2237-12-23 - Full Of Good Ideas

Aldrich offers advice to Cate and they conspire to make a case for keeping the dog with the crew.

Date: 2237-12-23

Location: Barracks

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It's late evening. Cate is sitting on the couch in the barracks common room, with the Wolves' new canine companion curled up beside her. His front leg's still bandaged, but he seems to be content to chill there while Cate absently scritches behind his ears. Her attention is more on the television, though, which is playing the latest episode of some Picon medical drama show.

Aldrich enters the common room. His head is still bandaged from the bump he took the other day, but otherwise, he seems to be doing okay. When he spots Cate, he wanders over that direction. He glances to the television, watching for a moment before he observes, "I wouldn't have thought you'd like a show like this." He pulls up a chair to join her, and offers his hand to the dog to sniff.

Tail wagging, the dog perks his head up enough to sniff the chaplain's hand. Cate's eyes flick over in his direction as well. "Hey." She smirks at the TV. "Eh, yeah, kinda I guess. It's funny how the movie people think medicine works. And the lead doctor's pretty hot." A sheepish shrug there. Her manner is relaxed, almost sleepy. Maybe pain meds talking a bit there. "How's your head?" The bandage gets a concerned squint.

"Aaaah, makes sense..." Al chuckles, when she admits the hot doctor is part of the attraction. He scratches the dog's ears, but his attention is more on Cate. "It's fine, mostly. How's the...?" He gestures vaguely to indicate her chest wound.

"Never had anybody like him at my hospital back home," Cate observes. "Though that one doc here's pretty good-looking. Gallagher." When he asks about her chest, she grimaces a little. "Hurts, but I'll live. Got some morpha for it." She snorts. "Y'know she gave me a hard time about it? Like... what, she thinks I'm shooting myself just to score morpha? I hardly ever ask for it." She frowns, irritated, but distracts herself by petting the dog some more.

Aldrich smirks faintly. "Gallagher, eh? I wouldn't know, but I'll take your word for it..." He settles back into his chair, and raises an eyebrow slightly. "She, who?" he wonders, head tilted at a curious posture. "I'm sure she's just worried about you, anyway."

"Yeah he's one of the new-ish docs. He's nice." When he asks which of the doctors talked to her about the morpha, Cate rattles off the name of one of the NPCs. "Maybe. Still, it's annoying how so many of the doctors talk down to you. I hope I wasn't an ass to people like that." She rubs her face, sighing a little, then says, "Anyway. How're you? I mean, aside from the concussion."

"Well, what does she know?" Al offers, with a crooked smile. "Maybe next time you'll get Dr. Reznik. She's usually pretty judgement-free. But anyway, I think that's just how most doctors are. But I certainly sympathize." The last question is met with a shrug. "As well as anyone here. I've been trying to organize things for the local civilians, but it feels like very little considering their circumstances..."

Cate snorts again. "Reznik. She was lecturing me about why wasn't I using a sling yesterday." She nods, though, to his explanation. "Least the town here's all right," she says, perhaps not realizing he meant local more expansively to the beleaguered planet and not their little island. "That's nice of you though."

Aldrich grins slightly. "Oh, she'll make sure you take care of yourself. She just won't make any comments about how you got hurt, that's what I mean." He lifts a shoulder slightly and returns to the topic of the locals. "Lyn and I handed out Genisi cookies to some of the refugees, and I think it was nice for the children, but it feels... insulting, somehow." He smiles, wanly. "You know: 'Sorry you lost everything, have some cookies.' I wish there were more I could do."

Cate makes a non-committal mmm about Reznik, but then nods to the rest. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But... having been a refugee here? Have to say - cookies are nice." A wan smirk touches her lips briefly before fading. "It's hard to believe we've been in the CF over a year."

Aldrich nods a little. "I suppose anything that helps people feel more human..." He crosses his arms, sinks back into his chair, and looks back toward the television, though he doesn't seem to really be watching it. "Yeah," he sighs, in agreement. "Doesn't feel like much has changed, does it?"

Cate's eyes are also on the TV, though she isn't really paying it much mind. She nods absently to him. "Yes and no. Sometimes it feels like we were just getting on the Galactica yesterday. Other times I think about everything that's happened and it feels like a lifetime ago." She sighs a little, then her lips quirk up briefly. "I ran into Chauncey the other day, when we were clearing out the city. It's funny how we always keep meeting up in these random places."

Aldrich glances toward Cate, one brow lifting slightly. "Oh? Yeah, funny, I suppose. How did that go?" He looks a little tentative about that question. Possibly because of her seemingly melancholy mood.

Cate hitches her good shoulder, resuming her petting of the dog. "It was nice to see him. I mean, we had, like, two minutes alone so it's not like we could really talk or anything. But... I'm glad he's okay." The wan smile surfaces again for a moment. "He's a good guy, but I know it's just me playing at imaginary futures again. My favorite pasttime," she says with a self-deprecating chuckle.

Aldrich nods a little, going quiet again for awhile. "You know," he finally says, "I think if we combined you and Geoff, we might get one well-balanced person." He glances aside at her with a little smile, to show that he's only joking.

Cate chuckles softly, wincing as the movement aggravates her wounds. "What, we just happen to be screwed up in mirror image ways?" She takes the teasing in stride.

Aldrich chuckles faintly. "I only mean... Geoff never thinks much about the future. He lives completely for the moment. See, I think he copes with the fear that we might not have a future by living as though he already doesn't have one. Whereas I think /you/ cope with the horrors of the moment by escaping into the future." He lifts a shoulder a little. "It's just a theory. But I think you could both benefit from a touch of the other person's approach."

Cate considers that with a thoughtful frown. "Yeah, maybe." Her brow creases sadly. "Thing is - I don't really believe any of the futures I escape into any more." The dog is a welcome distraction. Cate looks down at the pup and observes randomly, "Y'know Tomak started calling him 'Baka'. I guess it's like 'Spot' or something in Tauron." Actually it's a shortened form of 'dog' in Tauron but Gage neglected to mention that to her. "Evan had a dog, back on Triton. Best dog ever, he used to say. He was really good at picking up on when people were upset. Giving them a furry little nudge."

Aldrich glances to the dog, and chuckles faintly. "He needs a better name than that," he observes, quietly, then lets her continue. Then he adds, "Sometimes, I suspect the gods created dogs to look after us. They're certainly good therapy on a bad day..."

"It sounds cute. Baka." Cuter when it's foreign and exotic and you're ignorant of what it means. "Anyway, you're welcome to suggest a better name to Tomak. I can't tell if he really doesn't give a frak, or if he's just good at pretending he doesn't." Cate shakes her head. "You ever have a dog?"

Aldrich nods a little, "Well, I don't want to insult anyone." He smiles a little at the last question. "No, not a dog... I like dogs, but I never had one of my own." After a pause, he admits, "I had a bird when I was young."

"A bird?" Cate looks interested. "What was its name?" She smiles faintly down at the dog. "I never had a pet of my own." The smile flickers. "Just Herman. Jake's cat. He left him behind when he left. My cousin's girls have adopted him now, after I never came back from Picon." She looks down at Baka. "He's a cutie but... probably best not to get too attached. Tomak said that they wouldn't let him bring a dog on the ship last time either."

Aldrich glances to the television again. "Miriel." Which is a character from an obscure parable because of course it is. He pats the dog's head again, and nods at Cate's observation. "Yes, probably... I'll have to start asking around to see if I can find anyone local who will take good care of him."

"Miriel," Cate echoes. "Do birds make good pets? Or are they like fish, where you just look at them in their cage?" The dog looks up at the two humans who are taking turns petting him, soaking up the attention. "I wish we could take him with us." So much for not getting attached.

"Oh no," Al says, "I think they make wonderful pets. Miriel used to hop around in front of the door of her cage when I got home, begging for treats. And she liked to sit on my shoulder. They aren't exactly... /cuddly/ like cats or dogs, but they're incredibly intelligent." He glances back to the dog and his expression softens. "I wish we could make a case for keeping him. I think it would be good for the mental health of many people on board. I know there's such a thing as therapy animals... But I suppose it's not a practical suggestion."

"That sounds cute. Like a pirate with a parrot on your shoulder." Cate lets out a weak chuckle. She dips her head a bit toward the dog, who lifts his head to touch a cold nose to her chin. It's the closest she can get to cuddling with him without bending over and straining her wounds. "I keep thinking maybe if he was trained and wouldn't be a nuisance... but I know shit about training dogs." She sighs.

Aldrich nods a little, thoughtfully, looking down at the dog. "Well, I mean. Maybe we can find someone who can train him? Surely we have /someone/ on board who knows something about training dogs? I could ask around, maybe..."

Cate nods. "Yeah. That's a good idea. Maybe if he's trained, we can convince the Colonel that he'd be a good therapy pet or something."

Aldrich smiles and gives the dog a little pat. "All right, that's what I'll do. And I'll talk to Dr. Anders and see what he thinks. He might be willing to give his professional opinion that it would be good for the health of the crew."

Cate looks up from the dog to give him a weak smile. "See - you're full of good ideas. I'm sure Baka appreciates it." And judging from the grateful look she slants him, so does Cate.

Aldrich gives a crooked grin and lifts his shoulder. "Well, we won't know if it's a good idea unless it works. But it can't hurt anything to try." He stretches a little and gives a sudden yawn. "I should probably go rest. I've been trying to get back to work, but I'm still running a bit slow." He hesitates though, and adds, "Be sure that you get some rest, too, okay?"

Cate nods slightly. "Thanks Al," she says, though she makes no move to get up to go back to her room. She looks comfortable, at least.


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