Corporal Cate "Doc" Rhodes
Light Brown
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Played By
Moon Bloodgood
Combat Medic
Supplemental Information

Cate's vacation on Picon turned into a nightmare when the Cylon uprising began. She aided the military forces there as a civilian contractor for a time, and later joined the Virgon Royal Marines. Her family has strong ties with the Hibernian rebels.


The Rhodes family is a motley collection of miners, dockworkers and construction workers, all united in the common cause of the Celtan rebels. The Song family comes from upper class stock. Grandpa Song was an up-and-coming surgeon before he left it all behind to open up a free clinic in the slums of Tiras. That's where his daughter June met Patrick Rhodes. They were eventually married and had a daughter, Catherine.

When Cate was eight, her mother was killed in a car accident. When she was ten, her father was sent to prison for trying to set a bomb in a subway station. After that, Cate lived with her grandparents and worked part-time in the clinic.

But the Rhodes family still had an influence on her. She wanted to know more about her father's secret world. Despite the disapproval of the Song family, she began spending more time with beloved Uncle Jack. She grew to hate the government who had taken her father from her. Though she had never been all that close to him while he was there, her absentee father became a hero to her.

College and Medical School

Attending college on a needs-based scholarship in a neighboring city, she finally got a taste of independence and the world beyond their little neighborhood. It was in college that she also got interested in the outdoors, going on hiking trips and even some free climbing in the nearby mountains.

In her sophomore year, she got word that Grandpa Song had passed away. Without his passionate direction, the clinic went under soon after. That year, she switched her major to pre-med and decided to follow in his footsteps.

Her family ties tugged on her when Uncle Jack saw an opportunity. He began sending patients to her to be treated off the books. As Jack's influence in the rebels expanded, so did her role, and soon she became one of the rebels' go-to docs.

Picon and the Uprising

Cate's best friend Deb twisted her arm into coming with her to Picon to see the Colonial Fair. It wasn't a hard sell. Cate had never been off world before. Never been to the beach. Little did she know it would turn out to be the vacation from hell. Caught up in the Fall of Hyperion, Cate made her services available to the medical staff at PNAB Triton and fought on the front lines alongside the Triton marines. When Triton fell, Cate barely made it out alive. Eventually her group of survivors hooked up with the remnants of the Picon fleet.

When she once again volunteered to help, she found that the fleet didn't have a place for loose cannon civilian doctors. After a brief respite, Cate was anxious to get back into the fight. Eventually she did the only thing she could - she enlisted. They initially wanted to make her a doctor, but Cate wrangled out of the commission on a technicality and became a combat medic instead.

Traditional Celtan knotwork tattoos on lower left abdomen and right hip.

Visible scars on the pinky edge of her left hand (gunshot) and over her right eyebrow (head trauma).

Numerous other scars.

  • Patrick Rhodes - Father - Serving a life sentence for terrorism in a high-security Virgon prison.
  • Jack Rhodes - Uncle - Miner / construction worker. High on the Virgon government's 'most wanted' list for rebel activities.
  • Various and sundry other aunts, uncles and cousins on Hibernia.


  • June Rhodes - Mother - Pedestrian killed by a hit and run driver.
  • Jonhan Song - Grandfather and adoptive guardian - Died of natural causes.
  • Yunjin Song - Grandmother and adoptive guardian - Died of natural causes.
Period Station Notes
2235 (Apr-Oct) Picon: PNAB Triton Civilian Doctor / Combat Medic. Volunteered during the Fall of Hyperion in the early days of the Cylon uprising.
2236 (Apr-Sep) HMS Argyll Combat Medic, 4th Marine Battalion, Virgon Royal Marines.
Oct 2236 - Apr 2237 Battlestar Galactica Combat Medic
Apr 2237 - Present Timber Wolves Combat Medic

It Ain't Me - Lindsey Stirling and KHS (Selena Gomez & Kygo Cover)

The Piano Guys - Arwen's Vigil

Gaelic Storm - The Samarai Set


We may not always see eye to eye, but we have each others' backs.


Fellow geek and confidant. Our schedules keep us from hanging out as much as we might like.


Good people. Picked me up when I was down and introduced me to her family.


Started off a bit awkward, but I think behind that shell is someone I could be friends with.


Fellow troublemaker. We get along pretty well.


Once upon a time, he was "the one", but that was a different life. Now things are just painful and awkward.


We have a bit in common - fellow mountain climber and member of the broken hearts club.


A fellow Triton survivor and former patient. Stand-up guy, but we keep a safe emotional distance. Maybe there are too many ghosts between us.


Two ships that pass in the night. I wish it were more.


Cheerful adventure buddy and fellow medic. Losing him again was hard.


Yeah he's an ass sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), but under all that bluster he's got a soft side.


Do I have some kind of 'kick me' sign on my back that only the fates can see? You deserved better, macushla.

System Information
  • Soft Spot For Kids - Cute little ones are her achilles heel.
  • Rebel With A Cause - Cate is smart enough to play the 'yes-sir-right-away-sir' game to stay in the war effort, but all of the regulations and orders do wear on her. She's prone to bending them - especially if she thinks she won't get caught.
  • Kicking Back - Cate can be serious when duty calls, but off-duty she likes to kick back. Dancing (a few lessons in Canceron Traditional Dancing have taught her just enough to look foolish), pick-up Pyramid games, cheesy movies, and other silliness.
  • Hibernian - Perhaps they met in childhood or college. Maybe you know some of her family, or she patched you up before. She's an outspoken proponent of Hibernian independence, which could make her fast friends or fast adversaries with someone. Those who follow the politics there might recognize the name 'Rhodes' as the rebel version of a mafia crime family.
  • Doc - Cate was an ER doctor before the war. By volunteering for the marines, she's only authorized to act as a medic, but that doesn't stop her from bending the rules sometimes when lives are on the line.
  • Picon - Cate was present for the Fall of Hyperion on Picon. Though she was a civilian refugee at the time, she worked closely with the marines/medical and was friends with a number of the pilots. The experiences there still haunt her.

This young woman appears to be in her late twenties. Her skin is light brown, her face oval shaped. Thin eyebrows over her dark brown eyes have a slight arch, giving her a look of perpetual curiosity. Her dark brown hair is long and somewhat wavy, usually pulled back in a simple ponytail when she's working or active. She's dressed in Colonial Marines fatigues, with a khaki shirt tucked into matching trousers. A softer, darker brown fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and quick clips secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. The pins on her color show a rank of Corporal.

expert-colonial-warrior-badge.png expert-marksman-badge.png gold-combat-medical-badge.png
phoenix-cross2.png gold-cluster.png silver-cluster2.png distinguished-marine-medal.png meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice16.png sacrifice12.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png tauron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Phoenix Cross
    • After being shot down behind enemy lines, ENS Asa, SSG Delgado and CPL Rhodes encountered a group of civilian prisoners. Despite being cut off from friendly forces, poorly equipped and injured, they effected a rescue and devised a way to signal friendly forces. During the rescue efforts, they held off a superior Cylon force long enough for the Raptors to arrive. For their gallantry, they are awarded the Phoenix Cross.
    • While stranded behind the lines in Axios Province, Picon, between 1/13 and 2/25/2238, LT King, Lt JG Kavanaugh, Lt JG Correa, SGT Wagner, SGT Arda, CPL Tomak, CPL Rhodes, CPL Davydov and LCPL Courtois supported Picon partisans and went above and beyond the call of duty to effect the rescue of more than a hundred civilians and prisoners of war from the conflict zone.
  • Gold Cluster
    • In action on Sagittaron on 9/30/37, CPL Rhodes was injured attempting to rescue injured squadmates from their downed Raptor. Rhodes and the rest of the squad were captured. Despite her injuries, Rhodes escaped, made an arduous trek back to friendly territory while evading enemy forces, then retraced her steps back with a rescue team. For her valor and devotion to her shipmates, she is awarded the Gold Cluster.
  • Silver Cluster
    • After the fall of Edson Air Base on Canceron, LT Cadmus, ENS Drake, ENS Kavanaugh, PO1 Dorn, SGT Kovac, LCPL Rhodes and PFC Courtois escaped to the jungle. At great risk to themselves, this group returned to Edson and executed a daring raid to rescue fellow crew members who had been taken prisoner by the Cylons. They also assisted in securing the Cylon Heavy Raider so CAPTs Thorne and O’Day could re-establish contact with friendly forces. Despite being injured and stranded in the jungle for several weeks, Courtois, Rhodes, Kavanaugh, Kovac and Dorn refused evacuation and went on to fight in the Battle of Honnal. For their gallantry under fire and devotion to their shipmates, they are awarded the Silver Cluster.
    • In action on Canceron on 5/23/37, a marine squad faced fierce resistance while attempting to rescue human prisoners from a Cylon stronghold. With their squad sergeant killed and several squadmates down with serious injuries, SGT Ingvar, CPL Hayes and CPL Rhodes each braved heavy fire to pull their injured comrades to safety, secure the prisoners, and hold back the Cylons until air support arrived. For their heroism under fire, they are awarded the Silver Cluster.
  • Distinguished Marine Medal
    • After the fall of Edson Air Base, SGT Kovac, SGT Niles and LCPL Rhodes tended to numerous battlefield injuries with minimal supplies and no support. For their efforts saving the lives of their fellow shipmates, they are awarded the Distinguished Marine Medal.
  • Colonial Warrior Badge
  • Combat Medical Badge
  • Expert Colonial Warrior Badge
  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • SMG
  • Gold Combat Medical Badge
  • Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
    • SMG
  • Brawn: Average
  • Grit: Exceptional
  • Perception: Exceptional
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Good
  • Wits: Exceptional
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Good
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Legendary
  • Demolitions: Fair
  • Firearms: Great
  • Gunnery: Everyman
  • Medicine: Great
  • Melee: Good
  • Piloting: Everyman
  • Stealth: Great
  • Technician: Everyman
Background Skills
  • Celtan Studies: Fair
  • Environ Science: Fair
  • Mountaineering: Good
  • Pool: Good
  • Pyramid: Good
  • Survival: Good
  • Tradecraft: Good
Language Skills
  • Celtan: Fluent
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
11/17/2236 Club - Right Leg
11/25/2236 Rifle+Ap - Right Arm
12/09/2236 Lmg+Tripod - Chest
12/09/2236 Lmg+Tripod - Chest
03/10/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Right Arm
05/12/2237 Rifle+Ap+Scope - Chest
05/13/2237 Rifle+Ap - Left Arm
05/10/2237 Rifle - Left Arm
05/17/2237 Cython - Right Arm
05/20/2237 Rifle+Ap - Right Leg
05/28/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Right Arm
06/10/2237 Rocket - Head
06/25/2237 Shrapnel - Left Arm
06/26/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Chest
06/28/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
07/04/2237 Grenade Launcher - Left Arm
07/04/2237 Shrapnel - Chest
07/04/2237 Grenade Launcher - Chest
07/11/2237 Crash Landing
07/15/2237 Pistol - Head
07/15/2237 Pistol - Chest
08/06/2237 Grenade Launcher - Abdomen
08/06/2237 Shrapnel - Abdomen
08/12/2237 Pistol - Head
08/12/2237 Pistol - Abdomen
08/20/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Chest
08/20/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Abdomen
08/26/2237 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
09/30/2237 Raptor crash.
10/17/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/17/2237 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
11/03/2237 Shrapnel - Right Arm
11/03/2237 Shrapnel - Chest
11/04/2237 Shrapnel - Left Leg
12/02/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Head
12/19/2237 Pistol+Ap - Chest
12/19/2237 Pistol+Ap - Chest
01/14/2238 Lmg+Bipod - Chest
01/14/2238 Lmg+Bipod - Head
01/14/2238 Lmg+Bipod - Abdomen
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Left Arm
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Right Leg
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Head
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Right Leg
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Chest
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
10/11/2238 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
# Date Victory Scene

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2239-03-10 - Distractions
One year later...
Cate, Ines

2238-03-04 - The Things We Can't Fix
Three soldiers picking up the pieces of the lives they left behind go out for drinks. It might be easier if they had any certainty that they'd get to keep those pieces long enough to put them back together.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-02-28 - Impossible Noble Men
Ines and Cate catch up after getting back to Northholt and talk about Aldrich, Gage, Nate and the future.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-26 - Worth It
Aldrich gets bad news about his condition, but decides that getting captured to help the POWs was still worth it.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-02-24 - We'll Rescue Him Then Kill Him
Geoff and Cate are not pleased when they discover Aldrich has gone off to get himself captured.
Cate, Geoff

2238-02-24 - Not-So-Happy Reunion
Aldrich is back with the gang, but Geoff is pissed and Cate is worried about his head injury.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2238-02-23 - All There Actually Is
Cate stops by to check on Ines. Difficult truths are acknowledged. Promises are made.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-18 - Snafu
Cate and Aldrich chat about their options after the failed hospital raid.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-02-17 - To We Or Not To We
Interpersonal relationships are hard.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-16 - Not Much Of A Shot
Cate and Gage argue over how best to help Ines and the sick Picon boy.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-02-03 - Acceptable Risks
Aldrich's plan for the prisoners touches on one of Cate's biggest fears.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-01-30 - Coming In From The Cold
Lyn, on a patrol, discovers Gage and Ines in the woods and brings them back to the warehouse, and Cate patches up Ines. But reintegration with the Wolves -- and thirty some-odd survivors -- presents its own challenges.
Cate, Lyn, Gage, Ines

2238-01-29 - Even If They Hate Me
Charlie makes an executive decision, even if Cate isn't a fan. A loose plan is put into place for how Davion and Wagner will reach friendly lines.
Cate, Charlie, Aleksander

2238-01-21 - Like Family
After settling in with the partisans, Aldrich and Cate talk about taking care of each other.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-01-14 - Live For The Moment
While tending Cate's injuries, Aldrich shares his news and they talk about plans for the uncertain future.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-12-23 - Full Of Good Ideas
Aldrich offers advice to Cate and they conspire to make a case for keeping the dog with the crew.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-12-22 - Man's Best Friend
Gage and Cate talk dog names and training, while Yelena doesn't have a very high opinion of their canine companion.
Cate, Gage, Yelena

2237-12-04 - Ready Player One
Tove and Cate run into each other at the exchange arcade.
Cate, Tove

2237-12-02 - A Bit Of Peace
Cate is drawn into the situation between Jacob and Aldrich.
Cate, Jacob

2237-11-28 - Not Much Nightlife
Geoff, Aldrich and Cate venture off base for a night out at the pub.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-11-24 - Keep Moving
Aldrich gives Cate some advice on coping after her fight with Jacob.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-21 - Smoke Break
Some medical types discuss drug theft, exploring the island, and height-related challenges during a lull in sickbay.
Cate, Tove, Sunny

2237-11-19 - Who We've Become
Jacob and Cate wonder if they've changed too much to be friends.
Cate, Jacob

2237-11-19 - Losing Faith
Aldrich and Cate chat about faith and friendship after the latest mission.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-15 - Night At The Cove
(While back on Scorpia) Kyle and Cate talk significant others and post-war plans while playing some virtual pyramid at the beach bar.
Cate, Kyle

2237-11-08 - Beach Bootie Bingo
A drag show on the beach welcomes some CF folks on shore leave.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Akeso

2237-11-07 - Survivor's Guilt
Cate talks to Kamran about the stress of repeated injuries and narrow escapes.
Cate, Kamran

2237-11-06 - Fire And Brimstone
Cate is worried about Aldrich after his uncharacteristically fiery sermon.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-05 - Alternatives To Jello
Complaints about hospital food are universal.
Cate, Noah

2237-11-01 - Sterner Stuff
After the inquiry into the friendly fire incident, Cate and Aleksander chat about the situation with the VRM.
Cate, Aleksander

2237-10-31 - Downtime
Noah and Cate actually meet somewhere other than dirtside on an op. Pieter makes an unintended cameo.
Cate, Noah, Pieter

2237-10-27 - Inspired By Ares
Aldrich shares his anger over what happened with the Sadah village.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-10-22 - In Search Of Cheer
Isolde and Cate catch up, both having a hard time finding reasons to be cheerful.
Cate, Isolde

2237-10-21 - When Opposite Bunkies Meet
Alain meets his new, and particularly contrasted, bunkmate Pieter, who keeps using an irritating word for them. Cate and Astraea come in to get caught up in the Pudge's socializing in turn.
Cate, Alain, Astraea, Pieter

2237-10-15 - Post Trauma
Cate visits Lyn in sickbay after the rescue.
Cate, Lyn

2237-10-15 - Afraid Of The Dark
After a bad dream, Cate opens up to Kyle about what happened during her escape from the Cylons.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-14 - R And R
Kyle tries to take Cate's mind off of things when the pair of them have a 48-hour pass to visit Caprica.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-09 - The Ones Left Behind
Aldrich and Cate touch base after the prisoners are back safe.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-10-07 - Little Brown Boxes
Kyle checks in on Cate after she's faced the horrors of the cavern one more time. Ines arrives with a gift for the former POW.
Cate, Kyle, Ines

2237-10-06 - The Scrape And Dent Model
Following her rescue from the surface, Cate gets patched up in sickbay.
Cate, Tove

2237-09-24 - High Quality H2o
Tensions are high waiting for more warfare. Kyle, Cate, and Erin catch up in the gym. Kyle masters the Salmon Ladder despite being target practice for water bottles. Cate assists Kyle in a moment of vengeance.
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-14 - Rubbing Dirt On It
After returning from MIA, Kyle is released to the public
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-13 - Water Under The Bridge
Jacob and Cate try to sort through their complicated past and what it means for their future.
Cate, Jacob

2237-09-11 - Commonalities
Tove and Cate meet in the Infirmary after the marine's training exercises.
Cate, Tove

2237-09-11 - Soldier For Life
Aleksander checks in on Cate and they chat about the Foreign Legion and life after the war.
Cate, Aleksander

2237-09-10 - Memories Of Hyperion
On the anniversary of the fall of Triton, Cate and Van go out for a drink.
Cate, Van

2237-09-10 - Cue Ball, Corner Pocket
Cate and Jacob attempt a game of pool. Tove crashes the party.
Cate, Jacob, Tove

2237-09-05 - Crazy Medics
After a training session, Beckham and Cate talk about taking crazy risks.
Cate, Beckham

2237-09-03 - Two Steps Back
For Jacob and Cate, trying to patch things up isn't easy.
Cate, Jacob

2237-09-02 - Don't Call The Medic
Jacob fails to call for Cate after he is hit. Bullets may not be the only thing to hit him when she finds out.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-28 - To Each Their Own
A discussion of burial beliefs and other randomness between Beckham, Cate, Lyn and Aldrich in the mess hall.
Cate, Aldrich, Beckham, Lyn

2237-08-27 - Pain Pills
Two marines with a dark past find a moment of reprieve in Delphi.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-26 - Rising Temperature
A marine with a medical emergency during a recon mission leads to a disagreement between Jacob and Cate.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-24 - Tread Cautiously
Beckham is concerned about Cate over Jacob's return.
Cate, Beckham

2237-08-22 - A Snap Of The Fingers
A complicated relationship becomes even more so when two with a past have trouble finding their groove.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-18 - Reunion Redux
Cate finds a familiar face among some new transfers to the Timber Wolves.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-17 - Playing The Victim
Cate and Aldrich argue over their respective hurt feelings.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-08-15 - It's Not About Crunchy Water
Vegetable hate is a thing. Also, a favour is asked.
Cate, Abigail

2237-08-14 - Berthings Banter
Several of the Dauntless crew gather for some friendly banter in the Berthings' Common Area. Relaxation ensues.
Cate, Charlie, Abigail, Emrys, Micah

2237-08-07 - Intra-Ship Ball
Logan stops by to check on the injured. They discuss potential Fleet Pyramid leagues.
Cate, Charlie, Logan

2237-08-01 - Friendly Fixes
Cate and Van commiserate about family and relationship troubles.
Cate, Van

2237-07-28 - Peace Offering
Mikolas apologizes to Cate with ice cream.
Cate, Mikolas

2237-07-26 - Party at the Stabbin' Cabin
Eli's family throws him and Mikolas a wedding celebration.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Aubrey

2237-07-26 - Creaky Foundation
Cate runs into an old friend (Bean) who's concerned about how she's doing.
Cate, Bean

2237-07-25 - Stabbin' Cabin
Drinks and arguments are had at the quarters shared by Mikolas, Cate, Geoff and Eli.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff

2237-07-25 - Weird Al
Cate thinks Aldrich needs more sleep. Like she should talk.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-07-23 - Soldiering On
Lyn and Cate commiserate about the war's losses.
Cate, Lyn

2237-07-20 - Many Happy Returns
Van greets the returning survivors of the MIA Raptor.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-07-18 - Of Family And Fingers
Back in Havison, Isolde and Cate talk about kids while tending to Isolde's ruined finger.
Cate, Isolde

2237-07-17 - Pass The Can
Cate, Isolde, Tavo, and their new civilian companions pass around sparse supplies and talk.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-12 - Blisters And Revelations
Isolde and Cate chat and nurse injuries while trying to make their way back to friendly lines.
Cate, Isolde

2237-07-11 - How Frakked Are We Now
The survivors of the downed Raptor discuss their options.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-07 - Nothing to Talk About
Aldrich tries to check up on Cate while they practice medic skills.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-07-04 - Injury and Ache
Some wounds hurt more than others. Even the sickbay can't heal these.
Cate, Priya, Mason

2237-07-04 - A Long Week
Lyn and Al look for Cate after hearing of Tucker's death.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-03 - Absent Friends
Van and Isolde deliver bad news to Cate.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-06-24 - Not to Wonder Why
Optimism is hard to come by after a series of rough missions.
Cate, Calliope, Salvae, Tucker, Graham, Gage

2237-06-24 - Weary Warriors
Cate, Isolde, and Van talk about Kell's loss, the past, and quitting.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-06-22 - Check Up
Cate checks up on Jonas.
Cate, Jonas

2237-06-20 - Recon Girls Gain Another
Kyle comes aboard the Vanguard and is given the 5 cubit tour.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Tucker, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-19 - Old Wars
Isolde and Cate talk about how some old colonial conflicts die hard.
Cate, Isolde

2237-06-11 - Morpha All Around
Cate checks in on Aldrich and Charlie and Lyn comes to visit them and get her bandages changed. Aldrich clearly has a headwound.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-09 - Like A Prayer
Cate looks for Lyn and finds her in the chapel.
Cate, Lyn

2237-06-06 - Everyone's Fine
Kamran hears a familiar refrain when he talks to Cate.
Cate, Kamran

2237-06-06 - Truth or Punches
Erin and Jonas spar a little, Lyn and Cate spectate.
Cate, Erin, Lyn, Jonas

2237-06-06 - What a Return Means
Van and Cate talk about what a return to Picon means.
Cate, Van

2237-06-04 - A Mountain of Issues
Cate and Lyn decide to try some mountain climbing therapy for their complicated lives.
Cate, Lyn

2237-06-01 - Little Cottage on the Beach
A handful of people Lyn gave the address of her little rental cottage to pop in for a drink and a chat.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn, Tucker

2237-05-29 - Sand In Your Toes
Cate and Lyn walk and talk on the beach about their similar circumstances.
Cate, Lyn

2237-05-27 - Clearing the Air
Cate and a surprisingly-chatty Eli talk rumours and wounded.
Cate, Eli

2237-05-26 - Serious-Serious
Isolde and Cate talk about their guys.
Cate, Isolde

2237-05-26 - Greenhorn
In the berthings, injuries and old memories are discussed.
Cate, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-22 - Crushing Victory for Miko
Cate tries to help an angry Mikolas. Miko wins.
Cate, Mikolas

2237-05-17 - Restless
Cate isn't happy about being kept on restricted duty.
Cate, Tucker

2237-05-11 - Alone in a Crowded Room
Erin and Cate chat about social isolation and science.
Cate, Erin

2237-05-10 - Tin Can Telephone
Isolde and Cate share some old-fashioned girl talk over an old-fashioned tin can telephone Isolde made.
Cate, Isolde

2237-05-07 - Awkward Antelopes
Politics is discussed, reporters are bashed and romantic advice dispensed during an awkward evening in Vanguard's head.
Cate, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Tucker

2237-04-29 - Ups and Downs
Beckham and Cate's climbing expedition is interrupted by a Raptor crash.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-26 - Triton's Lonely Hearts Club
Three survivors of the cylon attack on PNAB Triton, Hyperion share a moment of solidarity.
Cate, Van, Roara

2237-04-26 - Missed Opportunities
Bean runs into Cate at the hotel bar. Things go well, until they don't.
Cate, Bean

2237-04-22 - Beachhead
Tamlin and Beckham take a break from their stroll on the beach to cheer up Cate.
Cate, Tamlin, Beckham

2237-04-19 - Check Ups
Beckham drops in on Cate for a checkup from his injuries during the Battle for Honnal - and they learn a bit more about each other.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-19 - Dance Lessons
Beckham comes across Cate while getting ready for the celebration on Scorpia - and he does some minor arm twisting.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-17 - The Harrowing
A flock of //Galactica's// female contingent descend on the local dress shop. Tavo comes in for the assist.
Cate, Isolde, Antonie, Eva, Gustavo, Cap, Vedjovic

2237-04-12 - Croc Hunter
The troops deal with a crocodile attack at the river.
Cate, Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-03 - Missing Friends
Aldrich and Cate go out to search for the missing Mikolas and Eli.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-03-26 - Run, Miko, Run!
Shenanigans in the jungle, the day after the bombing.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-03-23 - Riding the Bull
Some of the crew gathers for a last hurrah before their time planetside is over. There's lots of drinking and a mechanical bull.
Cate, Finn, Calliope, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-15 - Selling Hope
Cate checks up on Aldrich after they failed to find his friends at the farm.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-02-22 - Drowning After Triage
Cate sneaks into the Officers' Club. She finds Calliope medicating after the mass casualty incident on base. Mostly with alcohol.
Cate, Calliope

2237-02-19 - Barrel of Laughs
Cassie warns Cate about the dangers of Canceron flora and fauna.
Cate, Cassie

2237-02-07 - When Sacrificial Birds Attack
Eli is chipper and Aldrich comes in with an unusual injury.
Cate, Eli, Aldrich

2237-02-01 - Gods and Cylons
Aldrich and Cate talk about whether the Cylons have religion.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-01-24 - Arms Make the (Wo)Man?
Cate and Tavo talk about the aftermath of the Cylon boarding attempt.
Cate, Gustavo

2237-01-22 - Cleaning Up
Isolde and Cate help to clean up the carnage in the hangar.
Cate, Isolde

2237-01-11 - No News and Good News
Van has news for Cate -- not all of it bad -- and an offer for Danica.
Cate, Van, Danica

2237-01-10 - By the Book
Eli and Cate don't exactly see eye-to-eye on the value of regulations.
Cate, Eli

2237-01-07 - How the Other Half Lives
Cate pays a visit to Isolde in Officer Country.
Cate, Isolde

2236-12-31 - Barrel of Laughs
Card game talk turns to why the Cylons have an advantage.
Cate, Mikolas

2236-12-16 - Packing In
A group of Marines -- new to //Galactica// and not so new -- chat over food.
Cate, Bean, Gustavo, Gray, Geoff, Dundonnell

2236-12-11 - Plan for the Worst
Collins and Eli have a brief chat during a quiet moment in sickbay.
Cate, Collins, Eli

2236-12-03 - Warming Up
Cate seeks refuge in the rec room after the polar bear Raptor plunge into the lake.
Cate, Jacob, Stefan

2236-12-02 - Calling on the RPA
Cate enlists the help of a group she doesn't even know about when she talks to Van about a couple of Picons she knew at Triton.
Cate, Van

2236-11-29 - Role Reversal
Joseph meets Cate and shares some sparring pointers.
Cate, Joseph

2236-11-25 - Raptor Returning
Van meets the Rabbit and Echo's Raptor as it returns with Isolde, Cate, and others. Kazimir cameos.
Cate, Isolde, Van, Kazimir

2236-11-24 - The Worst Patients
Eli and Cate treat Sergeant Moreau, and then compare notes about how doctors make the worst patients.
Cate, Eli

2236-11-23 - Fish Out of Water
A Hibernian and a Virgon officer have an awkward meeting in the pool.
Cate, Cressida

2236-11-21 - A Little Bit of Hope
Jacob and Cate sort a few things out and decide to try to be friends.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-19 - Play Soldiers
Gustavo and Cate discuss the difference between Army and Marines over a Pyramid game.
Cate, Gustavo

2236-11-13 - Not the Party Type
Laundry day leads to an awkward chat between exes about military rations, making friends and genocide.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-13 - Clean Break
Eli and Cate talk about their similar experiences while tending to a crewman with a busted arm.
Cate, Eli

2236-11-10 - Understandings
Jacob and Cate have an actual conversation and maybe sort a few things out.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-08 - Catching Up
Cate and Van have a somber catching-up after Triton.
Cate, Van

2236-11-06 - Why
Cate demands answers from Jacob about what happened on Hibernia a few years ago.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-05 - King of the Mountain
Cate interrupts Jacob's training match for a painful reunion.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-05 - Different People
Cate and Isolde catch up at lunch, and edge around conversations of war and change.
Cate, Isolde

2236-11-04 - Coming Aboard
A new ship needs a new crew, and the first waves are now arriving.
Cate, Jacob, Isolde, Van, Darcy

2238-03-17 - Last Prowl
The Wolves gather one last time after the awards ceremony before everyone starts getting sent off to different assignments.
Cate, Gray, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Ines, Rayner

2238-02-25 - Under Siege
Geoff, Aldrich and Cate are caught up in the evacuation of the ranch when the Cylons find it.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2238-02-24 - Escape From The Mine
The marines assault the mine to save Aldrich and the other prisoners.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-02-17 - Desperately Seeking Antibiotics
Cate and Gage scout out the town in search of desperately needed antibiotics. It doesn't go well, and neither are happy with the result.
Cate, Gage

2238-02-02 - Scouting For Hope
Gage, Ines and Cate scout the mine operation / prison camp in hopes of finding an angle to help the prisoners.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-01-20 - Helping Hand
The missing marines have to decide whether to risk lending a hand to some others in need.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-01-13 - It's A Trap
A mission to rescue POWs leads the marines into a trap.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-01-06 - Lost Company
The marines go searching for a missing Picon company.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Gage

2237-12-31 - Impromptu SAR
The marines guide bombers to a target but then have to help rescue a downed Raptor.
Cate, Charlie, Bailey, Aetrian

2237-12-19 - What We're Here For
The marines cover the evacuation of civilians and Gage shows his softer side when they find an injured dog.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Gage, Sunny

2237-12-09 - Chicks Dig Scars Right?
The marines assist a Picon squad, and Gage suffers an injury that may affect future Cage Lowjack covers.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Aleksander

2237-12-01 - Over The Cylons' Nest
The marines raid a Cylon supply depot, but to hit the target they have to get past a Cylon machinegun nest.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-11-18 - Making A Hole
During the raid on Aquaria, the marines hit an orbital defense station to make a hole in the Cylon defense net.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Incoming
The marines take heavy fire while defending a Tyllium mine.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-27 - Dustup
Tensions flare when a group of CF marines and Raptor crews drop off some Virgon marines.
Cate, Calliope, Aldrich, Irene, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Nicole

2237-10-17 - Unfriendly Fire
A joint mission with the Sadah rebels goes awry when the Royal Marines haven't gotten the memo that everyone's supposed to be friends now.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Donny, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-10-12 - Enemy Of My Enemy
Aldrich gets to use his diplomatic skills to try and win over some Sagittaron insurgents. Donny gets to use...other skills.
Cate, Aldrich, Donny, Noah

2237-10-07 - Finding The Lost Wolves
The marines execute a rescue mission to find their missing comrades. Aleksander commandeers a Cylon AA battery.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Geoff, Lyn, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-01 - Escape Into Darkness
Cate's escape from the Cylon captors didn't go as well as she might have hoped.

2237-09-30 - Well, We Found Him
The search party finds Emrys, but not quite in the way they'd hoped.
Cate, Lyn, Astraea, Bailey

2237-09-16 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
A marine squad is caught up in the Cylon bombing raid at Argyros.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Aldrich, Donny, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Most Valuable Player
The blue team's assault turns into more of a pyramid gambit when the Wolves team up with the Capricans in some ground combat exercises.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Donny, Lyn, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Cigarettes End All Wars
Meanwhile... the red team assault comes to an unorthodox conclusion.
Cate, Gray, Donny, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-01 - Tanks In The Quad
The marines run into new challenges while assaulting the university.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-26 - Save The Museum
The marines retake the famous Delphi museum.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Lyn, Abigail, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Stairwell
A fire team engages a squad of Cylons when they board the Dauntless.
Cate, Geoff, Aleksander

2237-08-20 - Pinned Down
The Wolves marines go to the aid of a Caprican squad that's been pinned down by cross-fire.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham, Abigail, Aleksander

2237-08-12 - Try Try Again
The marines take out SAM batteries protecting the Cylon supply depot.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Lyn, Abigail, Gage

2237-08-06 - Tough Sell
The marines take on a heavily fortified position near some shops in Delphi. It goes...not so well.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Logan, Aleksander

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Marines
The marines are sent to safeguard civilians at the starport during the massive attack on Islesboro and Biscayne Bay.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Aldrich, Chance, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-13 - Survivors
While trying to make their way back to friendly lines, Gustavo, Cate and Isolde try to rescue some prisoners.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-10 - Sink Or Swim
A SAM strike brings a Raptor down in a perilous position behind enemy lines.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-04 - Hit And Run
The Marines Execute A Hit And Run Raid Near Summerside.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Kyle, Lanval, Josua

2237-06-30 - Bridges of Havison
The Colonials destroy the bridges at Havison to stop the Cylon advance.
Cate, Charlie, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Obaia

2237-06-28 - Horrors of Havison
As the Cylons advance on Havison, the Colonial Forces go to clear the Subway of refugees and get more than they bargained for.
Cate, Charlie, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Aleksander, Obaia

2237-06-25 - Raptors Down
Cylon ground forces take down a pair of Raptors in the city.
Cate, Mikolas, Tucker, Abigail, Bami, Astraea, Aleksander

2237-06-22 - Lucent Edge
Marines and Raptor crews help evac an apartment complex threatened by Cylons.
Cate, Lyn, Tucker, Bami, Astraea, Aleksander, Kyle

2237-06-10 - Failure to Launch
While attempting to execute a supply delivery, the Timber Wolves are ambushed.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Beach
Ryan hosts a BBQ and the colonies' most informal awards ceremony.
Cate, Ryan, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Gustavo, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Erin, Salvae, Lyn, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Katja, Rion

2237-05-30 - Marksmanship Trials
The troops go to the firing range to earn their marksmanship badges.
Cate, Eva, Mikolas, Charlie, Gustavo, Lyn, Kell, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer

2237-05-27 - The Shaft
The marines take out a Cylon-held mine.
Cate, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Graham, Rothschild

2237-05-23 - Storming the Castle
The marines get battered when they have to climb up to an old ruined castle to rescue human prisoners.
Cate, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-20 - As the Jungle Blooms
A mission to blow up a Cylon comms tower is marked with awkward reunions, drama and banter.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-13 - What Lurks Beneath
A medevac extraction goes awry when the marines run into the Cylons' latest freakish experiment.
Cate, Gustavo, Aldrich, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Remi

2237-05-12 - Pinned Down
A Cylon sniper takes a heavy toll on the Timber Wolf marines.
Cate, Charlie, Tamlin, Beckham, Evan, Graham, Nathaniel

2237-05-10 - Entertaining the Tent City
The men and women of the Wolf Pack help to entertain and lift spirits on Canceron.
Cate, Calliope, Darcy, Tamlin, Geoff, Cap, Beckham, Lyn, Kell, Tucker

2237-05-04 - Rescue Gone Wrong
Tucker takes a couple of Marines on a rescue op on Canceron - it goes sideways in the worst possible way when one father learns his family's lost.
Cate, Tucker

2237-04-21 - Shindig
The crew gets all fancied up for a formal ball.
Cate, Finn, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Paige, Bean, Mikolas, Tamlin, Gustavo, Kazimir, Liv, Geoff, Cap, Aldrich, Beckham, Erin, Vedjovic, Zeke

2237-04-20 - Timber Wolves Assemble
The brass officially announces the Timber Wolves.
Cate, Finn, Bauer, Ryan, Paige, Liv, Erin

2237-04-19 - Top Shot Competition
Members of the crew have a shooting competition, and there's a surprise winner.
Cate, Eva, Charlie, Tamlin, Geoff, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-15 - Battle for Honnal - Ground
The ground battle for Honnal. The Marines attack the captured spaceport.
Cate, Brielle, Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-14 - War Pauses for No One
A moment of reflection about the war's anniversary is interrupted when Cylons threaten the mine.
Cate, Ryan, Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-10 - Hellos and Goodbyes
Reinforcements arrive in the jungle and the wounded are evacuated, leading to surprise reunions and tearful goodbyes.
Cate, Ryan, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-09 - Grand Theft Raider
The jungle crew tries to secure a Raider for Eva and Finn's mad scheme, and Aldrich has an unexpected reunion.
Cate, Hale, Ryan, Calliope, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-04-02 - Prison Break (Rescue Team)
While the other teams create a diversion, Aldrich, Cate and Geoff try to bust out the prisoners.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-29 - Recon, Party of Two
Cate and Tamlin venture back to Edson, to ascertain the status of the base.
Cate, Tamlin

2237-03-25 - Edson's Fall
Edson Air Base falls to the Cylons after a massive surprise attack in the dead of night.
Cate, Calliope, Eli, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-03-10 - Mystery Farm pt 2 (Assault)
The marines are sent to investigate a farming village where the Cylons are up to something.
Cate, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-05 - Mystery Farm pt 1 (Recon)
A search for Aldrich's friends turns up something unexpected at a farming village.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-02-21 - Triage
After a village is bombed, medical personnel and volunteers deal with the incoming wounded.
Cate, Calliope, Eli, Stefan, Mikolas, Aldrich

2237-01-27 - Leroy Jenkins
The marines charge across the battlefield to rescue a downed pilot.
Cate, Stefan, Mikolas, Spencer, Geoff

2237-01-21 - The Baby and the Bathwater
A transport ship leaving Tauron is jumped by Raiders and requests emergency assistance. The Galactica scrambles its fighters to defend it. Upon landing, the transport's cargo is not what it seems.
Cate, Danica, Antonie, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich

2236-12-08 - Breakthrough
The Marines are sent to halt a Cylon advance when they break through the front line.
Cate, Jacob, Hale, Danica, Bean, Stefan, Mikolas, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo

2236-12-03 - Splash One
A catastrophic electrical failure sends a Raptor into the lake.
Cate, Charlie, Cressida, Rhona

2236-11-25 - Raptor Down
When a Raptor goes down on the front lines with technical difficulties, techs are sent in to get it flying.
Cate, Jacob, Isolde, Tamlin, Gustavo

2236-11-24 - Grave Mistake
A simple slip proves to be a costly mistake when the marines are on a recon op.
Cate, Harrison, Stefan

2236-11-15 - Ski Patrol
The Galactica crew rescues civilians trapped at a ski resort behind Cylon lines.
Cate, Jacob, Van, Calliope, Eva, Julia, Durant, Charlie, Alain

2236-11-15 - Back to the Resort - Ground
The marines make a return trip to the ski resort to look for more survivors.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-12 - Last Night of Freedom - Enlisted
Enlisted soldiers enjoy an ice-breaker party, then find out it may be the last for awhile.
Cate, Isolde, Harrison

2238-02-25 - Darkest Before Dawn
After the mine rescue, Cate is cheered by her old friend Deb.

2237-06-08 - Finding Happy
Tamlin and Beckham Dorn send a video message to Cate.
Cate, Tamlin, Beckham

2235-07-07 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 4
Cate learns the ultimate fate of the prisoners in Picon's Big Blue Pyramid Stadium.

2235-07-07 - Big Blue Stadium - part 4
Cate learns the ultimate fate of the prisoners in Picon's Big Blue Stadium.

2235-05-02 - Big Blue Stadium - Part 3
Cate talks her way onto a mission to scout the pyramid stadium and find out what happened to the people left behind.

2235-04-16 - Big Blue Stadium - Part 2
Cate agrees to be part of a dangerous mission to escape the pyramid stadium, but her friend isn't so keen on the idea.

2235-04-16 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 2
Cate agrees to be part of a dangerous mission to escape the pyramid stadium, but her friend isn't so keen on the idea.

2235-04-12 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 1
Cate remembers the day of the uprising, when the Cylons struck at a pyramid exhibition in Picon's capital city.

2235-04-12 - Big Blue Stadium - part 1
Cate remembers the day of the uprising, when the Cylons struck at a pyramid exhibition in Picon's capital city.

2233-09-12 - Balls Up
When Cate learned that Jacob wasn't who he claimed to be.
Cate, Jacob