2237-12-30 - Get It While It's Fresh

Rayner and Aubrey meet less formally over food in the Mess.

Date: 2237-12-30

Location: Mess Hall

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Scene Number: 1616

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The Mess Hall at the base here is far bigger and fancier than what Aubrey has grown used to on the Vanguard. The woman is a Picon native, but she's from Biscayne Bay, down south, with beaches and surfing and warmth. Northholt is a winter wonderland by comparison. She's at the 'made to order' section of the station, getting some sort of omelet made by the short order cook. Real eggs, not powdered ones. She's trying to get as much fresh food as she can while she's on planet.

The pilot has on her off duty greens, her chin-length hair pulled back into a clip at the nape of her neck. Aubrey sips from a steaming mug of coffee while she watches the corporal at the grill do his thing with her meal.

Rayner "Wraith" Elstrom was already in the cafeteria in his off-duty slacks, sitting actually just down the way from Aubrey, thoug hshe did catch his attention because her looks could kill, he says a small prayer before his already prepared meal before he starts to eat with well-contained manners. Notably, he wore a beautiful necklace around his neck, and a guitar was leaned against the seat next to him.

Seems to just be on his downtime, like many around him. After all, a pilot can't always be in the cockpit, much ot his chagrin.

With her eggs prepared, Aubrey takes the plate from the cook and turns to find a table. Spotting the new pilot by himself, she heads his way. "Hey new guy. Wraith was it? Room for me?" she asks, with a small smile.

Rayner had just slurped some pasta into his mouth when Aubrey shows up to join him. A warm smile being given to her that could light up a room in greeting, he nods a few times. "Yeah, that's me." he looks around the table then at her question. "Well, let me see if it's alright with my friends first." he gives her the warmest smile to show that he was just kidding. "Please, feel free. So, what do I call you?" he smiles to her as he resumes eating.

"Banshee in the air. It does just as well on the ground, but Aubrey otherwise. Naxos, Lieutenant Jay Gee," she offers as introduction, chuckling at his humor. She settles down at the table and rubs her hands together at the sight of her meal. "Real eggs. Real cheese. Veggies that weren't freeze dried or frozen. This is like a vacation."

Rayner smiles warmly to her. "Rayner. Rayner Elstrom. Captain." he says his rank and name with a warm smile for the woman joining him. Though he does nod afterwards. "A pleasure, Aubrey." Then he looks at her food. "I know....and it is fantastic." he looks at his own food. A kind of noodles with chicken and rice. "Part of me wishes I was on vacation to be honest." he laughs a little bit. "Maybe a trip to Picon someday may do me some good."

"I hope you took good care of my favorite wingman out there after I headed back to the barn, Sir," Aubrey quips, adding the sir to the end once he tells her his rank. "Jigger is good people. The best really." She smiles fondly when she speaks of Alain. "As for visiting Picon, Biscayne Bay, where I grew up, got bombed some months back. It's still recovering. Not sure how much vacationing folks are doing there these days." Her lips twist a bit in a grimace before she takes a bite of her food, and the smile returns because it's delicious.

Rayner shakes his head when she calls him sir. "You only need to do that on missions I believe. Please, Rayner or my callsign will be alright, LT." he smiles to her warmly then. "Don't worry, we took care of each other. Us Gemenese always do." he smiles to her softly. "I hear you two are actually pretty good friends." of course, others talk. But he nods af ew times when hearing about Picon. "I'm sorry to hear that....didn't mean it if I brought up bad memories." he says with a sincere look of apology.

"No, no, it's ok. We paid the Cylons back in kind. And yeah, Alain is my best friend. He always has my back. I've been teaching him how to surf when we've had leave on Scorpia now and then. Argentum Bay is where we usually get to relax between big campaigns," Aubrey explains, between swallowing down bites of food and sips of coffee. "You're from Gemenon too? You should meet the Chaplain too. He's from there as well."

Rayner smiles then for a moment as she tells him that they paid back the cylons and elaborates on her relationship with Jigger. "Ah, I see. We get along pretty well...he helped me out on this most recent mission. Took out a bogey that was on my six. We work well together." given, he saved Jigger simultaneously in an incredible act of orchestration. "I am. The chaplain is also Gemenese? awesome. I'm happy I'm not the only one." he teases then. Gemenon isn't a popular place to get into the war. But he shrugs. "So, tell me about you. You're from Picon, and you surf?" he asks with a smile.

"I used to. I did commercials for surf gear, and some modeling. Small acting bits locally. My dad was an ad producer. Well is. Sort of, he's mostly retired now," Aubrey explains. "After the attack on Hyperion, I signed up to fight back. Addison and Abigail Walker grew up with me, pilot and marine respectively."

A few nods then from Wraith as she keeps talking about her home life and who her close friends were. "Ah, gotcha gotcha. It's nice, enlisting with your friends...that way you always have someone you already trust a great deal in with you." a single nod then. "I signed up first chance I got...what better form of worship to Ares than to fight for what you believe in?" a small smile then to Aubrey. He wasn't zealously religious, but he was religious all the same. He believed in all the superstition and belief of the gods. "So, what do you like to do for fun?"

"Oh and Charlie Wagner is a marine too. She was pretty up and coming on the Picon surfing circuit before the war," Aubrey adds. "None of us enlisted together, we all just sort of wound up here. Some days it feels like half the Wolves are celebrities of some sort." She looks amused at that. Models, actresses, singers, pyramid players, you name it. They're in the Timber Wolves. "For fun? I uh," she blinks a few times. She hasn't been much fun since she came back from a bad injury. "I spend time in the sims, read strategy books. I used to play Triad a lot."

Rayner aahhhs a moment and considers the irony of having so many illustrious people joining the marines or the navy, earning a soft chuckle. "Heh, fair enough...sad to say I'm not among those celebrities, Aubrey. But perhaps I wish I was, just so I could have a bigger reach in helping people." he shrugs then a moment. "hm.." he nods a few times in approval of what she likes to do for fun. "I really just play guitar. Though I'm not half bad at cards." he smiles to her softly then.

Aubrey tips her chin at the guitar. "Yours? What sort of music do you play?" she asks curiously. "And what made you decide to join the military? Did you always want in, or did you have other life plans before the Cylons became our personal nightmare?"

Rayner smiles softly to Aubrey and nods to her. "Yeah, it's mine." he then reaches over and sets the Guitar in his lap, preparing to play a little jig. "I play...really anything. I like oldies though...but I like to play a more...uhm..." he starts to use his fingers to play a more intricate version of guitar. and it sounds -beautiful-. THe sound of the music gets the attention of a few others as he hums the lyrics to a song. "Ironically enough, I can't sing at all." he laughs then in humor. "Uhm...I decided to join the military when I heard that CYlons were raiding planets and killing many people....I guess I just didn't see a choice -not- to fight. Well, I was born on Gemenon, and every father or some such wants to see their child join the priesthood and the like...but, that's not where the gods decided I should be." he shows her his necklace, a single piece detailing two sides of the same aspect: Siblings, Ares and Athena.

"You should get in a jam session with Micah. Captain Knoor. The singer. He's a Wolf too. I wasn't kidding about the celebrity stuff," Aubrey quips. "You're really good, and he can sing." She inspects the medal and nods. "Ares is pretty popular among the pilots."

Rayner chuckle sthen. "I'd like that. I really would." he chuckles then. He always wanted to start up a little Jam session. "COuld call ourselves the Timber Wolf Blues or something." he says with a soft wink to Aubrey then. Though he nods once when Ares is mentioned. "Yeah...I hear it alot...I saw Jigger say a prayer once." he nods a bit. "You know, if you like, I can write you a song?" oh yes, he was flirting.

Aubrey blinks a few times at the offer. "A song? For me?" She chuckles and shakes her head, setting her empty plate aside. "I'm not worth serenading, Captain, believe me. But thanks for the thought." She grins and stands. "See you on CAP, I have a duty shift to get to."


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