Sergeant Evan Calhoun
Light Brown
Lightly Tanned
[object Object]
Played By
Stephen Amell
Supplemental Information
System Information
  • Small Time Hero - In the early days of the war, Evan rescued several civilians from Cylons earning a modicrum of Scorpian notoriety.
  • Prankster - There is always a reason to pull a prank, the key is not to get caught...
  • Triad Addict - Cards lead to gambling, gambling to adrenaline. Deal them up!
  • Close To Chest - Outwardly social, but a facade. Play it close to the chest so it can't be used against you.

Evan was born in a town that nestled only a few clicks from one of the more dense jungles of Scorpia, along a major waterway that provided transport further inland and saw much travel. As a young man, he and his friends would often skirt into the jungle, getting into trouble while doing so and getting into further mischief which would land the group in hot water. Over the years, this trend continued until finally three of the group enlisted in the Scorpian Infantry. There they trained once again in the jungles. Separating with their deployments, Evan found himself engaged in several lesser conflicts as Scorpia solidified its independence. Both time and exemplary service eventually earned him the rank of Corporal.

Service continued until the onset of the attacks by the Cylons. Evan was on leave with his family when the conflict began and helped to keep several civilians alive. Over the months and coming year he would find himself deployed to multiple locations around Scorpia. It was only two weeks prior to his assignment to the greater Colonial forces that he was given the rank of Sergeant; perhaps to give a 'Scorpian' more position before joining with the Colonial Unified.

Blondish brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a hint of stubble around his features. This man does not tower over others but nor is he short in stature. Athletic in build and carrying himself with confidence.

colonial-warrior-badge.png expert-marksman-badge.png ground-combat-badge.png
meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice4.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
  • Ground Combat Badge
  • Brawn: Good
  • Grit: Exceptional
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Good
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Competent
  • Firearms: Great
  • Gunnery: Everyman
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Great
  • Piloting: Everyman
  • Stealth: Great
  • Technician: Everyman
Background Skills
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Fair
  • Jungle Warfare: Good
  • Pyramid: Fair
  • Salmon Ladder: Fair
  • Singing: Fair
  • Survival: Good
  • Triad: Good
Language Skills
  • Scorpian: Fluent
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
05/13/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
05/13/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
05/17/2237 Rifle+Ap - Chest
05/18/2237 Rifle+Ap - Abdomen
10/28/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Head
# Date Victory Scene

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2237-12-19 - The New Normal
After a successful mission, Charlie and Evan catch up and reflect on what life has become for them and what it might be after the war.
Charlie, Evan

2237-10-16 - Building and Bullets: Finding Meaning in the Cylon War
Evan finally manages to make it by the Infirmary at a time when Charlie is awake.
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-17 - Did I Ask You?
After the Cylon attack on Caprica and the base, many are wounded. Charlie, however, only cares about one.
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-07 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 2
Charlie decides on her tattoo. Evan accidentally finds himself with a complementary one.
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-04 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 1
With evenings off, Charlie and Evan have an opportunity for a night out. That's what couples do... right?
Charlie, Evan

2237-08-09 - Head Wounds
Evan checks in on Charlie in the infirmary.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-23 - Family Knows Best
Evan is returned to the Wolves just before they ship back to Scorpia. More cracks begin to show in the walls he and Charlie have constructed.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-16 - Finding Evan
Evan learns some bad news from home; Charlie finds him.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-15 - Fight Night
Two marines have a go at it in the gym while others watch on.
Eva, Charlie, Evan, Aubrey, Logan, Gage

2237-07-15 - Finding Evan
Evan learns some bad news from home; Charlie finds him.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-09 - Worst Triad Game Ever
Evan and Charlie try to play Triad. Keyword: try.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-03 - Viewing Party
Abigail Walker Regales Fellow Marines With Vids Charlie Wager's Surfing Days.
Charlie, Evan, Lyn, Jackson, Abigail, Aubrey, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Recon Girls Gain Another
Kyle comes aboard the Vanguard and is given the 5 cubit tour.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Tucker, Katja, Kyle

2237-05-28 - Marine Infirmary Invasion
A pair of mostly-whole Marines visit some less-whole Marines in the infirmary.
Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Rothschild

2237-05-19 - Pilot on Pilot Action
Or...Is that a euphemism? Shenanigans in the //Vanguard// gym.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Charlie, Evan, Salvae

2237-05-16 - After Action
Ryan follows up with Evan after the sniper mission.
Ryan, Evan

2237-05-12 - Crazy and Dumb
After the Raptor has left, Evan and Charlie remain with the Cylon sniper for the next ride out.
Charlie, Evan

2237-05-05 - Solid Ground
In which the vagaries of space and the lack there of are discussed.
Eva, Evan

2237-05-05 - Close But No Cigar
Two familiar faces. One unexpected meeting place. Also, a cowboy hat.
Eva, Evan

2237-04-28 - Last Meal
On Eva's last day on Scorpia, she encounters a familiar face. Once again, things are both heavy and light.
Eva, Evan

2237-04-27 - Moonlight Beach
Evan and Eva meet on the beach on Scorpia. There is dancing and talk of heavy things and light.
Eva, Evan

2237-12-19 - What We're Here For
The marines cover the evacuation of civilians and Gage shows his softer side when they find an injured dog.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Gage, Sunny

2237-11-18 - Making A Hole
During the raid on Aquaria, the marines hit an orbital defense station to make a hole in the Cylon defense net.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-28 - Hunting Season
The marines hit the ground on Sagittaron to hunt themselves some AA batteries. It's not as easy as it may seem, but does come with some satisfying //booms//.
Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-09-16 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
A marine squad is caught up in the Cylon bombing raid at Argyros.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Aldrich, Donny, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-12 - Wolves On The Prowl
Inter-colonial tensions boil over during a CF celebration in a local bar.
Paige, Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Chance, Erin, Donny, Evan, Irene, Stirling, Gage, Elena, Sarice, Ines

2237-07-28 - Awards Gala
Post-award ceremony, pilots and marines gather to drink and dance the night away (but mostly drink).
Calliope, Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Lyn, Irene, Rothschild, Gage, Aleksander, Micah, Faye

2237-07-14 - School's Out
The //Vanguard// marines make their move to liberate one of the prison camps on the Cape.
Charlie, Gray, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-11 - Service With A Smile
The Marines make their move to secure the refueling station.
Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Aleksander, Lanval, Josua

2237-06-30 - Bridges of Havison
The Colonials destroy the bridges at Havison to stop the Cylon advance.
Cate, Charlie, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Obaia

2237-06-10 - Failure to Launch
While attempting to execute a supply delivery, the Timber Wolves are ambushed.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-05-27 - The Shaft
The marines take out a Cylon-held mine.
Cate, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Graham, Rothschild

2237-05-23 - Storming the Castle
The marines get battered when they have to climb up to an old ruined castle to rescue human prisoners.
Cate, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-20 - As the Jungle Blooms
A mission to blow up a Cylon comms tower is marked with awkward reunions, drama and banter.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-17 - The Valley
A medevac turns into a relief mission as the marines help to hold a ridge.
Kahena, Aldrich, Evan, Remi

2237-05-12 - Pinned Down
A Cylon sniper takes a heavy toll on the Timber Wolf marines.
Cate, Charlie, Tamlin, Beckham, Evan, Graham, Nathaniel