2238-02-24 - At Least It's A Chance

In the mine, Aldrich shares more information about the rescue efforts.

Date: 2238-02-24

Location: The Mine

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Scene Number: 1663

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Aldrich slept like the dead... Certainly too long for a healthy person, given the rock-hard floor. Possibly not a good sign. But eventually he does rouse, so at least he's not dead! He has a pained look that he's trying to repress when he climbs to his feet. He manages to stand for a brief moment, then sags to lean against the wall. After a moment, he manages to regain equilibrium, and tentatively pushes away from the wall, to stumble in a random direction, in search of the gods-only-know-what.

Deb had wandered off to spread their subtle warning message. She'd checked on the unconscious chaplain a few times in the intervening time, and is just on her way to do so again when she spies him making his way along the wall. Though she eyes him with skeptical concern, she doesn't chide him for being up. Instead she says, "Good, you can walk."

Aldrich squints toward Deb, then smiles faintly. "Well, I'm certainly not staying here," he remarks gently. He stands up a little straighter now that she's there, but there's still a bit of an unsteadiness to him. "It's just a bad headache. I'll be fine. Have you been... ah, telling our story?"

"I was worried you'd be too dizzy, given your concussion. But they'll be coming to take us down to work soon, and believe me - you don't want to be left behind." Deb's mouth tightens in a grim line at that, but then she shakes it off to answer his other question. "Yes. Gotten more than a few strange looks, I daresay." Her accent is Virgon, but not thick.

Aldrich nods a little, and knuckles at his left eye. "I've had worse," he says, dismissing any concern about his concussion. That might even work, as dim as the cave is. "The mines?" he asks, instead. "I'll keep up, if the gods are willing." The mention of strange looks draws a little snort of dark amusement, though his lips press together to suppress a grimace, suggesting that headache might be worse than he's admitting. "But do you think they understand?"

"And lived to tell the tale? The Gods must be smiling on you, Chaplain," Deb comments dryly about his other, allegedly worse, concussion. She worries at her lip at his question before answering. "Specifically? No. But I think they know something is going on, and hopefully your friends' signal will clue them in." She frowns, then admits. "I don't know what else we can do."

"We should try to make sure that at least some key people understand," Aldrich says. He allows himself to lean back against the wall, concealed as a merely casual posture. "People that the others trust. So they can keep everyone calm and guide them in the right direction when the time comes." He squints off into the gloom of the cave.

"That's a good idea," Deb grants, then looks thoughtful. "I can think of a few people." Then she squints thoughtfully. "I was thinking about what you said before." Her voice dips lower. "Why all the cloak and dagger stuff. Why don't these Colonial Forces just come in and take out the Cylons?"

Aldrich glances back toward Deb, with a deep frown. "It's what we were trying to do," he admits, gently. "We're here fighting them. We were sent in to rescue what we thought were... Well. You. It went sideways." He lifts a shoulder, and sighs. "Anyway, my group has been cut off from the main forces, but we're doing the best we can."

Deb's brow furrows in concern. "Your group," she echoes. "So it's not the whole army?"

Aldrich rubs the bridge of his nose. "No," he admits, but then rushes to add, "To begin with, we're more like... um. Special forces. But our plan is to get word back so they can send reinforcements." He clears his throat, and looks toward her, solemnly. He's got a kind of unfocused look, but quite sincere, at least. "I'm not going to lie, this might be a slim chance. Any number of things could go wrong... But it's better than no chance."

Deb blows out a breath slowly through her nose, taking it all in. The hope that filled her eyes when Aldrich first mentioned the rescue seems to dim somewhat. But then one can almost see that Virgon stiff upper lip snapping into place. "Well. At least it's a chance."

"It is," Aldrich agrees, gently. "And... Well, if you knew my friends, I think you'd probably be more hopeful." He blinks hard and rubs at his eyes again. "Sorry, I think I need to sit down for a minute. While I still have a chance to rest..." He's already sliding down to sit as he says that.


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