Don't Be A Jerk

Don't cheat, harass, flame, stalk, abuse, etc. or you will be shown the door.

Don't Be Crazy

Respect the theme when it comes to plots, characters and setting. Do not wreck or irrevocably change the theme for others. Use common sense, and when in doubt - contact the staff.


This is fundamentally a non-consent game, but it is not a PvP game. We encourage cooperation among players and staff. If you cannot work things out cooperatively amongst yourselves, call upon staff to mediate. We use the FS3 skills and combat system to resolve conflicts when players cannot agree.

Although bad things can happen to your character without your consent, we try to avoid character death unless you really paint yourself into a corner. The coded combat system cannot kill you outright.


This game can be thought of as having a TV-MA rating, intended for mature audiences. You must be over 18 to play here. RP may include crude indecent language, sexual situations, or graphic violence.

The game, like the show, deals with heavy themes including genocide, war and various other traumas. Anything involving sexual abuse/exploitation/etc. of a minor is prohibited. (PC/NPC, IC/OOC, on-camera/off-camera - just don't go there.) Beyond that, if you are sensitive to a particular kind of content, it is your responsibility to communicate your boundaries to those you scene with. Resolving things off-camera is always an option if something makes you uncomfortable. If you are running scenes, be considerate of your fellow players and do your best not to blindside them with things that may be upsetting.


This is the first time soldiers from all Twelve Colonies are working together on a large scale, and there's a lot of history there. We are not expecting all the characters to sing kumbaya and become BFFs with their old rivals. Some degree of conflict is expected and healthy, but don't let it escalate to toxic levels. Keep the conflict IC, and remember that these people are expected to work together ICly.

Player-Run Plots

Every player is encouraged and empowered to run plots. Staff is happy to brainstorm and help you with your plots, but pre-approval is not required. Just don't do anything disruptive to the theme without talking to us first (like blowing up the Battlestar or inventing a Cylon-killing computer virus or something). In short, Don't Be Crazy.

Staff will run plots, of course, but we are not here to spoon-feed entertainment. There will be plot hooks and missions, but how much you take advantage of them is up to you. Proactive players will get the most out of the game.

As a thanks for helping the game, players who run an event scene involving at least 3 people are eligible for a bonus luck point. The event must be something requiring storytelling/organization effort (e.g. not a random mess hall scene). To claim your luck point, just submit a request with a link to the log. Max of 2 bonus luck points per month.


You may have at most 2 characters total on the game. Alts must be listed on our Players directory. You may optionally link them to your AresMUSH player handle to connect them to your OOC player identity.


Hanging out OOC sometimes is fine, but if you vanish or leave people in the lurch by never RPing, your character may be idled out and dealt with at staff's discretion. You can use the lastwill command in-game to register a preference on what happens to you if you idle out, but staff will make the final decision.


We have taken the general setting from the reimagined BSG and BSG: Blood and Chrome, but those both take place in game's future. Many things are different here, and the game wiki is the authoritative source for this game's canon. We are not beholden to following the show's First War timeline. Caprica is not considered canon, but bits and pieces of it have been incorporated into the theme.

Staff Pledge

We will do our best to provide a sane, fair and friendly environment for you to tell your stories. Staff alts are all public, and we do not spy on players. Our goal is to respond to all apps and requests in under 24 hours.