and shirtless, Aleksander just happens to be on his way back from the gym and to get to the room that he shares with Gage, unfortunately he has to pass the room inhabited by three young women that was supposed to house two. After enjoying the state of the art gym, working on the punching bags, which isn't that common of an occurance, the Tauran is on his way back to his room to get his shower kit. Because of the workout, the shirt he wore is now draped over his shoulder and rather damp, having soaked up the perspiration he worked up. In his other hand is a empty bottle that had water in it, as well as a towel that he dabs his face with from time to time. A pair of fatigues and workout shoes complete the Marine's simple attire. His pace is slow as he passes by the open door, the only one that is open at the moment, and he can't help but be curious as to who had picked this room since there are no name plates. Upper body tattoos are visible.

Akeso twists around slightly to watch Nicole leave for reasons unknown, then make sure the handsome, shirtless closet hunk isn't claimed by Yelena before she even gets a peek. When there's no one of the sort, she sighs a little and goes back to her nail care routine so that the doctor gets some modicum of privacy, however illusory, to change in. Her nails aren't elaborate or long, since that'd be a poor combination for someone always sticking her fingers into extraneous bleeding holes in other people so she's soon finished.

"Akeso Ma." She replies as she sits up, the offer of dinner taking a few seconds longer to process and consider. There's a shrug and an addendum as she watches Aleksander breeze by. She stares at him. "Sure. Let's have some dinner."

It's really not all that long before Nicole is back - moving by Aleksander with a slide to the side and a simple "'scuze me." -, in one hand what looks like some sort of half-sandwich and in the other hand soup! And by soup, I mean a bottle of scotch. That's a type of soup, right? Half sandwich and scotch? It's totally a meal! Nicole slides back in and taking a bite of the bread and meat. A couple chews, a swallow, and she mutters, "Blech." There's a frown given to the ''food'' in her hand, a sigh, and another bite.

"Room-warming gift." She finally offers after her second bite, the bottle extended out to Akeso with the label up. She stares at the food in her hand like it may have just grown fuzzy. A sigh, deep, loathing, and exhaled through the nose as she reluctantly takes a third bite.

<FS3> Yelena rolls Alertness: Good Success (8 7 7 6 3 2 1)

Once upon a time, Yelena knew what true privacy was. She was a teenage girl, with a bedroom of her own. Then she was a doctor, with her own home. All of that changed a little over a year ago, roughly, when she joined the Foreign Legion. She's had to learn fast. Had to adapt to the ways of military service. And since joining the Fleet, she's been on ships. The Kratos, then the Dauntless for mere days. This base? Is a sudden dip into luxury and Northolt, as cold as it may be upon th north sea of Picon for many, is like a taste of home for the woman from Tisza. She brushes out her hair with her fingers as she turns away from the closet, fabric falling into place over her BDUs, eyes going to the cut figure passing the door because damn you don't just gloss over that.

But Aleksander deserves a second glance. First because old, old habits cause her storm-hued eyes to flit over the tattoos as if reading a service record. Second, because she's seen some of them before. Lena's brows furrow, lips pursed. She takes breath, shoulders squaring slightly as she swallows. "Great. I'm still getting my bearings with everyone here." There's an eye for Nicole and her 'meal' and when Reznik continues, her words include both marines: "We're going to grab a bite to eat. Join us?"

When Aleksander sees that it is Akeso's room and that she's staring at him, he furrows his brows at the unexpected find. Either he was wishing for a Leonese princess in that room or the combat medic mentioning dinner while looking his way has him worried. Then Nicole squeezes by and the Tauran takes a step to the side, "Oh Siska, that was good whiskey by the way. Haven't killed it all yet." Then when the newly transferred doctor appears, that also gives Davion a pause, not expecting a /third/ occupant to be inside as well. There might have been the slightest of reactions, a millisecond of recognition but one would have to be watching closely to catch it because Aleksander's usually demeanor immediately masks any of that. It's as if he doesn't recognize her at all, or he just doesn't and that flicker was nothing.

Room-warming gift. Bribe. Whatever. Akeso accepts the bottle and holds it out to read the label. It seems to pass muster. There's a bit of a smirk from her as she brings it to her chest for a light embrace. Her new best friend, booze. <<This will do.>> The deal is done. The closet is now Siska's to live in as she pleases. When the Marine in the door lingers, the smirk becomes a more dangerous, if tiny smile, "Hey Davion. I was just looking for a handsome shirtless man. We have an open spot if you want to move in." There's a nod towards Yelena's closet.

Since dinner is on offer, the medic swings her feet off the bed and stands up, unraveling the towel she had wrapped around her head and begins to deal with her still damp hair. She might want to put on a shirt herself after that, but she's not hurrying yet.

And just when Aleks probably thought it couldn't get any stranger, Nicole turns to look toward the Doctor and nods her head, looks to the sandwich, then responds to the invitation "Sure, lemme just get changed." That part? Not all that strange, the fact that she throws the sandwich way? Also, not that odd. But then she walks into the closet and shuts the sliding door behind her. Taadaa! Three in the room and one of them is sleeping in Akeso's closet!

"Glad ya like it." She calls out through the door, some fidgeting inside of there. "I thought it might be a nice taste from home. Just don't skimp me on the smokes." Shuffle-shuffle-shuffle-rumble of a door and she steps back out in off-duty clothing instead of something more sleep-wear.

Davion. There's no further scrutiny of the shirtless marine; at least no more than one might in casual conversation. Yelena has dissembled once more. She moves to her desk, picking up a hair band as she twists the unruly mass up into a messy bun of sorts. There's a sidelong look towards Akeso and a snort. "I doubt he'd fit," she notes in that low, wry Tauran accent of hers. She pushes in her chair, tapping a finger to the back of it as it threatens to tip over. Once assured that it'll remain upright, she crosses to the corpsman's side of the room to lean over and get a look at the bottle. "Scotch. Hasn't anyone got vodka around here?"

"I think I'm going to have to pass, Ma. Tomak is a good enough roommate." Aleksander says with a narrowing of his gaze when he looks back to Akeso, obviously suspicious of her invitation. Seems like he would rather walk into a room of Centurions than a room with these three by himself. At least with the toasters, he knows what to expect. The Tauran also smartly prepares to make his withdraw, not willing to give the others a chance to ensare him in some trap, "Will leave you three to braid each others hairs and put on each other's make up." With that said and while he turns, he gives the room occupants a wave.

"Once you and Tomak are done making out or measuring each other's muscles or whatever you guys do together, we're all going for dinner, Davion. Feel free to join us if you want. We can even play some triad after, if you have any cubits you want to lose to me again." Akeso calls, boths hands up in her towel as she dries her hair with it. She wanders to the door to lean out and watch him go too, smiling, tone just a itty bitty bit goading. Common peasant women be like that. Ornery and disagreeable, lacking the manners of Leonese princesses and such.

Nicole has her book in hand as she strides out of the closet. "Oh, he already left?" She looks between the two women in the room, including the goading Akeso. She gives a snort, a pull of her lips off to the side into a half-smile. Her eyes seek out the ceiling for a moment, then fall back on Yelena. "Oh do you hear that?" Her tone sliding to sarcasm.

"I should totally braid your hair, you know, I bet I can do miracles with your hair. Oh- my- Gods!!" She flicks her hand at her wrist even, looking once more toward the door and her voice returning to normal, "Please tell me they actually have something to eat here that's not made by the lowest bidder?"

"Uh-huh." If there's hair and makeup on the menu, Yelena hasn't ordered it. She straightens after examining the bottle and starts for the door herself. She wants dinner. She spent all day working and has only had a single -- admittedly shitty -- burrito. It's time for a proper meal. When Nicole's voice takes on that tone about braiding her hair, the blonde looks a touch concerned as she slides towards the door in the same direction Aleksander has taken. One of her hands even goes towards the bun he's put her hair in. "Perhaps some other time?" She's scared, now.

As for who makes the food? Lena can only shrug. "I suppose we'll find out. Worse comes to worse, we go into town and hit up a drive-thru." Which would probably only worsen Nicole's nightmare.

As he is heading back to his room, Aleksander looks over his shoulder and answers Akeso's baiting invitation to dinner followed by possible Triads with a grin as if he would be more than willing to accept the challenge, "We'll see, Ma, I'm going to grab a shower first. Wouldn't be right spoiling everyone's appetite the way I am right now." Even the Legionnaire cares about his own hygiene and looks from time to time, to a point. "And don't base last time's performance with how it will always go, we just didn't want to scare the fishes way."

That's good enough for Akeso, even if she does roll her eyes at his saving face attempt. She'll let him have it without comment though. "Men are so fragile." She says as she turns back into the room, giving her hair a final vigorous rub before smoothing it all down again. A brush is sought and the bottle in hand is tucked under her pack for safe keeping. There's a little back and forth between her and Nicole then, and she convinces her to go ahead and find them a choice table in the mess hall. Maybe in an attempt to spare Yelena an impromptu hair braiding.

There is a thoughtful look after Aleksander as he heads down the hallway. Yelena almost doesn't even hear Akeso. Perhaps she's staring at the man's ass. The doctor shakes herself out of it after a moment, turning to look to the medic. "Mmm? Oh, yes, men. Fragile egos, indeed." There's a flash of a smile from the Lieutenant before she tilts her head towards the exit. "Shall we see what drafty corner she secured us?" There is a lengthy pause before she looks back to the room, lips pursed. "I have a Triad deck. I could bring it along. I have not gotten to play much of late." She shrugs, as if to indicate she would not care either way, but there is something in her mien that betrays her. A flicker of interest. "It would be nice to enjoy some own time."

Akeso opens her closet and examines the damage for a moment, finding eventually, a CF sweater to throw on from a very neat pile of clothing on the shelf. At least that wasn't disturbed, so she can seemingly forgive the Nicole invasion. "If you don't mind playing for fun. I left all my cubits on Sagittaron." She admits with no shame, "And with those tattoos, I imagine owing you wouldn't be so great." There's a flat smile after that then she turns to quickly brush out her hair in the mirror, glancing back at Yelena now and again in the reflection.

Stepping back to her non-handsome-shirtless-marine holding closet, Yelena goes for her duffel and rifles around through the few non-essentials she owns. A battered deck backed with a Tauran sun that fair mirrors the one tattooed on her hand is brought forth. She turns to watch Akeso in that self-same reflection. The doctor lifts her free hand, rubbing her thumbnail against the hollow under her lip. Her eyes darken, momentarily, as she considers. Ultimately, she just shrugs before heading for the door. "For fun it is. Sounds like Davion's afraid of losing money anyway." Her features shift, then, into something congenial. She slides a few cards through her fingers, looking through the deck as she steps out into the hall, looking off in the direction the other marine had gone for his own shower.

Since she's no kind of Leonese princess, Akeso is ready and as presentable as she ever is once her hair is brushed out. No makeup. No styling. No worries. Slippers are traded for boots and off she clomps into the hall, pulling the door shut behind her. "He should be." She says, ominously enough, before glancing up one way and down the other, orienting herself to the nearest exit.

Though she's no marine, Yelena doesn't seem to care about her appearance either. Then again, doctors are familiar with long nights and mad dashes out the door. Long days and nights on no sleep. In short? They're used to being around people looking like shit, too. So long as she's clean and halfway presentable, Reznik's alright with things. The Lieutenant shuffles the Triad deck as she falls into step with Ma, heading for the exit to the base proper to aim for the mess. "Place feels a bit like a ghost town," she intones lowly. "Not enough of us to make it like a living, breathing base." She takes a deep breath of the winter air. "It's almost ominious."

"Spooky." Akeso agrees, even if she doesn't look or sound particularly afraid, or like she's bothered at all by the sparse attendance. "It's nice." Which okay, probably isn't the adjective the average person would use when describing a ghost town, but she's living up to Wetlake's Scary Ma name, apparently. The cold is a bit much though. She crosses her arms and tucks her hands beneath them for the walk across the commons. "If we were stacked in here like firewood, I'd be more... concerned."

A lot of the Wolves have seemed bothered by the cold. The Aquarians have likely been rolling at the shores of the island like seal pups. Yelena seems relatively nonplussed by it. One of those northern born who waits until snow is actively falling before bothering to put on a coat. A few goosebumps prick along her arms, but if they bother her- she puts on a strong face. Or just grits her jaw tighter. Damn stubborn ass Taurans. "True. We're not targets this way." She walks at a steady, not-quite-fast pace towards the mess hall. "I hope town isn't as... barren. It'd be nice to find a good bar."

"I can't imagine a town next to a military base not having a bar." Akeso decides after spending a moment perhaps trying to, and watching her breath come out in a faint white mist, when the gusty wind isn't blowing it away. "Maybe if we don't start fighting the Picon troops here we'll even get an invite to the good one." She'll hope, against all odds and after a beat add an observation, "This place is luxury. Quiet, no sand bugs, no heat stroke. Nobody shooting each other."

"Been too long on ships, maybe. Haven't had any bars to go to." The doctor laughs, but adds: "The people on base have been welcoming." And they have, by far. Happy to see the Wolves, in fact. She wasn't on Sagittaron; uninvolved in their prior conflicts. "I think they will not fight us." There is a hint of a smile. "I've never had issues with the Picons. They're good people. <<Not like the frakkin' Capricans or Virgans, you know?>>" There's a moment, mouth drawing to one side. "Mmm." She pauses by the door to the mess hall, grabbing hold. There's a look to Akeso. "<<I've heard some of the stories. I was on the Kratos.>>" Taskforce: Phoenix. Tie to the Galactica. They were elsewhere. "<<Bad blood, that. I think here will be better.>>" She tugs the door open, holding it for Akeso.

Akeso scoots through and unfolds her arms as she does, shaking her hands out to let them warm up again. When Yelena switches to Tauran, she does so as well, probably without even thinking about it."<<We were on the Athena, Siska and I. Just transferred over at Caprica, so missed all that. The only Picon I knew was in the Legion. He was funny.>>" Was. She waits for the doc, just inside and will fall in step with her again. Pondering the ceiling tiles, she snorts out a dry, terse laugh. "<<There's always bad blood.>>"

"<<Lots of Legionnaires in the Fleet,>>" Yelena notes, with a glance over her shoulder. There's a thoughtful tilt to her eyebrows as she says it. "<<It's where I first served.>>" It's a classic launching-of point for so many. Especially if you have something to escape. They don't care, so long as you're willing to bleed. The cards in her hands flutter as she looks over the hall. The woman takes in a deep breath. "<<Not from Picon. Look at history. They've never tried to conquer anyone. Virgan and Leonis failed to take them over. They just want to play in the water and be left the frak alone.>>" She looks over to Akeso. "<<Makes them alright in my book.>>"

Akeso isn't convinced, but decides not to argue about it for whatever reason, she simply agrees, "<<I'm sure they're lovely.>>" Until they aren't, her tone suggests. There's a sidelong once over for Yelena after she says she's worn the black beret. "<<And we're going to get along fine. I was in the 1st Calvary, deployed to Scorpia and Sagittaron. You?>>" There's a bit of reservation in her voice, since anybody and their grandma can just say they were in the Legion. It can't hurt to be a little wary.

The mess hall is, indeed, better than the ship. Multiple buffet-style stations and even some made-to-order offerings. Yelena just stares for a time as someone who has spent a good deal of the past year-and-change on ships might. She drops the Triad cards into a pocket of her BDUs and starts for one of those buffet tables to start getting a look at what's already laid out. "<<Bounced 'round a few ships before my transfer to the Fleet,>> she begins, offering up the names of said ships that her player has not yet defined. "<<I was an ER doc back on Tauron. Surprise, surprise. We're in high demand during a war.>>" Being used to high-pressure situations and all.

"Ah." Akeso responds, also taking a moment to drink in the majesty of Picon's version of the mess hall. It sure does beat MRE packets in a cold trench. "<<It's a nicer view from up there.>>" She smiles, meaning from orbit, apparently. She detours a little then, grabbing two trays and passing one to Yelena so they can begin their buffet odyssey. With tray she stands there, looking over the nearest serving pans and their contents, thinking. "<<That means I'll be sending you patients.>>"

There's a grunt of thanks for the tray and Yelena falls into line with it. She picks up just small bits of this or that; unwilling to take too much of anything lest she find something better. "<<I saw the bag.>>" Akeso's medical supplies. "<<Hopefully not too many patients.>>" She reaches the end of one table and eyes the made-to-order station nearby. Unable to help herself, she heads there. It's not the bland, tasteless mush of a ship's mess. It may not be prime rib, but she has to see what she can stuff in her face.

Akeso's plate is loaded up rather indiscriminately, but she makes sure each item has a spot to itself and doesn't get all mixed up, because that's just gross. Touching's okay, but that's all she's allowing. "<<I'd rather send them up to you as patients than... not, but there's been some KIAs already. That's Sagittaron for you, right?>>" She could implicate the Virgans there, but she seems content just blaming it all on the colony itself in abstract. It's no Picon. "<<Is this fish?>>" She asks, cracking a confused smile at a chowder looking dish she obviously does not recognize at all. Even swishing it about a little with the serving spoon doesn't settle it for her. "<<It's fish, right?>>"

Yelena, on the other hand, seems not to care if her food touches or even gets jiggy with itself. Oh, the suffering she will bring to Nicole. "<<That's war,>>" she offers in a wry tone. The woman places an order for some made-to-order meat thing and leans back to look at what Akeso is poking at. She blinks once, twice, before shrugging. "We should ask Siska. She'd know what it is." And likely what wine to pair with it. Or not pair, as the case may be. Once her food is ready and added into her plate, the doc turns from the 'chefs' to look out over the tables. "Drinks and then we sit?"

Akeso skips the mystery stew, until she can get it identified. She skips basically all the seafood on offer, as it turns out, sticking to things from dry land that she's familiar with. "We should." She agrees, before adding a nod to confirm the rest of the plan and a buttered roll to her plate. "I'd try it, but last time on Scorpia. Whew. Tres mal." Her drink is an easily prepared tea, so she's soon on her way to a table.

For Yelena, drink is coffee. She's an addict, she cannot help it. The woman likely survives on a steady stream of caffeine until she's able to hit a bar. Then it's beer and vodka. Like many medical professionals, she subsists on the sort of diet she'd never, ever recommend to her patients. It's terrible. She makes up for with the weight loss of stress and... surprisingly? Time in the gym. Must be that Legion dedication. The beret gets under your skin. Balancing tray and mug, she follows Akeso to a table, sliding into a seat. "<<It'll be nice to wake up to the sun again,>>" she admits. "<<I got a couple days on Scorpia. Not enough.>>" The Triad cards are pulled from her pocket, set on the table. "<<And rain. I miss the rain.>>"

There is no argument from Akeso. Waking up to the sun again, being rained on, even seeing Scorpia, it's all better than the alternatives. "Salut." Is about all she says, lifting her tea to Yelena before having a sip and setting it aside in favor of fork and knife. She'll have to be forgiven for what comes next, but she's been on duty all day and her appetite has caught up to her. She goes at her dinner like a machine.


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