What is the game about?

The MUSH follows the adventures of the Timber Wolves, a special operations unit in the nascent Colonial Forces. This small band tackles the toughest missions across all Twelve Colonies, putting aside old rivalries and prejudices as they band together against a common enemy.

An enemy that, left unchecked, will annihilate them all.

The primary focus of the game is the war, so you can expect a lot of action and adventure. Between missions, there will be time for personal drama and chilling out around the fleet.

The PCs are stationed aboard the Dauntless, an escort carrier. They’ll be focused on more commando style missions (both ground and air) rather than major battles. As a unified air/ground unit on a smaller ship, everyone will be working more closely together.

How Do I Play?

Connect to the game at mush.aresmush.com port 7206.

If you're new to MUSHing, check out the MUSH 101 tutorial at AresMUSH.com.

Is this based on the BSG TV series?

Yes, but this game is set during the First Cylon war, approximately 50 years before the series. Some things are different, but it's still the same basic world.

A few important differences between the First Cylon War and the second:

  • It is not a nuclear holocaust. Think the London Blitz not Hiroshima. There are war-torn areas, but elsewhere life goes on.

  • The Colonial Forces are very new. Up till a few months ago, each colony has been fighting the Cylons independently with its own army/fleet. This is the first time people from different colonies have come together in the same unit.

  • The tech level before the war was more on par with modern levels with things like smartphones, VR, AI assistants, etc. Much of that tech now is vulnerable to Cylon network intrusion, but it's still out there.

Why the First War instead of the Second?

It feels like the second war has been done to death. The first war was less of an apocalypse and more of a war. This opens up more story possibilities, while still being grounded in the universe we know and love.

Why are your colony descriptions different from (wherever)?

The show itself provides scant information about the twelve colonies. Some are mentioned only in passing, while others are given only a name. There really is no single authoritative source to draw from, so the theme files here are a melting pot of various ideas.

Can I port my character from another Battlestar MUSH?

Sure, but characters must be approved on their own merits. Just because something was okay somewhere else doesn't mean it's okay here.

A special note to characters from Ouroboros MUSH: This is effectively a spinoff of Ouro, and we have incorporated "The Fall of Hyperion" into our canon based on the storyline there. However you will find that some elements of our theme (around the ships, the 12 colonies, etc.) are a little different. Your character may not be able to port over without some changes.

What are the Rules?

The game policies describe the rules.

What Should I Be?

There's a whole page devoted to helping you figure out what to play.

How Do I Make a Character?

The Character Creation Tutorial will tell you everything you need to know. We also have a fully web-based chargen.

Why do Some Character Names have "@" in Front of Them?

The @ sign represents a Player Handle, an optional OOC player moniker that can follow you across all AresMUSH games and characters. For more details, check out the AresMUSH handles tutorial.