2238-02-24 - We'll Rescue Him Then Kill Him

Geoff and Cate are not pleased when they discover Aldrich has gone off to get himself captured.

Date: 2238-02-24

Location: Picon Ranch

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Scene Number: 1659

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It's night, but Geoff has a later watch, so he's just now getting up from his improvised bedroll in the main room. Where a note has been left. Geoff reads it over. "MOTHER FRAKKER!" he yells on learning the contents. "CATE!"

Cate had dozed off in one of the back rooms, but she's a light sleeper. Most of her rest these days comes from micronaps. She's got an odd mix of just-woke-up bleariness and OMG-what's-happening adrenaline on her face as she comes into the main room, SMG in hand and ready. She looks around, on high alert. Around the common area, a few of the others stir, looking towards Geoff with curious alarm.

Geoff frowns when he sees other faces turned his way. "This motherfrakker," he says in a much quieter tone, then points his chin at the front door. "We gotta step outside for a second, something happened."

When it becomes clear there's nobody dying and no Cylons invading, Cate safeties her weapon and lowers it, coming down a notch on the danger scale. "What's going on?" she asks, concerned, instinctively coming towards him. She'll follow where he goes.

Geoff leads the way outside, grabbing his rifle on the way. "Frakkin' Aldrich left, went off half-cocked on that stupid frakkin' plan we all said no to."

Cate rocks back, stunned. "What?" she asks, blinking as if she couldn't possibly have heard him right. "I thought he was on watch..." she says, denial warring with a sinking dismay because what Geoff says is really not out of the realm of possibility.

"Who the frak was on watch with him?" Geoff wants to know. "Look, we gotta go get him back. We can't leave him in there. We have no frakking idea what they might do to him."

Cate shakes her head, still trying to clear it. "Jensen, I think." One of the Picon locals. She doesn't address his second point, but the way she pales and clenches her jaw shows she heard it well enough. She does stalk off in the direction of the front watch post, a tree stand a short distance from the ranch house. It was chosen for its good sight lines, so it's easy to verify that it's empty and Aldrich is nowhere to be seen. Cate leans heavily against the nearby fence, head bowed, fingers wrapping tightly around the fence rail.

Geoff scrubs a hand over his stubble. "One of us has to tell Lyn," he says quietly. Then, not so quietly, "Frak! When we get him back, I'm gonna kill him!"

Cate maintains that pose, leaning and gripping the post, her jaw so tight the outline of muscles can be seen on her thin face. "Son of a bitch," she mumbles, but there's more despair in her voice than anger. Then she sighs. "Our best bet of getting him back is to just stick to the plan. We'll get them all out - including Al."

Geoff shakes his head, then wipes a hand over his mouth. "I really, really am gonna kill him. Like...frak. /Frak/. I'm so mad right now."

"I know," Cate says. Then she pivots, leaning her back up against the fence and crossing her arms. She sighs again, rubbing her face. "But I'm not surprised. He always bitches at me for not thinking my life is as valuable as anyone else's, but he doesn't either."

"He always acts like I'm being frakkin' crazy, but he needs to look the frak at himself, cuz he's the crazy one," Geoff replies, scowling.

Cate shrugs a bit. "We're all a little frakked in the head, I think." She turns her head at an angle, though, not looking at him, and the struggle to hold back tears is evident on her face.

"But he's so frakkin' self righteous about it!" Geoff finds himself shouting. "He's always gotta jump on every frakkin' grenade!"

Despite Cate's efforts, she blinks and wet tracks trace down her grimy face. Her voice is hollow, but she doesn't cry aloud. "I really thought we talked him out of it."

Geoff shakes his head quickly and walks a few paces away. "He frakkin' lied to our faces is what happened." Then he comes back to Cate. "Hey, don't... We're gonna go get him."

"He knew we'd try to stop him." Cate sniffles, and slants him a squinty look. "You don't know that. He could be dead already. They could've taken him someplace else we don't know about. Our attack might fail. That was the whole reason we tried to talk him out of this crazy-ass plan in the first place!" Now it's her turn to raise her voice, though it's still quavering with sadness.

"Don't say that shit," Geoff says. "It's not...look, we just gotta go get him, okay?"

Cate shrugs, almost sullenly. "Whether I say it or not doesn't change how true it is." She pushes up off the fencerail. "If we get everything together we can hit the mine tonight. Stick to the plan. And pray he didn't get his dumb ass killed."

Geoff nods at that plan. "Yeah, we gotta go like right away."

Cate nods, and wipes at her eyes. "We'd better get started then." She probably should volunteer to tell Lyn. Lyn's her friend. But she doesn't.

Geoff looks aside, crossing his arms over his chest. "So...who's gonna...?" he leads.

Cate looks at him blankly. "Who's gonna what?"

Geoff frowns and shrugs. "Like I said, somebody has to tell Lyn what happened, like...right away."

Cate's lips tighten, visibly recoiling from the idea. But then guilt swells and she shakes her head. "I'll do it," she says reluctantly. She takes a step back towards the house, mumbling, "Frakking hell."

Geoff scratches his chest, nodding a few times. "Okay," he says, leaving an awkward pause. Maybe he feels guilty, too. "She's gonna freak out, huh?"

"Wouldn't you?" is Cate's dull response to the question. Shoulders sagging, she starts walking back to the ranch house.

Geoff doesn't think of the right thing to say in time, so he doesn't follow right away.


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