Corporal Gage "Cage" Tomak
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Played By
D. J. Cotrona
Combat Engineer
Supplemental Information

2235 - Tauron Military, Marines, Combat Engineer
2237 - Transferred to the Vanguard, Timber Wolves

  • Tauron tattoos mark his body, stretching from his upper arms, across his shoulder, back and chest, and halfway up his neck.
  • Most of his body is covered in the familiar scars of war -- bullet wounds, shrapnel scars, even a knife wound.

Almost recon girl. Knows how to hold her drink. Both admirable qualities, especially for a viper jock.


Way to young to be out here, and yet she seems to be holding her own. That's something. Also, I've had worse bunkmates, even if she is a viper jock.


At first I thought it was an act, but now I figure it's just her. She can be fun, if in an annoyingly persistent way sometimes. Also, I owe her one-hundred and ninety million cubits, somehow.


Knows her stuff, and likes blowing stuff up as much as me, even if she's inclined to call bullshit on me. I suppose there's something in that.


Her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. Still, she's Tauran enough to be admired, especially with her Triad skill.


Good to see a familiar face out here, one of the few people I trust unreservedly. Plus, I appreciate the smokes.


Has the sharpest eyes I've ever seen. Would not want to be on the wrong end of that rifle, either.


For a Caprican, he aint so bad. Most of the time.


A regular staple of the squad, she's got a keen eye and a steady had, both making me glad she's on our side.

System Information
  • Capricans - There was a time when he believed the family motto - the only good Caprican is a dead Caprican. The war may have changed that attitude to something less obvious, though old habits run deep.
  • Gum - You know shit's gotten real when it's gum time. He swears up and down it helps him shoot better, a trick taught to him by his Tauron drill sergeant during basic.
  • Tattoos - His skin is marked by visible tattoos, on his neck, arms and hands (and probably other places, too.)
  • Triad - He enjoys card games. He enjoys betting on card games, too. He enjoys winning them more.
  • Cigarettes - He doesn't carry cigarettes or a lighter. But he will bum a smoke off anyone that does. They taste so much better, you know?

All fathers want better things for their son, as did Amis Tomak, having no wish for his sons to follow him into the Ha'la'tha. He paid for the best education for his son, Gage, helped him through school and an apprenticeship in construction, and watched proudly as he graduated and went on to a fulfilling career that put him in a better place than most on Tauron. Gage built up a construction business from scratch, going from small jobs to a large company, got married to a beautiful woman, had a daughter, and the story should've ended happily there.

All that changed when Amis Tomak was killed by an ambitious member of the Ha'la'tha, looking to climb the ranks. Gage dropped his well-paid company and sought to find his father's killer, seeking revenge. Alongside his younger brother Jose, they made a powerful duo that quickly established their credentials as being willing to do most anything in pursuit of their target. That all changed when the war started though, and he heard tell his target was killed during the war. His wife and child were confirmed missing in the aftermath of the war, presumed dead.

Horrified at what he had almost done, Gage joined the army to get away from what he'd almost become, leaving his little brother behind. The marines suited him, muscle memory and strength built in the course of his previous work quickly establishing his capabilities. His familiarity with explosives and construction from his company work lent him to become a combat engineer.

He took the strictness of the military probably less seriously than his superiors would have liked, given his background, but his focus when it counted quickly allowed for his value to be recognized. He earnt a name -- and a promotion -- for himself during a skirmish in Cylon-held territory on Tauron, leading a handful of them into a pre-planned explosives trap, allowing his squad to escape unharmed. It earned him a promotion to Lance Corporal and, six months later, a recommendation for transfer to BS Galactica, Timber Wolves.

He has the appearance of a typical jar-head: short-shaved dark brown hair, broad-shouldered and well-muscled with a default serious expression. His physically fit features are offset by tanned skin and dark brown eyes overshadowed by thick brows and the occasional five o'clock shadow. What probably stands out the most about him is his tattoos, perhaps readily recognizable as Tauron by those who would recognize such things, with the most noticeable of them stretching from his upper arm, across his shoulder and halfway up his neck, visible in almost everything but a dress uniform.

expert-colonial-warrior-badge.png sniper-badge.png ground-combat-badge.png
phoenix-cross.png silver-cluster3.png meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice12.png
picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Phoenix Cross
    • While stranded behind the lines in Axios Province, Picon, between 1/13 and 2/25/2238, LT King, Lt JG Kavanaugh, Lt JG Correa, SGT Wagner, SGT Arda, CPL Tomak, CPL Rhodes, CPL Davydov and LCPL Courtois supported Picon partisans and went above and beyond the call of duty to effect the rescue of more than a hundred civilians and prisoners of war from the conflict zone.
  • Silver Cluster
    • In action on Picon on 6/30/37, SSG Walker and LCPL Tomak weathered heavy fire to place charges to destroy a bridge and stop the Cylon armor advance. For their exemplary composure under fire, they are awarded the Silver Cluster.
    • In action against the enemy on 10/14/37, a marine squad came under heavy fire and suffered several casualties. CPL Tomak single-handedly charged the Cylon position to divert fire away from his comrades. For his valor, he is awarded the Silver Cluster.
    • On 1/20/2238 in Axios Province, Picon - CPL Tomak was dispatched as part of a rescue mission for a marine squad that had gone missing. When one of the rescue pilots was shot down, CPL Tomak left the SAR Raptor and remained behind at great personal risk to render aid to the downed pilot.
  • Expert Colonial Warrior Badge
  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
  • Ground Combat Badge
  • Sniper Badge
    • Rifle
  • Brawn: Exceptional
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Average
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Exceptional
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Good
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Exceptional
  • Firearms: Exceptional
  • Gunnery: Fair
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Great
  • Piloting: Everyman
  • Stealth: Great
  • Technician: Fair
Background Skills
  • Civil Engineer: Fair
  • Construction: Good
  • Survival: Fair
  • Tattooing: Fair
  • Triad: Good
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
  • Tauran: Fluent
Date Description Severity
06/11/2237 Rocket - Head
06/11/2237 Shrapnel - Left Arm
06/11/2237 Shrapnel - Abdomen
06/30/2237 Shrapnel - Chest
06/30/2237 Shrapnel - Left Leg
08/24/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Abdomen
09/02/2237 Rocket - Chest
09/02/2237 Shrapnel - Right Leg
09/02/2237 Shrapnel - Left Arm
10/14/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Right Arm
10/14/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Head
10/29/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Chest
11/03/2237 Shrapnel - Right Arm
11/04/2237 Frag Grenade - Right Leg
11/04/2237 Shrapnel - Left Arm
12/02/2237 Hmg+Ap+Bipod - Abdomen
12/09/2237 Lmg+Bipod - Head
01/06/2238 Lmg+Bipod - Right Leg
01/22/2238 Rifle - Right Leg
# Date Victory Scene

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2238-03-18 - The End
They escaped the factory behind enemy lines, the winter woods of Picon and the cylon sympathizer living therein, the warehouse, the privations of hunger and exposure, the danger of sepsis, the airstrip of the labor camp at the mine and the besieged ranch, the threat of their own uncertainties and reservations and their uneasiness about what they were becoming, Whatever That Was -- always keeping an eye on the future. For threats, and also in some trepidation about the dangers of hope. And in the end, it wasn't the future they should've worried about. They escaped all of those things, but they couldn't escape the past.
Gage, Ines

2238-03-04 - The Things We Can't Fix
Three soldiers picking up the pieces of the lives they left behind go out for drinks. It might be easier if they had any certainty that they'd get to keep those pieces long enough to put them back together.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-02-27 - Whatever This Is
The more things change...
Gage, Ines

2238-02-24 - Let Slip
As if things weren't difficult enough already...
Gage, Ines

2238-02-24 - Even If It Hurts
A wounded Gage fights his way back to the ranch alone, certainties shaken by the wreckage of a blown-apart heavy raider. Nate's waiting there for him with letters from Ines and difficult questions.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-18 - Saturday Night Fever
There's apologies and understandings, hardly any of it spoken, but Gage and Ines come to an agreement.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-16 - Not Much Of A Shot
Cate and Gage argue over how best to help Ines and the sick Picon boy.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-02-13 - Happy Birthday
Worst birthday present ever.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-03 - How To Be A Hero
Gage and Ines scout a local abandoned town during their move to the ranch, and run into some locals -- both of the two and four-legged variety. Ines chooses to make a big-damn-hero sacrifice, and Gage is not happy. Some things are said and not taken back.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-31 - Things To Worry About
Ines makes several errors in judgement in a row. Gage says something that he definitely won't regret later. <br> <br> What IS a coat-twister, though? Seriously.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-30 - Coming In From The Cold
Lyn, on a patrol, discovers Gage and Ines in the woods and brings them back to the warehouse, and Cate patches up Ines. But reintegration with the Wolves -- and thirty some-odd survivors -- presents its own challenges.
Cate, Lyn, Gage, Ines

2238-01-28 - Darkest Before The Dawn
Gage and Ines meet a hunter in the woods. <br><br><i>We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.</i> -- Colson Whitehead, <i>Zone One</i>
Gage, Ines

2238-01-25 - Lovely, Dark And Deep
<i> The woods are lovely, dark and deep<br> But I have promises to keep<br> And miles to go before I sleep<br> </i> -Frost
Gage, Ines

2238-01-21 - Escaping Axios
Gage and Ines traverse the area surrounding the production facility in a bid for the forest beyond, and Ines accidentally almost gets them both killed.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-20 - Not Alone
An attempt to extract marines trapped in the blackout zone goes off with only a single hitch. Unfortunately for Ines, she's the hitch...but at least she's not alone.
Gage, Ines

2237-12-22 - Man's Best Friend
Gage and Cate talk dog names and training, while Yelena doesn't have a very high opinion of their canine companion.
Cate, Gage, Yelena

2237-12-03 - Proper Bust Representation
Poor Yelena just wants to drink in peace, but marines ruin everything. As usual.
Gage, Yelena

2237-11-13 - Trust Falls
A good end to a weird day. Which might also be weird? ...Yeah, they have no idea either. Just go with it.
Gage, Ines

2237-11-13 - Courting Disaster
Things go from bad to worse, as they do.
Gage, Ines

2237-11-10 - Marine Quals - Nov 37
Marines do their qualification tests, and more pastries abound.
Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Akeso, Noah

2237-11-06 - For What Ails You
Gage has got a miracle cure for hangovers, apparently. Spoilers: it's awful. Also in this log: people saying a whole lot of things they don't mean and meaning a whole lot of things they won't say.
Irene, Gage, Ines

2237-11-04 - A Little Bit Of Bother
Gage visits sick bay. Happy day.
Abigail, Gage

2237-11-04 - Ceasefire
There's nothing quite like everyone almost being killed to restore some semblance of peace and goodwill between even the most competitive of souls. ...Not that either one of them is likely to spread that around.
Gage, Ines

2237-10-29 - The 'C' Is For...Cucumber?
The ever-escalating prank war between two residents of C Berth is getting a little bit out of hand. Literally. As in, it shoots across the room, covered in almond oil. Gage takes it to the chest, but in the end the only casualties are Correa's dignity and any hope of a truce.
Gage, Ines

2237-10-29 - About The Preacher
Marines talk over the latest scuffle with the VRM.
Geoff, Gage

2237-10-28 - All Bets Are Off
As rumors continue to spread about the romance novel 'Pinned Down' -- a new series following the romantic exploits of Cage Lowjak, who looks a whole lot like Corporal Gage Tomak -- the architect of that prank encounters its object, and things come to a, um...head. (Because it happens in the head. Get it??) Irene and Aleksander show up mid-squabble, the boys attempt to further their ruse to extort Irene for beer, and Irene may or may not be having any of it.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander, Ines

2237-10-21 - Reporting In
After a difficult run-in with some insurgents, two marines report... interesting findings to one of the //Dauntless// marine officers.
Charlie, Abigail, Gage

2237-10-17 - Double Agent Davion
Despite being bribed by Irene for some interesting scoops, Aleksander decides to plot with Gage instead for even more potential rewards, the risk decidedly worth it or just dangers disregarded.
Gage, Aleksander

2237-10-14 - Inter-Colonial Bonding
After a rough mission on the surface, a Caprican buys a Tauron drinks. The world doesn't end, though there is some tension between officer and grunts.
Geoff, Aldrich, Gage, Sarita

2237-10-07 - Put Your Feet Up
After a mission well done, Gage kicks his feet up in the Marine Offices.
Abigail, Gage

2237-10-07 - You All Bleed The Same
Gage and Sarita try to talk. Once again, it doesn't go well. A very dangerous object is thrown.
Gage, Sarita

2237-10-06 - It's Probably Fine
Gage decides tonight is the night to exact retribution for Ines short-sheeting his bed. Things escalate. It's probably fine.* <br> <br> *it's definitely not fine
Gage, Ines

2237-10-01 - Altitude Adjustment
A routine patrol over Tyllium mines in Sadah gets unexpectedly exciting when it encounters a Cylon patrol, and one of the most junior pilots on the wing is put to the test. (Gage GMing, like a champion.)
Gage, Ines

2237-09-30 - How To Win At Triad And Princesses
Akeso swindles some (unsuspecting) marines out of their hard-earned cubits.
Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah

2237-09-29 - A 12 Parsec Kestrel Run
Frustrated with her own performance in the air and the unwelcome sensation of once again being the rookie on her wing, Ines interrupts her bunkmate's nap, and Tomak does the smart thing: he gets her to run until she has no breath left to complain with. (It works.)
Gage, Ines

2237-09-28 - Firearms And Pilots And Grunts. Oh My!
If you go down to the range today, prepare for a grumpy grunt...
Durant, Charlie, Johannes, Gage, Ines

2237-09-23 - Just A Few Hands
A few winning hands of Triad turn into something a touch more confusing and a new face finds solace in the Taurans aboard.
Gage, Aleksander, Sarita, Ines, Akeso

2237-09-16 - I Thought, I Hoped
A simple lunch goes... awry.
Gage, Sarita

2237-09-15 - Just Old Cake
Fun times in the infirmary. The cake is not up to the usual standards.
Gage, Sarita, Tove, Colin, Aidan

2237-09-12 - Brigging Rights
A couple of Wolves talk disciplinary actions in the aftermath of the bar brawl in Caprica.
Charlie, Gage, Ines

2237-09-10 - The Fast And The Fatuous
Ines has arranges for a picnic, but they must drive to get there. With two cars and marines, it turns into a bit of a race. In a city none of them really know...
Geoff, Irene, Gage, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-09 - Who Let The Wolves Out?
A gathering of Timber Wolves for a casual night out in a local Cap City bar goes awry when a drunk civilian gets a bit too handsy with Irene. Tensions between colonies boil over into a fight in the streets that no one will admit to in the morning... right?
Paige, Irene, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Mira, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-08 - Barely Bruised
After a bit of a dustup with a Caprican marine, Gage has to check in with medical. On duty, Sarita finds herself introduced to another member of the Wolves as a result.
Gage, Sarita

2237-08-27 - Interludes, Delphi
Two scenes, one long, one short. Two engineers.
Abigail, Gage

2237-08-19 - Don't Feed The Marines
The lineup at the ship's canteen proves to be the place to meet new and returning officers, and agree upon repayment plans and tour schedules.
Paige, Irene, Gabriela, Gage, Nora

2237-08-18 - Calliope, Corner Pocket
Calliope and Faye play a game of pool (WHICH FAYE TOTALLY WON!), and there is talk of underwear being the official off-duty uniform for heightened morale reasons.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Gage, Faye

2237-08-11 - Insert Battlestar Here
Aleksander and Gage return from an uneventful patrol, Irene helps them with unhelpful buckles -- at a price -- while they discuss the Cylon's recent changes in tactics and firepower.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-05 - Old Grudges
A few of the marines meet in the lounge. Some things never change.
Beckham, Abigail, Gage

2237-07-30 - Marine Qualifications
Mercer puts the marines through their paces for their qualifications. Some pilots crash the gig.
Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Irene, Kell, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Faye

2237-07-30 - After-Quals Beers
After the marine qualifications, some of the Timber Wolves go for beer and socialize.
Charlie, Irene, Logan, Gage

2237-07-29 - A Garish End
A group of wolves shop at the boardwalk. Some tastes are more garish than others.
Beckham, Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-22 - Brush Your Teeth
Marines left without necessities find some solace in a Virgan officer.
Charlie, Geoff, Irene, Gage

2237-07-15 - Fight Night
Two marines have a go at it in the gym while others watch on.
Eva, Charlie, Evan, Aubrey, Logan, Gage

2237-06-30 - Fun and Profit
Two combat engineers discuss plans for murder and mayhem. Actually, just mayhem.
Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-06-24 - Not to Wonder Why
Optimism is hard to come by after a series of rough missions.
Cate, Calliope, Salvae, Tucker, Graham, Gage

2237-06-16 - Fight Therapy
Lyn works out some frustrations on the punching bag before sparring with Gage.
Lyn, Gage

2237-06-11 - Walking Wounded
Aldrich and Gage get visited by Lyn and Salvae.
Aldrich, Salvae, Lyn, Gage

2237-06-10 - The Time Before
A group of Timber Wolves discuss Picon and the upcoming mission.
Van, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2238-03-17 - Last Prowl
The Wolves gather one last time after the awards ceremony before everyone starts getting sent off to different assignments.
Cate, Gray, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Ines, Rayner

2238-02-25 - Against All Odds
The Picon Rescue has many moving parts. This is the one that follows Gage and the boy Nate, and the pilots, Ines and Hunter. (Ines doin' GM-y things.) Follows directly the events in 'We'll Get Them' and 'Even If It Hurts.'
Gage, Ines, Hunter

2238-02-24 - A Wing And A Prayer
Hunter, Gage, and Ines go forward with their plan to steal a heavy raider and blow up the fuel stores to create a diversion from the mine, leaving an opening for the prisoners to be freed. They get the job done and it ought to be a moment of triumph, but...
Gage, Ines, Hunter

2238-02-17 - Desperately Seeking Antibiotics
Cate and Gage scout out the town in search of desperately needed antibiotics. It doesn't go well, and neither are happy with the result.
Cate, Gage

2238-02-02 - Scouting For Hope
Gage, Ines and Cate scout the mine operation / prison camp in hopes of finding an angle to help the prisoners.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-01-06 - Lost Company
The marines go searching for a missing Picon company.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Gage

2237-12-19 - What We're Here For
The marines cover the evacuation of civilians and Gage shows his softer side when they find an injured dog.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Gage, Sunny

2237-12-15 - Triad Night
A handful of Timber Wolves gather for some Triad. It doesn't end on the most friendly of terms.
Calliope, Geoff, Aldrich, Gage, Yelena

2237-12-09 - Chicks Dig Scars Right?
The marines assist a Picon squad, and Gage suffers an injury that may affect future Cage Lowjack covers.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Aleksander

2237-12-01 - Over The Cylons' Nest
The marines raid a Cylon supply depot, but to hit the target they have to get past a Cylon machinegun nest.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-11-25 - Snow Tracks
A squad of marines follows some Cylon tracks and ambushes the ambush.
Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-11-18 - Making A Hole
During the raid on Aquaria, the marines hit an orbital defense station to make a hole in the Cylon defense net.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-11-05 - Happy CF Day
The gang gathers on Scorpia for a celebration of the CF's one year anniversary.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Gage, Faye, Ines, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Incoming
The marines take heavy fire while defending a Tyllium mine.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-28 - Hunting Season
The marines hit the ground on Sagittaron to hunt themselves some AA batteries. It's not as easy as it may seem, but does come with some satisfying //booms//.
Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-27 - Dustup
Tensions flare when a group of CF marines and Raptor crews drop off some Virgon marines.
Cate, Calliope, Aldrich, Irene, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Nicole

2237-10-21 - Pinned Down
A new group of insurgents attacks the colonial marines. Surely the others haven't renegged on the peace treaty?
Charlie, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah

2237-10-14 - Patrol Gone Awry
A group of marines out on patrol encounter trouble. A lot of it.
Charlie, Geoff, Gage, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-07 - Finding The Lost Wolves
The marines execute a rescue mission to find their missing comrades. Aleksander commandeers a Cylon AA battery.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Geoff, Lyn, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-09-26 - Hi Ho, Hi Ho
A few Wolves guard the side entrance at a tyllium mine. A squadron of Centurions decide to test their mettle. Aleksander finally takes more than a scratch.
Charlie, Gray, Erin, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-09-16 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
A marine squad is caught up in the Cylon bombing raid at Argyros.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Aldrich, Donny, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-12 - Wolves On The Prowl
Inter-colonial tensions boil over during a CF celebration in a local bar.
Paige, Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Chance, Erin, Donny, Evan, Irene, Stirling, Gage, Elena, Sarice, Ines

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Most Valuable Player
The blue team's assault turns into more of a pyramid gambit when the Wolves team up with the Capricans in some ground combat exercises.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Donny, Lyn, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Cigarettes End All Wars
Meanwhile... the red team assault comes to an unorthodox conclusion.
Cate, Gray, Donny, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-01 - Tanks In The Quad
The marines run into new challenges while assaulting the university.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-26 - Save The Museum
The marines retake the famous Delphi museum.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Lyn, Abigail, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Shipboard
A squad of Cylons come into the Dauntless. They aren't selling Avon...
Aldrich, Beckham, Erin, Lyn, Gage

2237-08-12 - Try Try Again
The marines take out SAM batteries protecting the Cylon supply depot.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Lyn, Abigail, Gage

2237-07-28 - Awards Gala
Post-award ceremony, pilots and marines gather to drink and dance the night away (but mostly drink).
Calliope, Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Lyn, Irene, Rothschild, Gage, Aleksander, Micah, Faye

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Marines
The marines are sent to safeguard civilians at the starport during the massive attack on Islesboro and Biscayne Bay.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Aldrich, Chance, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-14 - School's Out
The //Vanguard// marines make their move to liberate one of the prison camps on the Cape.
Charlie, Gray, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-02 - Under The Sea
The Timberwolves are sent on a secret mission to take out a Cylon production facility!
Charlie, Liv, Salvae, Abigail, Gage

2237-06-30 - Bridges of Havison
The Colonials destroy the bridges at Havison to stop the Cylon advance.
Cate, Charlie, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Obaia

2237-06-28 - Horrors of Havison
As the Cylons advance on Havison, the Colonial Forces go to clear the Subway of refugees and get more than they bargained for.
Cate, Charlie, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Aleksander, Obaia

2237-06-23 - Get To Da Rapta
A Raptor is sent down to Picon to deliver supplies to a resistance cell in Paran City.
Aldrich, Salvae, Tucker, Gage, Aleksander

2237-06-10 - Failure to Launch
While attempting to execute a supply delivery, the Timber Wolves are ambushed.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas, Gage