Lieutenant Pieter "Pudge" Raines
Sapphire Blue
Gray-Flecked Brown
A Bit Well...Uhhh...Pudgy
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Played By
Tyler Labine
Air Wing
Raptor ECO
Supplemental Information

2225 - Enters Picon Naval Academy (Hyperion)
2229 - Graduates Picon Naval Academy with degree in electrical engineering, minors in signals analysis and cryptography, and some of the top rank gunnery scores. Entered flight school and excelled at ECO training
2230 - Out of flight school, stationed at No. 56 Squadron (The Wrecking Crew), PNAB Charybdis, Queenstown
2231 - Seconded to ICJPK and travels to Scorpia supporting intervention in ethnic violence in Parios Province
2232 - ICJPK Scorpia tour ends with the intervention, returns to PNAB Charybdis and Wrecking Crew
2233 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2235 Jan - Redeployed and stationed at PNAB: Triton, No. 17 Squadron, Sea Knights
2235 April 12 - Fall of Hyperion begins with him off duty at the game
2235 Sep 10 - Hyperion destroyed. Injured in the evacuation, assigned to a medical ship for recuperation
2236 Jan - Recovered sufficiently and assigned to PNV Trident, heavy battle carrier, No. 6 Squadron (Deep Sixers)
2236 Nov - Transferred to the Battlestar Athena and new Taskforce Manticore, stationed on Caprica
2237 Apr - Athena moves to Leonis
2237 Aug - Athena moves to Picon
2237 Oct - Transferred to the Timber Wolves for meritorious service


Cat was unlucky enough to have been at the Panther-CBuc game when the Fall started and sometimes I think I only managed to come through it all even vaguely sane because of her. I was glad to hear she made it out alive and more glad to find out she's with the Timber Wolves. Looking forward to sharing a bottle and catching up.


Char was another that got through Hyperion with me and helped keep me in the land of the living at least a few times. She's a hardass in the field, but amazing at what she does, and she knows how to kick back off duty still. We all got chewed up in the evac, but I was glad our bird was able to come back for hers and get some of them out with us. We've kept vaguely in touch, but it'll be good to see her again.


V and I go all the way back to the Academy back home, with him coming in my last year, and we've served together off and on since. The Wrecking Crew out of PNAB Charybdis and Sea Knights out of Triton, the latter throughout the blood and pain of the Fall. We didn't always see eye to eye, but he's a brother on the wing and a badass flyer and I look forward to another round of facing off the toasters together.


Yoyo's an old gaming buddy who made it as a pro where I couldn't. Who knew calling him "King of Gamers" as a smartass comment during our falling out would stick and become his new rep. Heard he's changed since joining up. Actually kind of looking forward to seeing him again.

System Information
  • Hardcore Hobbyist Gamer - For a chunky, shy kid on a world of athletic beach bods, the escape of the video games and virtual worlds was too good to be true. Pie grew up in them and was actually pretty damned good, but his dreams of becoming a pro gamer fell flat before he ever got any real recognition for it and he moved on from them only a bit reluctantly. He still plays pretty hardcore for a hobbyist as his favored R&R though and is always looking for fellow geeks to local net with. Even without fellow geeks, it certainly hasn't hurt his aim with a KEW or talent with an ECM console to be sure and helps keep him sharp when not practicing on real targets.
  • E.C.O. Signals Wonk - A wonk is someone who studies something almost obsessively and Pie is totally a wonk about the technology behind, and analysis of, transmissions, whether net, wireless, or dradis. His first job was in broadcasting tech, his naval academy degree was in electrical engineering with minors in signals analysis and cryptography, his flight school training was as a Raptor ECO, and he saw more than his share of action and analysis seconded to the ICJPK for a tour, during the fall of Hyperion with the Picon navy, and following up as an ECO with the Taskforce Manticore and Battlestar Athena. Gaming may be his favorite hobby, but signals and their manipulation is his true wheelhouse.
  • Hyperion Survivor - He was a Raptor ECO stationed at PNAB: Triton when the Uprising happened. Off duty at the Panthers game, he got caught up in the chaos immediately after. He fell in with a group of other off-duty personnel and civilians banding together to survive, and was crucial in the coming days to reacquire minimal communication and arrange their evac to Triton base. After were the worst months of his life, and it took everything in him to come out of it not only intact, but honed to a razor edge from it. What's a little case of persistent insomnia and PTSD hidden by boisterous good cheer in exchange for all that?
  • Manic Insomniac - During the Fall, Pie coped with the stress and terrible losses by burning his candle at both ends, falling into a habit of occasional manic insomniac phases that still occasionally plague him. During them, he'd do just about anything he could to keep busy, helping with tech or signals work, orderly and triage at the med center, even a bit of manual labor if nothing else available. Better to be busy as hell than waking up screaming from the nightmares, eh? At least he tries to be helpful when he gets that way instead of just getting in the way.
  • Party Time - When not burying himself in the virtual, up to his elbows in broadcast or ECM tech, or picking up extra jobs not his own, Pie's actually got a love of having fun, probably born of overcompensation for times that really, really weren't. Whether it's drinking games, gambling, or just geeking out over movies or old-timey board games, he's always down. He also makes some damn fine party snacks when given the opportunity.
  • Anti P.T. - Well, he didn't get the callsign Pudge for being lithesome you know! Hell, he barely made it through basic training and follow-up quals, not to mention the Fall of Hyperion and all that insanity. Still, he manages to meet his weigh ins and stay down enough to fit into his flight suit and the raptor ECO chair, even if it takes a bit of work now and then to keep at it. He usually ends up with some helpful friends to kick his ass in gear in the gym now and then, despite the grumbling.

TL;DR Version:

Lieutenant Pieter Raines, callsign "Pudge", is a Raptor ECO born in Hyperion, Picon Colony to an illustrious naval commander and a widely popular talk show personality mother. A chubby, shy kid who took to video games as escape and had dreams of becoming a professional gamer that never came to fruition. He instead joined the Picon navy, becoming something of a signal analysis expert and very well-regarded ECO. He was in Hyperion for the Uprising and witnessed first hand the Fall and eventual destruction of his home, leaving him with various mental scars he tries to hide behind joviality and manic energy. He's served stints in the ICJPK, multiple Picon naval postings, and most recently as a member of the CF with Taskforce Manticore on Battlestar Athena, until his transfer to the Timber Wolves in October, 2237.

Spammy Version:

Pieter Raines was born in Hyperion, Picon Colony, on August 15, 2205 to the illustrious Commander Roger Raines of the Picon Navy and his beautiful wife, Caprican expat net broadcast personality, Bella Aphrodite-Raines. First of four children, he early on had weight of his father's expectations on him, and the boy never quite lived up to them. A chubby, unathletic kid prone to shyness, but with a quick mind and quicker hands, Pie found the Net early as a way of escaping both the beach bod lifestyle and his father's disciplined military leanings. Virtual world games were his best escapes and he developed in them good enough reflexes and spatial awareness that he decided by age fifteen he would become a professional gamer. An idea that would eventually fall flat.

He was talented, but not really top tier, nor attractive or charismatic enough to draw the numbers for streams or sponsors that he would have needed. He took up working at his mother's broadcast station under her communication technician as a way to earn some money, finding a fascination in the science and technology behind the wireless, net, and cross-colonies communications carrying his mother's sultry voice far and wide. He had a head for it, but his ambitions were still in gaming by then, despite pressure from his father.

By age twenty, having suffered some embarrassing online losses in coming closer to his goals, one of his father's patented tough love "Come to Kobol" talks convinced the young chubby gamer he was wasting his life and needed to move on. Some strings were pulled, getting him into the Picon Naval Academy and he soon enough found he was surprisingly suited to it...well other than the PT! He studied electrical engineering with minor focus on signals analysis that later evolved into second minor in cryptography, and his talent in these areas, along with his game-honed reflexes behind a gunner console earned him notice enough by his graduation with honors in 2229 to earn a spot in flight school to be trained as an electronic countermeasure officer.

He excelled in it, finding the transition to ECM techniques a natural one and honing his reflexes and flight skills with real world application instead of virtual. He still kept his hand in gaming as something of a hardcore hobbyist, but he became more of a signals wonk by the day, and on graduating with honors in 2229, was stationed at PNAB: Charybdis in Queenstown with the No. 56 Squadron known as The Wrecking Crew, where he did quite well and made lasting friendships with a lot of people now sadly dead and gone. It was that first squad that gave him the lovingly teasing callsign of "Pudge", given his usual carrying of extra weight and dislike of exercise.

In time, he was promoted and seconded to the ICJPK from 2231 to 2232 as a Liutenant Jg, stationed in the Parios Province, Scorpia during the intervention there into ethnic violence. There was a lot of frustrating days of hands tied by bureaucracy, but he managed to perform well in the few skirmishes he saw. By end of 2233, he'd been kicked up to Lieutenant after having returned to the Wrecking Crew and PNAB: Charybdis. Beginning in 2235, he was once more redeployed, this time to his own home town of Hyperion, at PNAB: Triton, No. 17 Squadron, Sea Knights. And that's where he was when the Fall of Hyperion began.

Specifically, he was off-duty at the Big Blue Stadium (rooting for the Panthers of course) when the world turned on its head and the president was assassinated by the cylons. In the ensuing chaos, he managed to survive somehow and join up with some other off-duty personel and civilians from the stadium and surrounding area, hiding out until he and another of the officers were able to rig up a wireless to punch through the jamming for a short time, enough to get static-filled confirmation that Triton still stood.

A plan was set into motion to evac the new president and a small party of the personel and limited selection of other civilians to the base by way of the sewers. Pie joined in for another gun and his sharp ears, and after a harrowing trip, they managed to get back to the base and questionable safety. The five months that followed were the worst of his life, but it honed him to a razor's edge, mentally and talent-wise if not physically. At the end, when the evacuation was called and his raptor one of the last to clear after returning to rescue the surviving marines and crew of another downed raptor, Pudge watched his home town fall to the toasters and the ocean claim it with the levees bombed. And with it, the last remnants of his old life.

He took his share of bullets in the rescue and was stationed at a medical ship for recovery for a number of months after that. Early in 2236 however, he was cleared for duty physically, albeit a bit questionably mentally, and assigned to the PNV Trident, heavy battle carrier, and No. 6 Squadron, the Deep Sixers. He had his share of scars from the Fall, nightmares driving him to manic insomnia probably the worst of them, but he went to the fight with a fury, earning a reputation for amazing hand as a backseat gunner and ECM wizard.

By November of 2236, he'd impressed someone enough to be put in for duty with the newly formed Colonial Forces, and so was transfered to the fresh Battlestar Athena and Taskforce Manticore, stationed at Caprica. He caught more than his share of action in their operations there, then into Leonis and finally back to his home colony of Picon, and once again, his meritorious service earned him notice, leaving him with orders in October 2237 to report to the Dauntless and the Timber Wolves, a posting he took with pleasure, both for the challenge, and for the chance to reunite with some of the too few survivors of the Fall.

Big bellied, bearded, and boisterous isn't exactly the usual first traits someone would expect of a naval officer, especially a hotshot raptor gunner, but it's sort of what people get with this six foot tall, pale-skinned, rotund thirty-something Lieutenant. To be fair, his belly isn't that big, more a bit pudgy to go with his apple-faced roundness and overall softer fleshed, but broad-shouldered, frame. And while he definitely likes his thick prematurely gray-flecked brown beard and full head of darker hair, he at least keeps them well-groomed and trimmed to decent length that wouldn't impede a flight helmet.

Not a lot to be done about the boisterousness of course, but it comes off as generally friendly and easy-going, if exuberant, with the sapphire blue of his eyes usually carrying a certain twinkle and a distinct attentiveness to both people and surroundings. He's got surprisingly quick and nimble hands for a big guy, but doesn't seem like he's hiding slabs of muscle under the roundness so much as just amazing reflexes. His voice is a gravelly, but rich, baritone that bears traces of Picon.

pilot-wings.png electronic-warfare-badge.png

  • Brawn: Average
  • Grit: Good
  • Perception: Good
  • Presence: Average
  • Reflexes: Exceptional
  • Wits: Exceptional
Action Skills
  • Alertness: Exceptional
  • Athletics: Fair
  • Composure: Good
  • Demolitions: Everyman
  • Firearms: Good
  • Gunnery: Amazing
  • Medicine: Competent
  • Melee: Fair
  • Piloting: Good
  • Stealth: Competent
  • Technician: Great
Background Skills
  • Cooking: Fair
  • Cryptography: Good
  • Electrical Engineering: Good
  • Gaming: Good
Language Skills
  • Standard: Fluent
Date Description Severity
# Date Victory Scene

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2237-11-01 - Bribery For A Bunk, Pt 1
Aubrey's waiting for Pieter at her former bunk that he's stolen while she was away on med leave, dead set on getting it back with offer of all the things he should want. Some Picon talk is shared, and realization of who she was back on their home colony, before ultimately he opts for more time to think up a better counter-offer.
Aubrey, Pieter

2237-10-31 - Downtime
Noah and Cate actually meet somewhere other than dirtside on an op. Pieter makes an unintended cameo.
Cate, Noah, Pieter

2237-10-24 - "Interesting" Squadmates
A freshly arrived Silvas gets a whirlwind introduction to some "interesting" squadmates, ranging from clearly semi-insane Pieter, to family-fond Irene, on to a somewhat withdrawn Astraea. At least things don't seem to be boring on this particular ship.
Irene, Astraea, Pieter, Silvas

2237-10-22 - Of Cowboys And Commandos
Old friends from Picon touch base with some ribbing about hobbies and talk of the state of the squadron.
Charlie, Pieter

2237-10-21 - When Opposite Bunkies Meet
Alain meets his new, and particularly contrasted, bunkmate Pieter, who keeps using an irritating word for them. Cate and Astraea come in to get caught up in the Pudge's socializing in turn.
Cate, Alain, Astraea, Pieter

2237-10-21 - Glass Jaw
A new arrival to the ship witnesses a somewhat awkward sparring match between pilot and chaplain.
Aldrich, Astraea, Pieter

2237-10-22 - Dead Zone
CAP in the canyons is always tricky, but what happens when you hit a communications dead zone?
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Gabriela, Astraea, Faye, Ines, Pieter