Lieutenant Jg Aubrey "Banshee" Naxos
Dark Brown
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Played By
Taylor Cole
Air Wing
Viper Pilot
Lieutenant Jg
Supplemental Information

Jigger - My wingman and bestfriend, from Gemenon. He always has my back, always has my six, in the air and on the ground. He's been there for me through thick and thin.


Brother from another Mother - Abigail's twin. Grew up together on the beaches. Used to frequent his folks' surf shop in Biscayne Bay.


Sister from another Mister - Addison's twin. Grew up together on the beaches. Used to frequent her folks' surf shop in Biscayne Bay. Worked on some ad campaigns together.

System Information
  • Do I Know You? - Aubrey did a little bit of acting in commercials back on Picon, mostly for beach gear.
  • Surf Bum - On Picon, she was regularly at the beaches hitting the waves.
  • Triad - She likes playing cards to fill the boredom.
  • Photography - She likes to take photos of people and places, and keeps them on a pinboard in her bunk.

Aubrey Naxos is the daughter of Edmund and Alice Naxos of Picon. Edmund was a producer for a small film company that shot commercials, and Alice was a school teacher. Aubrey was a beach lover, and a surfer from a young age, and her father got her into some commercials for beach gear, where she was know for screaming for excitement when riding waves.

She attended college majoring in the arts as a photographer. Shortly after graduating her father took her on location to film another commercial, and she was allowed to shoot some of the still ads. This is why they were away when Alice was killed in a Cylon attack.

Edmund retreated into himself, a shadow of a man, and Aubrey enlisted in the army. She was sent to OCS and then to flight school. There she picked up the call-sign, Banshee, when the other trainees dug up her old commercials. She served for 6 months on Picon before recently being assigned to the Timberwolves on the Vanguard.

Aubrey stands a slender 5'8", with short dark hair in a sassy cut. She looks young, in her early 20s, with brown eyes and a familiar face that some might recognize for some beach and surf gear commercials a few years back where she often screamed in excitement for the ads. She's in her off duty BDUs.

expert-pilot-wings.png expert-marksman-badge.png
silver-cluster.png distinguished-aerospace-medal2.png meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice1.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Silver Cluster
    • For the unwavering valor and superior skill displayed in achieving 15 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Stirling, CAPT Tomlinson, LTJG Masters, LTJG Naxos, LTJG Zeller, and LTJG Harris are awarded the Silver Cluster.
  • Distinguished Aerospace Medal
    • For superior teamwork and airmanship displayed while defending Islesboro from Cylon attack on 7/21/37, CAPT Beltran, CAPT LeBossier, LT Tomlinson, LT Newton, LTJG Naxos and ENS Draygo are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
    • For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Webb, LT Tomlinson, LT Gess, LTJG Drake and LTJG Naxos are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • KEW
  • Expert Pilot Wings
  • Marksman Badge
    • Pistol
  • Brawn: Average
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Exceptional
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Good
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Great
  • Demolitions: Fair
  • Firearms: Good
  • Gunnery: Great
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Good
  • Piloting: Great
  • Stealth: Competent
  • Technician: Competent
Background Skills
  • Acting: Fair
  • Photography: Fair
  • Surfing: Fair
  • Triad: Fair
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
06/23/2237 Shrapnel - Abdomen
06/23/2237 Shrapnel - Right Leg
# Date Victory Scene
1 2237-05-18 Raider2 Turncoats
2 2237-05-18 Raider4 Turncoats
3 2237-05-22 Cylon1 Transport Takedown
4 2237-05-24 Cylon3 Castle Crashers
5 2237-05-26 Cyper2 Big'uns Bugging Out
6 2237-06-19 Cylon8 Death of the Oreti
7 2237-06-23 Raider5 What Cost Victory
8 2237-06-23 Raider5 What Cost Victory
9 2237-07-01 Cent2 The Internet is For Porn
10 2237-07-02 Raider8 Action Stations
11 2237-07-10 Raider3 Clearing the Field
12 2237-07-12 Raider10 Fuel Shortage
13 2237-07-21 Off-Camera Defend the Bay - Air
14 2237-07-21 Off-Camera Defend the Bay - Air
15 2237-08-09 Raider1 Win Some Lose Some
16 2237-08-16 Raider3 Convoy Attack
17 2237-08-24 Raider3 Defend The Dauntless - Air
18 2237-11-03 Raider1 Lending A Hand
19 2237-11-03 Raider2 Lending A Hand
20 2237-12-03 Raider4 Fish In A Barrel
21 2237-12-09 Raider1 Port Interception

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2237-12-30 - Get It While It's Fresh
Rayner and Aubrey meet less formally over food in the Mess.
Aubrey, Rayner

2237-12-02 - Winter Woes
Alain and Aubrey take a cold walk to the beach, and talk about their latest battle, as well as the struggles each of them are having with the war of late.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-11-16 - Chilling At The Cove
The crew gathers to celebrate after the awards ceremony.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Ines, Sunny

2237-11-10 - Pilot Quals - Nov 37
Another round of pilot qualifications, this one ending in a bet and a challenge of a bake-off.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-11-06 - What Moves Pudge
Aubrey and Alain go surfing, and discuss the latter's new bunkmate.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-11-01 - Bribery For A Bunk, Pt 1
Aubrey's waiting for Pieter at her former bunk that he's stolen while she was away on med leave, dead set on getting it back with offer of all the things he should want. Some Picon talk is shared, and realization of who she was back on their home colony, before ultimately he opts for more time to think up a better counter-offer.
Aubrey, Pieter

2237-10-28 - The Cake Is Not A Lie
Aubrey reunites with her Wingman and her CAG.
Alain, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-09-11 - Green Jello Sucks
Alain gets word that Aubrey is awake, and he goes to see her. He's still really bad at making bets.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-08-05 - Out With The Old, In With The New
In the Berthings, there's discussion of new tattoos, new haircuts, new bets and a new type of pyramid.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Logan

2237-08-04 - Secrets of Storage Annex 6
Micah and Aubrey share serious conversation and seriously delicious coffee.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-08-04 - The Secrets of Storage Annex 6
Micah and Aubrey share serious conversation and seriously delicious coffee.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-08-01 - Surfing & Bbq
For one last 'hurrah,' the Wolves gather at a small surf spot to hang out before they ship out.
Calliope, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Logan, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-31 - Not Captains, Not Dinner
The Common Crew gather at the Calypso for Drinking and Games
Beckham, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Aleksander, Faye

2237-07-29 - Smoke And Musings
Micah and Aubrey meet over cigars on the beach.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-07-28 - Reconciliation Through Dance
Wingmates exchange truths, and one of them dances.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-07-26 - Girl Trouble
Tensions are running high in the Air House.
Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea

2237-07-26 - Party at the Stabbin' Cabin
Eli's family throws him and Mikolas a wedding celebration.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Aubrey

2237-07-25 - Settling In
Some of the pilots in the base housing begin getting settled before diving into training.
Isolde, Van, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-25 - Beach
Aubrey and Geoff chat on the beach while drinking rum.
Geoff, Aubrey

2237-07-23 - Squirrel Or Chicken
Marines and Pilots ponder their temporary home, and most are in bad moods.
Calliope, Geoff, Aubrey, Logan, Lanval

2237-07-22 - Best Wingman Ever
Alain makes good on part of the double ace bet, and then accompanies Aubrey to a nearby hospital to search for her father.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-07-18 - Back At The Barn
The //Vanguard's// pilots come down from a (mostly) successful mission. It's all relative.
Van, Eva, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-16 - Cashing In The Bet
Alain is stuck doing Aubrey's Laundry thanks to her reaching Double Ace first.
Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-15 - Fight Night
Two marines have a go at it in the gym while others watch on.
Eva, Charlie, Evan, Aubrey, Logan, Gage

2237-07-15 - Stylists And Pyramid Players
Logan Lindus, Pro Pyramid Player, arrives on the Vanguard as the Wolves' newest marine. He shows up in the Berthings during pilot primping hour.
Calliope, Priya, Gray, Kell, Aubrey, Logan

2237-07-03 - Viewing Party
Abigail Walker Regales Fellow Marines With Vids Charlie Wager's Surfing Days.
Charlie, Evan, Lyn, Jackson, Abigail, Aubrey, Kyle

2237-06-26 - Back to Three
The three amigos; back together again.
Abigail, Aubrey, Addison

2237-06-24 - Ancient Virgon Secret
Alain and Eva visit Aubrey. They come bearing gifts.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey

2237-06-18 - At Long Last
Aubrey receives news of Addison's rescue.
Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-06-14 - Talking Tactics
Kell, Aubrey, and Astrea go over some Viper-cam footage to try and figure out how to efficiently take down heavy raiders before the CAG comes in with a mission for them.
Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-10 - Planning Picons
Roara, Aubrey, Van, and Isolde plan future tactics, while Tucker comes in to add his own opinion.
Isolde, Van, Roara, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-06-09 - Upping the Stakes
Aubrey and Alain confirm they're ok post-barbeque, and they raise the stakes on their double ace bet.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-06-02 - Surf's Up!
A trio of Picons and their friends hit the waves for some warm beer, surfing, and sunning.
Eli, Mikolas, Erin, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-05-31 - Deliveries
Van and Aubrey have a chat and get acquainted as members of the Wolves Air Crew
Van, Aubrey

2237-05-30 - Surfing Gamble
As a present for making Ace, Aubrey gives Alain a surfing lesson, and they make a bet.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-29 - At the Arcade
Abigail, Aubrey, and Jonah enjoy a visit to the local arcade.
Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-05-26 - Screaming Aces
A party is arranged to celebrate Banshee making ace. It includes some slightly-confused Marines.
Eva, Gustavo, Tucker, Rothschild, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-24 - The Drop
During a day in the life of the //Vanguard// sickbay, Abigail discovers that no news is really just the prelude to the worst news of all.
Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-05-17 - Beachcombers
Aubrey arrives on the //Vanguard//, and runs into an old friend. Remi has great fashion sense.
Abigail, Remi, Aubrey

2237-12-29 - Clearing The Way
The air wing sweeps the skies in advance of a Picon bombing raid.
Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Rayner

2237-12-09 - Port Interception
The air wing goes after some reinforcements headed for Port Powell.
Calliope, Paquette, Alain, Aubrey, Stirling, Ines, Hunter

2237-12-03 - Fish In A Barrel
The air wing goes after an armored column.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Ines, Hunter

2237-11-24 - Close Air Support
The Wolves break up a Cylon bombing raid on a Picon forward operating base.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah

2237-11-03 - Lending A Hand
The air wing goes to lend its support when a large-scale assault develops along the front.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Faye, Ines

2237-08-26 - Baker's Dozen
The air wing takes a beating from a slew of Raiders while providing air cover over Delphi.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Verity, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Nora

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Air
The Air Wing is tasked with defending //Dauntless// from a Cylon attack.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey

2237-08-19 - Tower Assault
The pilots attack a Cylon fortification.
Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Gabriela, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora

2237-08-16 - Convoy Attack
The Air Wing tries to bomb a convoy transporting AA to Delphi.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Mason, Faye

2237-08-09 - Win Some Lose Some
The air wing takes a beating as it tries to assault a Cylon supply depot west of Delphi.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys, Faye

2237-07-28 - Wolves In The Bar
The pilots of the Timber Wolves dominate the bar of the hotel, though a few marines do wedge their way in.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Lucia, Kell, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Lanval, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-27 - Friendly Competition
The pilots hold their qualification trials over Scorpia.
Isolde, Calliope, Eva, Yohan, Jackson, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-22 - New Plane Smell
A flight of Raptors loaded with pilots is being sent to collect some new Vipers to recover the Wing's losses.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Air
The air wing defends the city of Islesboro against a massive Cylon attack.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-20 - SAR In Force
The air wing meets resistance on their way to rescue the missing Raptor crew.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Priya, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Jackson, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-18 - Down In The Mountains
Colonial fighters attempt to stop a bombing attack on the city of Bransbur.
Van, Eva, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-14 - Flight For The Cape
The Timber Wolves fly in support of the rescue operations on Cape Shediac.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys

2237-07-12 - Fuel Shortage
Vanguard's Air Wing faces down the Cylons attempting to retake the Frontier Fuel Station.
Finn, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-10 - Clearing the Field
The //Vanguard's// Air Wing makes the first move in retaking a Cylon-Controlled fueling station.
Calliope, Priya, Eva, Tanner, Yohan, Kell, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Connor, Mason

2237-07-03 - Cleanup Aisle 9
The Pilots Intercept A Huge Wing Of Bombers Heading For The Picon Coast - Including Biscayne Bay.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Hallie, Tanner, Gwyndolen, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Connor, Mason

2237-07-02 - Action Stations
The Air Wing Scrambles To Defend The Vanguard When Cylon Capital Ships Come Knocking.
Eva, Hallie, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Leonie, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Connor, Kymoto, Mason

2237-07-01 - The Internet is For Porn
The Wolves face strong opposition when they are tasked with taking down a captured communications satellite.
Eva, Salvae, Tucker, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-23 - What Cost Victory
The Air Wing engages a Cylon Air Wing. Victory comes at a price.
Finn, Isolde, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea

2237-06-19 - Death of the Oreti
The //Vanguard// responds to a Picon destroyer in distress, and witnesses its destruction.
Finn, Eva, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea

2237-06-15 - Listening Post
The pilots investigate a DRADIS ghost and find a Cylon listening post.
Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-15 - Tellorn Town Tussle
A flight of Timber Wolves clear the air over the city of Tellorn in advance of a Picon recon sweep.
Isolde, Van, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea

2237-06-11 - Asteroid Sneak Attack
Investigating an asteroid belt for possible Cylon hiding places proves fruitful and full of explosions.
Priya, Eva, Paquette, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-06-09 - Firefight on the Edge of Picon
On the edges of Picon's orbit, the Wolfpack descends to defend it.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Priya, Eva, Paquette, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-06-05 - High Dive
The Timber Wolves' last day on Scorpia is put to good use, as the air wing and marines go out on a practice over-water SAR mission.
Calliope, Roara, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Katja

2237-06-04 - Gunnery Practice
Eva takes a group of pilots out for target practice and gives a lesson afterwards.
Calliope, Priya, Eva, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Leonie, Katja

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Beach
Ryan hosts a BBQ and the colonies' most informal awards ceremony.
Cate, Ryan, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Gustavo, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Erin, Salvae, Lyn, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Katja, Rion

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Bar
The bar portion of the Awards BBQ. There is lots of booze, lots of introductions, and a pilot goes down in flames. TWICE.
Gustavo, Dundonnell, Webb, Erin, Rothschild, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Leonie, Katja

2237-05-31 - The Inquiry
An inquiry is held into the friendly fire shooting incident.
Ryan, Van, Calliope, Eva, Webb, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Alex, Ford

2237-05-30 - Piloting Trials
The pilots show off their skills to earn their qualification badges.
Finn, Ryan, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Priya, Darcy, Eva, Hallie, Webb, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-27 - Turning Tables
The air wing assists a Canceron squadron and then tries to intercept the Cylon evacuation of Kannur.
Finn, Isolde, Calliope, Darcy, Eva, Cap, Webb, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-26 - Big'uns Bugging Out
A Colonial fighter sweep finds some distinctly odd-acting Heavy Raiders trying to escape threatened territory.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-24 - Castle Crashers
The Air Wing goes to finish off the castle the Marines hit.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-22 - Transport Takedown
A CAP from //Vanguard// gets orders to take down a Cylon transport during the battle of Canceron - and discover just how dangerous the Cylon AA can be.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-18 - Turncoats
A //Vanguard// CAP comes to rescue of a Canceron Air Patrol, only to find that they were the ones targeted all along.
Eva, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey