2237-12-30 - Welcoming Wraith To The Wolves

Wraith gets to know a couple of the pilots in his new posting.

Date: 2237-12-30

Location: Barracks

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It's late afternoon, and while some Wolves are sneaking in an early meal, many others are gathered in the social parts of the base. The barracks area isn't quite as decked out as their lounge on the Dauntless, but many of the same things are going on all the same -- some crowded around the TV going over the latest game, others gathered on the couches playing cards. Alain is settled at a table, a small package on the top, carefully writing, a cup of cooling tea close to hand. He doesn't seem bothered by the general noise of the room, just taking it in stride.

Rayner was in Alain's vicinity actually, playing a few strings on his guitar that sounded a lot like modern day Johnny Cash. Then he turns it into a fast-paced but beautiful finger picking....it is soon very quickly noticeable that this is a custom song. He wore his simple off-duty slacks, though his muscles were very evident despite how his clothes threatened to hide it. Before he looks over at Alain. "Jigger, what you got there?" he says with a friendly smile to his most recent temporary wingman.

Alain, too, is in his off-duty uniform, though it is as crisp and neat as his on duty usually is; not a wrinkle to be seen. He finishes the sentence he's writing before he looks up with an easy smile. "Wraith," he gives a nod. "Just writing home. How are you settling in?" he asks, setting the pen aside to devote his attention to the other Gemenese man.

Rayner smiles softly to Alain, nodding a few times as he plays a few more beautiful strings on his guitar. "Ah, right then. Don't let me stop you." the Captain says with a small smile. A the question, he smiles once more. "I've been given a warm welcome thus far....I'd say I'm acclimating pretty easily." he smiles then for a moment. "You did good on the mission by the way..I can see why the Timber Wolves are what they are. I'm happy to join such a unit."

With a wry look down at his paper, Alain says, "It'll give me a moment to consider what to say. While I try not to lie to my parents, I'd rather they not know the full extent of some of the things we face. They'd only worry, and there's little chance they'll change my mind at this point -- despite their wishes otherwise." He reaches for his tea, takes a sip, and then grins. "I learned from some of the best -- other Wolves, primarily. Where were you posted before this?"

Continuuing to play his guitar, he smiles to Alain as he explains even his problem when it comes to writing home. "A wise strategy....it's...difficult, telling of time here to the folks back home. In that nature, we share quite a few things in common, wouldn't you say?" he smiles then, at the question, he tilst his head to remember. "Sagittaron. I was frontlines for a small time, and that was when I got recommended for OCS...then flight school." a smile then. "and there I am." he says with a small shrug.

"I don't know much about you, other than your name on the roster," Alain admits, with an apologetic shift of shoulders. "And a familiarity with that accent. Certainly, there aren't too many Gemenese in service, and less in the Wolves -- other than myself and the Chaplain, there's only been a handful here and there." He grimaces, briefly, as the other pilot mentions Sagittaron. "I was a marine with ICJPK, served there before the war. And after. Not much has changed, except I didn't have to touch the dirt this last time around." A fact that Jigger sounds very, very grateful about.

Rayner chuckles faintl yto Alain with a soft smile, nodding once. "I spoke with your wingman, Aubrey, earlier and she informed me of that much, much to my gratitude." a kind smile then as he plays a few more strings on his guitar that sounds more like a modern-day Spanish guitar playing, and it is -beautiful-. With a soft msile then, he nods. "Yeah...seems we share the same experience. I much rather prefer the skies..where you can just fly forever." he smiles then.

There's an unbidden grin from Alain when Rayner mentions Aubrey, though it fades moments later. "I wish it were as poetic as that. After you see all the friends and people around you start to drop off, it's..." he grimaces, attention shifting to his tea. "There aren't many of us that started at the Wolves' inception still around. And Picon's not exactly a gentle place to join us in the air. They've had air superiority the whole time we were here last time, though having a local base is helping somewhat."

From out in the cold enters a pilot. Astraea picked up another CAP. Or maybe it was her own. She's lost track. The snow is falling heavily and the woman is wearing the issued bomber jacket over her flight suit, flight helmet dangling from her fingers. Her hair is still in the braids she wears so it'll fit in the danged thing. She looks weary; dark circles under her eyes. But for all she's tired, she's been flying consistently well. No crashes. No heavy damage. And she just crossed, in the previous day's battle, twenty kills. The Raptor pilot doesn't head straight for the hall and showers down them, no. Instead, she angles for the snacks and like tucked away in the lounge area. It'd seem the cafeteria was too far away in the cold weather, but she's still hungry post-flight.

Rayner nod sa few times to Alain, chuckling a few times. "True, true...well, I'm happy to have settled in so easily...happy I could help on Picon." he then stops strumming for a moment to introduce himself. "Allow to uh, more formally introduce myself so that we are not limited to callsigns." a small chuckle then before he extends a hand to the man. "Rayner Elstrom. Captain." he smiles softly, though it's clear he's not intending for Alain to be formal with him, but rather just for official sake. "Besides, we gemenese gotta stick together right?"

"Alain Tomlinson," the other Gemenese pilot returns as he grips Rayner's hand, "Though I prefer Jigger," he adds, wryly. "Well," there's a pause, after Rayner's latter words, as he picks his words carefully. "Things aren't so... colony based here in the Wolves. At least, they aren't intended to be, and it mostly seems to work. There's plenty of unsettlement between the different colonies. At ours, for sitting out the war, amongst other things." His gaze briefly tracks Astraea, but doesn't linger; she seems to be on a mission of sorts.

The Scorpian pilot is on a mission. A brief one, but a mission nonetheless. And that mission? Food. It's not as vital a mission as when she's been in combat, but it's still a post-flight tradition. She finds a soda and a few sandwiches stacked out and wrapped. She tosses the helmet on a chair to free up a hand once the other is occupied by canned drink and grabs a couple sandwiches. She turns, once her target has been acquired. The drink (unopened, mind) is tucked under an arm and one sandwich into a jacket pocket. She opens the other, glancing to Rayner and finally taking in the new man on the wing. "Good shootin' yesterday."

Rayner smiles softly to Alain and at the handshake. "Good grip. Nice to meet you, Alain. Officially, anyway." Then he listens to Alain as he talks about that animosity between Colonies still exist, but it is what it is. "Well....we're the start, hopefully." he smiles softly to Alain for breaking the status quo! Then? He is distracted by Astraea when she approaches. "Likewise, we all did a fine good job the other day." extending his hand to her over his guitar. "Captain Rayner Elstrom, callsign Wraith. A pleasure to meet you."

"Things being what they are, I'm afraid sometimes introductions wait until after battle all too often," Alain observes, with a bit of wryness, as he sips at his tea. "We're the start," he agrees, "Hopefully not the end. Hey, Nova," he says casually with a quick smile to the raptor pilot, but turns his attention back towards his letter as she focuses on the other pilot.

She has to juggle things to be able to accept the hand offered to her and ends up with a still-mostly-wrapped sandwich in her mouth to do so. It's only when the shake is complete and she can remove it that Astraea can introduce herself. "Astraea Masters. Just Nova's fine, though. Think most of us just go by our call signs, really." She shrugs, casting a glance towards Alain. "Hey, Jigger. I had a favor to ask when we've both got some free time and-" she looks back towards the door and the snow outside. "The weather isn't quite so bad." But he does have his letter, so she casts a look to Rayner, too, unwrapping her impromptu meal. "You just transfer in, then?"

Rayner smiles softly then to Astraea as she speaks her words, nodding a few times. "Heh, alright then Nova. Welcome to our merry band of writing letters to home and playing a few blues." he teases her just softly with humor as he plays a few chords that make sounding like a beautiful meloday. "Hm...maybe some lyrics..." he hums softly to himself before answering Nova. "Yeah. shipped in a few days before the more recent mission."

Alain glances back up when Astraea speaks to him, finger touching the paper in front of him as he finishes another sentence. "Sure, Nova," he says, easily. "You know where to find me." His gesture indicates vaguely down the hall. Frowning down at his paper, he adds a quick addition -- maybe just a signature, before he drains the rest of his tea and starts to pack up his things methodically. "Well, I'd best get ready for alert. Good to have you aboard, Wraith," he says with a smile.

"Sounds better than th' usual screaming at some Pyramid recordin'," Astraea offers to Reyner as he describes what the Gemenese men are up to. She takes a bite of her sandwich, moving to sit heavily -- tiredly -- nearby. Her soda and second sandwich are set on a nearby table as she slouches in. There's a grateful look cast Alain's way. "Thanks. I'll find ya next time th' weather looks decent. We'll need good light for it. It's for a sketch I'm workin' on. I need natural light, so I wanna get it done before we're back on th' Dauntless."

Rayner gives Alain a small nod then. "See you soon Jigger. Stay safe until I see ya next." then he looks on over to Astraea, smiling softly at the ocmliment to his music skills. "Thank you." he bows his head softly. Though he is curious about what the two would be up to, he simply remains silent, humming a few unsaid lyrics in beautiful conjunction iwth his guitar playing.

Tucking his writing implements and folded letter under an armpit, Alain carries his empty cup over to stack with the other dirty dishes. With a nod towards the other two pilots, he heads off down the hall to his room.

The Raptor pilot watches Alain go, studying the man as he disappears down the hall. She looks back down to her sandwich as she works at the wrapper once a few more bites have been taken. The plastic is bundled up and tossed onto the table. Astraea finally unzips her jacket, pulling it off; finally warming up in the building proper. She sinks in, closing her eyes. After a moment, she shifts forward to grab her drink, cracking it open. "That sounds nice."

Rayner keeps playing his music in a way that it is beautiful to the ears, before his attention falls upon Nova as she speaks again. "Thank you...my father taught me how to play guitar when I was very young....I've always had a love for the arts, you see." a warmness in his smile then.

"I like to sing," Astraea says quietly. "Never had any professional trainin' or anythin', but I always found it calmin', I guess." She shifts slightly, lifting her drink for a long sip. "Still do. I organized a karaoke night for th' Wolves last time we had leave. Might do it again next time-" she looks over to the Viper pilot again. "You should come. I like art, too, but uh... Mostly though, I draw, but it's-" she leans to set the drink down to free her hands so she can undo her flight suit, peeling it away from her torso to just the dual-tanks beneath, baring her arms and the plethora of Scorpian tattoos beneath. "Was workin' on apprenctin' in my uncle's shop at one time."

Rayner hums softly as he looks at Astaea then as he flashes her a very kind smile. "I bet you sing very beautifully. If you like, I can play a tune and you can sing to it?" he smiles to her warmly then. Though when he hears of a karaoke night, he cna't help but smile wide.

"That sounds like a great deal of fun, Nova. If you like, Maybe I can play some music and have people sing to it. You'd be surprised at how well I can play a tune." he winks at her softly then. Though, she reveals her tattoos to him and gives a small nod. "Did you do those? or your uncle?"

When he offers to play and for her to sing, Astraea blinks as if caught off-guard. She taps her fingers against the can she's holding a bit, looking somewhat uncertain. "Mebbe? Can't say I'd be that good. Just comin' off-duty an' all. I'm all, y'know... sweaty an' shit." It's not a great excuse, perhaps, but it's what she's got. When he offers to play, she shrugs. "Might be worth a shot. 'specially when we're back on th' ship. Give folks somethin' to unwind to." As for her tattoos... she looks to them as she sets the can down. "Most of 'em are by artists in th' clan, yeh. Hard to do work on yourself. I did th' one Jigger's got, actually."

Rayner smiles then to Astraea. As far as excuses go it's not bad. But Rayner is a stubborn man. He chuckles a little bit to her as she gives her excuse. "Well, I'm sure my voice is worse than yours. COme on, it's not a performance, it's simply just having fun." he starts to strum a beautiful tune, even if it's just her exercising her vocal cords, it seems he'd be pleased with it. He's a fun individual by the sight of it.

"I didn't know Jigger had a tattoo. Who knows? maybe one day you can help me out." he smiles then to her.

<FS3> Astraea rolls Singing: Success (8 6 5 4 2 2 1)

<FS3> Rayner rolls Guitar: Good Success (8 8 7 5 4 4 2)

<FS3> Rayner rolls Singing: Success (7 6 5 4 1)

"I'm happy t'help a fellow Wolf out iff'n they want a tattoo. If you've got an idea-" Astraea shrugs, plucking at the loose arm of her flight suit. Sitting, she hasn't been table to tie it off yet. The woman listens to the tune for a moment, picking up on the thread of it. She's a bit tired, yet, but she does begin to hum along. It's quiet, but it's not bad, no. She has a decent voice, but it's unrefined. Raw talent more than anything else.

Rayner isn't too bad himself when it comes to singing. Though even he notices the innate talent Nova has with her voice. Playing the guitar on an expert level, clearly, he smiles then as he hears her voice, his own voice coming out as he harmonizes with her. When it is finished. "You are amazing....you have the talent, it's there. It just needs a little refining...but I think you could be a serious singer if you wanted." he smiles then. "If you like, I can..teach you how to sing? Not that you sing awfully, but it could be something to invest in if you like?" he smiles to her warmly.

The Scorpian blinks a few times, caught off-guard by the compliment. She shifts a little, scuffling her hands against the sleeves of her flight suit again. Astraea leans forward to grab at the soda, taking a sip in need to wet her lips. "I- ah, never thought 'bout anythin' serious," she says finally. There might be some color in her cheeks. "Like I said, it's just somethin' I've done to relax. For fun an' all. Ain't never had a lesson, either." She glances over to the Viper pilot. "Dunno that there's much time for 'em."

Rayner smiles to her and he stops playing his music, resting his very muscular arms on the guitar "Well, it is simply a suggestion. SOmething you could pursue whenever you wanted." he smiles to her warmly. "Don't worry, I'm easy." he then sets his guitar aside. "If it makes you feel any better, you're far better than me." he makes a fake crappy singing noise with his throat for comedy purposes.

There's a brief snort -- amused -- from Astraea as she takes a longer drink from the can. "Pretty sure ya sounded far better than that a moment ago. I wouldn't worry too much, but..." She shrugs. "Ya got th' guitar to fall back on all the same. I never did well with instruments. Didn't have th' money for none growin' up. Singin' was free, though." She shrugs, looking thoughtful. "Mebbe. I dunno. Like I said, just ain't never thought 'bout lessons. Spend most of my free time on th' holobands in simulations or drawin'."

A small nod then from Rayner before he gives her a soft smile. "I did....I was attempting to see if I could get you to laugh....I hear I'm fairly awful with humor." he teases her softly before he hears her words. "Well, if you like, I can show you how to play guitar?" he's such a friendly guy. "BUt, something tells me you'll turn me down about that too." he winks at her then before he begins to rise. just to set the guitar aside before he sits back down. "All up to you."

"Oh, no, no. I'll leave th' guitar all to you. You're good at it." Astraea waves a hand, leaning back a bit. "I know what I'm good at an' I'll stick with that." She doesn't have anything to say on the humor front, seeming to prefer to pass comment there. "Best to leave it to th' master, yeah? Plus, if I'm frakkin' up th' guitar, who'll sing? It'd be a mess all 'round. Me makin' it sound like garbage, you croakin' along. Ain't no one havin' a good time, then."

Rayner cannot help but laugh then, chuckling quite a bit as she gives him probably the best excuse to an out in terms of learning how to play guitar. "Fair enough, Nova, fair enough. Well, the offer is there if you need it." he smiles to her before he rises. "I should get going. I need to get a workout routine in at some point today. It was a pleasure meeting you, Nova. May Ares guide your blade and Athena guide your step." he says that small blessing as he packs up his guitar and gets ready to move. "Be sure to chat with me if you ever want to just hangout or talk."

"Good luck makin' it to th' gym without freezin'," Astraea offers in return, pushing to her feet. She downs the rest of her drink, gathering up the trash of it and her finished sandwich. She tosses those out, easily, tying off her flight-suit. Her helmet and jacket are grabbed, as is the spare sandwich. "Time for me to wash up an' crash b'fore CAP in th' mornin'. I'll uh- I don't have much time to hang out lately." She doesn't give herself much these days. "But I'll keep that in mind, Wraith."

Rayner gives her a warm smile then. "Thanks." then when she tells him that she'll keep it in mind, he gives her a bow of his head. "I'll see you around, Nova." a kindness then as he heads out.


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