2237-12-15 - Triad Night

A handful of Timber Wolves gather for some Triad. It doesn't end on the most friendly of terms.

Date: 2237-12-15

Location: The Ship and Castle

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Scene Number: 1609

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Whatever (okay, just most of it) cubits that people 'donated' to Yelena or the bar for the blah-blah Tauran Orphans Fund (if you ask her what it's called, she probably had a different name every time) went into pitchers of beer. Good stuff, too. Not the best, but probably better than most buy on an average night off. Doctor Reznik is trying to help people feel a bit better about being stuck on a wet, cold rock in the middle of the northern sea for at least one night, you see. Most of the Ship and Castle has been set aside for the Timber Wolves (at least the tables you can casually drag a chair up to) and rather than any live music, it's the jukebox in control of what they listen to. Roll on up, put on your colony's current pop hits. Or a classic. No one's gonna stop you.

They might give you shit, though.

The Lieutenant herself is in jeans, a long-sleeved top, and boots. Her hair's pulled back in a loose braid, and the unit bomber jacket thrown over the back of the chair she's in. She's leaning back, shuffling a deck of Triad cards as she waits for people to pile in from outside (where it's currently snowing; not heavily, but wetly). The table holds a pitcher of beer, sans one mug-fill which sits within reach of the Tauran woman. Her sleeves are rolled up, showing some of the tattoos on her arms.

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Calliope heard there was free beer and distraction from the latest campaign. So, she puts in an apperance. "Hi!" she pipes all around as she strides in. She's in jeans herself and an old 'Delphi U' sweatshirt, blonde hair falling in flyaway strands around her shoulders. Rather than the frizzy ponytail she tends to affix it in when on duty. "Is where the game is? Because I am /totally/ here for the game."

Someone said 'alcohol and triad.' Geoff, obviously, said yes. Geoff drags a chair over toward Yelena and grabs a mug immediately without asking. "Hey," he says loudly over his shoulder, "Somebody put some good frakkin' music on!"

To perhaps no one's surprise, Gage hasn't donated a whit of cubits, and especially not to something as dodgy sounding as 'Tauran Orphans Fund' -- or maybe he just objects to someone using his native colony in such a way. Either way, even if he's not donating, he's here -- because Triad -- dropping into a seat beside Geoff with a huff of breath. "Frak, what do you consider good music, Courtois?" he mutters.

Aldrich blows in on a puff of snow, and shuts the door behind him. He'd nicely bundled up, so it takes him a moment to brush the snow off his shoulders, abandon some of his outerwear, and generally make the transition from outdoors to in. Once he's down a layer, he scans the room, then wanders with conspicuous casualness toward Yelena's table.

"This, yes, is where the game is," Yelena answers Calliope in that Tauran accent of hers; the one that has yet to lose its burrs. She hasn't been off-colony as long as some. Maybe as long as the war has been on, but likely a bit less time than that. Certainly not as long as others. There's a snort for Geoff, "You danced with old people on boats," she says to the Caprican in a low tone, "what do you know of good music?" So he gets it from two sides, apparently, because her eyes cut to Gage as the other man sits down. He she doesn't greet, but she does at least pour and slide a mug of beer towards. There's more yet for Calliope and Aldrich each before she pushes to her feet long enough to snag a pitcher from a neighboring table that isn't yet paying attention.

Hey she made sure this venture was funded.

"There must be some new singles from Caprica on the playlist," Calliope suggests helpfully to Geoff. Surely everyone will like that. Surely. She gets herself a beer, with a quick, "Thanks!" to Yelena.

Geoff has also donated nothing. To anything. Ever. He gives Gage a look. "Something you can dance to," he answers. Then he looks at Yelena, blinking at her over the rim of the beer mug. "Huh, I told you that, huh." He shrugs. "I know what it ain't!"

Gage vaguely nods towards Yelena, presumably in thanks for the beer as he pulls it towards him. Snorting at Calliope's words, he says, "How about whoever wins the first round gets to pick the music?" because such things make the game far more interesting. And then he grins abruptly, amused, "You planning to end the night dancing on the tables, Courtois? Didn't think you were that good at the game." Aldrich, too, is given a nod as he approaches.

Aldrich drops into a chair and looks into the beer with some interest, then he glances back at Yelena with a faint smirk (or maybe it's just a genuine smile!) "I was happy to see that you'd chosen such a worthy charity for your event. How's Martyn these days?" he wonders, and has a sip of the beer without taking his eyes off her.

<FS3> Yelena rolls Composure: Good Success (7 7 7 5 5 4 2 1)

"Just fantastic!" Lena answers Aldrich, giving him a deadpan look in return. "I will tell him you say hello!" Now that everyone has beer and there is another pitcher upon the table, Yelena begins to deal out the cards (perhaps as a handy distraction). "Bets!" She hasn't deemed what the bets are, but Gage seems to have a good start. "We bet cubits or... chores are no good. We have marines, chaplain-" she points at Calliope, "I do not know you." The blonde shakes her head. "Chores don't work. Too different. Can't give you lot my paperwork. Suddenly they can read my handwriting in the clinic? It'd be the end of it for me." The hand is dealt and the rest of the deck set down, but she doesn't pick up her cards yet; she's waiting to see if people put in money or something else for their bets.

Geoff shrugs at Gage. "Hey, for the right price," he says. He flicks his gaze over at Aldrich and upnods. He picks up his hand and looks it over, then makes his ante. In cubits.

<FS3> Geoff rolls Triad: Success (7 4 4 2 2 2)

"Hi!" Calliope repeats to Yelena, before launching into an introduction. "Calliope Drake. Lieutenant, junior grade. Callsign is Soundbite. I'm a Raptor pilot and...I think that's it!" She sounds out of breath. She goes to sit, flashing a smile at Aldrich. "How's it going, Chaplain? Oh! And I'm totally in for the winner of the first hand getting to pick the music." She puts on her game face. Which is still kind of doofy.

"Chores can be traded," Gage says, with a sudden grin. "Wouldn't mind a jock or two owing me a favor." But that doesn't mean he's in any way shy about ponying up cubits -- almost immediately matching Geoff's price after the barest glance at his cards. "First round -- cubits and music choice," he agrees.

<FS3> Gage rolls Triad: Good Success (7 7 6 6 3 2)

Aldrich's eyes crinkle, but there's at least the slightly hint of a spark of amusement. "Do that. Maybe I'll pay him a visit myself, now that we're talking about it. It's been ages." He had another drink of his beer, then nods to Gage, then it's on to Calliope as he organizes his cards. "Evening, Calliope. I'm well, and you?" He smirks a little. He puts in money on his turn, though his attention seems to be more on the people than the game.

<FS3> Aldrich rolls Triad: Good Success (8 8 7 4 2)

"Nice to meet you, Calliope. Yelena Reznik. They dragged me in to the clinic this last layover you had on Scorpia." If there's fear in Yelena about Aldrich visiting this Martyn, well, the woman doesn't show it, nope. She's got a game to play! And for the first round? Well, she tosses down cubits (after leaning to fish them out of her pocket) without even looking at her cards. The woman only looks at her cards after making her bet. And then she settles in for everyone to go around, fishing a pack of cigarettes out of her jacket. She shakes one out, lights it, and tosses the pack down on the table as she watches the others.

<FS3> Yelena rolls Cards: Great Success (8 8 7 6 6 6 3)

"I'm good," Calliope replies to Aldrich. "I feel like it's been, like, /ages/ since I did much off-duty. It's easy to get swallowed by...everything." The war. The killer robots. All of it. She ponies up cubits to match the bet without hesitation, humming to herself as she eyes her cards. It's a peppy tune that probably bodes Pop-y if she's victorious.

<FS3> Calliope rolls Triad: Good Success (8 8 8 7 5)

"I don't want shit to do with chores," Geoff complains. "I want /money/." He eyes the cards, which are perhaps not going as well as he had hoped.

"As I recall it, you still owe me a game of pool," Gage says to Calliope with a sudden grin. "Find a table on base, bring some beer -- count me in." Probably even without the table, truth be told -- beer is enough. His expression is easy, and he doesn't regard his cards again after that first glance. Instead, he's eyeing the marine to his side. "Why, you saving up for something, Courtois?"

Aldrich nods a little. "Yeah... I think everyone feels that way, lately," he agrees, a touch solemnly, but then he smiles and focuses back on the cards. As for the chores thing, he adds, "I can't trade chores anyway. Even if I could, none of you would want me to." He grins a touch.

Tapping her foot, Yelena squints at her cards. She frowns, she turns one over, slides it into another spot on her hand. "See, chores are bad in mixed company." Nope, cubits it is. And then she's just sitting back, looking the table over, this way, that, and a long drag on her cigarette. "Everyone good, yes?" And if no one else raises (or folds!), she lays out her hand. And a damn fine hand it is, too.

"I am /always/ saving up for something," Geoff says. Which might mean that he's never properly saving. "I have a rich and expensive set of hobbies." He bets more before Yelena shows, and it's a bad bluff; he's got nothing. "Frak!"

Calliope laughs to Gage. "Are you /really/ that eager to have me beat you? I mean, sure. We should do that as part of the...carving out fun between being shot, then." She considers her cards. Her humming has stopped, but she finally nods. "I think I'm good. I mean, I /am/ good. Totally good." She /wills/ her hand into winning-level quality.

Gage gives an amused glance towards Aldrich. "I don't know, preacher. I think I could give a pretty good sermon. You know... 'Frak the toasters, rah, rah.'" Or maybe not such a good sermon, all told. He scowls when Yelena reveals her cards, and flicks his -- still face down -- back towards the pile in obvious defeat. He snorts at Calliope. "I like winning," he corrects, "But I also like beer."

Aldrich gives Gage a crooked grin. "The sermons are the easy part," he claims. After a thoughtful look at his cards, he folds. While everyone else is still comparing their cards, he takes the opportunity to drink a bit of his beer.

Since it appears her hand is the winning one, Yelena leaves her cigarette to balance between her lips and leans forward to gather up the cubits, dragging them to rest by her beer. "Thank you, thank you," she offers, as if to a crowd of admirers. The woman takes a moment to ash her cigarette in a nearby tray before starting to deal out the next hand, "As for music-" she thumbs towards Gage. "This man picks while I deal. Figure I can trust him to pick something that won't make my ears bleed."

Geoff is drinking steadily to forget that last hand. He tosses his cards into the middle of the table. He reaches for his cigarette and seems eager to get his next hand. "Trustin' Gage, huh."

Calliope had a decent hand, but it can't quite beat Yelena's. She does mourn with a brief, "Ugh" when she's denied playlist rights, but she's in for another hand. She nurses her beer while Yelena deals. "I am /always/ up for beer," she says to Gage. "And anything that gets me out of a Raptor, really." She eyes him while he picks the music. Curious about what'll come of this. A skeptical look to Aldrich. "Really? How do you write them up? The sermons, I mean. Public speaking was, like, one of my nightmares in college. It always stressed me the frak out."

Giving the doctor a frowning look, Gage corrects with a scowl, "That aint the bet. It wasn't 'you get to pick the person who picks the music' -- you have to pick the music." Maybe he's just upset he lost. Given he's following Geoff's example and reaching for more beer, he doesn't seem about to take up the offer. He doesn't glance at his cards immediately, instead gulping a mouthful of beer, before he glances vaguely towards Calliope and Aldrich, interested in the answer it would seem.

Aldrich lifts a shoulder slightly. "It depends on which service it is. Which tradition, I mean. Some of them don't require sermons," he points out. "Some of them are very prescriptive. Some of them allow more creativity. It just depends." He folds his arms on the edge of the table while he waits for the next round to be dealt.

"Shit. I just wanted to see what sort of music you listen to." Yelena looks up from the cards frowning back at Gage. "I've got a pretty decent guess for everyone else." She shoves back her chair, stretching as she stands. She does toss the other Tauran the deck. "Loosen up, yeah? Deal the hand while I put something on for frak's sake." She lifts her beer, downing a good bit as she leans up against the jukebox and begins flipping through the options before putting something on. She's on her way back and topping up her beer by the time it comes on (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGtEH1i78sI).

Geoff seems amused by Gage's refusal to pick the tune. He passes his pack of cigarettes to Gage in case he wants one. Friendly gesture, or bribing the dealer?

Calliope blinks at Yelena's music choice. This is probably /not/ what she would've put on. But after a few lines she starts bobbing her head, in an attempt to get into it. She even makes a tentative fist at the chorus. "Well, /now/ we all want to know what you listen to," she says to Gage. "Oh, and I'm totally in for another hand. I /so/ thought I had it." She eyes the cards. Willing them to give her full colors...harder than she willed them before.

Bribe or not, Gage accepts Geoff's offer of a smoke with a nod, eye-rolling at Yelena's words. "Whatever, ma'am," in response to the order. He takes the cards though, shuffling them adeptly before he begins dealing them out without fuss. He gives a snort, shaking his head at Calliope's words. "Guess you'd have to let me win then to find out. Who's in?" he asks, as he tosses cubits into the middle.

Dropping back into her seat, Yelena drops her bet into the middle and grabs her cards. She doesn't look at them just yet. She seems satisfied enough to focus on finishing off her cigarette first. "I prefer sir," she says to Gage. "Ma'am makes me feel old." Only once the cigarette is done and she's snuffed out the butt in the ash tray does she finally get a good look over her cards and kick back with her beer to play out the hand.

<FS3> Yelena rolls Catds: Success (7 6 5 5 4 3)

<FS3> Yelena rolls Cards: Good Success (8 7 6 6 4 2 2)

"Me," Geoff says, "But if I lose again, I'm out of cash." He lights up and reaches out to take his cards once they're dealt.

<FS3> Geoff rolls Triad: Failure (5 5 4 4 2 1)

<FS3> Gage rolls Triad: Good Success (8 7 6 5 5 2)

Aldrich picks up his cards and starts organizing them, with half an eye on the conversation at hand. "Well, I suppose since it's for charity," he remarks, and adds to the pile in the center of the table.

<FS3> Aldrich rolls Triad: Success (8 5 5 3 1)

"Yeah. This is for the...orphans?" Calliope is clearly not sure who she's playing for. She puts in her cubits, though. All of chipper confidence in her latest round of cards. Is it justified. We'll see.

<FS3> Calliope rolls Triad: Success (7 7 4 4 3)

"Yeah, it sure sucks when things don't go the way we want," Gage doesn't light up the cigarette given him by Geoff just yet -- instead tucking it behind an ear as he flicks the barest glance at his cards, before laying them flat again. He snorts, and gives Aldrich a look. "You know there aint any charity, right? It's bullshit." He grunts. "I'm out after this, too. Gotta thing to go to." Vague appears to be his default setting, as his fingers tap the cards, throwing in a handful more cubits to raise. "Everyone good?"

"You're just upset 'cause you're losing." It's not like Yelena has as hot a hand this turn. She's in no rush to throw down extra cubits, that's for sure. She just watches what everyone else is doing. But when Gage ruins the whole ruse of the charity, her expression goes flat. "Well frak you too, cupcake. Everyone keeps their winnings. All the money that came in beforehand went to the beer and everything left over stays on a tab for the Wolves." She throws down her hand- flat. Folds. "Happy, asshole?"

Geoff squints at his cards and drinks beer. Then he glances between Gage and Yelena. He doesn't look like he really cares about the supposed charity. He bets.

Aldrich cuts an amused glance toward Yelena, but when Gage ruins everything, he clears his throat. With an utterly guileless look, he looks at Gage and explains, "Don't be silly. I'm intimately familiar with the Tauran Redhead War Orphan Fund. Martyn is a close and personal friend of mine, in fact." He folds, but sits back with his beer to have a drink, glancing between Gage and Yelena.

Calliope lets out another "Ugh" and folds. Apparently her confidence in this hand did not hold. A wistful look is cast at her lost cubits. "Well, maybe I'll feed some orphans. Or...something. The beer was good!" She drains the last out of her glass. "Don't think I can stay for another, though. I'm getting pretty close to twelve hours before I have to go up again, and I should hit my rack before my shift starts. I'll keep an eye out for a pool table."

"Well, duh. I'm always upset when I lose." Gage doesn't seem bothered with either the accusation nor the acceptance of his mood. When Geoff bets again he eyes the Caprican sidelong, scowls, and tosses down his cards, folding as he reaches to drain the rest of his beer. Aldrich's contribution earns another scowl. "The frak you talking about, preacher?" When Calliope speaks, he gives her a nod, "Yeah. Let me know. I'm out, too," he's slamming down his empty glass as he does so.

"He always out to ruin everyone else's fun?" Yelena poses this to Geoff as she reaches for her cigarettes. She's out for the hand, so it's down to one of the others who opted to stay in. It's a loss of cubits for the woman, but she lost the taste for it when the 'game' of the charity was ruined. Instead, she just tips back in her chair, balancing on two legs as she lights up another smoke.

The bets come to a head and Geoff shows his hand, but he's lost again, so he swears and exhales a cloud of smoke with it. "That's all I got," he says, "I'm out." He gets up from his chair. "I'll catch y'all on a luckier night."

Aldrich blinks twice at Gage, nonplussed. He says nothing in reply, and instead takes a sip to finish his beer, then pushes the glass away and focuses his attention on others, instead. Calliope and Geoff each get a friendly smile. "Be careful going back. The snow was coming down hard earlier."

Pausing to light his cigarette, Gage doesn't spare any more time, after Aldrich's non-responsive look, striding out into the snow.


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