Sergeant Kyle "Krima" Ariadna Costello
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Played By
Ashley Greene
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System Information
  • Blue Collar Girl - What's the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork? A fork is a fork, right? Kyle is most at home around the blue collar world: people who one-fist beers and don't mind eating with their hands. She's not afraid to curse, believes in labor unions, and tends to root for the underdog from the parking lot tailgate party.
  • Dirty Hands - If Kyle has a weird talent, is an ability to be fine with getting her hands dirty in ways that germophobes would find obscene. She can perform an oil change and then clean an elk without batting an eye, and if you drop your keys into a mucky storm drain, seek no other.
  • Greaser - Costello's One-Stop in Caprica City? Yes, Kyle is that Costello. She's been working on cars for years and her garage-chatter game is on point. Take care of your cars. Kyle has opinions.
  • Late Night Creature Show - Up until joining the military, Kyle had seen every episode of a late night B-movie double-feature program. Since she's been away, her family has been recording the episodes. Kyle doesn't just like movies; she likes BAD movies.

Kyle Costello was born to David and Melinda Costello, citizens of Caprica City, Caprica. David and Melinda had wanted three boys and one girl, but instead were gifted with Vinze (2 years older than Kyle) and Mick (3 years younger), with Kyle in the middle. Initially expecting three boys in a row, Kyle's stolen traditional male name comes from a mix of a trend of women with men's name at the time and a tongue-in-cheek joke between the parents.

David and Melinda are the owners of Costello One-Stop, a full service auto station on the fringes of suburbia. David Costello had service the Caprican military (vehicle engineer) during their on-going cold war with Tauron. As a result, the family plan for their children was clear: 1) They would be expected to spend at least one tour with the Caprican Army, 2) They would one day take over the family business. 3) They never wear a Tauron Bulls jersey.

It was barbecues and pyramid games for all three children, who attended the same high school together. Kyle played on her high school team and with no intention of going to college, Kyle enlisted in the military shortly after school for a four year tour, which landed her part of a Reconnaissance unit. After serving four years, Kyle returned to civilian life, working out Costello's One-Stop.

In April of 2235, Kyle was called back into service by the Caprican military. Her younger brother, Mick, was serving at the time in the Navy, leaving the eldest son to assist his parents in running the shop. After scoring top marks in marksmanship upon reentry, Kyle was given the opportunity to attend SST (Scout/Sniper Training), which she accepted.

Now, she's been assigned to the VK-1 Timberwolves, as part of the united Colonial efforts to deal with the Cylon Revolt.

This woman looks to be in the prime of her health, and somewhere in her mid to late twenties. With creamy, Caucasian skin and a mane of dark, brown hair that streaks longer than her shoulders. Her cheekbones are angular and there's just enough extra muscle around her shoulders to suggest that she had to gain weight to make her athletic build, and that a once-skinny girl had to drink muscle shakes while preparing for her military service. She's hazel-eyed and sharp-browed, with enough quiet confidence worn in her lips to suggest she was probably one of the popular ones in high school. However, there are more interesting details, such as the faint tan line around her neck in the shape of a thin necklace, a lack of tan line on her ring finger, and a tiny scar on her chin that's been there for years.

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  • Ground Combat Badge
  • Brawn: Good
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Exceptional
  • Presence: Good
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Good
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Great
  • Athletics: Good
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Competent
  • Firearms: Exceptional
  • Gunnery: Everyman
  • Medicine: Fair
  • Melee: Competent
  • Piloting: Everyman
  • Stealth: Exceptional
  • Technician: Good
Background Skills
  • Auto Repair: Good
  • Barbecue: Fair
  • Cinephile: Fair
  • Pyramid: Fair
  • Survival: Good
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
07/04/2237 Hmg - Chest
07/04/2237 Grenade Launcher - Head
07/04/2237 Shrapnel - Left Arm
07/04/2237 Shrapnel - Right Arm
# Date Victory Scene

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2237-11-15 - Night At The Cove
(While back on Scorpia) Kyle and Cate talk significant others and post-war plans while playing some virtual pyramid at the beach bar.
Cate, Kyle

2237-11-07 - Who Wrote The Smut, Again?
Four soldiers on leave jaw about the practical jokes happening on the ship, and make an agreement to one-up the romance novel prank
Geoff, Erin, Kyle, Akeso

2237-10-30 - Almost A Moment
Kyle and Erin brush the edge of the future until the inevitable urge to reset the clock kicks in.
Erin, Kyle

2237-10-19 - Sickbay Party
A number of marines converge on sickbay.
Charlie, Gustavo, Erin, Lyn, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso

2237-10-15 - Afraid Of The Dark
After a bad dream, Cate opens up to Kyle about what happened during her escape from the Cylons.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-14 - R And R
Kyle tries to take Cate's mind off of things when the pair of them have a 48-hour pass to visit Caprica.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-11 - Piece By Piece
Erin and Kyle are working on a project for their bunks. Charlie gets dragged in for gossip.
Charlie, Erin, Kyle

2237-10-07 - Little Brown Boxes
Kyle checks in on Cate after she's faced the horrors of the cavern one more time. Ines arrives with a gift for the former POW.
Cate, Kyle, Ines

2237-10-03 - Fox Force Four And The Case Of The Missing Box Cutter
Kyle nervously awaits another confrontation with Verity, but is rescued by a fellow member of Fox Force Four.
Erin, Kyle

2237-10-02 - Bunkhouse Echo's Future Cold War
Kyle hosts Verity's hand to hand re-certification. The two share bitter words and take it to personal levels.
Verity, Kyle

2237-10-02 - Emergency Venting
Kyle, post-argument with Verity, seeks out Erin for venting and threats.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-30 - Rosebud
Things in the laundromat get a little bit weird. Don't ask about the title.
Isolde, Van, Durant, Kyle, Sarita, Ines, Laliru

2237-09-26 - Dog Is Not On The Menu
It's never a good idea to consider the future before going into a warzone.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-26 - A Tale Of Two Bunks
Kyle and Faye meet for the first time.
Kyle, Faye

2237-09-24 - High Quality H2o
Tensions are high waiting for more warfare. Kyle, Cate, and Erin catch up in the gym. Kyle masters the Salmon Ladder despite being target practice for water bottles. Cate assists Kyle in a moment of vengeance.
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-22 - Thumbs Make All The Difference
Kyle and Ines share history over an impromptu self defense lesson. Katja meets Ines for the first time.
Katja, Kyle, Ines

2237-09-22 - A Moment on the Panda Express
Kyle and Erin assess their situation, convieniently, before going back down in the direction of flying bullets.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-21 - Pack It Up, Pack It In
Packing in before the long trip. Kyle locks into the berthings on the Dauntless for the first time.
Erin, Donny, Aleksander, Kyle, Ines, Akeso

2237-09-20 - One Last Night To Pretend
Donny, Calliope, and Kyle meet on the firing range. Decisions are made as to whether or not to partake in one last night on Caprica...before things get worse.
Calliope, Donny, Kyle

2237-09-14 - Rubbing Dirt On It
After returning from MIA, Kyle is released to the public
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-14 - A Brief Foray Into Civilian Life
Erin heads off base to meet up with Kyle Costello at her family's home.
Erin, Kyle

2237-07-06 - Den of Lions
Sparring match between Rothschild and Lanval, Aleksander and Kyle watches one while making wagers.
Rothschild, Aleksander, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-06 - Getaway Car
Kyle, Lanval, and Jackson immerse in a private VR driving simulation. Freedom is found on the open road.
Jackson, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-04 - Nix On The Up Top
Lanval, A New Recon Marine, Finds His Home In The Berthings In The Company Of Friendly Faces And Bitchy Marine Banter.
Paquette, Bami, Astraea, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-04 - If Wishes Were Stitches
Kyle Returns From Sickbay To Run Into Erin And Josua. She Doesn't Have To Throw The Baby Out For Bathwater, Because Lanval Brings Her...The Bathwater.
Erin, Kyle, Lanval, Josua

2237-07-03 - Viewing Party
Abigail Walker Regales Fellow Marines With Vids Charlie Wager's Surfing Days.
Charlie, Evan, Lyn, Jackson, Abigail, Aubrey, Kyle

2237-06-30 - All In The Family
Lyn's little brother, Jackson, arrives to his new assignment with the Wolves, and finds two familiar faces and a few new ones.
Aldrich, Lyn, Jackson, Jonas, Kyle

2237-06-29 - It Counts as Something
Kyle and Erin toe at the edge of an invisible line until they decide to purposefully scuff it...and then create bunkhouse drama by keeping Katja awake. (**WARNING**: Implied sexual situations. PG-13)
Erin, Lyn, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-26 - Run Hard and Put Away Wet
In the hours before returning to the Vanguard, Recon's thoughts turn to home, to history, and to walking like zombies into hot showers.
Charlie, Erin, Kyle

2237-06-25 - Deep Watch
Kyle and Lyn sit watch at the primary rendezvous.
Lyn, Kyle

2237-06-25 - Scavenging Scouts
Fox Force Four scout the way ahead, and scavenge through an already badly picked over megastore for supplies.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Kyle

2237-06-21 - Apple Brown Betty
Jonas takes in more visitors, and they have a conversation about the mission.
Charlie, Abigail, Jonas, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Recon Preppers
Jonas recruits the recon girls for a mission.
Erin, Lyn, Jonas, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Shedding Skin
Recon returns to the berthings to uncoil, wipe the mud away, and lament the wounded
Charlie, Erin, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Recon Girls Gain Another
Kyle comes aboard the Vanguard and is given the 5 cubit tour.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Tucker, Katja, Kyle

2237-10-07 - Finding The Lost Wolves
The marines execute a rescue mission to find their missing comrades. Aleksander commandeers a Cylon AA battery.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Geoff, Lyn, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-07-04 - Hit And Run
The Marines Execute A Hit And Run Raid Near Summerside.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Kyle, Lanval, Josua

2237-06-24 - Into Arborfield
The recon team runs into trouble scouting out the factory in Arborfield.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Mercer, Kyle

2237-06-22 - Arborfield Insert
Fox Force Four (plus Mercer) are sent into the field on a long range recon mission to Arborfield on Picon.Things get furry.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Mercer, Kyle

2237-06-22 - Lucent Edge
Marines and Raptor crews help evac an apartment complex threatened by Cylons.
Cate, Lyn, Tucker, Bami, Astraea, Aleksander, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Belltown Blowup
A mission to scout for the POW camp that Lt. Addison Walker escaped from goes sideways.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Jonas, Kyle

2237-07-07 - Costello Mails Out - 1
Kyle Costello sends her first message home.