Staff Sergeant Chance Daly
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Played By
Dwayne Johnson
Staff Sergeant
Supplemental Information
System Information
  • Scorpia Clansman - A member of one of the Scorpia clans, and a one time soldier in their clan military. Chance's clan was a small one, and never came to any real power.
  • Guerrilla Warfare - As a member of a small Scorpia clan, Chance spent his clan military days fighting a Guerrilla war, not a head on conflict. His tactical knowledge is focused more on ambushes than anything, despite his formal military training.
  • Health Nut - Chance is a workout-aholic. Even by military standards he works out a lot. He doesn't drink and maintains a very strict diet on top of that.
  • Closet Artist - Chance doesn't talk about it, he doesn't show it off but he's quite exceptional at drawing. Apparently it's not a manly enough skill to boast about.
  • Born on Scorpia into a small clan of primarily Guerrilla fighters. Chance was raised to be a fighter, like his father and mother. There wasn't much time put into schooling outside of the standard requirements. He wasn't encouraged to look at higher education.

  • Joined his clan army at 18 as soon as he was old enough. Went through boot camp and was made a Private.

  • He fought in his Clan Army for six years, attaining the rank of Sergeant, and then underwent a somewhat major setback. During an ambush, his father was shot and killed and his mother was badly injured. Worse, it appeared as though the ambush was a poorly laid trap, and should have been discovered by the Captain leading the group. Chance's father was a Lieutenant (he'd ranked as high as Captain more than once, but was often demoted for dereliction of duty and insurrection). When Chance found out, he knocked said captain out with one well timed punch before being his fellow marines restrained him.

  • While most of this was chalked up to grief, Chance spent a month in the brig and was demoted to Corporal. Any chance of becoming an officer was lost.

  • Chance was sent to the Scorpia military, and worked his way back up to Sergeant after another two years of service.

  • Chance was part of a strike force against some of the minimal Cylon invasion of Scorpia that occurred, an attempt on the shipyards there. He was injured in the line of duty and earned himself a promotion to Staff Sergeant (mostly due to his time in service).

  • Seeing that he could do more good fighting the Cylons out in the galaxy than on Scorpia, and having an impressive military record aside from that one fight, Chance volunteered for the Colonial Forces, going on detached duty..

At first glance, most would describe this man as large. Some might go with quite large, or very large, but save for the biggest of men and women, he is certainly large. He stands around six and a half feet tall, and has the large and muscular build of a man born and bred for rigorous physical activity. His hair is dark, thick and cropped very close to his head, generally resulting in little more than stubble. He has a similar sort of stubble forming into a goatee and the very edges of a beard. He has hard lines to his face, a strong, muscled jaw and relatively thin lips. His eyes a light brown color and he has a somewhat high forehead, but it seems to go well with his features overall.

colonial-warrior-badge.png expert-marksman-badge.png ground-combat-badge.png
meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice6.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
  • Ground Combat Badge
  • Marksman Badge
    • LMG
  • Brawn: Exceptional
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Good
  • Wits: Average
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Good
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Competent
  • Firearms: Great
  • Gunnery: Great
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Great
  • Piloting: Everyman
  • Stealth: Competent
  • Technician: Competent
Background Skills
  • Drawing: Exceptional
  • Guerrilla Tactics: Good
  • Pyramid: Fair
  • Survival: Good
  • Triad: Fair
Language Skills
  • Scorpian: Fluent
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
04/16/2237 Pistol - Chest
04/16/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
05/28/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Chest
06/10/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Right Arm
06/28/2237 Lmg+Tripod - Head
06/28/2237 Knife - Chest
09/01/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Chest
09/02/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Left Leg
# Date Victory Scene

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2237-09-12 - Wolves On The Prowl
Inter-colonial tensions boil over during a CF celebration in a local bar.
Paige, Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Chance, Erin, Donny, Evan, Irene, Stirling, Gage, Elena, Sarice, Ines

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Most Valuable Player
The blue team's assault turns into more of a pyramid gambit when the Wolves team up with the Capricans in some ground combat exercises.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Donny, Lyn, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-01 - Tanks In The Quad
The marines run into new challenges while assaulting the university.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-06 - Tough Sell
The marines take on a heavily fortified position near some shops in Delphi. It goes...not so well.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Logan, Aleksander

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Marines
The marines are sent to safeguard civilians at the starport during the massive attack on Islesboro and Biscayne Bay.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Aldrich, Chance, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-06-28 - Horrors of Havison
As the Cylons advance on Havison, the Colonial Forces go to clear the Subway of refugees and get more than they bargained for.
Cate, Charlie, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Aleksander, Obaia

2237-06-17 - Recon and Rescue
A team of Marines recon Cape Shediac. A detour nets them their secondary mission objective.
Chance, Erin, Abigail, Addison, Jonas

2237-06-10 - Failure to Launch
While attempting to execute a supply delivery, the Timber Wolves are ambushed.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-05-27 - The Shaft
The marines take out a Cylon-held mine.
Cate, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Graham, Rothschild

2237-04-19 - Top Shot Competition
Members of the crew have a shooting competition, and there's a surprise winner.
Cate, Eva, Charlie, Tamlin, Geoff, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-15 - Battle for Honnal - Ground
The ground battle for Honnal. The Marines attack the captured spaceport.
Cate, Brielle, Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-10 - Hellos and Goodbyes
Reinforcements arrive in the jungle and the wounded are evacuated, leading to surprise reunions and tearful goodbyes.
Cate, Ryan, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-07-30 - Marine Qualifications
Mercer puts the marines through their paces for their qualifications. Some pilots crash the gig.
Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Irene, Kell, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Faye

2237-06-13 - And One Makes Three
Abigail approached Chance, the final member of the mission.
Chance, Abigail