Lieutenant Jg Irene "Iris" Harris
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Played By
Rachel Yampolsky
Air Wing
Raptor Pilot
Lieutenant Jg
Supplemental Information

2230 (Sep): Enrolled, Virgon Royal Naval Academy
2234 (Jun): Graduated, Virgon Royal Naval Academy, Political Science major.
2234 (Jul): Assigned to Naval Intelligence branch.
2234 (Sep): Accepted to flight school, VRNAB Thaxted.
2235 (Jun): Graduated flight school.
2235 (Jul): Assigned to LCV-11 HMS Valiant, as Raptor Pilot.
2236 (Jan): Assigned to Cutter HMS Daring, as Raptor Pilot.
2237 (Mar): Transferred to Colonial Forces, Taskforce: Phoenix, Battlestar Galactica as Raptor Pilot.
2237 (May): Assigned to HEC-23 Vanguard, VK-1, "Timber Wolves".
2237 (Jun): Medical leave following injury sustained during 3rd Canceron Campaign. Operation MIssion of Mercy.
2237 (Jul): Returns to duty with "Timber Wolves" aboard HEC-23 Vanguard at Picon. Operation Cat and Mouse.
2237 (Aug) Operation Delphi, Caprica.
2237 (Sep) Operation Watchtower, Sagittaron.

  • She's a former child actress, b-list at best. Her fame mostly limited to Virgon and its protectorates, and former holdings (especially Aerilon). She starred in a family drama called "The Road to Sky" as Daisy Bean.

  • From a relatively powerful and respected family on Virgon, though her father took a pass on the traditional military and political careers the Harris clan largely pursue. He also then had the nerve to marry an Aerilonian. Irene, being the result of that union, grew up largely on Virgon. She loves both sides of her heritage, even if they produce some contradictions within herself and in her behavior.

  • She has been one of the faces of the Virgon Royal Navy's recent recruitment and morale boosting campaign. Well spoken and attractive, it's not hard to see why she was chosen. Of course, it makes most people wonder if she's actually a decent Raptor pilot, or just a fluffy bit of Virgan propaganda filling a duty uniform and a seat she doesn't deserve. Although her record so far with the Timber Wolves suggests she is very competent.

  • Most Virgan's are probably aware of her family connections as well. Her grandfather is a Royal Navy admiral, and her grandmother is in the Virgan government. Both are rather firm about Hibernia remaining Virgan.

  • During the Canceron campaign, her ECO at the time, "Roller" precipitated a friendly fire incident by not using the correct comm channel. The incident got a fair amount of media coverage. Though she was scheduled to appear at the formal inquiry, she was badly injured during an air assault on a Cylon installation and was not available. There was some gossip that her connections had pulled strings to keep her out of it.

  • Most people assume her callsign Iris, is simply a contraction of Irene Harris or taken from the flower, so she seldom dissuades the notion. It's actually an acronym her flight instructor gave her after some really harrowing training accidents, IRIS = I Require Intense Supervision. Some salty pilots she served with in the VRN simply called her TAG, another acronym, meaning The Admiral's Granddaughter.

  • Being a bit famous caught her some flak too. Aside from her one major role, she also had some further movie appearances as a teenager but the only truly notable ones were the following:

Riptide (Action Adventure) - as Samantha Tide, the daughter of the lead Axel Tide. She was held hostage by pirates and mostly just cried in the handful of scenes she appeared in, but did get to kick a pirate in the bits during her rescue at the end.
Fortress of the Heart (Romance) - as Ana, the young version of the lead character played by a popular Caprican actress. Probably her most critically acclaimed role.
The Pack (Teen Drama/Sports) - as Shauna the 2nd lead's sister. She mostly just cheered as it was a movie about rival school Pyramid teams, but there was a little tragic-romance subplot centered around her and one of the rival players.

System Information
  • Minor Celebrity - At age 9 Irene was cast on the family drama
  • Poster Girl - The Virgon media and establishment have been all too happy to put her celebrity to use since the uprising began, in order to boost morale and recruitment. This hasn't been particularly great for her career or relations with other pilots and officers though.
  • Aerilon Roots - She was born on Aerilon and spent her early childhood there. Her mother, also, is from a long line of Aerilonian farmers. Thanks to that she's chock full of folksy Aerilonian colloquialisms and can turn the accent on at will.
  • Say Biscuits! - She likes to take photos and usually has a camera handy, or stowed in her raptor. Also claims the pics are "intelligence", but she probably just takes them for fun. Unfortunately, at the ace party in Caprica City she lost her camera after the brawl.
  • Sailor - She's a decent sailor and can tie a ridiculous amount of different knots, having learned the basics from a Picon technical adviser on the set of Riptide. When she was still living the life of the rich and famous, she used to cruise the Virgan seas solo on her grandfather's sailboat.

Sara Irene Harris, born on Aerilon to a native mother and Virgan father (a botanist working on a crop yield project), who moved the family back to Virgon when she was six. After being discovered, she became a child star on a family drama, fittingly, about a Virgan transplant to Aerilon against the backdrop of that world's independence. She played a dull-witted, but cheery Aerilonian named Daisy who routinely got herself into trouble which she tried to get out of with her catchphrase, "But, Mama...!". When that show's run was over she had small/supporting roles in other movies which let her travel to Caprica and Picon for shoots, but her most famous character remained Daisy Bean (much to her chagrin).

Tired of the lingering infamy of that defining role she hit the Actae on Virgon and went wild, sailing up and down the coast, partying at every stop - only try as she might, she couldn't shake her image. Defeated, she took a sudden 180 and joined the Royal Naval Academy and started using her middle name, to get out of the spotlight. The decision was also meant to smooth the feathers of her grandparents, Admiral John Telford Harris and Minister Rosalind Harris who didn't want their good name sullied by her any further.

So by graduation, four years later, she was mostly forgotten by the glitterati and given a plum commission in the Royal Navy's Intelligence branch, owing to her Political Science major. It was boring and she knew she was going to be stuck on that track until her service ended, reviewing surveillance and monitoring Hibernian rebel chatter. Two months in, she applied for flight school and was denied. She tried again, and was denied. The third time, after facing off against her grandfather who wasn't at all keen on the idea of her flying Vipers, she was accepted.

She wasn't a great pilot straight away, in fact, she was awful. A particularly stupid accident earned her the callsign "Iris" that's stuck with her since. Sounds pleasant enough, like a contraction of Irene Harris, but it's actually an acronym her instructor coined: I Require Intense Supervision. Luckily she got much better before the Cylon uprising began, so when the attacks brokeout she and other trainees were pressed into service to fly rescue and evac missions in the less stricken areas near the base. One of the reporters covering such an operation figured out who she was, and suddenly she was in the limelight again with the Navy quickly realizing her potential as a morale and recruitment boosting poster girl.

After graduation, she was assigned to the LCV HMS Valiant in the home fleet but they wouldn't let their pet celebrity near a Viper, nor any serious combat for that matter. She found herself stuck giving flight deck tours to VIPs and reporters, doing endless interviews and photo ops. When she did get into a Raptor for missions it was almost always some easy duty, to the point where her fellow pilots began to completely resent her. Soon they were snickering behind her back, snidely saying "But, Mama!" in earshot or just referring to her as Daisy or TAG (The Admiral's Granddaughter).

It took her dodging and sabotaging media appearances to convince the brass to give her some real duties and a transfer to the HMS Daring, a Cutter tasked with escorting food convoys to and from Aerilon. There she had a salty veteran ECO partnered with her and worked her butt off to be a "real" pilot under his patient, if brusque tutelage. It still wasn't the front lines of the conflict by any means, but by the end she'd seen some skirmishes with pirates and raiders to punctuate long stretches of routine.

She was as surprised as anyone when orders to transfer to the new Colonial Forces were presented to her by her CO. Of course, there was much fanfare and photo ops, and even a new recruitment poster with her on it so she knew the reason she was hand picked. Still, she was overjoyed to be out from under her grandfather's influence and the glaring spotlight. She could just be Irene the Raptor pilot and make it on her own merits, finally.

 Lt. Jg Irene "Iris" Harris has "it"; that inexplicable quality that attracts, dismays and intrigues in about equal measures. Call it charisma, star quality, or just plain old witchcraft, but she has it and it hits like a truck full of dynamite. The core of it is a youthful, gamine charm tied to a slender build on a small frame, dirty blonde, wavy hair bobbed just off her shoulders, compelling hazel eyes, and a fair Virgan complexion, with a cute riot of freckles across the bridge of her nose, forehead and strong cheekbones. Hers isn't a cold, refined beauty best admired from afar, but something warm and earthy, anchored by a subtle vulnerabilty and simplicity.

 She's most often in Colonial green fatigues or a flightsuit with Lieutenant JG pims and master qualification pilot wings properly displayed. Whatever the uniform, her appearance is almost always picture perfect, with never a wrinkle to mar a crisp line or a single thread out of place. Somehow she just exudes that particular (and sometimes infuriating) Academy grad sharpness. Only her hair betrays her strict adherence to regulations, since it's just too wavy to bother taming most of the time. If the situation demands, it's swept back into a high ponytail, otherwise she leaves it free and loose, or at most, tucked behind her ears. 
master-pilot-wings.png expert-marksman-badge.png aerospace-combat-badge.png
silver-cluster.png distinguished-aerospace-medal.png meritorious-unit-citation.png sacrifice1.png
canceron-campaign-medal.png picon-campaign-medal.png caprica-campaign-medal.png sagittaron-campaign-medal.png

  • Silver Cluster
    • For the unwavering valor and superior skill displayed in achieving 15 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Stirling, CAPT Tomlinson, LTJG Masters, LTJG Naxos, LTJG Zeller, and LTJG Harris are awarded the Silver Cluster.
  • Distinguished Aerospace Medal
    • For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, CAPT Montjoy, LTJG Zeller and LTJG Harris are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
  • Aerospace Combat Badge
  • Expert Marksman Badge
    • KEW
  • Marksman Badge
    • Rifle
    • Pistol
  • Master Pilot Wings
  • Brawn: Average
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Exceptional
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Good
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Great
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Fair
  • Firearms: Great
  • Gunnery: Great
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Competent
  • Piloting: Exceptional
  • Stealth: Good
  • Technician: Competent
Background Skills
  • Acting: Good
  • Agriculture: Fair
  • Modeling: Fair
  • Political Science: Good
  • Public Speaking: Fair
  • Sailing: Fair
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
05/24/2237 Shrapnel - Abdomen
05/24/2237 Shrapnel - Abdomen
# Date Victory Scene
1 2237-04-29 Off-Camera(Approved) Defend the Shipyards
2 2237-05-22 Cylon4 Transport Takedown
3 2237-08-09 Heavy1 Win Some Lose Some
4 2237-08-24 Raider8 Defend The Dauntless - Air
5 2237-08-26 Raider8 Baker's Dozen
6 2237-08-29 Heavy1 The Boots We Leave Behind
7 2237-08-29 Raider2 The Boots We Leave Behind
8 2237-09-01 Raider8 Transports Away
9 2237-09-01 Off-Camera(Approved) Transports Away
10 2237-09-16 Off-Camera(Approved) Surprise(?) Attack
11 2237-09-29 Raid1 Canyon Dance
12 2237-10-16 Raider4 Mountain Sweep
13 2237-10-16 Raider9 Mountain Sweep
14 2237-10-22 Heavy2 Dead Zone
15 2237-10-29 Heavy3 Death From Above
16 2237-11-03 Raider7 Lending A Hand
17 2237-11-18 Raider5 Striking Back

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2237-11-20 - Native Housewarming Gifts
Same-Same hallways bring everyone to a pause and a new pilot breaks the ice with a gift of local beers.
Gray, Aldrich, Irene, Faye, Ines, Yelena, Hunter

2237-11-16 - Chilling At The Cove
The crew gathers to celebrate after the awards ceremony.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Ines, Sunny

2237-11-09 - The Wind That Rustles The Jimmies
Ines, Faye and Irene continue their sparkle pony adventure to Duggan's farm. It's the BEST DAY EVER, barring some minor mishaps and a little bit of jimmie rustling.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-09 - How To Virgon Part One
Faye and Ines, guests at Irene's home for a very brief 48 hours, turn up at the stable for the beginning of the inevitable Sparkle Pony Party. Accidental romantic interference happens.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-08 - Just South Of Overly Cross
Irene and Ines have a walk and talk after arriving at the Harris country manor on Virgon, and see some of the sights. Then they're sent on a Quaint Country Errand.
Irene, Ines

2237-11-07 - A Walk To Not Remember
Irene and Faye have some time to kill before dinner at the Harris country house on Virgon during their shared 48 hour pass, so they go for a walk. Stuff happens. Things. Some of it they mutually decide is best to not remember.
Irene, Faye

2237-11-06 - For What Ails You
Gage has got a miracle cure for hangovers, apparently. Spoilers: it's awful. Also in this log: people saying a whole lot of things they don't mean and meaning a whole lot of things they won't say.
Irene, Gage, Ines

2237-11-05 - Sparkle Pony Party
Air Wing folk are enjoying the R&R in a bar by the boardwalk, and there's talk of plans for off-shore leave.
Irene, Alain, Astraea, Ines

2237-10-28 - All Bets Are Off
As rumors continue to spread about the romance novel 'Pinned Down' -- a new series following the romantic exploits of Cage Lowjak, who looks a whole lot like Corporal Gage Tomak -- the architect of that prank encounters its object, and things come to a, um...head. (Because it happens in the head. Get it??) Irene and Aleksander show up mid-squabble, the boys attempt to further their ruse to extort Irene for beer, and Irene may or may not be having any of it.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander, Ines

2237-10-27 - No Mind
Firearms, cylon reproduction and pudding. In that order.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-10-24 - "Interesting" Squadmates
A freshly arrived Silvas gets a whirlwind introduction to some "interesting" squadmates, ranging from clearly semi-insane Pieter, to family-fond Irene, on to a somewhat withdrawn Astraea. At least things don't seem to be boring on this particular ship.
Irene, Astraea, Pieter, Silvas

2237-10-15 - The Mysterious Photo Of Mystery
A mysterious photograph demands investigation. No underwear eating rodents can keep the intrepid gang of C bunk from finding the truth!
Irene, Aleksander, Faye

2237-09-29 - Let Them Eat Cake
After a rather successful mission under his command (!), Alain sees to it that some of the Wolves have themselves cake in the Mess while they discuss the mission, possible tactics for the mountains, and what they want to do the next time they get leave. Also discussed: Whisper and her part in the bar fight.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora

2237-09-26 - Walkway Discussional
After a talking to by Stirling, and technically a talking to with Stirling by Irene, Faye and Irene catch up outside on their way to the above decks. A discussion on life, living, happiness, and other such sundries. I could just keep talking really, but the question is if you really want to read this or if you're just reading this because it's a short summary. Hint! It's not. I'm making it longer for no reason other than because I can. If you did read this though, you are awesome.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-26 - Office Hours
Stirling handles a request and a reprimand during her office time.
Irene, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-24 - The 'C' Is For Charisma
A little advice from Irene about a letter Ines is writing turns into a brief chance for the new viper pilot to get to know one of her bunkroom C bunkmates. They're joined eventually by a zombie-zebra with //shocking revelations you won't want to miss.//
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-09-22 - We Interrupt Your Soap...
Faye and Irene were both in the Alert Lounge, Iris was taking a nap while Faye was contemplating the meaning of life. With the speed of a sloth, Faye lunged with the voracity of a snail at Iris and pinned her like a wet noodle to the couch, where she laid on her and took a moment to be serious. It was a muddled interaction, and ended with Faye being almost as confused as she was to begin with.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-10 - The Fast And The Fatuous
Ines has arranges for a picnic, but they must drive to get there. With two cars and marines, it turns into a bit of a race. In a city none of them really know...
Geoff, Irene, Gage, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-09 - Who Let The Wolves Out?
A gathering of Timber Wolves for a casual night out in a local Cap City bar goes awry when a drunk civilian gets a bit too handsy with Irene. Tensions between colonies boil over into a fight in the streets that no one will admit to in the morning... right?
Paige, Irene, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Mira, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-08 - Tarmac Talk
Pilots gather on the tarmac after a training exercise with the Caprican Navy
Paige, Irene, Alain, Verity, Astraea, Emrys, Elena, Ines

2237-09-06 - We're All Famous Here
Some of the veterans of the Timber Wolves welcome in some fresh blood and discuss their varied backgrounds and upcoming wargames.
Paige, Aldrich, Irene, Sarice, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-03 - Gym Chatter
A few of the officers of the Dauntless discuss a night out while exercising.
Calliope, Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye, Nora

2237-08-31 - Dance Lessons
While getting a moment to prepare for the final push on Delphi, a few pilots meet a Marine and Paige has an odd request of the LCPL.
Paige, Geoff, Irene, Verity

2237-08-25 - Meditation, Not Medication
Since I have to write this (Faye) I will do my best. There was something about Medication and Meditation, it was funny and had to do with the Chaplain. Then more people showed up, including two amazingly (beautiful, super cool, famous, so awesome) cute people in frog onesies. Then a raccoon showed up. And there was a Flight Instructor, and a Musician! There was a Musician! And we all talked. Plus ''Lasers and Feelings'' was explained. Fini!
Paige, Aldrich, Erin, Irene, Verity, Emrys, Micah, Faye

2237-08-24 - Arr Tee Bee
After the attack on the //Dauntless//, some of the flight crew finds themselves holed up in the Hangar Bay while the Cylon incursion is pushed back. Also, a rookie pilot introduces herself to the group.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Alain, Verity

2237-08-24 - As The Ping Pong Turns...
Faye and Paige play a game of ping pong, in which Paige is thoroughly winning! As they play, Faye is sure to tell Paige all about how she feels Irene is so self centered since her bunk is full of photos of herself and she thinks it's cute when Irene paws at empty space while sleeping. Soon Irene arrives on the scene! A heated moment, the cast of a pall over it as Faye denies their relationship! Irene wells with tears and Faye moves to sweep her up in her arms! But will it be enough? Faye does still harbor feelings for Irene's twin in a coma! Irene can't take it though, she never should've fallen for Faye. Then Faye lets her know the deep truth... she put Lauren in the coma! Stay tuned for more as... The Ping Pong Turns.
Paige, Irene, Faye

2237-08-21 - Not A Spider Webb
Marcus meets some of the members of the Air Wing. They make sure he's not related to another Webb.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Marcus

2237-08-20 - Pool Gossip
A pair of Raptor teams get together poolside after a mission to gossip and get to know each other.
Calliope, Paige, Irene, Alain, Gabriela

2237-08-19 - Don't Feed The Marines
The lineup at the ship's canteen proves to be the place to meet new and returning officers, and agree upon repayment plans and tour schedules.
Paige, Irene, Gabriela, Gage, Nora

2237-08-18 - Calliope, Corner Pocket
Calliope and Faye play a game of pool (WHICH FAYE TOTALLY WON!), and there is talk of underwear being the official off-duty uniform for heightened morale reasons.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Gage, Faye

2237-08-15 - Lasers And Feelings: Part I
Captain Meeghan Starhammer (Charlie) and Doctor Silver Fox (Irene) confront the Dread Space Pirate Jake, and his new invention that can destroy a whole solar system. They must seize it before the cyber zombies come to destroy the Universe of Darkness.
Charlie, Erin, Irene, Aleksander

2237-08-11 - Insert Battlestar Here
Aleksander and Gage return from an uneventful patrol, Irene helps them with unhelpful buckles -- at a price -- while they discuss the Cylon's recent changes in tactics and firepower.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-07 - Differences Between Us
A trio of pilots discuss the differences between Raptors, Vipers, and officers and enlisted.
Irene, Kell, Astraea

2237-08-05 - Out With The Old, In With The New
In the Berthings, there's discussion of new tattoos, new haircuts, new bets and a new type of pyramid.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Logan

2237-08-01 - Surfing & Bbq
For one last 'hurrah,' the Wolves gather at a small surf spot to hang out before they ship out.
Calliope, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Logan, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-31 - Not Captains, Not Dinner
The Common Crew gather at the Calypso for Drinking and Games
Beckham, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Aleksander, Faye

2237-07-30 - Marine Qualifications
Mercer puts the marines through their paces for their qualifications. Some pilots crash the gig.
Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Irene, Kell, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Faye

2237-07-30 - After-Quals Beers
After the marine qualifications, some of the Timber Wolves go for beer and socialize.
Charlie, Irene, Logan, Gage

2237-07-29 - A Garish End
A group of wolves shop at the boardwalk. Some tastes are more garish than others.
Beckham, Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-28 - Unnecessary Roughness And The Wardrobe Malfunction
Irene gets dunked and tries to pummel her would be rescuer, Faye. Hilarity and friendship ensues.
Irene, Faye

2237-07-27 - The Bar Brawl That Didn't Happen
Kell and Irene enjoy a couple of drinks while under the threat of evil looks, Salvae joins the group later.
Salvae, Irene, Kell

2237-07-23 - Pick A Peck Of Toothbrushes
Camila obtains vital oral-hygiene implements -- and makes a friend.
Irene, Camila

2237-07-22 - Brush Your Teeth
Marines left without necessities find some solace in a Virgan officer.
Charlie, Geoff, Irene, Gage

2237-05-03 - An Ensign's Dreams Shattered
Kell arrives to the Vanguard, finds out that he is no longer going to the Galactica. Surprise!
Antonie, Cap, Irene, Kell, Tucker

2237-11-18 - Striking Back
In the raid on Aquaria, the pilots punch through the Cylon defenses to strike at the shipyards.
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah, Faye, Ines

2237-11-05 - Happy CF Day
The gang gathers on Scorpia for a celebration of the CF's one year anniversary.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Gage, Faye, Ines, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Lending A Hand
The air wing goes to lend its support when a large-scale assault develops along the front.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Faye, Ines

2237-10-29 - Death From Above
A wing of Timber Wolves carry out a strike on a Cylon target.
Calliope, Paquette, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Faye, Ines

2237-10-27 - Dustup
Tensions flare when a group of CF marines and Raptor crews drop off some Virgon marines.
Cate, Calliope, Aldrich, Irene, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Nicole

2237-10-22 - Dead Zone
CAP in the canyons is always tricky, but what happens when you hit a communications dead zone?
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Gabriela, Astraea, Faye, Ines, Pieter

2237-10-16 - Mountain Sweep
The air wing clears out some Raiders in advance of a bombing mission.
Calliope, Irene, Kell, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-29 - Canyon Dance
A wing of Timber Wolves go on patrol in one of the mountain ranges in the Sadah province of Sagittaron. They encounter a group of Raiders. It goes -- for the Wolves -- surprisingly well, considering the difficulties of flying (and fighting) in a canyon.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora, Ines

2237-09-25 - Hard Target
The air wing runs into heavy resistance while trying to soften up defenses at a Sagittaron mine.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Ines

2237-09-16 - Surprise(?) Attack
The Cylons launch an all-out attack against Caprica City, but the colonials seem more prepared than one might have expected.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-09-12 - Wolves On The Prowl
Inter-colonial tensions boil over during a CF celebration in a local bar.
Paige, Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Chance, Erin, Donny, Evan, Irene, Stirling, Gage, Elena, Sarice, Ines

2237-09-08 - Intercept Course
The Air Wing runs a training mission against one of Caprica's Fighter Units
Paige, Salvae, Irene, Kell, Alain, Verity, Astraea, Emrys, Elena, Ines

2237-09-01 - Transports Away
In the final battle for Delphi, the air wing tries to prevent the Cylons from fleeing in transports.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Delilah, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-08-29 - The Boots We Leave Behind
While escorting //Autumn Cornucopia// to deliver supplies to //Dauntless//, the small group of pilots that have started to become a squad of their own discuss boots, before finding themselves intercepting a flight of Raiders attacking the transport they were protecting.
Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye

2237-08-26 - Baker's Dozen
The air wing takes a beating from a slew of Raiders while providing air cover over Delphi.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Verity, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Nora

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Air
The Air Wing is tasked with defending //Dauntless// from a Cylon attack.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey

2237-08-19 - Tower Assault
The pilots attack a Cylon fortification.
Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Gabriela, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora

2237-08-16 - Convoy Attack
The Air Wing tries to bomb a convoy transporting AA to Delphi.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Mason, Faye

2237-08-09 - Win Some Lose Some
The air wing takes a beating as it tries to assault a Cylon supply depot west of Delphi.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys, Faye

2237-07-28 - Awards Gala
Post-award ceremony, pilots and marines gather to drink and dance the night away (but mostly drink).
Calliope, Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Lyn, Irene, Rothschild, Gage, Aleksander, Micah, Faye

2237-07-22 - New Plane Smell
A flight of Raptors loaded with pilots is being sent to collect some new Vipers to recover the Wing's losses.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Mason, Emrys

2237-05-24 - Castle Crashers
The Air Wing goes to finish off the castle the Marines hit.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-22 - Transport Takedown
A CAP from //Vanguard// gets orders to take down a Cylon transport during the battle of Canceron - and discover just how dangerous the Cylon AA can be.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-20 - Friendly Fire
A communications snafu leads to a friendly fire incident between CF and Canceron forces.
Calliope, Durant, Webb, Salvae, Irene, Kell

2237-05-05 - Frakking Diplomacy
Salvae realizes the supplies he and Aldrich dropped off for Camp 3 never got to their destinaton. The two grab a couple other Wolves to investigate, and discover a group of miners from the Tyllium mines revolt.
Geoff, Aldrich, Salvae, Lyn, Irene

2237-04-29 - Defend the Shipyards
The Timber Wolves help to defend the Scorpian Shipyards, but lose one of their own.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Kazimir, Cap, Webb, Roara, Delilah, Salvae, Irene, Alain