2237-11-28 - Not Much Nightlife

Geoff, Aldrich and Cate venture off base for a night out at the pub.

Date: 2237-11-28

Location: The Ship and Castle

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Scene Number: 1594

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Geoff approached Cate to tell her that both she, he, and Aldrich had a free night and not-too-early morning on the same date, and insisted that they absolutely needed to go down to the pub, where he's been spending what time he's had when duties aren't pressing. So he's kind of like the kid on the way to Disneyworld, darting out in front to lead the other two behind him, occasionally turning round to promise them that it will be a good night out. He holds the door open for the other two. "They actually don't mix drinks that bad."

It didn't take any arm-twisting to talk Cate into going, but the weary medic couldn't muster up much enthusiasm. Just a quiet, appreciative politeness. Lacking much in the way of civilian clothes, she's wearing a long-sleeved blouse and jeans, with her marine bomber jacket added to ward off the cold. Hands stuffed in her jacket pockets, she nods her thanks when Geoff holds the door open and steps in. "Seems like a nice little town," she observes randomly, from what little of it they can see.

Aldrich has been in a pretty good mood since Geoff came to invite them out, which is kind of a nice change. He glances to the side now and then to check on Cate as they go along, but otherwise seems quiet. He steps in after Cate and glances around the place. "Yeah... Seems like it. Little cold, though."

"Not much nightlife," Geoff says. "But it's better than being cooped up on the ship. But it /is/ frakkin' cold." He doesn't have much of a civilian coat, just an overshirt that he wears on top of the rest of his civvies, all bought on shore leave, mostly at Argentum Bay. He leads the way to the bar and orders a tonic drink.

"Yeah," Cate agrees in general. "Reminds me of when we went to fight at that ski resort on Tauron. Aren't you cold without a coat?" she asks Geoff. She gets herself a whiskey and settles into a chair, unzipping her coat.

Aldrich is wearing his uniform stuff, as usual. Lyn hasn't had time to yell at him about the coat, apparently. He orders the same as Geoff, then claims a seat for himself, settling in turned slightly toward the other two. "It's a nice change, I guess. Lyn is enjoying the barracks. But I miss the chapel on board."

"Yeah, I'm frakkin' cold," Geoff says. "But I'm not trying to wear my gear to the pub, so like...what else am I gonna do? Coats are frakkin' expensive." He squints at Aldrich. "How did you not get a chapel?" he asks. "Can't we build you one?"

Cate doesn't take her coat off right away, still shivering. "Well, I'll take not-freezing-my-ass-off over fashion," she says with a little smirk to Geoff. But his comment gets a curious look. "Are you, like, saving up though? We don't get paid much but..." A silently-curious head-tilt seems to echo Geoff's question to Al.

Aldrich gives Geoff an odd look. "Build one? Nah, I mean. They gave me a space in admin. It's just not quite the same." His drink is delivered, and he pauses to have a sip, then adds, "My favorite explanation for why the base doesn't have a chapel is the rumor that years ago, a chaplain went rogue and sacrificed a bunch of people there, so they closed it up out of respect for the dead." He smirks.

"Sacrifice?" Geoff repeats, making a face and raising an eyebrow. Then he looks back to Cate and shrugs. "I mean, like, I'm not that good at hanging on to money? But yeah, I probably have to buy a coat next payday."

Cate snickers lightly at Al's story. "They didn't listen to the sermons telling them all to get along." She thanks the waitress who brings her drink and takes a sip. "It is weird to have a base without a chapel though. Y'know, I don't think Triton had one either. Maybe it's a weird Picon thing." Or maybe she just never stumbled across the one at Triton. Who knows. She nods to Geoff then. "Yeah I get it. I don't have a lot saved up either. Mostly I just don't see any sense in packing my duffel bag full of crap I only get to wear once every couple months. Especially as often as it's gotten blown up." A frown there.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "It happens. Or so I've heard," he claims, though by the amusement in his eyes, he's probably joking. "I'll have to ask around. I've been places where people worshiped outside. Something about being closer to the gods. But that seems strange with the cold..." He stops to sip on his drink, not offering any comment on the subject of personal belongings.

Geoff nods and shrugs at Cate. "I like civvy clothes," he says. "Compared to uniforms. Dress uniform's all right, I guess." He drinks, then starts rooting in his pockets for cigarettes. "Worshipping outside seems dumb. It's gonna rain."

"Maybe they just use the one in town. Instead of having their own military one. Dunno." Cate goes on sipping her drink, then smirks at Geoff. "I'm glad we got our own dress uniforms at least. But the khakis are more my speed."

Aldrich lifts a shoulder. "In that tradition, I think they typically assume the gods control the weather as they see fit." He gestures toward Cate with his drink. "That's just as likely." He shrugs a little, and offers, "I can't complain about the new dress uniforms. The Leonese ones were ridiculous."

Geoff makes a face that suggests he finds that very unlikely. About the weather, that is. He drinks more. "I liked them. I liked all of them."

Cate shrugs. "Guess they figure if it rains during the sermon that's just the way it is." She smirks a little at Geoff. "Well when this is all over, you can have my red coat. If I don't burn it first."

Aldrich shakes his head a little and offers, "You can have my sash." He smirks and sips his drink. "It was certainly colorful, having everyone in their home uniforms."

Geoff smiles at Cate. "I like red," he says, pausing for a drink before he asks, "What do you want to burn it for?" He drains his drink and orders another with a gesture and some money on the bar, then looks to Aldrich. "I'll take it."

When Geoff signals for another drink, Cate takes advantage of the server's attention to do the same, since hers is about empty. "Yeah, it was," she agrees with Aldrich. "I liked the Caprican ones with their capes. And the Picon ones." There's a pinched look on her face briefly as a memory stirs, but she distracts herself with another gulp of her drink. Geoff's question is not so easily brushed aside. She shrugs. "All that shit with the Virgons back on Sag? That's Hibernia. So... kinda sucked having to wear their uniform." She snickers bleakly. "Back home, we call them 'roosters' 'cause of the coats and fancy trim and stuff. Or 'cocks' depending on the translation." Bitter much? Naaaaah.

Aldrich glances a little warning glance toward Geoff when he asks about the coat, but too late! He finishes his drink but refrains from ordering one for the moment, and instead clears his throat. "We should do something fun. What do you typically do in town, Geoff?"

"Here?" Geoff asks Aldrich, blinking once. "I mean, you're looking at it." He looks to Cate. "Yeah, I really liked it. I don't understand why they want to make dress uniforms without capes." He watches her more closely for the later part of what she has to say. "I mean...they did seem like cocks..."

With her gaze focused on her glass, Cate is oblivious to Aldrich's warning look. She snorts softly at Geoff's agreement. "Yeah, they are." After another eye-watering gulp of too much whiskey, she asks abruptly. "Did you like living in Caprica City? I mean ... it seemed nice enough when we were staying at the base there but it's not like we really got to see a lot of the city."

Aldrich chuckles a little. "Well, in that case..." He flags down the bartender to refresh his drink, and seems happy enough to just look at his empty glass while Cate talks to Geoff about Caprica.

Geoff grins and snorts air through his nose like Cate asked something funny. "Cap City is like...It has a night life and all and there's always something interesting. But I mean...it's for rich people. Like, that's the point of it. If you live there and you're not rich, then you're not really alive, you're just like...a piece of the...like, the machinery of the city? That makes it work for the people that it's for. Do you get what I mean?"

Cate frowns a little at Geoff's response, a sad look pinching her eyes. "Yeah. I guess I can see that." She says no more about it, but lets her eyes drift over to the stage in the corner. "You ever sing when you're not, like, doing one of your shows?"

Aldrich pulls his drink closer when it's delivered, and when Cate asks her question, he glances over at Geoff, curious.

Geoff finally gets his cigarette lit. "I mean, a little," Geoff says. "I'm a better dancer than a singer, I think. Why?" He looks over his shoulder in the direction Cate is looking. "You want to do something here? Do you sing?"

Cate shakes her head. "No, just curious," she says, and then returns her attention to her drink.



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