2237-12-19 - The New Normal

After a successful mission, Charlie and Evan catch up and reflect on what life has become for them and what it might be after the war.

Date: 2237-12-19

Location: Dorm Baths

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Another mission; successful. Particularly when you factor in the lack of bullets being absorbed and many other things that could go horribly wrong. Shower time, also successful. It's really the best part of returning from a mission whether on the ship or on the ground. But now in the post shower moments, Evan is standing at a mirror finishing up with his teeth in his usual routine of 'cleaning' after a good Cylon thrashing. Looking in the mirror, he tilts his head a bit as if examining something there.

Have they managed to come through a combat on thr same squad without taking a hit since that time they first encountered the Cylon sniper unit? It happens so often when they're assigned to a mission together it seems. Charlie steps up to the mirror alongside Evan, rubbing some of that product she uses through her braids. There's a light bump of shoulder to his arm and a smile for him in the mirror. "Can you believe they brought back that damn dog?"

"You mean the oversized rat?" Evan corrects, remembering well the label he applied to it when it scurried in the bushes. "I want to be surprised, but I'm really not. Bunch of soft hearted hipsters." Looking at Charlie; through the mirror mind, he pauses for a moment and a small furrow to his brow comes. "Hey, this is going to be really weird but... do you remember a time before?"

There's a snort of amusement. "I told 'em about all the ones I've seen around Argentum. They might not be the keen tourists they once were next time we get leave." She doesn't sound the least bit shameful over it, either. Finishing with her hair, she rolls an elastic off her wrist and gathers the lot of it loosely at the nape of her neck. There's a glance back to him, but she instead turns slightly to look at him directly. "Before what? The war?"

A small chuckle at the mention of Argentum dog fest is a cover really. Evan feels Charlie looking at him and then he shakes his head, turning to look at her as well. "No, not the war. Before.. you know. Us."

"Oh." The single word is spoken quietly. Not quite a sigh, but close. It's not in resignation, but just that sort of quiet understanding. She looks up at Evan and considers him for a moment. "I do, but... I don't really think about it I guess." She lifts a hand to brush over his arm, fingers tracing over tattoos she's long since memorized. "You just are. We just are."

Evan's eyebrow remains up as Charlie responds and he tilts his head at her, voice lowering some. "Yeah, exactly. It's normal now right? Is that a problem? That this is the normal?"

There's a thoughtful sound from Charlie as she steps in closer to Evan. She lifts her arms to drape over his shoulders, leaning up and into him. "You were afraid I'd run away. Don't be afraid I'm staying put." Shifting up onto her toes she presses her lips to his jaw. "I love you and I'm happy with you. I think that's the important part. If that's our new normal-" she shrugs. "I'm fine with it. The sex is still great and we've still got plenty of colonies to frak on. Never mind their moons."

Evan finds himself chuckling again and he slips an arm about Charlie's waist, giving her a little squeeze with it before shaking his head, "Not worried about you running away actually. Just... dunno. Thought it was a weird thought is all. How the definition of normal changes. How what we expect coming home isn't what it was a few months back."

"I think normal changed when the Cylons attacked," Charlie points out, prodding him lightly in the shoulder. There's a bit of a grin, however. "But the normal for us, yeah." She gives a small shrug, leaning into the semi-circle created by his arm around her. "I get what you mean. I never imagined there'd be someone to go home with."

"Right? That home meant something with?" Evan echoes, his tone a bit amused at the concept that things were there. "Not that I'm getting /that/ serious about things though. I have a reputation to uphold." A look is given to Charlie then Evan resumes the work of rinsing after brushing, but the pondering look in his eyes is still there.

"I'm still better than a bar full of snow globes, you ass," Charlie responds, stepping away far enough for him to return to rinsing. It doesn't stop her from turning to level an open-handed smack to his rear, though. "Reputation or not." There's a fond look, playful bickering aside, in the mirror before she's stepping aside to grab her off-duty tanks to tug on. "At the very least, it's... something after the war, y'know? Before you, I... didn't know what I was gonna do. Now I've got someone to do nothing with."

"Nothing? Is that what the cool kids are calling it these days?" Evan asks looking at Charlie once more using the mirror to do so. "I hardly consider it nothing. I mean, there'll always be plenty of sit ups and push ups to do, even when this war is over. Maybe we'll open up a gym next to a bar. I could see that being a winning combination."

"A gym? Shit." Charlie looks down, patting at her abdomen. "I was planning on getting fat after the war. Sitting around, watching a lot of old Pyramid games, drinking beer." She comes up alongside him, sliding her arms around him to peer a him in the mirror. "You wanna continue all this hard work after the war? Why? I'm looking forward to being lazy."

"Lazy would be nice. But there's going to be a lot of rebuilding after the war. A lot of folks that will need help getting their lives back in order, and a shit ton of people taking advantage. I think there'll be plenty to do afterwards to keep civilization on track." Evan is looking back in the mirror, smirking a bit, "Besides, you couldn't sit around doing nothing and you know it."

"Frak you, being all responsible and shit. I didn't ask to be a sergeant, you know." Charlie leans in, resting her cheek against his shoulder. She closes her eyes, breathing out a small sigh. "We can take some time off though, yeah? Just you and me, off in our cabin for a while?" She opens an eye, studying him. "I know I can't sit idle forever, but I dream of a least a few months to just fish and swim and sleep in." Especially sleep in.

"Don't forget drinking, getting into random bar fights and the occassional all night frak fest." Evan amends the list of things to do to better meet the true reality. "But let's not count the chickens before the war is done. Right now I'd take a full week off of R and R on Scorpia to get away."

"Well, those are a given," Charlie says with a flash of a grin. "But what stops us from any of those now?" Pause, "well, at least the random bar fights." She slides a hand across his abdomen. "I mean, a successful mission calls for celebratory frakking, yeah?" Especially since neither of them have injuries to be mindful of. She makes a bit of a face, looking away from the mirror to look up at Evan proper. "I'm on Picon and I'd rather be on Scorpia. You've ruined me, you know." Mind, they're on the crappy, winter half of Picon, but even so.

"Naw, you just want to be in an isolated cabin away from the world. That's what you want. The planet probably doesn't matter as much." Evan jokes back towards Charlie before finishing up and straightening. "Come on, race you back to the bunk and naked."

"Or your apartment." For someone who has never lived off-base during her marine career, that's a perk, too. Charlie doesn't deny it, however. She leans up when Evan mentions the race to kiss him, but instead just shoves off to take off down the hotel-like halls of the dorms they've been put in towards the room they've taken over.


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