Lieutenant Jg Faye "Bingo" Zeller
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Played By
Jaimie Alexander
Air Wing
Viper Pilot
Lieutenant Jg
Supplemental Information

You know, Dirk also is a Doctor. He would probably disagree with many of your diagnoses. Probably one of the reason Irene hates that guy.


You are an interesting woman.


Drinking at the Gala and damn can you shoot! It was pretty awesome watching you at the Marine Qualifications.


I like your hat!


Drinking /and/ cigars. It was nice of you to let me have one after i so recently joined the crew. Thank you.


Hah! It was fun drinking with you at the Awards Gala!


Nice work on your first time leading the flight!


You did a great job on that canyon run. You stuck with me and kept our Raptor safe, that - in my book - makes you pretty awesome.

From that point forward, I think you've been on my wing just about every major engagement. You are a team player, and you help me keep Iris safe. You even accepted the offer from Irene to go visit her home, and that is awesome too! You're family now in my book. Now Irene and I just have to find someone to hook you up with so you'll be happier yet...


You're a good pilot. I've flown on your wing a couple times, and I'd gladly do it again.


Whelp! You caught me with the zebra onesie on. CURSES!

But at least you didn't get upset when Irene chew the van dyke beard on my face and I pretended to be Dirk at the party.


I know that you were engaged to Dirk, but really it's not worth it! He was in a coma anyway! Lauren really was a jerk to me too, even if she is your sister. Of course I didn't know that at the time, and it didn't help that she had amnesia. But really, I think she's only your half-sister. Dirk isn't actually going after your dad's company either, he just wants to oust your step mother who was responsible for his coma in the first place. Also, I think she might be hitting on him.
I'm sorry I kissed Lauren! It looks like Lauren woke up though - so that's a plus! I know, I should've told you that night, but you were asleep and you looked dead after that mission. I just wanted to give you a few hours.
By the way, do you think anyone will notice that we keep switching bunks?

Meeting your family was one of the main highlights of my life for the last... maybe ever. You even taught me how to ride a horse. I know we don't often talk too seriously when we're on board the ship, that it's about having fun - not really dragging others down just because of who they might miss. When this is over though (when you get your Battlestar of course), I want to continue on with you. Even if I have to tackle Dirk and keep hitting him with a spork until he gives up.

System Information
  • Little Known Celebrity - Faye was in a couple movies while in her teenage years playing secondary rolls. Her most well known part was as the airheaded girl in The Stolen Moons, a coming of age fantasy movie that took some of the old legends of the thirteenth colony and added fanciful bits of magic and amazing feats of strength. She was the one who always looked a little lost, but rolled with everything that came at her.
  • Calendar Girl - There are a couple calendars floating around with military women in bikinis, Faye is in a couple of them from when she was 19 and 20.
  • Heart Breaker - Has a reputation of charming people to no real end, and then backing off as soon as it looks like they might actually try to ask her out or be serious.
  • Hoorah - Before going through the Naval Academy, she was in the Libran Marines. While she was submitting her application to the Academy, she was working toward qualifications to join Recon. She never finished the process as she was accepted to the Academy as her term ran out.
  • Grew up as a good student in school.
  • Parents still living on Libran
  • At 18 joined the Libran Marines.
  • Finished her tour at 21, applied to Libran Naval Academy.
  • Attended Naval Academy, followed by flight school. Graduated at 25.
  • Fought in the Libran Navy as a Viper Pilot on Leonis.
  • Joined Colonial Navy after its inception.
  • Picked for transfer to the Timber Wolves.

Random Facts:
* She was in a couple movies prior to joining the Marines.
* Broke more than a couple hearts.
* There may be a couple photos of her in a swimsuit calendar from before the war.
* She didn't even know she wanted to be a pilot until she was given a free ride in a trainer.
* While in the Marines she was working toward Recon if her paperwork didn't go through for the Academy.
* While in Flight School the Instructors realized she was in The Stolen Moons and gave her the callsign "Gusty" due to her character's airheaded nature.
* Her current callsign was given because of an incident over Leonis involving a Mechanic who green lit a viper that was only at a quarter tank of tylium. After launching with the rest of the Ready Alert fighters, and dealing with the attacking Cylons, she had to call bingo fuel and nearly needed to get a lift back to base.

  Standing around 5'8" is a woman who looks to be in her mid-20's. Pale skin, and an athletic build, she has an agile look rather than brawny. Her eyes are a brighter green, with a splash of a brown color as they near the pupil. Her slightly-wavy hair is cut jaw-length toward the front with the back defined more as a gradient bob. 
  A silver swathe covers her down to the floor where it pools, the neckline is off the shoulder, the material conforming to the woman. It shines in the light, looking more quicksilver than cloth. Down to the knee it stays close to her form before the material becomes looser, forming ripples that add to the effect of mercury covering her. The dress is sleeveless, but the woman wears gloves of the same material that run all the way above the elbow. The entire effect makes it looks like the woman flows across the floor rather than walking along it, as if part of her was simply a liquid. The sound of heels under the dress is the only sign of her footwear, a pok-pok noise of the sharp heel on surfaces.  
pilot-wings.png expert-marksman-badge.png aerospace-combat-badge.png
silver-cluster.png distinguished-aerospace-medal.png meritorious-unit-citation.png
caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Silver Cluster
    • For the unwavering valor and superior skill displayed in achieving 15 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Stirling, CAPT Tomlinson, LTJG Masters, LTJG Naxos, LTJG Zeller, and LTJG Harris are awarded the Silver Cluster.
  • Distinguished Aerospace Medal
    • For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, CAPT Montjoy, LTJG Zeller and LTJG Harris are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
  • Aerospace Combat Badge
  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • KEW
  • Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
    • Pistol
  • Brawn: Good
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Exceptional
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Good
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Great
  • Demolitions: Everyman
  • Firearms: Good
  • Gunnery: Exceptional
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Good
  • Piloting: Great
  • Stealth: Good
  • Technician: Everyman
Background Skills
  • Acting: Exceptional
  • Drawing: Fair
  • Modeling: Fair
  • Survival: Fair
Language Skills
  • Leonese: Conversational
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
# Date Victory Scene
1 2237-08-16 Cyper2 Convoy Attack
2 2237-08-29 Raider1 The Boots We Leave Behind
3 2237-09-01 Raider5 Transports Away
4 2237-09-01 Raider3 Transports Away
5 2237-09-01 Raider12 Transports Away
6 2237-09-01 Off-Camera(Approved) Transports Away
7 2237-09-16 Raider6 Surprise(?) Attack
8 2237-09-16 Off-Camera(Approved) Surprise(?) Attack
9 2237-09-29 Raid5 Canyon Dance
10 2237-09-29 Raid8 Canyon Dance
11 2237-10-16 Raider2 Mountain Sweep
12 2237-10-16 Raider10 Mountain Sweep
13 2237-10-29 Raider3 Death From Above
14 2237-10-29 Raider5 Death From Above
15 2237-11-03 Raider6 Lending A Hand
16 2237-11-18 Raider2 Striking Back
17 2237-11-18 Raider27 Striking Back
18 2237-11-18 Raider26 Striking Back

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2237-11-20 - Native Housewarming Gifts
Same-Same hallways bring everyone to a pause and a new pilot breaks the ice with a gift of local beers.
Gray, Aldrich, Irene, Faye, Ines, Yelena, Hunter

2237-11-09 - The Wind That Rustles The Jimmies
Ines, Faye and Irene continue their sparkle pony adventure to Duggan's farm. It's the BEST DAY EVER, barring some minor mishaps and a little bit of jimmie rustling.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-09 - How To Virgon Part One
Faye and Ines, guests at Irene's home for a very brief 48 hours, turn up at the stable for the beginning of the inevitable Sparkle Pony Party. Accidental romantic interference happens.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-07 - A Walk To Not Remember
Irene and Faye have some time to kill before dinner at the Harris country house on Virgon during their shared 48 hour pass, so they go for a walk. Stuff happens. Things. Some of it they mutually decide is best to not remember.
Irene, Faye

2237-10-27 - No Mind
Firearms, cylon reproduction and pudding. In that order.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-10-15 - The Mysterious Photo Of Mystery
A mysterious photograph demands investigation. No underwear eating rodents can keep the intrepid gang of C bunk from finding the truth!
Irene, Aleksander, Faye

2237-09-29 - Let Them Eat Cake
After a rather successful mission under his command (!), Alain sees to it that some of the Wolves have themselves cake in the Mess while they discuss the mission, possible tactics for the mountains, and what they want to do the next time they get leave. Also discussed: Whisper and her part in the bar fight.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora

2237-09-26 - Walkway Discussional
After a talking to by Stirling, and technically a talking to with Stirling by Irene, Faye and Irene catch up outside on their way to the above decks. A discussion on life, living, happiness, and other such sundries. I could just keep talking really, but the question is if you really want to read this or if you're just reading this because it's a short summary. Hint! It's not. I'm making it longer for no reason other than because I can. If you did read this though, you are awesome.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-26 - A Tale Of Two Bunks
Kyle and Faye meet for the first time.
Kyle, Faye

2237-09-26 - Office Hours
Stirling handles a request and a reprimand during her office time.
Irene, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-24 - The 'C' Is For Charisma
A little advice from Irene about a letter Ines is writing turns into a brief chance for the new viper pilot to get to know one of her bunkroom C bunkmates. They're joined eventually by a zombie-zebra with //shocking revelations you won't want to miss.//
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-09-22 - We Interrupt Your Soap...
Faye and Irene were both in the Alert Lounge, Iris was taking a nap while Faye was contemplating the meaning of life. With the speed of a sloth, Faye lunged with the voracity of a snail at Iris and pinned her like a wet noodle to the couch, where she laid on her and took a moment to be serious. It was a muddled interaction, and ended with Faye being almost as confused as she was to begin with.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-03 - Gym Chatter
A few of the officers of the Dauntless discuss a night out while exercising.
Calliope, Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye, Nora

2237-08-25 - Meditation, Not Medication
Since I have to write this (Faye) I will do my best. There was something about Medication and Meditation, it was funny and had to do with the Chaplain. Then more people showed up, including two amazingly (beautiful, super cool, famous, so awesome) cute people in frog onesies. Then a raccoon showed up. And there was a Flight Instructor, and a Musician! There was a Musician! And we all talked. Plus ''Lasers and Feelings'' was explained. Fini!
Paige, Aldrich, Erin, Irene, Verity, Emrys, Micah, Faye

2237-08-24 - As The Ping Pong Turns...
Faye and Paige play a game of ping pong, in which Paige is thoroughly winning! As they play, Faye is sure to tell Paige all about how she feels Irene is so self centered since her bunk is full of photos of herself and she thinks it's cute when Irene paws at empty space while sleeping. Soon Irene arrives on the scene! A heated moment, the cast of a pall over it as Faye denies their relationship! Irene wells with tears and Faye moves to sweep her up in her arms! But will it be enough? Faye does still harbor feelings for Irene's twin in a coma! Irene can't take it though, she never should've fallen for Faye. Then Faye lets her know the deep truth... she put Lauren in the coma! Stay tuned for more as... The Ping Pong Turns.
Paige, Irene, Faye

2237-08-18 - Calliope, Corner Pocket
Calliope and Faye play a game of pool (WHICH FAYE TOTALLY WON!), and there is talk of underwear being the official off-duty uniform for heightened morale reasons.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Gage, Faye

2237-07-31 - Not Captains, Not Dinner
The Common Crew gather at the Calypso for Drinking and Games
Beckham, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Aleksander, Faye

2237-07-30 - Marine Qualifications
Mercer puts the marines through their paces for their qualifications. Some pilots crash the gig.
Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Irene, Kell, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Faye

2237-07-28 - Unnecessary Roughness And The Wardrobe Malfunction
Irene gets dunked and tries to pummel her would be rescuer, Faye. Hilarity and friendship ensues.
Irene, Faye

2237-11-18 - Striking Back
In the raid on Aquaria, the pilots punch through the Cylon defenses to strike at the shipyards.
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah, Faye, Ines

2237-11-05 - Happy CF Day
The gang gathers on Scorpia for a celebration of the CF's one year anniversary.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Gage, Faye, Ines, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Lending A Hand
The air wing goes to lend its support when a large-scale assault develops along the front.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Faye, Ines

2237-10-29 - Death From Above
A wing of Timber Wolves carry out a strike on a Cylon target.
Calliope, Paquette, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Faye, Ines

2237-10-22 - Dead Zone
CAP in the canyons is always tricky, but what happens when you hit a communications dead zone?
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Gabriela, Astraea, Faye, Ines, Pieter

2237-10-16 - Mountain Sweep
The air wing clears out some Raiders in advance of a bombing mission.
Calliope, Irene, Kell, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-29 - Canyon Dance
A wing of Timber Wolves go on patrol in one of the mountain ranges in the Sadah province of Sagittaron. They encounter a group of Raiders. It goes -- for the Wolves -- surprisingly well, considering the difficulties of flying (and fighting) in a canyon.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora, Ines

2237-09-16 - Surprise(?) Attack
The Cylons launch an all-out attack against Caprica City, but the colonials seem more prepared than one might have expected.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-09-01 - Transports Away
In the final battle for Delphi, the air wing tries to prevent the Cylons from fleeing in transports.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Delilah, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-08-29 - The Boots We Leave Behind
While escorting //Autumn Cornucopia// to deliver supplies to //Dauntless//, the small group of pilots that have started to become a squad of their own discuss boots, before finding themselves intercepting a flight of Raiders attacking the transport they were protecting.
Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye

2237-08-19 - Tower Assault
The pilots attack a Cylon fortification.
Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Gabriela, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora

2237-08-16 - Convoy Attack
The Air Wing tries to bomb a convoy transporting AA to Delphi.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Mason, Faye

2237-08-09 - Win Some Lose Some
The air wing takes a beating as it tries to assault a Cylon supply depot west of Delphi.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys, Faye

2237-07-28 - Awards Gala
Post-award ceremony, pilots and marines gather to drink and dance the night away (but mostly drink).
Calliope, Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Lyn, Irene, Rothschild, Gage, Aleksander, Micah, Faye