Hold back the Cylon advance in Atray Province on Tauron. Protect the civilian populace and the Zhota Tyllium mines.

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General Orders

Air Wing: Patrol the skies. Engage Cylon forces at will.

Marines: Alpha Company (the PCs) is assigned to shipboard security and strategic deployment (meaning they’re being held in reserve for specific missions). The rest of the battalion is reinforcing Tauron forces on the front lines and setting up defenses in the city of Saral.

Friendly Forces

Tauron Navy forces are withdrawing in order to reinforce other regions of Tauron, leaving the CF to maintain control of the airspace.

Tauron Army forces have deployed along the front line. There has been heavy fighting on the ground, but so far they’re holding their own.

Civilians are being evacuated from the immediate front line area, but there are still millions of civilians throughout the province, including the mines.

Enemy Forces

The Cylons have occupied territory to the north. Size of the force is unknown. Best guess: in the thousands.

Regional Information

Atray province is a mountainous region in the northern hemisphere of Tauron, on the border of Cylon-held territory (to the north).

Lots of small towns, but only one major city: Saral, population about 1 million.

Zhota mountains are known for Tyllium deposits, home to several major mines.

Haryn river valley has a cattle industry important to Tauron.

The dam at Illi lake regulates water on the Haryn river.

Illi lake popular with tourists. Ski resort and cabins.

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