This page supports RP in the berthings by letting you pick where your character's bunk is.

To choose your bunk, just find an open slot and add your name. You can put a short desc of your bunk below the table showing the assignments in your section, or link to your character page if you want to go wild with pictures and details.

All of the Timber Wolves (officer and enlisted) bunk in the same area. There are multiple bunkrooms, each housing ten crew members with five two-high bunkbeds and a central bench.

Bunks are numbered counter-clockwise from the hatch as illustrated below, and each bunk has a top and bottom. So your bunk assignment might be "A - 4 - Top" (if you're in bunkroom A, bunk 4, top bunk).

Top Bottom
1 Kell Astraea
2 Cate Silvas
3 Alain Aubrey
4 Salvae Pieter
5 Isolde Van

A 1-Top: Kell - Always neat and kept to regulation standards when not occupied, Kell's bunk does not have too much clutter. There are couple of framed photos, one of Kell in his Libran Air Force uniform with his father, in Libran Marine officer digs. Another of Kell also in Libran Air Force Uniform and his mother in her Libran Navy uniform. Another where it is the three of them, in civilian clothing, in the snow and on one of the mountains of Libran. The last one is of a younger Kell, with newly issued Libran Academy Cadet uniform with an arm around a blonde girl of equal age in civilian clothing. Only other item of note is a small model Viper on a stand painted in Libran markings.

A 1-Bottom: Astraea - There's a few sketches pinned up; some in-progress and some completed. A pencil roll may or may not be obviously in evidence. There's a small dedication to Apollo and the muses. What this bunk lacks, however, is even a single trace of photos. There aren't any. Of the occupant, family, home, etc. Even the sketches show, if people, just 'random people in the street' style sketches or fellow Wolves caught in passing.

A 2-Top: Cate - The back wall sports a child's crayon drawing showing blocky people - a tall one in a tan uniform with a gun, a little girl, and a dead Cylon. Taped to the inside door of the locker are several photos - two smiling tween girls holding a black cat, a pair of young men hamming it up for a selfie on a beach, and a couple photos of young Cate with various family members. There's usually a novel sitting on the shelf.

A 2-Bottom: Silvas - Kept relatively neat, one couldn't be blamed for thinking the little bit of disorder was on purpose, just to not seem too uptight. On one shelf is an idol of Athena, usually with a fresh flower if available or a dried one if not laid in front of it. A few pictures dot the bunk, a beautiful if careworn woman, a priest flanked by a bunch of grubby children, and a few of young men and women dressed in Canceron Naval Academy uniforms enjoying themselves. Lastly there are a few books, mysteries and political intrigues.

A 3-Top: Alain - Clean and neat, one might be forgiven for thinking the top bunk is unclaimed, as it is perpetually regulation made, not even a wrinkle to be spotted. There's a couple of items on the wall though to suggest otherwise: what looks to be a hand-painted picture of the Lords of Kobol, and a photograph of an older couple (along with three younger children, one of whom bears a remarkable resemblance to Alain). A couple of books are stacked neatly nearby (all in Gemenese).

A 3-Bottom: Aubrey - Aubrey's bunk has the long wall covered in photographs, most of them of people and scenery, in black and white. There are pictures of Abigail and Addison looking younger, and ones of her parents, and the Walker's parents. A few old surfing calendars from Picon are also disassembled with the images taped up on the wall. A magazine rack is clipped to the rail, full of surfing magazines. On the shelves at the end of the bed are a few decks of Triad cards, a camera, and small plastic models of several types of surfboards. There are a few coffee mugs, the issued water bottle, and various toiletries and cosmetics. On her pillow is a plushie shark holding a surfboard.

A 4-Top: Salvae - This bunk has a rustic, homey feel to it. A home made knitted blanket in Timberwolves Blue with gold lightning bolts. A pair of knitted pillows for accent, and pairs of wooly socks in different colourful patterns hang from the edge in a first come, first server fashion.

A 4-Bottom: Pieter - A pretty lived-in bunk in contrast to the neat and tidy ones near to itit, often a bit rumpled and ill-made in a hurry, and filled to the brim with geekery of high order, ranging from old flyers from VR gaming tournaments to posters of a scantily clad costumed women from said games. A battered old holoband with various local networked or single player games can be found at the head of the bed, with a few rumpled books on electrical engineering, cryptography, and signals station manuals or the like rotating out. There's also a battered, half-burnt photo of a family overlooking the waters of Picon, but it's usually hidden behind books or games for all it seems often-handled.

A 5-Bottom: Van - A picture of two women embracing is stuck to the divider between top and bottom bunk. Fantasy and comp-sci books are stacked neatly alongside idols to Artemis and Poseidon on the shelf over the bed.

A 5-Top: Isolde - This bunk is full of nerd from the various books on cyberterrorism to a few sci-fi paperbacks. There's an idol to Athena on the shelf as well as a miniature flag from the Tauron colony and some pictures of Isolde's family behind the idol. A metal can connected to a string that runs out of her bunk and along the ceiling is also tucked on the shelf.

Special Note: There's a carefully secured string running across the ceiling from A 5-Top, over to A 2-Top.

Top Bottom
1 Mira
2 Paquette
3 Eva Micah
4 Bailey
5 Emrys
Top Bottom
1 Ines Gage
2 Rothschild Aleksander
3 Evan Charlie
4 Gustavo
5 Faye Irene

C 1-Top: Ines - Spare in decoration. The orchid has gone missing, replaced with a tiny succulent in a very small pot. Also in evidence: a modest but expensive collection of luxury toiletries, a wooden box with an enameled lid, one corner broken off, and a glass jar containing a twisted snarl of stained metal. For some mysterious reason, there's also a polaroid photo on the wall of a pea pod resting in the palm of a young woman's hand.

C 1-Bottom: Gage - Gage's space is far from the neatest bunk in the room, but just neat enough to pass inspection. No photographs adorn the wall, though there is an old calendar -- three years old -- full of Tauron women smiling in their pretty gowns -- all very tasteful; it's currently sitting on December, where a dark-haired beauty purses her lips and half looks past the camera, the background blurred.

C 2-Bottom: Aleksander - Spartan in decorations, the only items of note is a large group photo of the Leonese Foreign Legion Squad that Aleksander was part of, a unit photo by the looks of it. Hung up is also his Leonese Foreign Legion beret that he no longer wears while on duty. Last item of note is his Foreign Legion pin, resting next to the photo.

C 3-Top: Evan - This bunk is barely used save for storage, it'd seem. There's gear stacked on it and not just one individual's. Two people, it'd seem, use this for the majority of their wardrobe and miscellaneous storage. Though it'd seem from time to time, other people have begun to store items here as well...

C 3-Bottom: Charlie - A pair of photos have been wedged into place in easy reach. Taken seconds apart, of Evan and Charlie in the lounge, both trying not to smile too much and failing. The interior of the bunk itself is otherwise somewhat spartan, but holds books, music players, and even a video player. It's a bit clear the two of them occupy it, for the duality of the objects within.

C 4-Top: Gustavo - Several covers from Pyramid magazine are stuck up on the back of the bunk, including two of a much younger Tavo as a high school and college star, and a couple of other Scorpian stars of his era. On the little shelf over the head of the bed is a bayonet -- definitely not CF issue -- with the insignia of the Scorpian 32nd Infantry Brigade, "The Bayonet Brigade."

C 5-Top: Faye - Several photos are tucked in on the back wall. There's a picture of her family off on the "headboard" and a few others from home. On the long wall the first is a shot of the poster girl, Irene Harris, in CF attire. Next to the CF propo picture is another picture of the same woman from the movie "The Pack". A third is above it, the picture cut in half, showing Irene's face artfully covered in whipcream and taken as a selfie. Stuck to the ceiling of the bunk is a little wobbly lady and man in grass skirts that wiggles when any force is applied.

C 5-Bottom: Irene - The bed is always flawlessly made up to Virgon Royal Navy regs and even the personal touches have the same sort of precise exactitude about them. The many photos on the wall for example, are all aligned and distributed in an orderly arrangement. Foremost is a family portrait, but next to that is a glossy promo still of Faye "Bingo" Zeller from The Stolen Moons movie. It's even autographed! To the right of that, a more candid shot of the same Viper jock wearing more whipped cream than clothing, practically. Aside from the photos, there's a mesh bag for laundry, and a tiered cubby shelf at the foot of the bunk to hold a small selection of essential cosmetics, toiletries and mostly tacky little curios.

Top Bottom
1 Aldrich Lyn
2 Nora Calliope
4 Jackson
5 Priya

D 1-Bottom: Lyn - Lyn's bunk is pretty spartan in decoration. On the shelves behind the head of the bed she has a coffee mug with the Arctic Station Thula logo on it, a baseball cap from the Igloo bar on Scorpia, a water bottle, and some basic toiletries. Hanging from a pegboard on the long wall are two ice axes, a creased and faded photo of her and her brother with their parents when they were younger, with Mt. Thula in the background, and a copy of the photo of her father that was on the wall of the Igloo bar. There is also a professional Pyramid schedule tacked up there.

D 1-Top: Aldrich - Speaking of spartan... The chaplain's bunk looks like someone dared him to be more austere than anyone in the room. Always neatly made with military precision. No personal belongings. No smiling family photos or mementos tacked up on the wall. He has entirely failed to impress any trace of his personality onto the space. One would be forgiven for assuming it's unclaimed, except that on occasion, Aldrich can actually be found sleeping there.

D 5-Bottom: Priya - Priya's bunk is among those that is sparse in appearance. The Tauron woman doesn't own much. There's a small kit of tattooing equipment, the most basic of toiletries, and a creased photo of a golden field pinned to the wall. It looks like it's been torn out of a magazine. The small text in the bottom corner reads 'Tauron wheat.'

Top Bottom
1 Abigail Addison
2 Kyle Erin
3 Noah
4 Donny Akeso
5 Nicole

E 2 - Top: Kyle - Kyle's bunk is annoyingly Caprican. Caprican flag, Caprican Buccaneers playoff flag, and photographs of Caprican beaches. If the bunk weren't so busy fan-girling off of her love for home, it's still plenty busy with photograph collages of friends and family, high school pictures, nightclubs, and concept cars. There's even a few pictures of barbecued food in the bunk, namely barbecued food that is way better than the mess hall's faire. There's no sign of the Lords of Kobol in the bunk, but family photographs keep close watch on her while she sleeps.

E 2 - Bottom: Erin - Erin's bunk is in one or two conditions: (1) covered with a bunch of crap that she has hoarded, but has pulled out of her footlocker for some reason; or (2) empty of junk, with sheets which are neatly tucked and folded. There's nothing around her area. Usually, there's a textbook or two on the covers.

E 3 - Bottom: Noah - The dominating feature is a print on archival paper of an exploded-view schematic depicting an outrageously complex device, with an even more dizzying circuit diagram beside it. It takes up the majority of the long wall. The shelves usually host a constantly changing selection of books, logic puzzles, letters from home, a couple of gadgets -- nothing remarkable.

E 4 - Top: Donny - Donny's bunk isn't too crazy. On the wall besides him, he has a pin-up calendar, as well as some ripped pages from varying issues of Playfriend magazine. There are also photos of himself with several comrades back in the Foreign Legion. There's even one where he's put shades on a downed Cylon, which he's lying on the ground with- arm over it's shoulder and a big stupid grin on his face. There's seem to be some room kept empty for more photos to take up the spot. The rest of his part of the wall is home to some work in progress tattoo designs and sketches- as well as misc notes to himself. Off of the wall and on his bunk proper is a small area put aside for books, whatever gimmicky toy he's bought himself during leave at the time, and a poo emoji pillow.

E 4 - Bottom Akeso - Akeso's bunk is neat and tidy. The decor is limited to a shelf for a small collection of books and a few photos on the wall of family and friends. There's one of herself and a FSM officer in matching desert camo at a field hospital. Another is of a wedding party in a sunbaked park. A larger one is of her sitting atop an AFV with the rest of her Legion unit with a backdrop of dusty Sagitt hills. Aside from a couple trashy Leonese romances, the books are largely field guides and handbooks covering holistic and emergency medicine - dry reading.

E 5 - Top: Nicole - Nicole's bunk is nearly devoid of any personal touches. The covers are neatly folded in the exact same manner that it would be if it was unclaimed, the curtains pulled back to match as well. If it wasn't for two things, it might thought to be empty. The locker for the bunk has Nicole's name on it, and a very faded photo that was at least twenty years old was wedged into a space between plates. The photo was of two people in their late 20's holding a newborn baby.

Top Bottom
3 Tove Jacob

There are other bunkrooms, which we can add when the first ones get full.