2238-01-01 - Feast Of The First Night

The crew gathers for a feast to ring in the new year.

Date: 2238-01-01

Location: Mess Hall

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The mess hall has been decked out in festive garland and tablecloths for the traditional "Feast of the First Night". The feast itself lives up to its name, the Wolves and their Picon hosts having provided a lush buffet that's a step above the usual mess hall fare. There are even cookies.

Where there are feasts and fancy decorations, there are volunteers helping set all that up. Aldrich numbers among those who helped make the feast happen, which probably explains why there are statues of gods and goddesses interspersed between the garlands and dishes of food laid out on the buffet. Since that means he had to go off and change clothes after everything was set up, he's one of the last to show up and join the food line. He's dressed in his best uniform and his hair is freshly combed.

Lyn is helping out alongside Aldrich, the Chaplain's service-minded attitude having rubbed off on her over the long months. She's arranging the cookies on a platter, and she's in her dress uniform with her hair back in a clip.

Maybe someone felt the new doc needed to get out and socialize. Or perhaps Yelena actually got out of the clinic a bit earlier today. It means she's had a chance to clean up and be properly presentable for the feast. She's not in a dress uniform, but at least her duty blues are pressed and her hair is neatly drawn back in low ponytail rather than the rushed faux-bun with a pen to secure it. She's made her way into the Mess, but just sort of hovers as she watches people; still wearing the bomber jacket needed to ward against the cold, even.

Stirling was also helping to set up earlier (or supervising, more like, to make sure nothing went awry with the Colonel's planned treat for the crew). Just now she's speaking to one of the mess hall crew to sort out some kind of minor issue. The crewman nods and moves off, and the CAG glances around briefly before heading to her place in line. She ends up just behind Aldrich and Lyn as they wait for their food. "Evening Chaplain. I see you had a hand in the deorations."

After helping out where he was needed, Rayner sat down adn busted out his guitar, giving it a little tune up before just playing something soft and delicate, fingers picking at each string in such a strategic manner that the sound that radiates from it is -beautiful-. humming soft, unspoken lyrics as he plays his guitar.

Aldrich glances up when Stirling addresses him, and he gives a little smile back to her. "Good evening, Major. I did add a few touches, here and there," he admits. "It seemed appropriate for the holiday, so I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I'll admit, First Night is a bit different where I'm from..." He steals a cookie from the plate Lyn is arranging.

Lyn mock-smacks Al's hand at the cookie theft and gives Stirling a grin. "It's real nice of the brass to arrange this. I don't even remember the last time I got to celebrate first night."

The Picons and Wolves group off and beyond that, marines and air wing section off as well. It can easily take one back to school days. It's just divided by MOS and the like rather than clique or gender. The Tauran doctor finally, however, decides the buffet tables look too good to pass up and unzips her jacket against the warmth of the Mess to go join others in line. Yelena finds a spot by the tables to wait her turn for the feast, rocking back on heels as she waits. There is a glance towards Rayner as he strikes those initial chords.

Stirling smiles. "I doubt anyone would be. It seems tame enough." She nods to Lyn. "The Colonel never misses a chance to help everyone celebrate. I think that's particularly important these days." When the music starts up, her attention is drawn over that way. "Apparently we even have music." Yelena is noticed standing over there. Stirling may not know the doctor personally, but she nods politely to her fellow Wolves officer if she glances that way.

Rayner just keeps playing his tunes, giving everyone a fun little jig to eat to. Humming an apprently Leonis-style song as he hums in his play, continueing to play such a lyric-less custom song. He looks up then, giving people nods, when Stirling looks at him, he offers a soft smile and a nod to her. but he just keeps playing and minds his own business.

Aldrich winces and makes a show of shaking out his fingers after Lyn's 'smack' but he still manages to keep one of the cookies for himself. He glances toward Rayner when Stirling calls attention to him, and nods a bit. "Yeah. He really likes the guitar," he observes. "I think it's probably a morale thing. He's good, though."

"Speaking of celebrations, I promised to bring the marines on guard duty shift some cookies. I'll be back later?" Lyn offers to Al, leaning in to give him a peck on the cheek before she gathers up a box of desserts for those on shift, and heads off.

There's a nod for Stirling when the Major looks her way. A moment more and Yelena finally makes it far enough to procure herself a plate. She starts piling things on it. The order of the day seems to be a little of everything. A bite of this, a nibble of that. Some things, the doc is going for a bit more of. If she's sure she'll like it or that there won't be any left for a second helping. By the time she reaches the cookies, the slim Lieutenant's plate is heaped. She squints at the dessert's, thoughtful. Seems she's a savory sort of gal. "Al," she offers to the Chaplain. "Why am I not surprised to find you helping out?"

"So it seems. I didn't know he played," Stirling comments idly, shuffling through the line and picking out some food to eat. Mostly healthy choices, though she does grab one of the cookies. She nods to the departing Lyn and then says to the chaplain. "I imagine the First Night celebrations on Gemenon are a bit more solemn? Serious?"

Rayner hums a little bit as he comes to a stopping point in what he realizes he could just play better...he slows down the pace to figure out what he wants to play next...humming a moment. He'd write down lyrics, but he's too busy playing. So what does he do? He tries his hand at a more complicated and fast paced song with his finger picking, sounding like something people could and would dance do. Some people may even start swaying.

Aldrich seems to be sticking to nibbling, leaving most of the foods for the others in line. "In my family, at least," he agrees, to Stirling, then looks back to Yelena with a crooked grin. "Hello, Yelena. Just part of the job, that's all," he claims. Whether that's technically true or not, he grabs a couple of extra cookies and moves along to let the others have access to the desserts. He takes a short detour to leave a couple of cookies near Rayner, for him to have between songs if he likes.

Free food is free food and good food is a greater rarity in the military. There's no telling when they'll get something like this again. The tavern in town certainly doesn't have anything especially better than what they can generally get on base. "Uh-huh, sure," Yelena says, unbelieving. She watches Aldrich make his way towards Rayner, shaking her head slightly. She finally opts for a single cookie before turning towards Stirling. The plate is juggled enough to free up a hand to offer out to the CAG. "Yelena Reznik."

Stirling nods with polite interest when Aldrich mentions his family, but then she's distracted by Yelena's introduction. "Nyssa Stirling," she replies, shifting her tray as well to return the handshake. "And I think the Chaplain likes to have a nebulous border around his job description." This said with a smile towards the man. As they reach the end of the line, closer to Rayner, the CAG takes advantage of a pause in the songs to say, "Very nice, Wraith. Don't forget to take a break for yourself to enjoy the food."

Rayner eventually pauses in play long enough for Aldrich to arrive and hand him cookies. "Oh, thanks Aldrich." he smiles then to the fellow, nodding his head. "Appreciated." then he looks to Stirling. "Roger that." he smiles to her, assuming it was an order just to be playful. "Don't worry, after this next song I'll get something to eat."

Aldrich gives a lazy salute to Rayner. "Enjoy." Stirling gets a grin for her comment, and he finishes his own cookie. "Speaking of..." he says, regarding Stirling's comment about the nebulous nature of his job description. "I should go check on some things. Enjoy the dinner, everyone." And he heads off to check on whatever he thinks he needs to check on.

"Pleasure, Stirling," Yelena says before returning her hand to her plate. Perhaps afraid it might fall. "He always has," she says of Aldrich, glancing towards the man. "It was no different in the Legion." She steps away from the buffet line then, clearing the way for other marines and officers to get to the much-coveted desserts. The Tauran moves to a seat not far from Rayner after grabbing a drink. She sets plate and cup down first so she can strip out of the jacket. Once that's done, she settles down with her plate and cup set down nearby. "Do you ever stop playing?" This asked of Rayner, clearly.

"Enjoy your evening, Chaplain," Stirling offers to the departing man, before smirking at Rayner's response. "Do you mind if I join you?" she asks Yelena, since her table is still partly vacant.

Rayner noms on some cookies then, awaiting to hop in line before he ends up looking over at Stirling , smiling softly to her before realizing that question wasn't for him. Then? he turns his gaze on Yelena and chuckles a little bit at her. "Yeah. I like to play, helps with morale and just having a good time I think. Does it annoy you?" he tilts his head asking a more humorous question.

"Not at all," Yelena answers Stirling with a small shake of her head. She gestures to the open chairs with her fork before she returns to her plate. The woman looks up and over to Rayner where he's getting into line. There's an arch of her brow and she replies back, absolutely deadpan: "Why yes, yes it does." Except there's just enough sparkle of mischief in her eyes to play it off.

Stirling sits down at Yelena's table. "Thank you." She starts eating, lifting an amused eyebrow at the exchange between the other two officers about whether the playing was annoying.

Rayner smiles softly to Yelena as he gets back in line, laughing a little bit. "ha. ha. ha." he says sarcastically butgood-naturedly. Eventually, the line moves so that he can start getting some food. He does start looking around, seeing if anyone else from the air-wing mission he was on recognizes him or vice versa.

The doctor, at least, doesn't show any discomfort from having the Major sit with her. But she may be distracted by her plate of food. Rayner's response -- the sarcastic laughter -- does earn a bit of a grin from Yelena. She just settles in to eat while he goes through the line. There falls then that period of silence for just focusing on food.

"If you want to see a musician annoying people, just wait until I break out my harmonic," the CAG says with a good-natured smirk. "Wraith is a rock star in comparison, I assure you." Stirling eats her food with impeccable table manners.

Rayner overhears Stirling and he smiles to her warmly after getting his food. Moving to an actual table with Stirling and Yelena with a soft smile. "Mind if I join you two? Don't want my music to bother Yelena though." he says with a teasing nature to the woman in question.

"I am no musician. It would be worse." If she were to play, seems to be the implication. There's no sense of 'table manners' with Yelena, though she's better than your average marine at least. No Leonese or Virgan upbringing here. Just your average Tauran. She snorts at Rayner, glancing sidelong at the man. "What, you can play and eat at same time? This I would very like to see."

Stirling motions to one of the empty seats by way of invitation. She smirks at Yelena's answer. "Guitar doesn't seem like something easily played one-handed." Probably taking the comment a little more seriously than it was intended.

Rayner can't help but laugh a little. "I mean, I've never tried before doc." he teases softly before he looks at Stirling. "Wait, wait, I've got this..." he hands a piece of shrimp to Whisper. "Here, take a shrimp and throw it into my mouth. We can make this a stage performance." he grins jokingly, but if she took him seriously...rock on.

"All the more challenging, Stirling," Yelena says to the Major with a flash of a smile. She just keeps on eating for the moment. When Rayner takes her seriously, however, she leans back, setting her fork down as she picks up her drink. Well, then! If it's to be a show, she'll have to sit back and enjoy it.

Stirling chuckles softly at Rayner. "Full points fr trying." But no, the CAG isn't one to throw food across the table. She does look amused though. But it's short-lived. One of the other crewmen comes by needing her attention,and she gives the other two an apologetic smile. "You'll have to excuse me," she says, and gets up to deal with whatever problem has arisen.


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