Lieutenant Addison "Hurricane" Walker
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Played By
Chace Crawford
Air Wing
Viper Pilot
Supplemental Information

My twin sister, my best friend. We've been best friends since birth and continue to be. When I was shot down, our parents didn't tell her; rightfully so I think in some ways. She would have abandoned everything I think to come and try to find me. Instead, she found out on her own and brought a ship. I don't believe in providence, but I believe in us.


Grew up more with Abigail than myself. The three of us did a lot of stuff together, and I suspect she had that kid crush on me. It's good to see her grown up now and doing well. I don't think she understands what I've been through... then again who does?

System Information
  • Sky Diving Instructor - On Picon, Addison ran many sky diving, cliff jumping and gliding classes.
  • Prison Camp Survivor - Addison spent 3 months in a Cylon prison camp before rescue.
  • Hide The Pain - Pushing the appearance of recovery, there are still many issues to deal with from captivity.

The whole family were water fiends. Parents with the surfside beach, twin sister in the water constantly, the beach was their life. Addison was just like the rest, but with one little hiccup; while he loved the beach and the water, he actually enjoyed the air a bit more. The eldest (well with his twin) of the family of four children, he convinced his parents to let him start a branch of sky diving at the shop. He pressed, eventually they relented and it would be a big boon to the family. This shored up and secured Addison's love of the air.

A bit of a thrill addict, much like the others of his family, it was not out of place for him to be out late into the nights and constantly pressing the limits of what should be done safely. The best part is he never had to face these stunts alone as his twin sister (Abigail) was always up to join him. With the family business in a period of struggle, Addison stepped up to help with the books.

At 18, his sister went into the Picon Coast Guard to be in the water. Addison on the other hand went to University to study Business and Economics, figuring it to be the best way to help the family and the business. Money was pretty tight however, so to help fund it, he joined the military program at the university, agreeing to serve a couple years after his education. Graduation came in which he graduated with top honors much to the excitement of the family, then he went to the military; particularly the navy. With his background in flying already it was a natural fit for him to get into flight. After his term was up, Addison stuck in and went full tilt with naval flight, focusing on fighter craft. He earned his first kill early on in the conflict shortly after the decimation of Picon.

During an operation over enemy territory, Addison's fighter was shot down. He was able to eject but has been declared MIA behind enemy lines for the past 6 months, official attempts at rescue having long stopped since then.

Hair that is a dark blonde that fades to lighter blonde at the tips from natural effect of sunlight is done up in a messy, but 'orderly' messy style. The man has piercing brilliant blue eyes and a facial structure that is gentler than edged. A stubble of beard that matches his hair color falls over his jawline.

He is currently dressed in military fatigues that carry the offduty flair to them but still are done up enough to constitute appropriate.

master-pilot-wings.png sniper-badge.png aerospace-combat-badge.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Aerospace Combat Badge
  • Master Pilot Wings
  • Sniper Badge
    • KEW
  • Brawn: Average
  • Grit: Exceptional
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Average
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Good
  • Athletics: Competent
  • Composure: Great
  • Demolitions: Fair
  • Firearms: Good
  • Gunnery: Exceptional
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Good
  • Piloting: Exceptional
  • Stealth: Good
  • Technician: Competent
Background Skills
  • Economics: Fair
  • Sky Diving: Good
  • Swimming: Fair
  • Wilderness Survival: Fair
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
# Date Victory Scene
1 2237-09-16 Heavy3 Surprise(?) Attack
2 2237-09-16 Off-Camera(Approved) Surprise(?) Attack
3 2237-11-24 Raider5 Close Air Support
4 2237-12-03 Raider1 Fish In A Barrel

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2237-12-03 - Fish In A Barrel
The air wing goes after an armored column.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Ines, Hunter

2237-11-24 - Close Air Support
The Wolves break up a Cylon bombing raid on a Picon forward operating base.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah

2237-11-18 - Striking Back
In the raid on Aquaria, the pilots punch through the Cylon defenses to strike at the shipyards.
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah, Faye, Ines

2237-11-05 - Happy CF Day
The gang gathers on Scorpia for a celebration of the CF's one year anniversary.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Gage, Faye, Ines, Nicole

2237-10-16 - Mountain Sweep
The air wing clears out some Raiders in advance of a bombing mission.
Calliope, Irene, Kell, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-29 - Canyon Dance
A wing of Timber Wolves go on patrol in one of the mountain ranges in the Sadah province of Sagittaron. They encounter a group of Raiders. It goes -- for the Wolves -- surprisingly well, considering the difficulties of flying (and fighting) in a canyon.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora, Ines

2237-09-16 - Surprise(?) Attack
The Cylons launch an all-out attack against Caprica City, but the colonials seem more prepared than one might have expected.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-08-26 - Baker's Dozen
The air wing takes a beating from a slew of Raiders while providing air cover over Delphi.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Verity, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Nora

2237-08-19 - Tower Assault
The pilots attack a Cylon fortification.
Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Gabriela, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora

2237-07-28 - Wolves In The Bar
The pilots of the Timber Wolves dominate the bar of the hotel, though a few marines do wedge their way in.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Lucia, Kell, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Lanval, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-14 - Flight For The Cape
The Timber Wolves fly in support of the rescue operations on Cape Shediac.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys

2237-06-17 - Recon and Rescue
A team of Marines recon Cape Shediac. A detour nets them their secondary mission objective.
Chance, Erin, Abigail, Addison, Jonas

2237-11-05 - Special Occasion
Addison continues to press his luck with Stirling.
Addison, Stirling

2237-10-08 - Processing
Addison visits Astraea to talk; from one former captive to another.
Addison, Astraea

2237-09-29 - Let Them Eat Cake
After a rather successful mission under his command (!), Alain sees to it that some of the Wolves have themselves cake in the Mess while they discuss the mission, possible tactics for the mountains, and what they want to do the next time they get leave. Also discussed: Whisper and her part in the bar fight.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora

2237-07-31 - The Interview
Eva interviews a new wingman.
Eva, Addison

2237-07-31 - Not Captains, Not Dinner
The Common Crew gather at the Calypso for Drinking and Games
Beckham, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Aleksander, Faye

2237-07-15 - Stay Or Go
Addison and Abigail decide on the course of Addison's future with the Wolves.
Abigail, Addison

2237-07-14 - Demanding Brass
Ryan talks to Addison about getting back in the action.
Ryan, Addison

2237-07-10 - My Head Is Just Alright.
Addison meets with Kamran to get his Psychology Exam following captivity.
Addison, Kamran

2237-07-10 - My Head Is Just Alright
Addison meets with Kamran to get his Psychology Exam following captivity.
Addison, Kamran

2237-07-09 - Fresh Is Best
Erin shares her ill-gotten gains with Addison.
Erin, Addison

2237-07-02 - This New Grief
Abigail grieves her loss.
Abigail, Addison

2237-06-26 - Back to Three
The three amigos; back together again.
Abigail, Aubrey, Addison

2237-06-21 - Back to Now
Addison gets caught up, catches a shave, and meets a new face.
Abigail, Addison, Jonas

2237-06-19 - Awakening
Addison wakes. The world has changed.
Abigail, Addison

2237-06-03 - The Last Breath
In the slave camps of Picon...

2237-03-21 - Lost Letters
Somewhere behind Enemy Lines, the last pages of a journal are filled.
Abigail, Addison

2237-02-12 - That Loving Feeling
Addison's flight in which he was shot down leading to his captivity.

2227-05-05 - Summer Whites
Abigail prepares to leave for basic training.
Abigail, Addison