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2239-03-10 - Distractions
One year later...
Cate, Ines

2238-03-18 - The End
They escaped the factory behind enemy lines, the winter woods of Picon and the cylon sympathizer living therein, the warehouse, the privations of hunger and exposure, the danger of sepsis, the airstrip of the labor camp at the mine and the besieged ranch, the threat of their own uncertainties and reservations and their uneasiness about what they were becoming, Whatever That Was -- always keeping an eye on the future. For threats, and also in some trepidation about the dangers of hope. And in the end, it wasn't the future they should've worried about. They escaped all of those things, but they couldn't escape the past.
Gage, Ines

2238-03-04 - The Things We Can't Fix
Three soldiers picking up the pieces of the lives they left behind go out for drinks. It might be easier if they had any certainty that they'd get to keep those pieces long enough to put them back together.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-03-01 - Unclear
Ines goes to visit Aldrich following her conversation with Cate about the chaplain. It's as the medic said: he's not okay.
Aldrich, Ines

2238-02-28 - Impossible Noble Men
Ines and Cate catch up after getting back to Northholt and talk about Aldrich, Gage, Nate and the future.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-27 - Whatever This Is
The more things change...
Gage, Ines

2238-02-26 - Worth It
Aldrich gets bad news about his condition, but decides that getting captured to help the POWs was still worth it.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-02-24 - We'll Rescue Him Then Kill Him
Geoff and Cate are not pleased when they discover Aldrich has gone off to get himself captured.
Cate, Geoff

2238-02-24 - Let Slip
As if things weren't difficult enough already...
Gage, Ines

2238-02-24 - In The Underworld
After deliberately getting captured to warn the POWs, Aldrich finds a potential ally in the mine.

2238-02-24 - At Least It's A Chance
In the mine, Aldrich shares more information about the rescue efforts.

2238-02-24 - We'll Get Them
Immediately after Ines and Hunter land at Northholt, Stirling gives Ines an informal debriefing in the medbay. Ines begs for a rescue mission to be mounted, makes an outlandish request, and Stirling surprises the hell out of everyone.
Stirling, Ines

2238-02-24 - Even If It Hurts
A wounded Gage fights his way back to the ranch alone, certainties shaken by the wreckage of a blown-apart heavy raider. Nate's waiting there for him with letters from Ines and difficult questions.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-24 - Not-So-Happy Reunion
Aldrich is back with the gang, but Geoff is pissed and Cate is worried about his head injury.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2238-02-23 - All There Actually Is
Cate stops by to check on Ines. Difficult truths are acknowledged. Promises are made.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-18 - Walking Wounded
A sick Ines encounters a limping Aldrich whilst sitting at a window, waiting for Cate and Gage to return from scouting for antibiotics in town. The conversation that follows is clear evidence that the wounds that linger longest in people aren't always visible to the eye.
Aldrich, Ines

2238-02-18 - Snafu
Cate and Aldrich chat about their options after the failed hospital raid.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-02-18 - Saturday Night Fever
There's apologies and understandings, hardly any of it spoken, but Gage and Ines come to an agreement.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-17 - To We Or Not To We
Interpersonal relationships are hard.
Cate, Ines

2238-02-16 - Not Much Of A Shot
Cate and Gage argue over how best to help Ines and the sick Picon boy.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-02-13 - Happy Birthday
Worst birthday present ever.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-03 - How To Be A Hero
Gage and Ines scout a local abandoned town during their move to the ranch, and run into some locals -- both of the two and four-legged variety. Ines chooses to make a big-damn-hero sacrifice, and Gage is not happy. Some things are said and not taken back.
Gage, Ines

2238-02-03 - Acceptable Risks
Aldrich's plan for the prisoners touches on one of Cate's biggest fears.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-01-31 - Things To Worry About
Ines makes several errors in judgement in a row. Gage says something that he definitely won't regret later. <br> <br> What IS a coat-twister, though? Seriously.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-30 - Coming In From The Cold
Lyn, on a patrol, discovers Gage and Ines in the woods and brings them back to the warehouse, and Cate patches up Ines. But reintegration with the Wolves -- and thirty some-odd survivors -- presents its own challenges.
Cate, Lyn, Gage, Ines

2238-01-29 - Even If They Hate Me
Charlie makes an executive decision, even if Cate isn't a fan. A loose plan is put into place for how Davion and Wagner will reach friendly lines.
Cate, Charlie, Aleksander

2238-01-28 - Darkest Before The Dawn
Gage and Ines meet a hunter in the woods. <br><br><i>We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.</i> -- Colson Whitehead, <i>Zone One</i>
Gage, Ines

2238-01-26 - That Which Lurks At The Mine
While out ranging, Charlie finds herself an Aleksander and a Hunter. The three of them find where the cylons have moved the prisoners.
Charlie, Aleksander, Hunter

2238-01-25 - Lovely, Dark And Deep
<i> The woods are lovely, dark and deep<br> But I have promises to keep<br> And miles to go before I sleep<br> </i> -Frost
Gage, Ines

2238-01-21 - Escaping Axios
Gage and Ines traverse the area surrounding the production facility in a bid for the forest beyond, and Ines accidentally almost gets them both killed.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-21 - Tinker Gets To Work
Stirling finds one of the new pilots already hard at work, and they discuss ideas for rescuing their missing people.
Astraea, Stirling, Paavo

2238-01-21 - Like Family
After settling in with the partisans, Aldrich and Cate talk about taking care of each other.
Cate, Aldrich

2238-01-20 - Not Alone
An attempt to extract marines trapped in the blackout zone goes off with only a single hitch. Unfortunately for Ines, she's the hitch...but at least she's not alone.
Gage, Ines

2238-01-14 - Live For The Moment
While tending Cate's injuries, Aldrich shares his news and they talk about plans for the uncertain future.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-12-31 - Wraith And Soundbite
Calliope and Rayner meet for simple greetings and excellent conversation.
Calliope, Rayner

2237-12-30 - Get It While It's Fresh
Rayner and Aubrey meet less formally over food in the Mess.
Aubrey, Rayner

2237-12-30 - Welcoming Wraith To The Wolves
Wraith gets to know a couple of the pilots in his new posting.
Alain, Astraea, Rayner

2237-12-23 - Full Of Good Ideas
Aldrich offers advice to Cate and they conspire to make a case for keeping the dog with the crew.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-12-22 - Man's Best Friend
Gage and Cate talk dog names and training, while Yelena doesn't have a very high opinion of their canine companion.
Cate, Gage, Yelena

2237-12-19 - The New Normal
After a successful mission, Charlie and Evan catch up and reflect on what life has become for them and what it might be after the war.
Charlie, Evan

2237-12-05 - Past Made Present
Aleksander and Yelena finally face their mutual past and where things stand.
Aleksander, Yelena

2237-12-04 - Distractions And Gravity
So-called 'New Guy' meets more people in the gym.
Geoff, Yelena, Hunter

2237-12-04 - Ready Player One
Tove and Cate run into each other at the exchange arcade.
Cate, Tove

2237-12-03 - Proper Bust Representation
Poor Yelena just wants to drink in peace, but marines ruin everything. As usual.
Gage, Yelena

2237-12-02 - A Bit Of Peace
Cate is drawn into the situation between Jacob and Aldrich.
Cate, Jacob

2237-12-02 - Winter Woes
Alain and Aubrey take a cold walk to the beach, and talk about their latest battle, as well as the struggles each of them are having with the war of late.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-11-28 - Not Much Nightlife
Geoff, Aldrich and Cate venture off base for a night out at the pub.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-11-25 - Different Priorities
Stirling and Colin chat about career priorities and catch up on the news from Stirling's family.
Stirling, Colin

2237-11-25 - Throwing Punches
Jacob and Aldrich meet outside the boxing ring. Jabs are thrown. Somehow, it comes down from the judges as a split decision.
Jacob, Aldrich

2237-11-25 - Life Goes On
Sunny takes requests, but can't always fill them.
Sunny, Yelena

2237-11-25 - House Call
Colin makes a 'house call' to check up on Stirling after her crash landing.
Stirling, Colin

2237-11-24 - Two Rules
Two off-duty Wolves drink, smoke, and find they have something in common: performance.
Geoff, Yelena

2237-11-24 - Keep Moving
Aldrich gives Cate some advice on coping after her fight with Jacob.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-21 - Three's Company
Akeso and Yelena discover they have a third, unexpected roommate!
Aleksander, Akeso, Nicole, Yelena

2237-11-21 - Smoke Break
Some medical types discuss drug theft, exploring the island, and height-related challenges during a lull in sickbay.
Cate, Tove, Sunny

2237-11-20 - Dressing Down
Kell and Astraea get a lecture from the CAG after their adventure on Scorpia.
Kell, Astraea, Stirling

2237-11-20 - Native Housewarming Gifts
Same-Same hallways bring everyone to a pause and a new pilot breaks the ice with a gift of local beers.
Gray, Aldrich, Irene, Faye, Ines, Yelena, Hunter

2237-11-19 - Who We've Become
Jacob and Cate wonder if they've changed too much to be friends.
Cate, Jacob

2237-11-19 - Country Roads Take Me Home
Sunny and Aldrich talk about music, home, and faith.
Aldrich, Sunny

2237-11-19 - Losing Faith
Aldrich and Cate chat about faith and friendship after the latest mission.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-17 - Oh, It's You
Hunter King takes in a sunset by the sea on one of the last days the Dauntless will be on Scorpia to resupply, and inadvertently brings the past crashing back down on an unlikely former acquaintence.
Ines, Hunter

2237-11-16 - Chilling At The Cove
The crew gathers to celebrate after the awards ceremony.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Ines, Sunny

2237-11-15 - Night At The Cove
(While back on Scorpia) Kyle and Cate talk significant others and post-war plans while playing some virtual pyramid at the beach bar.
Cate, Kyle

2237-11-14 - The Tale Of The Taste-Tester And Tart-Maker
Eva takes Alain on an unplanned trip during shore leave. Also featuring self-congratulatory drum beats and alternative career-crafting.
Eva, Alain

2237-11-14 - The Blue Drinks
Sunny wants ALL THE BLUE DRINKS. Al and Yelena catch up.
Aldrich, Sunny, Yelena

2237-11-14 - Family Matters
Astraea recruits Kell for moral support in trying to visit home. Things don't go well. At all.
Kell, Astraea

2237-11-13 - Trust Falls
A good end to a weird day. Which might also be weird? ...Yeah, they have no idea either. Just go with it.
Gage, Ines

2237-11-13 - Courting Disaster
Things go from bad to worse, as they do.
Gage, Ines

2237-11-11 - Beach Book Club
Gray delivers cigarettes to Yelena. They discuss the 'Cage Lowjack' novel.
Gray, Yelena

2237-11-10 - Tiki Delights
After some (by Yelena's standards) excellent seafood for dinner, a trip to some bar or another on the boardwalk is in order...
Gray, Nicole, Yelena

2237-11-10 - Marine Quals - Nov 37
Marines do their qualification tests, and more pastries abound.
Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Akeso, Noah

2237-11-10 - Which Bunk?
Yelena moves her things in to the Timber Wolves berthings. Nicole becomes her cubit tour guide.
Nicole, Yelena

2237-11-10 - Pilot Quals - Nov 37
Another round of pilot qualifications, this one ending in a bet and a challenge of a bake-off.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-11-10 - In Case Of Emergency
Some revelations can only be survived with breakfast in bunk.
Eva, Alain

2237-11-09 - Wolves Howl
You won't believe what happens when a group of pilots + party crashers descend on this Argentum Bay bar...
Paquette, Abigail, Astraea, Stirling, Micah, Sunny

2237-11-09 - The Wind That Rustles The Jimmies
Ines, Faye and Irene continue their sparkle pony adventure to Duggan's farm. It's the BEST DAY EVER, barring some minor mishaps and a little bit of jimmie rustling.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-09 - Wolves Howl: Prologue
Aldrich stops by while Astraea is planning for the party later in the evening.
Aldrich, Astraea

2237-11-09 - How To Virgon Part One
Faye and Ines, guests at Irene's home for a very brief 48 hours, turn up at the stable for the beginning of the inevitable Sparkle Pony Party. Accidental romantic interference happens.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-11-08 - Just South Of Overly Cross
Irene and Ines have a walk and talk after arriving at the Harris country manor on Virgon, and see some of the sights. Then they're sent on a Quaint Country Errand.
Irene, Ines

2237-11-08 - Beach Bootie Bingo
A drag show on the beach welcomes some CF folks on shore leave.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Akeso

2237-11-07 - Survivor's Guilt
Cate talks to Kamran about the stress of repeated injuries and narrow escapes.
Cate, Kamran

2237-11-07 - A Walk To Not Remember
Irene and Faye have some time to kill before dinner at the Harris country house on Virgon during their shared 48 hour pass, so they go for a walk. Stuff happens. Things. Some of it they mutually decide is best to not remember.
Irene, Faye

2237-11-07 - Who Wrote The Smut, Again?
Four soldiers on leave jaw about the practical jokes happening on the ship, and make an agreement to one-up the romance novel prank
Geoff, Erin, Kyle, Akeso

2237-11-06 - For What Ails You
Gage has got a miracle cure for hangovers, apparently. Spoilers: it's awful. Also in this log: people saying a whole lot of things they don't mean and meaning a whole lot of things they won't say.
Irene, Gage, Ines

2237-11-06 - Fire And Brimstone
Cate is worried about Aldrich after his uncharacteristically fiery sermon.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-11-06 - What Moves Pudge
Aubrey and Alain go surfing, and discuss the latter's new bunkmate.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-11-05 - Sparkle Pony Party
Air Wing folk are enjoying the R&R in a bar by the boardwalk, and there's talk of plans for off-shore leave.
Irene, Alain, Astraea, Ines

2237-11-05 - Special Occasion
Addison continues to press his luck with Stirling.
Addison, Stirling

2237-11-05 - Finding Balance
Astraea checks on Kell after his crash. They manage to actually have a normal, almost 'right' conversation for the first time since her capture.
Kell, Astraea

2237-11-05 - Alternatives To Jello
Complaints about hospital food are universal.
Cate, Noah

2237-11-04 - For Healing And Protection
Aldrich visits Lyn in the Sick Bay and does some Gemenese stuff. Like you do.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-11-04 - A Little Bit Of Bother
Gage visits sick bay. Happy day.
Abigail, Gage

2237-11-04 - Ceasefire
There's nothing quite like everyone almost being killed to restore some semblance of peace and goodwill between even the most competitive of souls. ...Not that either one of them is likely to spread that around.
Gage, Ines

2237-11-02 - We'll Find Something
Astraea brings Alain a belated birthday gift. They discuss her recovery and need for distractions more.
Alain, Astraea

2237-11-01 - Bribery For A Bunk, Pt 1
Aubrey's waiting for Pieter at her former bunk that he's stolen while she was away on med leave, dead set on getting it back with offer of all the things he should want. Some Picon talk is shared, and realization of who she was back on their home colony, before ultimately he opts for more time to think up a better counter-offer.
Aubrey, Pieter

2237-11-01 - Sterner Stuff
After the inquiry into the friendly fire incident, Cate and Aleksander chat about the situation with the VRM.
Cate, Aleksander

2237-10-31 - Downtime
Noah and Cate actually meet somewhere other than dirtside on an op. Pieter makes an unintended cameo.
Cate, Noah, Pieter

2237-10-30 - Recovery, Session Three
Kamran gives Astraea some mental exercises. She is, as can be expected for a Scorpian, dubious (after all, it's not something she can punch).
Astraea, Kamran

2237-10-30 - Almost A Moment
Kyle and Erin brush the edge of the future until the inevitable urge to reset the clock kicks in.
Erin, Kyle

2237-10-29 - The 'C' Is For...Cucumber?
The ever-escalating prank war between two residents of C Berth is getting a little bit out of hand. Literally. As in, it shoots across the room, covered in almond oil. Gage takes it to the chest, but in the end the only casualties are Correa's dignity and any hope of a truce.
Gage, Ines

2237-10-29 - About The Preacher
Marines talk over the latest scuffle with the VRM.
Geoff, Gage

2237-10-28 - The Cake Is Not A Lie
Aubrey reunites with her Wingman and her CAG.
Alain, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-10-28 - All Bets Are Off
As rumors continue to spread about the romance novel 'Pinned Down' -- a new series following the romantic exploits of Cage Lowjak, who looks a whole lot like Corporal Gage Tomak -- the architect of that prank encounters its object, and things come to a, um...head. (Because it happens in the head. Get it??) Irene and Aleksander show up mid-squabble, the boys attempt to further their ruse to extort Irene for beer, and Irene may or may not be having any of it.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander, Ines

2237-10-27 - No Mind
Firearms, cylon reproduction and pudding. In that order.
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-10-27 - Simulated Distraction
Alain and Astraea take to the holobands for some Viper fun.
Alain, Astraea

2237-10-27 - Inspired By Ares
Aldrich shares his anger over what happened with the Sadah village.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-10-26 - A Wild Isolde Appears!
Thanks to a mysteriously appearing Isolde, some of Kell and Astraea's Super Awks is averted.
Isolde, Kell, Astraea

2237-10-24 - "Interesting" Squadmates
A freshly arrived Silvas gets a whirlwind introduction to some "interesting" squadmates, ranging from clearly semi-insane Pieter, to family-fond Irene, on to a somewhat withdrawn Astraea. At least things don't seem to be boring on this particular ship.
Irene, Astraea, Pieter, Silvas

2237-10-22 - In Search Of Cheer
Isolde and Cate catch up, both having a hard time finding reasons to be cheerful.
Cate, Isolde

2237-10-22 - Of Cowboys And Commandos
Old friends from Picon touch base with some ribbing about hobbies and talk of the state of the squadron.
Charlie, Pieter

2237-10-22 - But In Practice
After CAP, a few pilots stuff their faces in the Mess.
Eva, Astraea, Ines

2237-10-21 - When Opposite Bunkies Meet
Alain meets his new, and particularly contrasted, bunkmate Pieter, who keeps using an irritating word for them. Cate and Astraea come in to get caught up in the Pudge's socializing in turn.
Cate, Alain, Astraea, Pieter

2237-10-21 - Glass Jaw
A new arrival to the ship witnesses a somewhat awkward sparring match between pilot and chaplain.
Aldrich, Astraea, Pieter

2237-10-21 - Reporting In
After a difficult run-in with some insurgents, two marines report... interesting findings to one of the //Dauntless// marine officers.
Charlie, Abigail, Gage

2237-10-19 - Recovery, Session Two
Another visit with LT Anders. Astraea makes some progress, even if she doesn't see it yet.
Astraea, Kamran

2237-10-19 - Sickbay Party
A number of marines converge on sickbay.
Charlie, Gustavo, Erin, Lyn, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso

2237-10-17 - Sickbay Surfing
Nicole stops into the Sickbay for a checkup on her wounds, but ends up running into the Sickbay resident Charlie. They discuss how things are going, and what they want to do after. Well, more like what Charlie will do after. Here's a hint, ice cream and surfing.
Charlie, Nicole

2237-10-17 - Double Agent Davion
Despite being bribed by Irene for some interesting scoops, Aleksander decides to plot with Gage instead for even more potential rewards, the risk decidedly worth it or just dangers disregarded.
Gage, Aleksander

2237-10-16 - No Shortcuts
After a mission over Sagittaron, Astraea and Kell talk. She finally pushes through some of her awkward fear to open up to him. A little.
Kell, Astraea

2237-10-16 - Building and Bullets: Finding Meaning in the Cylon War
Evan finally manages to make it by the Infirmary at a time when Charlie is awake.
Charlie, Evan

2237-10-15 - Never Tackle A Cylon
Logan becomes Charlie's first visitor after she finally wakes up post-surgery.
Charlie, Logan

2237-10-15 - The Mysterious Photo Of Mystery
A mysterious photograph demands investigation. No underwear eating rodents can keep the intrepid gang of C bunk from finding the truth!
Irene, Aleksander, Faye

2237-10-15 - Post Trauma
Cate visits Lyn in sickbay after the rescue.
Cate, Lyn

2237-10-15 - Recovery, Session One
Making right on promises, Astraea seeks out Kamran for an appointment. It's not easy and she finds herself agreeing to more.
Astraea, Kamran

2237-10-15 - Afraid Of The Dark
After a bad dream, Cate opens up to Kyle about what happened during her escape from the Cylons.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-14 - R And R
Kyle tries to take Cate's mind off of things when the pair of them have a 48-hour pass to visit Caprica.
Cate, Kyle

2237-10-14 - Inter-Colonial Bonding
After a rough mission on the surface, a Caprican buys a Tauron drinks. The world doesn't end, though there is some tension between officer and grunts.
Geoff, Aldrich, Gage, Sarita

2237-10-13 - Delphi Distraction
Given a 48-hour pass by the brass and permission to bring company... Astraea carries through on a promise made to Alain and takes him to visit Delphi.
Alain, Astraea

2237-10-12 - The Mess At The Asylum
Two Marines sit down at the same table, and end up chatting about life, the universe, and how one of them must be nuts to love their job.
Gray, Geoff

2237-10-11 - Piece By Piece
Erin and Kyle are working on a project for their bunks. Charlie gets dragged in for gossip.
Charlie, Erin, Kyle

2237-10-11 - Triad Face
Jackson happens across Astraea in the Obs Deck. He lures her into some Triad, which Calliope joins. Food is on the table.
Calliope, Jackson, Astraea

2237-10-10 - So Close But So Far Away
Kell visits Astraea in the infirmary. She has trouble reconciling the real thing with the vision the cylons gave her.
Kell, Astraea

2237-10-09 - Indelible Ink
Astraea and Geoff talk loss and future tattoo work.
Geoff, Astraea

2237-10-09 - The Ones Left Behind
Aldrich and Cate touch base after the prisoners are back safe.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-10-08 - Normal Shattered
Stirling checks in on Astraea as she recovers in sickbay.
Astraea, Stirling

2237-10-08 - Never Stand Up To An Angry Nurse Wielding A Syringe
Aldrich and Lyn reunite after Lyn's ordeal.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-10-08 - Processing
Addison visits Astraea to talk; from one former captive to another.
Addison, Astraea

2237-10-08 - Good Enough
Calliope runs into Ines on the observation deck, and the two discuss past lives, present objectives, and the hazy possibility of some sort of future.
Calliope, Ines

2237-10-07 - Put Your Feet Up
After a mission well done, Gage kicks his feet up in the Marine Offices.
Abigail, Gage

2237-10-07 - Gravity Wins
Logan shakes one too many walls.
Charlie, Gray, Logan, Noah

2237-10-07 - Is This Real?
Back on the //Dauntless//, Astraea entertains a few visitors in sickbay and seeks reassurance that she's in the proper reality this time.
Alain, Astraea, Ines, Nicole

2237-10-07 - You All Bleed The Same
Gage and Sarita try to talk. Once again, it doesn't go well. A very dangerous object is thrown.
Gage, Sarita

2237-10-07 - Little Brown Boxes
Kyle checks in on Cate after she's faced the horrors of the cavern one more time. Ines arrives with a gift for the former POW.
Cate, Kyle, Ines

2237-10-06 - The Scrape And Dent Model
Following her rescue from the surface, Cate gets patched up in sickbay.
Cate, Tove

2237-10-06 - It's Probably Fine
Gage decides tonight is the night to exact retribution for Ines short-sheeting his bed. Things escalate. It's probably fine.* <br> <br> *it's definitely not fine
Gage, Ines

2237-10-05 - Fun And Games
Nicole and Mira have a short discussion on religion while watching a game of pyramid. Short as in... they mention that they're both interested in it academically.
Mira, Nicole

2237-10-03 - Fox Force Four And The Case Of The Missing Box Cutter
Kyle nervously awaits another confrontation with Verity, but is rescued by a fellow member of Fox Force Four.
Erin, Kyle

2237-10-02 - Bunkhouse Echo's Future Cold War
Kyle hosts Verity's hand to hand re-certification. The two share bitter words and take it to personal levels.
Verity, Kyle

2237-10-02 - Emergency Venting
Kyle, post-argument with Verity, seeks out Erin for venting and threats.
Erin, Kyle

2237-10-01 - Altitude Adjustment
A routine patrol over Tyllium mines in Sadah gets unexpectedly exciting when it encounters a Cylon patrol, and one of the most junior pilots on the wing is put to the test. (Gage GMing, like a champion.)
Gage, Ines

2237-10-01 - Introductions, With A Sprinkle Of Olive Oil
Donny whips up a bit of terror in the kitchen- and he arranges Laliru to help.
Donny, Laliru

2237-09-30 - Grounds For Discussion
Brand new to the Dauntless, Nicole sleepily finds her way into the squadron office, where Ines has spent a long, tired evening reviewing her combat footage. War is waged against bad coffee.
Ines, Nicole

2237-09-30 - How To Win At Triad And Princesses
Akeso swindles some (unsuspecting) marines out of their hard-earned cubits.
Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah

2237-09-30 - Concerned Big Sister
Isolde is concerned about the state of two of her close friends and reaches out to Kell.
Isolde, Kell

2237-09-30 - Rosebud
Things in the laundromat get a little bit weird. Don't ask about the title.
Isolde, Van, Durant, Kyle, Sarita, Ines, Laliru

2237-09-30 - How To Train Your Viper Pilot
Rather than going over mission footage (as intended), Alain and Astraea discuss going after what you really want. Like being a Viper pilot someday.
Alain, Astraea

2237-09-30 - A Place To Think
Nora prays. Calliope drifts. They talk about this and that in the chapel.
Calliope, Nora

2237-09-29 - Let Them Eat Cake
After a rather successful mission under his command (!), Alain sees to it that some of the Wolves have themselves cake in the Mess while they discuss the mission, possible tactics for the mountains, and what they want to do the next time they get leave. Also discussed: Whisper and her part in the bar fight.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora

2237-09-29 - A 12 Parsec Kestrel Run
Frustrated with her own performance in the air and the unwelcome sensation of once again being the rookie on her wing, Ines interrupts her bunkmate's nap, and Tomak does the smart thing: he gets her to run until she has no breath left to complain with. (It works.)
Gage, Ines

2237-09-29 - Fur On The Screen, Booze In The Cup
Erin takes some time to relax and watch a show on cats. Donny arrives, conversation ensues.
Erin, Donny

2237-09-28 - Firearms And Pilots And Grunts. Oh My!
If you go down to the range today, prepare for a grumpy grunt...
Durant, Charlie, Johannes, Gage, Ines

2237-09-28 - New Not New
Marines from the Athena reminesce over butt shrapnel and other injuries. Then meet another new medic. Bonding occurs. Warnings issued.
Akeso, Sunny, Nicole

2237-09-27 - Meet The Rookie
New Caprican Marine meets Veteran Caprican Marine. Spoilers: Sagittaron still hot.
Geoff, Noah

2237-09-26 - All The Things We Never Said
Stirling checks in on Eva following the Wolves failed mission above Sadah Province.
Eva, Stirling

2237-09-26 - Dog Is Not On The Menu
It's never a good idea to consider the future before going into a warzone.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-26 - Walkway Discussional
After a talking to by Stirling, and technically a talking to with Stirling by Irene, Faye and Irene catch up outside on their way to the above decks. A discussion on life, living, happiness, and other such sundries. I could just keep talking really, but the question is if you really want to read this or if you're just reading this because it's a short summary. Hint! It's not. I'm making it longer for no reason other than because I can. If you did read this though, you are awesome.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-26 - A Tale Of Two Bunks
Kyle and Faye meet for the first time.
Kyle, Faye

2237-09-26 - Office Hours
Stirling handles a request and a reprimand during her office time.
Irene, Stirling, Faye

2237-09-26 - Laundry Rites
Alain finds Eva, in the aftermath of the failed mission.
Eva, Alain

2237-09-24 - The 'C' Is For Charisma
A little advice from Irene about a letter Ines is writing turns into a brief chance for the new viper pilot to get to know one of her bunkroom C bunkmates. They're joined eventually by a zombie-zebra with //shocking revelations you won't want to miss.//
Irene, Faye, Ines

2237-09-24 - High Quality H2o
Tensions are high waiting for more warfare. Kyle, Cate, and Erin catch up in the gym. Kyle masters the Salmon Ladder despite being target practice for water bottles. Cate assists Kyle in a moment of vengeance.
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-23 - Just A Few Hands
A few winning hands of Triad turn into something a touch more confusing and a new face finds solace in the Taurans aboard.
Gage, Aleksander, Sarita, Ines, Akeso

2237-09-22 - We Interrupt Your Soap...
Faye and Irene were both in the Alert Lounge, Iris was taking a nap while Faye was contemplating the meaning of life. With the speed of a sloth, Faye lunged with the voracity of a snail at Iris and pinned her like a wet noodle to the couch, where she laid on her and took a moment to be serious. It was a muddled interaction, and ended with Faye being almost as confused as she was to begin with.
Irene, Faye

2237-09-22 - Thumbs Make All The Difference
Kyle and Ines share history over an impromptu self defense lesson. Katja meets Ines for the first time.
Katja, Kyle, Ines

2237-09-22 - A Moment on the Panda Express
Kyle and Erin assess their situation, convieniently, before going back down in the direction of flying bullets.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-21 - There Is No Emotion, There Is Peace
Unlike things with Hawk, Isolde tries to guide Astraea towards embracing her emotions. There's a lot of girl talk.
Isolde, Astraea

2237-09-21 - Pack It Up, Pack It In
Packing in before the long trip. Kyle locks into the berthings on the Dauntless for the first time.
Erin, Donny, Aleksander, Kyle, Ines, Akeso

2237-09-20 - One Last Night To Pretend
Donny, Calliope, and Kyle meet on the firing range. Decisions are made as to whether or not to partake in one last night on Caprica...before things get worse.
Calliope, Donny, Kyle

2237-09-19 - No Sop For You!
Astraea and Kell review the footage from the Cylon assault on CAP City. Astraea struggles with her feelings some more. (Scene title entirely Kell's fault.)
Kell, Astraea

2237-09-18 - Too Far Gone
After the attack on Cap City, the work is far from over for the medical staff. Some are putting in more hours than others... to the detriment of their own health.
Sarita, Aidan

2237-09-17 - Battle Of The Staircase
Stirling rushes to the infirmary for word on her family.
Stirling, Colin

2237-09-17 - Did I Ask You?
After the Cylon attack on Caprica and the base, many are wounded. Charlie, however, only cares about one.
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-17 - High Iron Content
Lyn is brought into the Infirmay at Argyros base after being injured in the Cylon attack. Aidan patches her up, and Aldrich waits for news.
Aldrich, Lyn, Aidan

2237-09-16 - I Thought, I Hoped
A simple lunch goes... awry.
Gage, Sarita

2237-09-16 - 'Tis Only A Flesh Wound...
Aldrich treats Gray in the wake of the Cylon attack, while waiting for the medics to arrive.
Gray, Aldrich

2237-09-15 - What's In A Name?
A trip to the firing range results in questions not quite being answered.
Eva, Alain, Emrys, Nora

2237-09-15 - Just Old Cake
Fun times in the infirmary. The cake is not up to the usual standards.
Gage, Sarita, Tove, Colin, Aidan

2237-09-15 - Dinner With The Family
Stirling makes Astraea an offer she can't refuse: dinner with her family.
Astraea, Stirling

2237-09-14 - Patience And Patients
Just your typical day, when there are Wolves running the infirmary.
Jacob, Nora, Sarita, Tove, Aidan

2237-09-14 - Peace Is A Lie, There Is Only Passion
As promised, the training begins. Emrys has found himself an apprentice.
Astraea, Emrys

2237-09-14 - Rubbing Dirt On It
After returning from MIA, Kyle is released to the public
Cate, Erin, Kyle

2237-09-14 - A Brief Foray Into Civilian Life
Erin heads off base to meet up with Kyle Costello at her family's home.
Erin, Kyle

2237-09-13 - What's In The Soup
New girl Bailey meets Geoff; plans are made and foods are tasted.
Geoff, Bailey

2237-09-13 - Water Under The Bridge
Jacob and Cate try to sort through their complicated past and what it means for their future.
Cate, Jacob

2237-09-12 - Brigging Rights
A couple of Wolves talk disciplinary actions in the aftermath of the bar brawl in Caprica.
Charlie, Gage, Ines

2237-09-11 - Green Jello Sucks
Alain gets word that Aubrey is awake, and he goes to see her. He's still really bad at making bets.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-09-11 - Commonalities
Tove and Cate meet in the Infirmary after the marine's training exercises.
Cate, Tove

2237-09-11 - Soldier For Life
Aleksander checks in on Cate and they chat about the Foreign Legion and life after the war.
Cate, Aleksander

2237-09-11 - How Not To Feel
Desperate to find a way out from the hole she's in, Astraea seeks out Emrys' help on the path to escaping her feelings.
Astraea, Emrys

2237-09-11 - Caprican Fast Food Joint
Some soldiers get a bite to eat and talk... No seriously, that's it.
Donny, Linus

2237-09-10 - What Would You Do?
After visiting one of Caprica City's temples, Alain and Astraea share a few beers... and their concerns for the future.
Alain, Astraea

2237-09-10 - The Fast And The Fatuous
Ines has arranges for a picnic, but they must drive to get there. With two cars and marines, it turns into a bit of a race. In a city none of them really know...
Geoff, Irene, Gage, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-10 - Memories Of Hyperion
On the anniversary of the fall of Triton, Cate and Van go out for a drink.
Cate, Van

2237-09-10 - Cue Ball, Corner Pocket
Cate and Jacob attempt a game of pool. Tove crashes the party.
Cate, Jacob, Tove

2237-09-09 - Who Let The Wolves Out?
A gathering of Timber Wolves for a casual night out in a local Cap City bar goes awry when a drunk civilian gets a bit too handsy with Irene. Tensions between colonies boil over into a fight in the streets that no one will admit to in the morning... right?
Paige, Irene, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Mira, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-08 - Tarmac Talk
Pilots gather on the tarmac after a training exercise with the Caprican Navy
Paige, Irene, Alain, Verity, Astraea, Emrys, Elena, Ines

2237-09-08 - Barely Bruised
After a bit of a dustup with a Caprican marine, Gage has to check in with medical. On duty, Sarita finds herself introduced to another member of the Wolves as a result.
Gage, Sarita

2237-09-07 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 2
Charlie decides on her tattoo. Evan accidentally finds himself with a complementary one.
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-07 - Cardio Cardio Cardio
Elena, Paige, and Mira get in some running at the base.
Paige, Mira, Elena

2237-09-06 - The Differences Between Us
Sarita meets another of her new unit. There is talk of how the colonials see one another and how they may see one another going forward.
Emrys, Sarita

2237-09-06 - We're All Famous Here
Some of the veterans of the Timber Wolves welcome in some fresh blood and discuss their varied backgrounds and upcoming wargames.
Paige, Aldrich, Irene, Sarice, Sarita, Ines

2237-09-06 - Marines Flirt With Fists
Verity seeks out hand-to-hand combat instruction. Erin obliges. Mischief and awkwardness ensues.
Erin, Verity

2237-09-05 - Little Wingman
Stirling is enjoying some downtime on the tarmac with her nephew(?!), but duty always calls.
Van, Astraea, Stirling, Ines

2237-09-05 - Another New Sawbones
Recently transferred to the Wolves, Sarita is terribly lost. Geoff helps set her right in where she needs to go.
Geoff, Sarita

2237-09-05 - Crazy Medics
After a training session, Beckham and Cate talk about taking crazy risks.
Cate, Beckham

2237-09-05 - The Lazy Mushroom
A marine, a redhead, and a pilot walk into a bar ....
Erin, Jackson, Verity

2237-09-04 - Base Px
A day for meetings involves in some byplay with words as Mira and Sarice, both two new arrivals into the Wolves meet more of their fellow, well, Wolves - Paige and Geoff. Things go better than expected.
Paige, Geoff, Mira, Sarice

2237-09-04 - Charlie And Evan's Caprican Adventures, Part 1
With evenings off, Charlie and Evan have an opportunity for a night out. That's what couples do... right?
Charlie, Evan

2237-09-03 - Gym Chatter
A few of the officers of the Dauntless discuss a night out while exercising.
Calliope, Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye, Nora

2237-09-03 - A Few Rounds
A few of the Timber Wolves hit the town for some drinks.
Geoff, Aldrich, Elena

2237-09-03 - Case Of The Old Biddies
Geoff helps Verity find the Detergent she has been looking for. Verity mistakes Geoff's last job for him being a Pimp. So, Normal day for Pilots and Marines really.
Geoff, Verity

2237-09-03 - Putting In The Time
Nova and Razor brush up on the firing range while discussing what to do if the Cylons descend on the base.
Kell, Astraea

2237-09-03 - Two Steps Back
For Jacob and Cate, trying to patch things up isn't easy.
Cate, Jacob

2237-09-02 - Fresh Scented Tensions
Everyone's gotta wash their clothes. Not everyone has to agree.
Alain, Verity, Astraea, Nora

2237-09-02 - Don't Call The Medic
Jacob fails to call for Cate after he is hit. Bullets may not be the only thing to hit him when she finds out.
Cate, Jacob

2237-09-02 - Promises To Keep
Two old friends meet in the aftermath of the battle over Delphi.
Eva, Alain

2237-09-01 - Afteraction Patching Up
Aldrich looks for Lyn to patch up her small scrapes after retaking Delphi. He needs some patching up too. They're schmoopy.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-08-31 - Pilot Bodies
Escapades in the Brass Bunkroom. One of these things is not like the other.
Abigail, Emrys, Micah, Elena

2237-08-31 - Dance Lessons
While getting a moment to prepare for the final push on Delphi, a few pilots meet a Marine and Paige has an odd request of the LCPL.
Paige, Geoff, Irene, Verity

2237-08-30 - Story Time
Verity gets to learn more about the younger days of Paige and Elena, and they learn about the younger pilot's origins.
Paige, Verity, Elena

2237-08-29 - The Harpy Lands
Elena arrives as the newest Timber Wolf, and finds herself among other Capricans.
Paige, Paquette, Marcus, Elena

2237-08-28 - Checking In
Stirling corners Astraea in the lounge and checks in on the younger Raptor pilot.
Astraea, Stirling

2237-08-28 - Hot Escort
While flying a squad of Marines to their next mission, Paige and Verity have a talk.
Paige, Verity

2237-08-28 - Couch Comforts
After the escort mission in Delphi, Verity finds a very tired Paige and the two talk a little more to solidify a friendship.
Paige, Verity

2237-08-28 - To Each Their Own
A discussion of burial beliefs and other randomness between Beckham, Cate, Lyn and Aldrich in the mess hall.
Cate, Aldrich, Beckham, Lyn

2237-08-27 - How To Sleep Standing Up
That and other pieces of wisdom passed in the Alert Lounge between strikes over Delphi.
Calliope, Paige, Paquette, Nora

2237-08-27 - Bearer Of Treats
Though unable to fly, Astraea decides to bring treats by the Alert Lounge for her fellow pilots. She and Verity have a brief chat before the Viper pilot, too, must return to the fray.
Verity, Astraea

2237-08-27 - Interludes, Delphi
Two scenes, one long, one short. Two engineers.
Abigail, Gage

2237-08-27 - Operation Evacuation
While waiting for their ships to be prepped for the next assault, Eva and Alain visit Astraea after triage in Cohen AB's sickbay. Plans to ensure she makes it back to the //Dauntless// with the other Wolves (rather than wait a few days) are made.
Eva, Alain, Astraea

2237-08-27 - Pain Pills
Two marines with a dark past find a moment of reprieve in Delphi.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-27 - Windowdressing
Emrys and Eva head to the quartmaster to replace some necessities.
Eva, Emrys

2237-08-27 - Cohen Ab Flightline
While waiting for their ships to be prepped for the next assault, Eva and Alain visit Astraea after triage in Cohen AB's sickbay. Plans to ensure she makes it back to the //Dauntless// with the other Wolves (rather than wait a few days) are made.
Eva, Alain, Astraea

2237-08-26 - Rising Temperature
A marine with a medical emergency during a recon mission leads to a disagreement between Jacob and Cate.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-25 - Meditation, Not Medication
Since I have to write this (Faye) I will do my best. There was something about Medication and Meditation, it was funny and had to do with the Chaplain. Then more people showed up, including two amazingly (beautiful, super cool, famous, so awesome) cute people in frog onesies. Then a raccoon showed up. And there was a Flight Instructor, and a Musician! There was a Musician! And we all talked. Plus ''Lasers and Feelings'' was explained. Fini!
Paige, Aldrich, Erin, Irene, Verity, Emrys, Micah, Faye

2237-08-24 - Tread Cautiously
Beckham is concerned about Cate over Jacob's return.
Cate, Beckham

2237-08-24 - Arr Tee Bee
After the attack on the //Dauntless//, some of the flight crew finds themselves holed up in the Hangar Bay while the Cylon incursion is pushed back. Also, a rookie pilot introduces herself to the group.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Alain, Verity

2237-08-24 - As The Ping Pong Turns...
Faye and Paige play a game of ping pong, in which Paige is thoroughly winning! As they play, Faye is sure to tell Paige all about how she feels Irene is so self centered since her bunk is full of photos of herself and she thinks it's cute when Irene paws at empty space while sleeping. Soon Irene arrives on the scene! A heated moment, the cast of a pall over it as Faye denies their relationship! Irene wells with tears and Faye moves to sweep her up in her arms! But will it be enough? Faye does still harbor feelings for Irene's twin in a coma! Irene can't take it though, she never should've fallen for Faye. Then Faye lets her know the deep truth... she put Lauren in the coma! Stay tuned for more as... The Ping Pong Turns.
Paige, Irene, Faye

2237-08-24 - Everything Comes Back to Pyramid
Tavo and Rothschild talk about life and the war after a mission in Delphi.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-08-23 - Possibly Bad Advice
Eva finishes a quilt. Emrys gets a quilt, and possibly some bad advice.
Eva, Emrys

2237-08-23 - Cake Or Soup?
Alain visits Astraea while she recovers. There's talk of who wears the crash crown and threats of soup rather than cake are made.
Alain, Astraea

2237-08-22 - A Snap Of The Fingers
A complicated relationship becomes even more so when two with a past have trouble finding their groove.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-21 - Without A Cure
Two friends discuss life over a cup of Virgon's finest. Emrys asks for Micah's advice about how to cure an old problem. Also? Cylon benches.
Emrys, Micah

2237-08-21 - Working Games
Paige speaks with Yohan about setting up some training games for the ECOs to train on.
Paige, Yohan

2237-08-21 - Not A Spider Webb
Marcus meets some of the members of the Air Wing. They make sure he's not related to another Webb.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Marcus

2237-08-20 - Hand Of Cards
Emrys tries to teach Eva the nuances of Triad.
Eva, Emrys

2237-08-20 - Competitive Yoga
Several Timber Wolves socialize in the gym.
Paige, Geoff, Gabriela, Nora

2237-08-20 - Pool Gossip
A pair of Raptor teams get together poolside after a mission to gossip and get to know each other.
Calliope, Paige, Irene, Alain, Gabriela

2237-08-19 - Good Neighbors(?)
Nora picks out a bunk. Calliope will not be an annoying neighbor...probably.
Calliope, Nora

2237-08-19 - Don't Feed The Marines
The lineup at the ship's canteen proves to be the place to meet new and returning officers, and agree upon repayment plans and tour schedules.
Paige, Irene, Gabriela, Gage, Nora

2237-08-18 - Calliope, Corner Pocket
Calliope and Faye play a game of pool (WHICH FAYE TOTALLY WON!), and there is talk of underwear being the official off-duty uniform for heightened morale reasons.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Gage, Faye

2237-08-18 - The Mystery Of The Traveling Pants, Part 1
Emrys has a pair of traveling pants. The guilty must be punished.
Eva, Emrys

2237-08-18 - Reunion Redux
Cate finds a familiar face among some new transfers to the Timber Wolves.
Cate, Jacob

2237-08-17 - Playing The Victim
Cate and Aldrich argue over their respective hurt feelings.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-08-16 - We're All Family
Charlie tries to ask Aleksander about home.
Charlie, Aleksander

2237-08-15 - It's Not About Crunchy Water
Vegetable hate is a thing. Also, a favour is asked.
Cate, Abigail

2237-08-15 - Lasers And Feelings: Part I
Captain Meeghan Starhammer (Charlie) and Doctor Silver Fox (Irene) confront the Dread Space Pirate Jake, and his new invention that can destroy a whole solar system. They must seize it before the cyber zombies come to destroy the Universe of Darkness.
Charlie, Erin, Irene, Aleksander

2237-08-14 - Berthings Banter
Several of the Dauntless crew gather for some friendly banter in the Berthings' Common Area. Relaxation ensues.
Cate, Charlie, Abigail, Emrys, Micah

2237-08-11 - Insert Battlestar Here
Aleksander and Gage return from an uneventful patrol, Irene helps them with unhelpful buckles -- at a price -- while they discuss the Cylon's recent changes in tactics and firepower.
Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-09 - Pound Of Flesh
Finn and Eva get called to the principal's office to face a disappointed Stirling.
Finn, Eva, Stirling

2237-08-09 - Head Wounds
Evan checks in on Charlie in the infirmary.
Charlie, Evan

2237-08-07 - Visiting Hours
Erin brings a very special guest to visit Charlie in sickbay
Charlie, Erin

2237-08-07 - Differences Between Us
A trio of pilots discuss the differences between Raptors, Vipers, and officers and enlisted.
Irene, Kell, Astraea

2237-08-07 - Intra-Ship Ball
Logan stops by to check on the injured. They discuss potential Fleet Pyramid leagues.
Cate, Charlie, Logan

2237-08-05 - Out With The Old, In With The New
In the Berthings, there's discussion of new tattoos, new haircuts, new bets and a new type of pyramid.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Logan

2237-08-05 - Old Grudges
A few of the marines meet in the lounge. Some things never change.
Beckham, Abigail, Gage

2237-08-04 - Secrets of Storage Annex 6
Micah and Aubrey share serious conversation and seriously delicious coffee.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-08-04 - The Secrets of Storage Annex 6
Micah and Aubrey share serious conversation and seriously delicious coffee.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-08-03 - Four-Fifths
Isolde finally gets her bandages and stitches removed, leaving her hand, well, incomplete. Van offers his support.
Isolde, Van

2237-08-02 - Observations
Lyn and Salvae chat while enjoying the Dauntless' Observation Deck.
Salvae, Lyn

2237-08-02 - Bumping In A Busy Bunkroom
Isolde, Kell, and Van enjoy some banter about the past, present, and a joke about the near future.
Isolde, Van, Kell

2237-08-02 - We Need To Talk
Emrys corners Astraea to discuss what went down between them when they were drunk.
Astraea, Emrys

2237-08-01 - Surfing & Bbq
For one last 'hurrah,' the Wolves gather at a small surf spot to hang out before they ship out.
Calliope, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Logan, Emrys, Micah

2237-08-01 - Unconditional Conditioning
Erin makes true on her promise to help Charlie wash her hair. They discuss relationships and communication on the way.
Charlie, Erin

2237-08-01 - Friendly Fixes
Cate and Van commiserate about family and relationship troubles.
Cate, Van

2237-08-01 - To Be or Not To Be Friends?
Hungover and miserable from her 'chat' with Emrys, Astraea finds Kell there. Of course.
Kell, Astraea

2237-08-01 - What Wasn't Left Behind
A few pilots begin moving onto the //Dauntless//.
Isolde, Salvae, Astraea

2237-07-31 - Sing A Song Of Nothing Good
Too drunk to hold her tongue, Astraea lets slip some things better left unsaid. Emrys... does much the same.
Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-31 - Captains' Dinner
Stirling invites the senior air wing officers out to socialize.
Eva, Stirling, Mason, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-31 - The Interview
Eva interviews a new wingman.
Eva, Addison

2237-07-31 - Not Captains, Not Dinner
The Common Crew gather at the Calypso for Drinking and Games
Beckham, Irene, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Aleksander, Faye

2237-07-30 - Images Of Ares
Astraea finally makes her mark on Alain.
Alain, Astraea

2237-07-30 - Marine Qualifications
Mercer puts the marines through their paces for their qualifications. Some pilots crash the gig.
Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Irene, Kell, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Faye

2237-07-30 - After-Quals Beers
After the marine qualifications, some of the Timber Wolves go for beer and socialize.
Charlie, Irene, Logan, Gage

2237-07-29 - Meet Mom
While Evan is out, his mother stops by to meet the 'new girl.'

2237-07-29 - A Garish End
A group of wolves shop at the boardwalk. Some tastes are more garish than others.
Beckham, Irene, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-29 - Smoke And Musings
Micah and Aubrey meet over cigars on the beach.
Aubrey, Micah

2237-07-28 - Peace Offering
Mikolas apologizes to Cate with ice cream.
Cate, Mikolas

2237-07-28 - A Hasty Plan
Isolde has another sudden proposal for Van.
Isolde, Van

2237-07-28 - Unnecessary Roughness And The Wardrobe Malfunction
Irene gets dunked and tries to pummel her would be rescuer, Faye. Hilarity and friendship ensues.
Irene, Faye

2237-07-28 - 2nd Time, Not The Charm
Abigail and Micah make another failed attempt to visit the ferris wheel.
Abigail, Micah

2237-07-28 - Atonement
Kell goes on a 'rescue mission' for Astraea after she runs off from the bar on a drunken mission of her own. She reveals something she probably shouldn't have.
Kell, Astraea

2237-07-28 - Who Am I?
The morning before the awards ceremony, Kell and Astraea talk. On uniforms, qualifications, the war, and what it means to be a pilot.
Kell, Astraea

2237-07-28 - Outside the Gala
Priya and Amon skip the decadence of the gala, but not the drinks.

2237-07-28 - Feet On The Ground
Captains' gossip. Nothing to see here.
Eva, Emrys

2237-07-28 - Reconciliation Through Dance
Wingmates exchange truths, and one of them dances.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-07-27 - Dinner Date Dilemmas
Aldrich and Lyn finally go on a real date. It almost goes badly, then recovers admirably.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-27 - Down on the Water
A mysterious note. A not so clandestine meeting on the beach.
Abigail, Micah

2237-07-27 - The Bar Brawl That Didn't Happen
Kell and Irene enjoy a couple of drinks while under the threat of evil looks, Salvae joins the group later.
Salvae, Irene, Kell

2237-07-27 - Homecoming With Family
Tavo and Rothschild travel to Celeste on a 24-hour pass so that Tavo can see his family.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-27 - Sense Of Calm
The truth comes out, awkward things are discussed, but two friends figure out where they stand.
Alain, Astraea

2237-07-26 - Girl Trouble
Tensions are running high in the Air House.
Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea

2237-07-26 - Party at the Stabbin' Cabin
Eli's family throws him and Mikolas a wedding celebration.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Aubrey

2237-07-26 - Creaky Foundation
Cate runs into an old friend (Bean) who's concerned about how she's doing.
Cate, Bean

2237-07-26 - The Comfort Of Old Friends
Eva and Niemec have a chance to catch up. Niemec, as always provides the voice of reason.
Antonie, Eva

2237-07-25 - Never Drink Alone
In which Calliope and Priya get a little emo on alcohol and Scorpian beaches.
Calliope, Priya

2237-07-25 - Stabbin' Cabin
Drinks and arguments are had at the quarters shared by Mikolas, Cate, Geoff and Eli.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff

2237-07-25 - Settling In
Some of the pilots in the base housing begin getting settled before diving into training.
Isolde, Van, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-25 - Weird Al
Cate thinks Aldrich needs more sleep. Like she should talk.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-07-25 - Uphill Climb
Lyn takes Aldrich on a climbing expedition. It's kind of a mild disaster.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-25 - Starstruck
An unexpected meeting between two old fans.
Eva, Micah

2237-07-25 - Beach
Aubrey and Geoff chat on the beach while drinking rum.
Geoff, Aubrey

2237-07-24 - Absolute Necessities
Eva and Emrys go shopping for the bare necessities.
Eva, Emrys

2237-07-24 - The First Night Out
It's just the first night of leave, but the Wolves have a lot to process after the Picon campaign...
Calliope, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Kell, Astraea

2237-07-24 - A Bit Of Sand
Roths and Tavo take a moment to catch their breaths on the beach.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-23 - Tarmac - Biscayne Bay Spaceport
Conversations after the delivery of the new vipers to the spaceport.
Eva, Emrys

2237-07-23 - Family Knows Best
Evan is returned to the Wolves just before they ship back to Scorpia. More cracks begin to show in the walls he and Charlie have constructed.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-23 - Soldiering On
Lyn and Cate commiserate about the war's losses.
Cate, Lyn

2237-07-23 - No Need For Sorry
Theories abound on the number of Vipers and Raptors being brought in for the Timber Wolves to use.
Isolde, Kell, Astraea

2237-07-23 - Awkward Ducks Are Awkward
Gwyndolen finds Mason about a letter he left her. Awkward conversation is had with few answers.
Gwyndolen, Mason

2237-07-23 - Pick A Peck Of Toothbrushes
Camila obtains vital oral-hygiene implements -- and makes a friend.
Irene, Camila

2237-07-23 - Squirrel Or Chicken
Marines and Pilots ponder their temporary home, and most are in bad moods.
Calliope, Geoff, Aubrey, Logan, Lanval

2237-07-23 - Spinning Your Wheels
A few pilots discuss what might happen to them, while the Vanguard is in drydock.
Eva, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-22 - Best Wingman Ever
Alain makes good on part of the double ace bet, and then accompanies Aubrey to a nearby hospital to search for her father.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-07-22 - The Least Wrong Choices
Calliope commiserates with the CAG following the battle over the Bay.
Calliope, Stirling

2237-07-22 - Brush Your Teeth
Marines left without necessities find some solace in a Virgan officer.
Charlie, Geoff, Irene, Gage

2237-07-22 - Makeshift Arguments And Courts
Arguments are had, and a makeshift pyramid court begins to take shape.
Priya, Gustavo, Rothschild, Logan, Camila

2237-07-22 - What Of Your Gods?
After Islesboro, Astraea catches up with Alain in the temporary barracks. She's saved a cot for him and has questions about Ares... after they get sidetracked.
Alain, Astraea

2237-07-22 - Down In The Bay
Emrys finds Eva, in the aftermath of the battle over Biscayne Bay.
Eva, Emrys

2237-07-22 - Coffee Talk
Members of the Wolves discuss the state of the cylon threat, amongs other things, over coffee.
Eva, Gustavo, Kell, Rothschild, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-21 - A Small Step Forward
Rothschild comes to check-in on a returned Tavo.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-21 - What Kind of Public?
Gustavo and Rothschild take another step toward deciding what sort of relationship they have.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-20 - Many Happy Returns
Van greets the returning survivors of the MIA Raptor.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-07-20 - Escape And Evade
Charlie pitches an idea for extra training to the colonel.
Ryan, Charlie

2237-07-19 - More Product....More Process
Emrys and Eva explore questions of life and the recent mission. Also, big hair.
Calliope, Eva, Emrys

2237-07-18 - Back At The Barn
The //Vanguard's// pilots come down from a (mostly) successful mission. It's all relative.
Van, Eva, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-18 - Of Family And Fingers
Back in Havison, Isolde and Cate talk about kids while tending to Isolde's ruined finger.
Cate, Isolde

2237-07-18 - Pep Talks for Sleepless Nights
Kell catches up to Astraea and tries to get to the bottom of her ire.
Kell, Astraea

2237-07-17 - This Close To Assaulting An Officer
Camila and Calliope almost collide in the gym. No brass is seriously harmed in the making of this scene!
Calliope, Camila

2237-07-17 - Forms In Triplicate
There's a new arrival to the Wolves. She didn't quite get her paperwork done yet...
Charlie, Kell, Camila

2237-07-17 - Moments of Impact
Hawk and Cherry catch up. History, of all manner and sort is discussed. Plans are laid.
Eva, Emrys

2237-07-17 - Foolish Advice
On a routine patrol on Picon, Rothschild and Aleksander have a few moments to catch up on the whole Havison siutation.
Rothschild, Aleksander

2237-07-17 - Pass The Can
Cate, Isolde, Tavo, and their new civilian companions pass around sparse supplies and talk.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-16 - Long Shot
The pilots try to find a non-suicidal plan to search for the missing Raptor and its crew.
Van, Eva, Kell, Stirling

2237-07-16 - Shot Through The Heart
Isolde goes on a practice flight via holoband. Calliope backseats. Kell infiltrates.
Isolde, Calliope, Kell

2237-07-16 - Love Letters
Gwyndolen has lost a slip of paper. Asha is convinced it's a love note.
Gwyndolen, Asha

2237-07-16 - Sickbay

Erin, Katja

2237-07-16 - Preachers And Projectiles
Aldrich and Lyn train on the Firing Range.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-16 - Cashing In The Bet
Alain is stuck doing Aubrey's Laundry thanks to her reaching Double Ace first.
Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-16 - Finding Evan
Evan learns some bad news from home; Charlie finds him.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-16 - CQB Arena

Gray, Logan

2237-07-15 - Fight Night
Two marines have a go at it in the gym while others watch on.
Eva, Charlie, Evan, Aubrey, Logan, Gage

2237-07-15 - Stylists And Pyramid Players
Logan Lindus, Pro Pyramid Player, arrives on the Vanguard as the Wolves' newest marine. He shows up in the Berthings during pilot primping hour.
Calliope, Priya, Gray, Kell, Aubrey, Logan

2237-07-15 - What's In A Name?
A few pilots hang out and discuss the origins of their callsigns. Gray happens to overhear (and Logan learns a bit about his new posting).
Gray, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Logan

2237-07-15 - Finding Evan
Evan learns some bad news from home; Charlie finds him.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-15 - Welcome Back Zombie!
Cookie party for Geoff's return happens in the lounge.
Eli, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-15 - Stay Or Go
Addison and Abigail decide on the course of Addison's future with the Wolves.
Abigail, Addison

2237-07-14 - Demanding Brass
Ryan talks to Addison about getting back in the action.
Ryan, Addison

2237-07-13 - Just Dance
Geoff gives dancing lessons in the gym.
Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Emrys

2237-07-12 - Welcome To This Mess
Asha comes aboard. Calliope schools her on sandwiches and rambles.
Calliope, Asha

2237-07-12 - Blisters And Revelations
Isolde and Cate chat and nurse injuries while trying to make their way back to friendly lines.
Cate, Isolde

2237-07-11 - Not to be the Captain
Eva and Bami discuss the vagaries of the meaning of leadership in the air wing.
Eva, Bami

2237-07-11 - How Frakked Are We Now
The survivors of the downed Raptor discuss their options.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-11 - CQB Arena

Charlie, Erin

2237-07-10 - My Head Is Just Alright.
Addison meets with Kamran to get his Psychology Exam following captivity.
Addison, Kamran

2237-07-10 - Two For One
Van checks in with Bami and Astraea following Boilermaker Bay.
Van, Bami, Astraea

2237-07-10 - Careful Complaints
Tavo has a complaint about Rothschild's actions in the field.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-10 - Friends. Best Friends.
Erin, Charlie, and Abigail. Caffeine highs, explosives, and family.
Charlie, Erin, Abigail

2237-07-10 - My Head Is Just Alright
Addison meets with Kamran to get his Psychology Exam following captivity.
Addison, Kamran

2237-07-10 - Anti-Cupholder
Amon doesn't appreciate Priya's modifications to a Raptor. Calliope is helpful.
Calliope, Priya, Amon

2237-07-09 - Virtual Raptors Over Aquaria
Isolde goes on a practice flight via holoband. Calliope backseats. Kell infiltrates.
Isolde, Calliope, Kell

2237-07-09 - Fresh Is Best
Erin shares her ill-gotten gains with Addison.
Erin, Addison

2237-07-09 - Worst Triad Game Ever
Evan and Charlie try to play Triad. Keyword: try.
Charlie, Evan

2237-07-09 - Tourist Attraction
Checklist arrives on the Vanguard and gets stuck with Double-Tap to show her around. Good thing she's saved by the Jar.
Yohan, Mason, Fiona

2237-07-08 - History in Ink
Geoff catches Priya contemplating space. Geoff and Salvae catch up.
Priya, Geoff, Salvae

2237-07-08 - What Do We Fight For?
The loss of Fish and the surrounding circumstances are causing some moral questions in the wing.
Bami, Astraea

2237-07-08 - Social Sixes
Sometimes pilots have to watch outside of combat, too.
Kell, Astraea

2237-07-08 - A Touch Of Faith
Astraea seeks out a bit of the faith. It's desperately needed.
Aldrich, Astraea

2237-07-07 - Nothing to Talk About
Aldrich tries to check up on Cate while they practice medic skills.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-07-07 - Mother Hen
Sometimes, even the mother hen...needs a mother hen.
Eva, Alain

2237-07-07 - The Next Big Step
Van and Isolde have a Big Talk in Fifi the Raptor.
Isolde, Van

2237-07-07 - The Next Step
Isolde and Van come to a big decision.
Isolde, Van

2237-07-06 - Recipe For the Future
Lyn bakes cookies for Geoff's return to the Vanguard. Aldrich helps. They discuss what they wish to do after the war.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-06 - The Return of Geoff
A recently returned Marine is welcomed by one of the newer Timber Wolves.

2237-07-06 - Den of Lions
Sparring match between Rothschild and Lanval, Aleksander and Kyle watches one while making wagers.
Rothschild, Aleksander, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-06 - Getaway Car
Kyle, Lanval, and Jackson immerse in a private VR driving simulation. Freedom is found on the open road.
Jackson, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-05 - The Lottery
Eva wins the lottery. Finn feels she might be misunderstanding what that means.
Finn, Eva

2237-07-05 - Razor Returns
With the communications issues as they are, there's no advance warning that Razor was found by Picon forces... and was being returned to the Vanguard. It's just luck that a few members of the Wolves come across him and welcome him back into the fold.
Isolde, Van, Kell, Bami, Astraea

2237-07-04 - Injury and Ache
Some wounds hurt more than others. Even the sickbay can't heal these.
Cate, Priya, Mason

2237-07-04 - Nix On The Up Top
Lanval, A New Recon Marine, Finds His Home In The Berthings In The Company Of Friendly Faces And Bitchy Marine Banter.
Paquette, Bami, Astraea, Kyle, Lanval

2237-07-04 - Rocky Beaches Are The Worst
While other members of the Timber Wolves are hitting and running, Tavo and Rothschild are on a much quieter mission.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-04 - A Long Week
Lyn and Al look for Cate after hearing of Tucker's death.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-04 - Elsewhere On Picon

Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-07-04 - If Wishes Were Stitches
Kyle Returns From Sickbay To Run Into Erin And Josua. She Doesn't Have To Throw The Baby Out For Bathwater, Because Lanval Brings Her...The Bathwater.
Erin, Kyle, Lanval, Josua

2237-07-04 - There's Always After
The Work Doesn't End When The Mission's Over. Eva And Stirling Touch Base.
Eva, Stirling

2237-07-03 - Family Grief
Lyn gives Jackson the news of Jonas' death.
Lyn, Jackson

2237-07-03 - Condolences by Proxy
Jackson, on Arda business, comes to check in on Abigail. There's no wet, snotty bawling, but there is understanding.
Jackson, Abigail

2237-07-03 - Absent Friends
Van and Isolde deliver bad news to Cate.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-07-03 - Viewing Party
Abigail Walker Regales Fellow Marines With Vids Charlie Wager's Surfing Days.
Charlie, Evan, Lyn, Jackson, Abigail, Aubrey, Kyle

2237-07-02 - Let There Be Cake
Nova cheers up the pilots with cake and a movie.
Calliope, Eva, Hallie, Gwyndolen, Alain, Bami, Astraea, Connor, Kymoto, Mason

2237-07-02 - Never Enough Time
Lyn gets the news of Jonas' death. Aldrich picks up the pieces.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-02 - Ready Room Recap
A small group of the flight team rewatches combat footage, the Chaplain brings refreshments.
Calliope, Priya, Aldrich, Mason

2237-07-02 - This New Grief
Abigail grieves her loss.
Abigail, Addison

2237-07-01 - Soft and Cuddly
Charlie asks Gunny a favor.
Charlie, Mercer

2237-07-01 - Bad Pyramid May Not Be Better Than No Pyramid
A group of pilots and marines talking and watching a bad college pyramid game.
Calliope, Eva, Gustavo, Dundonnell, Rothschild, Alain, Bami, Astraea, Obaia

2237-07-01 - Peasant Lunch
Lyn brings Aldrich lunch in sick bay the day after his head injury, and they have a long talk. **(Warning, Adult situations discussed!)**
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-07-01 - Scorpian for Bullshit
Rothschild calls Tavo on his recent behavior.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-06-30 - Fun and Profit
Two combat engineers discuss plans for murder and mayhem. Actually, just mayhem.
Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-06-30 - Damn The Regulations!
A cadre of pilots get together to talk addiction, though cigarettes aren't the only topic under that banner.
Isolde, Van, Ford, Johannes

2237-06-30 - All In The Family
Lyn's little brother, Jackson, arrives to his new assignment with the Wolves, and finds two familiar faces and a few new ones.
Aldrich, Lyn, Jackson, Jonas, Kyle

2237-06-29 - Opinions
Jonas and Abigail discuss the previous day's mission.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-29 - Pyramid and Animatronics
Tavo tortures himself over the Kobol Cup, Dundonnell, Obaia, Astraea, and Katja all agree that animatronics are creepy.
Gustavo, Dundonnell, Astraea, Katja, Obaia

2237-06-29 - Will They or Won't They?
Aldrich finds Lyn in the laundry room, and they discuss their budding relationship, whether it should be pursued, and finally come to an agreement.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-29 - It Counts as Something
Kyle and Erin toe at the edge of an invisible line until they decide to purposefully scuff it...and then create bunkhouse drama by keeping Katja awake. (**WARNING**: Implied sexual situations. PG-13)
Erin, Lyn, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-28 - Tensions on the Court
Tavo teaches Rothschild to play pyramid. Rothschild teaches Tavo that there are limits to their relationship.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-06-27 - Mothertongue
Bami and Obaia get a chance to talk in their own language for a change.
Bami, Obaia

2237-06-27 - Homecoming Gifts
Lyn gets back to the Vanguard and brings Aldrich a gift. They learn a bit more about each other.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-27 - Celebratory Rum
Alain and Astraea share some rum after a successful mission in which neither of them get shot down.
Alain, Astraea

2237-06-26 - Back to Three
The three amigos; back together again.
Abigail, Aubrey, Addison

2237-06-26 - Run Hard and Put Away Wet
In the hours before returning to the Vanguard, Recon's thoughts turn to home, to history, and to walking like zombies into hot showers.
Charlie, Erin, Kyle

2237-06-26 - Bandaids and Banter
Lance Corporal Obaia Tilimsani has some serious bedside manner.
Abigail, Jonas, Obaia

2237-06-25 - Deep Watch
Kyle and Lyn sit watch at the primary rendezvous.
Lyn, Kyle

2237-06-25 - Strength Training
Abigail and Jonas hit the gym. Conversation about recent and not so recent events happens.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-25 - Scavenging Scouts
Fox Force Four scout the way ahead, and scavenge through an already badly picked over megastore for supplies.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Kyle

2237-06-24 - Not to Wonder Why
Optimism is hard to come by after a series of rough missions.
Cate, Calliope, Salvae, Tucker, Graham, Gage

2237-06-24 - Ancient Virgon Secret
Alain and Eva visit Aubrey. They come bearing gifts.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey

2237-06-24 - Weary Warriors
Cate, Isolde, and Van talk about Kell's loss, the past, and quitting.
Cate, Isolde, Van

2237-06-23 - By the Book
Stirling checks in on Van after his "daring" action over Langsnar.
Van, Stirling

2237-06-23 - Night Watch
Lyn and Charlie take first watch at the cabin.
Charlie, Lyn

2237-06-22 - Check Up
Cate checks up on Jonas.
Cate, Jonas

2237-06-22 - A Prayer for Wisdom
Charlie visits the Chapel. More discussions regarding the failed recon mission are had.
Charlie, Aldrich

2237-06-22 - Boxing and Bachelors (ettes)
Eva and Finn discuss finally getting moving on the boxing tournament. Also auctions.
Finn, Eva

2237-06-22 - Taking It Slow
Lyn looks for Aldrich to tell him she's shipping out again, and the positive results of seeing Doctor Anders.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-21 - Visiting Hours
Various people visit Jonas after the Belltown Blowup.
Aldrich, Erin, Lyn, Jonas

2237-06-21 - Apple Brown Betty
Jonas takes in more visitors, and they have a conversation about the mission.
Charlie, Abigail, Jonas, Kyle

2237-06-21 - Reliving the Horror
Aldrich finds Lyn, and learns what happened down on Picon, and back on Aquaria.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-21 - Back to Now
Addison gets caught up, catches a shave, and meets a new face.
Abigail, Addison, Jonas

2237-06-21 - Sharing is Caring
At Aldrich's suggestion, Lyn pays Doctor Anders another visit.
Lyn, Kamran

2237-06-20 - Recon Preppers
Jonas recruits the recon girls for a mission.
Erin, Lyn, Jonas, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Shedding Skin
Recon returns to the berthings to uncoil, wipe the mud away, and lament the wounded
Charlie, Erin, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-20 - Say A Little Prayer
Lyn goes to ask Aldrich to pray for the mission, and indicates it might be a dangerous outing. Then she short-circuits him.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-20 - Red vs Brown
Eva and Alain duke it out during a training flight.
Eva, Alain

2237-06-20 - Recon Girls Gain Another
Kyle comes aboard the Vanguard and is given the 5 cubit tour.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Tucker, Katja, Kyle

2237-06-19 - Awakening
Addison wakes. The world has changed.
Abigail, Addison

2237-06-19 - Old Wars
Isolde and Cate talk about how some old colonial conflicts die hard.
Cate, Isolde

2237-06-18 - At Long Last
Aubrey receives news of Addison's rescue.
Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-06-17 - Kell's An Ace!
Kell gets surprised with cake! Bonuses: Van's callsign backstory revealed. Astraea and Bami talk Scorpia after everyone else has wandered off.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Kell, Verity, Bami, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-17 - Asteroid or Toaster
A handful of pilots meet in the Mess.
Paquette, Alain, Bami, Astraea

2237-06-16 - Defacto DI
Eva ropes Alain into her newest venture. As she does.
Eva, Alain

2237-06-16 - Disaster Preppers
Abigail and Jonas prepare the landing deck for some S&R simulation practice.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-16 - Fight Therapy
Lyn works out some frustrations on the punching bag before sparring with Gage.
Lyn, Gage

2237-06-15 - Morale Boosters
Aldrich, Eli, and Lyn come up with an idea for boosting the morale of the Timberwolves.
Eli, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-14 - Talking Tactics
Kell, Aubrey, and Astrea go over some Viper-cam footage to try and figure out how to efficiently take down heavy raiders before the CAG comes in with a mission for them.
Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-14 - Loosen Up
Astraea and Kell talk missions after flying one.
Kell, Astraea

2237-06-14 - Who Can We Trust?
A quick reunion between a newly transferred Legionnare and an old, close friend transitions into a discussion of the confidence in the Colonial Forces.
Rothschild, Aleksander

2237-06-13 - Two Out of Three
Abigail recruits the first two of the final three of her five man squad.
Erin, Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-13 - And One Makes Three
Abigail approached Chance, the final member of the mission.
Chance, Abigail

2237-06-13 - Find Your Happy Place
Lyn brings Aldrich some coffee and learns Miko got into the chocolate cake. Al suggests she try meditating.
Mikolas, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-13 - Another Day in the Berths
New arrivals, chatter about Pyramid, Marines and pilots living together, and other madness.
Calliope, Priya, Gustavo, Rothschild, Astraea, Aleksander

2237-06-13 - Gunny Mercer, Relationship Specialist
Mercer addresses Lyn and Jonas after their argument in the head.
Lyn, Jonas, Mercer

2237-06-13 - Don't Dwell
Rothschild seeks out Mercer to get something off her mind.
Rothschild, Mercer

2237-06-13 - Just Add Gravy
A few pilots and marines mingle in the mess.
Erin, Rothschild, Remi, Astraea, Katja

2237-06-12 - Commander Caprica
Jonas seeks out Rothschild to discuss her leadership.
Rothschild, Jonas

2237-06-12 - Beachhead
Ryan approaches Abigail with news...and a mission.
Ryan, Abigail

2237-06-11 - A Gemonese Thing
Aldrich, Rothschild, and Tavo talk in the infirmary.
Gustavo, Aldrich, Rothschild

2237-06-11 - Who Is The Prettiest?
Lyn visits Al in the Sick Bay to give him a proposed training schedule to get him up to speed. She teases him about what he said under the influence of morpha.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-11 - Walking Wounded
Aldrich and Gage get visited by Lyn and Salvae.
Aldrich, Salvae, Lyn, Gage

2237-06-11 - Nesting
Alain and Eva discuss the possibilities surrounding a recent mission, and all manner of things in between.
Eva, Alain

2237-06-11 - Morpha All Around
Cate checks in on Aldrich and Charlie and Lyn comes to visit them and get her bandages changed. Aldrich clearly has a headwound.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-10 - Planning Picons
Roara, Aubrey, Van, and Isolde plan future tactics, while Tucker comes in to add his own opinion.
Isolde, Van, Roara, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-06-10 - The Dove
Abigail and Jonas have a favour to ask Leonie.
Abigail, Jonas, Leonie

2237-06-10 - Cake and Soup for Two
Aldrich and Lyn make sure they're still friends while cooking in the galley.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-10 - The Time Before
A group of Timber Wolves discuss Picon and the upcoming mission.
Van, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-06-10 - Delivering On A Bet
Socks and Jigger follow up on their bet made during Operation Mission Mercy.
Salvae, Alain

2237-06-10 - Superstar and Pi
Isolde and Rion get better acquainted after the whole beach incident.
Isolde, Rion

2237-06-09 - Like A Prayer
Cate looks for Lyn and finds her in the chapel.
Cate, Lyn

2237-06-09 - Upping the Stakes
Aubrey and Alain confirm they're ok post-barbeque, and they raise the stakes on their double ace bet.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-06-09 - Raptor Unpacking
Tucker and Priya unpack after the firefight on the edge of Picon.
Priya, Tucker

2237-06-09 - Awkward Squared
Lyn checks in on Aldrich after his fast is broken, and things go downhill from there.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-08 - Low Tech Comms
Kell and Tavo discuss alternatives to wireless for use on Picon.
Gustavo, Kell

2237-06-08 - Trolling for Pilots
Stirling comes across Isolde trying to bait an unsuspecting Raptor pilot into flying with her.
Isolde, Stirling

2237-06-07 - Lonely Planets
Erin spots Calliope an apple. They talk about their war-torn homes. Katja drops in for coffee.
Calliope, Erin, Katja

2237-06-07 - It All Comes to A Head
Abigail, Lyn, and Jonas address the elephant in the room.
Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-07 - Resting Bitch Face
Priya plays pool while Nate works on his camera.
Priya, Nathaniel

2237-06-07 - Belated Birthday
Isolde remembers Van's birthday a day late.
Isolde, Van

2237-06-07 - !Cherry
Cherry Meets !Cherry. The new CAG arrives at her desk.
Eva, Stirling

2237-06-06 - Everyone's Fine
Kamran hears a familiar refrain when he talks to Cate.
Cate, Kamran

2237-06-06 - New Girl in Town
Kell and Tucker go over the new radio procedures. While the two of them and Isolde practice them on the hangar deck, a new Major shows up.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Hallie, Kell, Tucker, Stirling

2237-06-06 - Truth or Punches
Erin and Jonas spar a little, Lyn and Cate spectate.
Cate, Erin, Lyn, Jonas

2237-06-06 - Frak Happens
Jonas has his first meeting with Kamran. It doesn't go all that great.
Jonas, Kamran

2237-06-06 - What a Return Means
Van and Cate talk about what a return to Picon means.
Cate, Van

2237-06-06 - Hello, Old Friend
Eva, finally cleared by medical, looks in on the former CAG, Diego Kallas.
Kallas, Eva

2237-06-06 - A Simple Request
Abigail takes an opportunity to ask a favour of the Colonel.
Ryan, Abigail

2237-06-06 - Mess-y Questions
Three Aquarians walk into a mess hall.
Erin, Lyn, Katja

2237-06-05 - Under a Wing
Tucker checks in on Isolde and offers a little help and an introduction.
Isolde, Priya, Tucker

2237-06-05 - Deeper Connections
Erin tries to learn how to get closer to her fellow soldiers.
Charlie, Erin, Jonas

2237-06-05 - Treading Water
After the practice over-water SAR, Jonas and Abigail don't quite see eye to eye.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-05 - Everything Old Is New Again
Lyn has her first session with the Vanguard's new shrink, and it happens to be her old shrink.
Lyn, Kamran

2237-06-04 - Brick by Brick
Kell meets with Eva to go over phase one of his redesigned comms SOP.
Eva, Kell

2237-06-04 - A Mountain of Issues
Cate and Lyn decide to try some mountain climbing therapy for their complicated lives.
Cate, Lyn

2237-06-04 - No Rest
Eva's hard at work. Because reasons. Tucker tries to make her see sense.
Eva, Tucker

2237-06-04 - The Rum's Right Here
Tavo takes Rothschild to sample Scorpian Rum.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-06-04 - Improved Communications
Abigail makes a call. And she and Jonas come to a better understanding.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-03 - Conversational Caffeine
Aldrich, Priya, Calliope, and Kell all gather around the holy grail that is coffee in the mess hall.
Calliope, Priya, Aldrich, Kell

2237-06-03 - Yearn to Learn
Soon after Isolde fails her quals, she comes across Aldrich -- totally by chance.
Isolde, Aldrich

2237-06-03 - Time Well Spent
Ryan checks in with Van about the status of things in the squadron.
Ryan, Van

2237-06-02 - Hangar Deck Philosophy
Everything you know is wrong Black is white, up is down and short is long. And everything you thought was just so important doesn't matter.
Aldrich, Johannes

2237-06-02 - Perspective
Ryan gives Isolde a pep talk and pries about squadron morale.
Ryan, Isolde

2237-06-02 - Surf's Up!
A trio of Picons and their friends hit the waves for some warm beer, surfing, and sunning.
Eli, Mikolas, Erin, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-06-02 - Conversations Skipped
Van finds where Isolde has been hiding out after the quals.
Isolde, Van

2237-06-01 - Assignment Prep
Kell and Van begin working on their new assignments with Hallie. Jonas delivers a new pilot to the trio.
Van, Hallie, Kell, Jonas, Leonie

2237-06-01 - Facing The Truth
Jonas checks on Lyn after getting his sister settled in, and more truths come out about why she left.
Lyn, Jonas

2237-06-01 - Little Cottage on the Beach
A handful of people Lyn gave the address of her little rental cottage to pop in for a drink and a chat.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn, Tucker

2237-06-01 - Reunions
A few Aquarians comes together at a bar on Scorpia and a brother and sister are reunited.
Lyn, Jonas, Leonie

2237-05-31 - Deliveries
Van and Aubrey have a chat and get acquainted as members of the Wolves Air Crew
Van, Aubrey

2237-05-31 - A Bit Hoppy
Jonas checks in on Lyn, though it's really more that he needs someone to talk to.
Lyn, Jonas

2237-05-30 - Surfing Gamble
As a present for making Ace, Aubrey gives Alain a surfing lesson, and they make a bet.
Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-29 - Sand In Your Toes
Cate and Lyn walk and talk on the beach about their similar circumstances.
Cate, Lyn

2237-05-29 - At the Arcade
Abigail, Aubrey, and Jonah enjoy a visit to the local arcade.
Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-05-29 - Hips Don't Lie
Lyn helps train Aldrich a little to throw a proper punch since he has intentions of going into battle with the Marines.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-05-29 - No More Rehearsing
Lyn and Isolde beg Kell, "No More Rehearsing."
Isolde, Lyn, Kell

2237-05-28 - First Payment on a Debt
Rothschild stops by the infirmary to start paying off a debt to Tavo.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-28 - Soft Things
Socks, Tattoos, and shipyard meetings for Priya and Salvae
Priya, Salvae

2237-05-28 - Marine Infirmary Invasion
A pair of mostly-whole Marines visit some less-whole Marines in the infirmary.
Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Rothschild

2237-05-28 - Reunited Friends
Calliope and Priya reunite on the Vanguard.
Calliope, Priya

2237-05-28 - Budge Over
After action, Eva comes to visit Finn in sickbay.
Finn, Eva

2237-05-28 - To Friends and Home
Aldrich and Lyn have drinks in a little cantina on the shores of Argentum Bay and become friends.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-05-27 - Clearing the Air
Cate and a surprisingly-chatty Eli talk rumours and wounded.
Cate, Eli

2237-05-27 - Going Soft
Mikolas practices his bedside manner on the unexpecting Geoff.
Mikolas, Geoff

2237-05-27 - Angel on My Shoulder
On the edge of battle, Eva seeks out her guardian angel.
Eva, Alain

2237-05-26 - An Actor or Part of the Audience
Tavo and Rothschild go for a walk after the pilots' party in the Crew Lounge.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-26 - Screaming Aces
A party is arranged to celebrate Banshee making ace. It includes some slightly-confused Marines.
Eva, Gustavo, Tucker, Rothschild, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-26 - Past Come Around Again
Jonas and Abigail discuss where they stand, in the wake up Jonas' encounter with Lyn.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-26 - Serious-Serious
Isolde and Cate talk about their guys.
Cate, Isolde

2237-05-26 - Greenhorn
In the berthings, injuries and old memories are discussed.
Cate, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-25 - Wash It Out
Jonas runs into Lyn in the showers. She needs help with her hair. He gives her more than that. (Warning: Adult Situations)
Lyn, Jonas

2237-05-25 - Elf Life
Movie night for Jonas and Abigail. Now with bonus shave ice.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-25 - Bedside Manner
Salvae swings by Sickbay to see how Geoff's doing.
Geoff, Salvae

2237-05-25 - Ground Chuck
Geoff gets some visitors in Sick Bay. Lyn and Erin bandy about terrible new callsigns for him.
Geoff, Erin, Lyn

2237-05-24 - Delicate Cycle
Laundry time! It's hell for some of the Marines, but they discuss a Pyramid group.
Gustavo, Lyn, Rothschild

2237-05-24 - The Drop
During a day in the life of the //Vanguard// sickbay, Abigail discovers that no news is really just the prelude to the worst news of all.
Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas

2237-05-23 - Inquiries and CyBears
Friendly fire investigations, Cylon creature manipulations, and kind of nice things said about CAG Webb.
Isolde, Calliope, Kell

2237-05-23 - Requiem For The Past
Jonas hammers the final nail into the coffin that was his past relationship with Lyn.
Lyn, Jonas

2237-05-22 - Crushing Victory for Miko
Cate tries to help an angry Mikolas. Miko wins.
Cate, Mikolas

2237-05-22 - Seeking Answers
Lyn seeks out the Chaplain for advice.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-05-22 - Youthful Indiscretions
Tavo loses another bet to Rothschild.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-21 - Deliciously Broken Thing
In the saga of Lyn and Jonas, angry baking is a thing. Abigail is no help at all.
Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-21 - You Can Be My Wingman Anytime
Kell is still in mental limbo after the Friendly Fire incident, Van comes by to check on the rookie.
Van, Kell

2237-05-21 - The Theory
Some theorizing about the origins of the Cylons happens around the pool table.
Durant, Kahena, Salvae

2237-05-21 - An Ensign Reassured, Slightly
Kell finally gets a chance to speak with the CAG about the Friendly Fire incident, finding the Major in the berthings after both are finished with their duties for the day.
Webb, Kell

2237-05-21 - An Unmentionable Bet
Tavo pays off a bet with Rothschild by doing her laundry. If only he knew how to launder ladies undergarments.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-21 - No Snowflake Falls
The exes hash some things out, in the most painful manner possible.
Lyn, Jonas

2237-05-21 - Driving Up The Wall
Abigail gives terrible, terrible advice. Also, there's climbing.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-20 - Sharpening the Razor
Van and Kell go over some guncam footage and talk tactics. Salvae joins in.
Van, Salvae, Kell

2237-05-20 - Tool Time
A few Marines get to know each other while preparing their gear.
Danielle, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-20 - Coming Down
Jonas and Abigail talk about a certain aspect of the recent mission.
Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-19 - Fighting Chaplain
Ryan talks to Aldrich about his penchant for following the marines into action.
Ryan, Aldrich

2237-05-19 - Pilot on Pilot Action
Or...Is that a euphemism? Shenanigans in the //Vanguard// gym.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Charlie, Evan, Salvae

2237-05-17 - Restless
Cate isn't happy about being kept on restricted duty.
Cate, Tucker

2237-05-17 - Beachcombers
Aubrey arrives on the //Vanguard//, and runs into an old friend. Remi has great fashion sense.
Abigail, Remi, Aubrey

2237-05-16 - After Action
Ryan follows up with Evan after the sniper mission.
Ryan, Evan

2237-05-16 - Close Quarters Repairs
Tavo is putting the CQB Arena back together and Rothschild comes by to lend a hand.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-16 - Lunch and League
Three recon marines walk into a Mess Hall. They discuss, among other things, a possible Pyramid League.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn

2237-05-15 - A Sunny Disposition
Down in the CQB, two marines meetings is anything but cordial. A third salvages the day.
Geoff, Abigail, Remi

2237-05-15 - Food For Thought
After a very rough couple days down on Canceron, Aldrich, Geoff, and Lyn sit down for a meal and talk about the turn the war has taken.
Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-05-14 - Inside Combat
Rothschild and Tavo talk after a mission.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-14 - CIBO?
Tavo and Rothschild discuss the Cythons while in the gym.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-13 - Good in the Bad
Colonel Ryan approaches Tamlin in the aftermath of the marines' disastrous mission.
Ryan, Tamlin

2237-05-12 - Crazy and Dumb
After the Raptor has left, Evan and Charlie remain with the Cylon sniper for the next ride out.
Charlie, Evan

2237-05-11 - Alone in a Crowded Room
Erin and Cate chat about social isolation and science.
Cate, Erin

2237-05-11 - Welcome, Your Highness
Gwyndolen arrives on the Vanguard in search of lodgings.
Calliope, Hallie, Roara, Tucker, Gwyndolen

2237-05-10 - Tin Can Telephone
Isolde and Cate share some old-fashioned girl talk over an old-fashioned tin can telephone Isolde made.
Cate, Isolde

2237-05-09 - Laundry Room Smalltalk
Tavo runs into Praety in the laundry room.
Gustavo, Rothschild

2237-05-09 - Grunting Grunts
Graham and Tavo talk about the current situation and how they got there. Some words are even exchanged.
Gustavo, Graham

2237-05-08 - An Ensign Accidentally Jumps Into a Minefield
A couple of days after 'Sisters and Cylons,' Kell decides to visit Captain Antonie in the Sickbay before accidentally broaching a subject that can be considered sensitive.
Antonie, Kell

2237-05-08 - Faith and Politics
Lyn and Aldrich run into one another in the Vanguard's gym and discuss what's happening on Canceron.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-05-07 - Public Relations
Webb is not thrilled to hear of Calliope's press interview.
Calliope, Webb

2237-05-07 - Awkward Antelopes
Politics is discussed, reporters are bashed and romantic advice dispensed during an awkward evening in Vanguard's head.
Cate, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Tucker

2237-05-06 - Spar for the Course
Kell and Delilah have a spar and conversation.
Delilah, Kell

2237-05-05 - Solid Ground
In which the vagaries of space and the lack there of are discussed.
Eva, Evan

2237-05-05 - Close But No Cigar
Two familiar faces. One unexpected meeting place. Also, a cowboy hat.
Eva, Evan

2237-05-04 - Black Eyes and Bullet Points
A freshly bruised Erin comes across Beckham in the mess hall, and they discuss various things in preparation for the mission on Canceron.
Beckham, Erin

2237-05-04 - The Ghost Arrives
Sergeant Lyn Arda is transferred to the Timber Wolves and arrives on the Vanguard. Geoff shows her to her berth and they prepare to be shuttled down to Canceron for the rescue missions.
Geoff, Lyn

2237-05-03 - An Ensign's Dreams Shattered
Kell arrives to the Vanguard, finds out that he is no longer going to the Galactica. Surprise!
Antonie, Cap, Irene, Kell, Tucker

2237-05-03 - Second Surprise
Kell reports to the CAG, gets another surprise.
Webb, Kell

2237-05-03 - Dancing with the Dorns
Beckham and Tamlin have a dance down in the gym and use the time to discuss parts of their lives the other missed out on.
Tamlin, Beckham

2237-05-01 - Punching Bag
Calliope and Roara take out some frustration on the punching bags. One of them is named Webb.
Calliope, Roara

2237-05-01 - Five to Nil
Erin schools Beckham on Pyramid. Beckham schools Erin on being human.
Beckham, Erin

2237-04-30 - An Offensive Idea
Van talks to Ryan about the possibility of going on the offensive.
Ryan, Van

2237-04-30 - A Difference of Opinion
Van has a suggestion for Webb, who sees things a different way.
Van, Webb

2237-04-29 - Ups and Downs
Beckham and Cate's climbing expedition is interrupted by a Raptor crash.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-28 - Last Meal
On Eva's last day on Scorpia, she encounters a familiar face. Once again, things are both heavy and light.
Eva, Evan

2237-04-27 - Moonlight Beach
Evan and Eva meet on the beach on Scorpia. There is dancing and talk of heavy things and light.
Eva, Evan

2237-04-27 - That's What She Said
Hungover Beckham catches up with not-so-hungover Erin. They chat about her (lack of) love life.
Beckham, Erin

2237-04-26 - Triton's Lonely Hearts Club
Three survivors of the cylon attack on PNAB Triton, Hyperion share a moment of solidarity.
Cate, Van, Roara

2237-04-26 - Missed Opportunities
Bean runs into Cate at the hotel bar. Things go well, until they don't.
Cate, Bean

2237-04-23 - Second Time Around
Beckham and Tamlin decide to give married life a second chance.
Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-22 - Barroom Shindig
Meanwhile, at the bar.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Antonie, Eva, Kazimir

2237-04-22 - Beachhead
Tamlin and Beckham take a break from their stroll on the beach to cheer up Cate.
Cate, Tamlin, Beckham

2237-04-22 - Raptor Plotting
Isolde, Paige, and Calliope chat while also plotting about how to go about fixing a Raptor.
Isolde, Calliope, Paige

2237-04-19 - Check Ups
Beckham drops in on Cate for a checkup from his injuries during the Battle for Honnal - and they learn a bit more about each other.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-19 - Broken Birds and Broken Pilots
Isolde finds Van obsessing a little bit about the escape from Edson. Still.
Isolde, Van

2237-04-19 - Dance Lessons
Beckham comes across Cate while getting ready for the celebration on Scorpia - and he does some minor arm twisting.
Cate, Beckham

2237-04-18 - Changed Not Lost
Eva and Antonie may be broken, but they can figure out a way forward... even if it isn't together.
Antonie, Eva

2237-04-18 - Getting to Know People, Awkward Style
Feathers are ruffled, laughs are had, and sometimes - it's better to duck and cover. Don't remove the > at the front of the line, and don't put a space after it.
Mikolas, Liv, Geoff, Aldrich, Erin

2237-04-17 - Everything and Nothing
Everything and nothing has changed for Finn and Eva.
Finn, Eva

2237-04-17 - The Harrowing
A flock of //Galactica's// female contingent descend on the local dress shop. Tavo comes in for the assist.
Cate, Isolde, Antonie, Eva, Gustavo, Cap, Vedjovic

2237-04-17 - Fire and Ice
Hot and cold clash with Erin and Liv. Friendship? Maybe...
Liv, Erin

2237-04-16 - Drunk Callsigns
Roara is out for a jog on the ship. Calliope is a terrible lazy layabout. Roara doesn't ask about the jungle.
Calliope, Roara

2237-04-16 - Caught Off Guard
After Kazimir leaves the Mess, seemingly without warning, Niemec follows to check on the man.
Antonie, Kazimir

2237-04-15 - Post-Flight Snack
Kazimir and Roara return hungry from a flight. Cap joins them and fuels up, too.
Kazimir, Cap, Roara

2237-04-15 - Payment in Advance
As Beckham recovers from a Cylon ambush, he and Tamlin find themselves drawn back together with an arrangement yet unspoken, but payment made.
Tamlin, Beckham

2237-04-12 - Croc Hunter
The troops deal with a crocodile attack at the river.
Cate, Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-11 - Scar Tissue
Tamlin and Beckham have it out. Also...a feral boar as metaphor.
Tamlin, Beckham

2237-04-11 - Lay Your Burdens at the Altar
Beckham visits Chaplain Aldrich for some advice on how to treat a reopened wound on the soul.
Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-09 - Checking In
Beckham reports to //Galactica// and meets Cassie in sick bay.
Cassie, Beckham

2237-04-06 - Mission Impossible
Two pilots plan an impossible mission to escape the island. As you do.
Finn, Eva

2237-04-03 - Missing Friends
Aldrich and Cate go out to search for the missing Mikolas and Eli.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-04-01 - So Ordered
Aldrich and Tamlin have a brief, probably not that enlightening discussion as they change over the watch.

2237-03-31 - Dirtying the Water
Living conditions begin to take their toll on the survivors in the jungle.
Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-26 - Run, Miko, Run!
Shenanigans in the jungle, the day after the bombing.
Cate, Eli, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-03-23 - Riding the Bull
Some of the crew gathers for a last hurrah before their time planetside is over. There's lots of drinking and a mechanical bull.
Cate, Finn, Calliope, Eli, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-15 - Selling Hope
Cate checks up on Aldrich after they failed to find his friends at the farm.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-03-14 - Tortoise and Hare
Webb and Thorne meet on the beach. The result is...predicable.
Eva, Webb

2237-03-05 - Rough Landing
The new CAG arrives, but doesn't exactly endear himself to everyone. Or anyone.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Webb

2237-02-22 - Drowning After Triage
Cate sneaks into the Officers' Club. She finds Calliope medicating after the mass casualty incident on base. Mostly with alcohol.
Cate, Calliope

2237-02-20 - Butch and Betty Wait For A Ride
Calliope and Mikolas hang while their Raptor is prepped to head off-base. Cigarettes and dumb nick-names abound.
Calliope, Mikolas

2237-02-19 - Barrel of Laughs
Cassie warns Cate about the dangers of Canceron flora and fauna.
Cate, Cassie

2237-02-10 - Wolfpack Celebration
The Wolfpack gathers to celebrate their victories and remember their losses.
Finn, Kallas, Calliope, Antonie

2237-02-07 - When Sacrificial Birds Attack
Eli is chipper and Aldrich comes in with an unusual injury.
Cate, Eli, Aldrich

2237-02-06 - After Boilermaker
Calliope and Priya power down and decompress after Boilermaker Bay. It is slightly more stressful than planned.
Calliope, Priya

2237-02-04 - Cocktails with the CAG
Kallas touches base with one of his junior pilots. Calliope's fine! Or, well, alive. Which is a //kind// of fine.
Kallas, Calliope

2237-02-03 - Frakkin Gems
Stefan and Aldrich finally meet. No one comes out looking good. (Except Eli and his sweet, sweet two-tone tan.)
Danica, Antonie, Eli, Stefan

2237-02-01 - Gods and Cylons
Aldrich and Cate talk about whether the Cylons have religion.
Cate, Aldrich

2237-01-25 - Tea for the Soul
Eva visits Niemec in the Infirmary. There is tea, and maybe a little too much heavy thinking.
Antonie, Eva

2237-01-24 - A Field Guide To Cylon Fear
Van and Danica wax philosophical on what the Cylons might fear and how much a person in a war can take
Van, Danica

2237-01-24 - Arms Make the (Wo)Man?
Cate and Tavo talk about the aftermath of the Cylon boarding attempt.
Cate, Gustavo

2237-01-22 - Feelings and Stuff
Priya and Calliope reunite after the very strange incursion on the Galactica.
Calliope, Priya

2237-01-22 - Cleaning Up
Isolde and Cate help to clean up the carnage in the hangar.
Cate, Isolde

2237-01-19 - Securing Sim Time
Van finally gets a chance to pass a request up the chain to Kallas.
Kallas, Van

2237-01-15 - Sleep It Off
Danica turns to Eli for wisdom and comfort. Eli keeps it strictly professional.
Danica, Eli

2237-01-11 - No News and Good News
Van has news for Cate -- not all of it bad -- and an offer for Danica.
Cate, Van, Danica

2237-01-10 - By the Book
Eli and Cate don't exactly see eye-to-eye on the value of regulations.
Cate, Eli

2237-01-07 - The Lords Love A Good Smiting
Eli compares and contrasts his need for quiet to the average shipmate's need to make all the noise. Aldrich attempts to help a slowly unraveling Danica.
Danica, Eli, Aldrich

2237-01-07 - How the Other Half Lives
Cate pays a visit to Isolde in Officer Country.
Cate, Isolde

2237-01-07 - Clean Bandit
Eva and Finn are of a like mind during laundry detail. Also, just ew.
Finn, Eva

2237-01-06 - Up the Chain
Eli has a request he'd like Van to pass up the chain.
Van, Eli

2237-01-05 - Old Time Religion
Geoff and Danica meet Aldrich, the new Chaplain. Cadmus' reputation is further analyzed.
Danica, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-01-05 - Crackers in Bed
In which members of the Wolfpack discuss many vagaries.
Antonie, Eva, Jaxon

2236-12-31 - Barrel of Laughs
Card game talk turns to why the Cylons have an advantage.
Cate, Mikolas

2236-12-28 - Burst Your Bubble
A very mature exchange between an officer and a gentleman in the ship's Laundry.
Calliope, Mikolas

2236-12-27 - We Have No Secrets (Except These Secrets)
Mikolas finds out information about Danica that has been withheld from him. Eli's good deed can't go unpunished.
Danica, Eli, Mikolas

2236-12-26 - Hidden Costs
Danica seeks out medical help. Eli throws his reputation as grumpy and terrible into question.
Danica, Eli

2236-12-21 - Going for a Swim
A SCUBA team goes to retrieve the black box from the Raptor that crashed in the lake.
Ryan, Charlie, Kahena, Liv

2236-12-20 - More Questions Than Answers
Danica, Tamlin, and Walsh put their heads together and try to work the ongoing raptor problem.
Walsh, Danica, Tamlin

2236-12-20 - Creature Comforts
Finn's bunk is invaded, but Eva comes bearing gifts.
Finn, Eva

2236-12-19 - Movie Night
Van and Isolde try a real-world date.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-19 - Round, the Second
Finn and Gray are sparring, Danica and Eva are heckling, Overstreet and Kahena are the unfortunate bystanders.
Finn, Danica, Eva, Kahena, Gray, Liv

2236-12-18 - Monkey Business
Rhona responds poorly to the latest prank perpetrated in the berthing.
Eva, Rhona

2236-12-18 - Moving In
Acting Ensign Isolde Asa moves in to the officers' berthings and is greeted by Van and Cap.
Isolde, Van, Cap

2236-12-17 - Breaking Things Down
Tamlin gets some help in the raptor investigation. Rhona adds some new skills to her toolkit.
Tamlin, Rhona

2236-12-16 - Packing In
A group of Marines -- new to //Galactica// and not so new -- chat over food.
Cate, Bean, Gustavo, Gray, Geoff, Dundonnell

2236-12-15 - Three Strikes is the Charm?
Isolde and Van actually manage to talk things over without yelling.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-15 - Keep It Simple
Tamlin and Walsh dig into the mysterious Raptor failures.
Walsh, Tamlin

2236-12-15 - Acting Ensign
Ryan summons Asa to discuss becoming an ECO.
Ryan, Isolde

2236-12-15 - Back to the Drawing Board
After Niemec's meeting with Kallas, she and Eva plot a new approach to the Cylon Production Problem(tm). (NSFW)
Antonie, Eva

2236-12-13 - Two Left Feet
Tamlin is giving a dance lesson. Eli provides the musical accompaniment.
Eli, Tamlin

2236-12-12 - Unclogging
Finn works on his Viper. Calliope frets about her Raptor.
Finn, Calliope

2236-12-12 - Attitude is Everything
Isolde helps out with repairs on Van's Viper. Van stops by.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-11 - After the Bombs
Some of the Wolfpack catch up after landing on the //Galactica//.
Finn, Van, Antonie, Eva

2236-12-11 - Plan for the Worst
Collins and Eli have a brief chat during a quiet moment in sickbay.
Cate, Collins, Eli

2236-12-11 - Olive Books
Van brings a peace offering to Isolde in the form of books. Nerd.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-10 - Dominos
Niemec pitches a plan to Kallas, but he thinks it requires too many dominos to fall.
Kallas, Antonie

2236-12-09 - Waterlogged
Isolde and Van run into each other at the pool.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-08 - Under My Skin, Pt. 1
Eva tracks down Jacob, in the hopes of securing his services.
Jacob, Eva

2236-12-07 - Killjoy
Miko meets Eli, they're going to be BFFs.
Eli, Mikolas

2236-12-07 - Step Lightly
Things are afoot when Eva and Niemec meet in the Obs Deck.

2236-12-06 - Ensigns in Charge
Several members of the Wolfpack get some sim-time in... with the Ensigns in charge of the mission.
Van, Calliope, Danica, Hallie, Kazimir

2236-12-05 - Gotta Do Something More
Isolde approaches Kallas for a change of purpose.
Kallas, Isolde

2236-12-05 - Alone Together
Van and Isolde plan some alone time together, and just end up alone.
Isolde, Van

2236-12-03 - Candy and Conspiracies
After one of the latest engagements, Kallas, Eva, and Niemec dig into emergency rations and later, plans for future adventures are discussed.
Kallas, Antonie, Eva

2236-12-03 - After Shake
Some of the pilots come home to the berths after the latest mission on Tauron.
Calliope, Hallie, Kazimir

2236-12-03 - Warming Up
Cate seeks refuge in the rec room after the polar bear Raptor plunge into the lake.
Cate, Jacob, Stefan

2236-12-02 - Calling on the RPA
Cate enlists the help of a group she doesn't even know about when she talks to Van about a couple of Picons she knew at Triton.
Cate, Van

2236-11-30 - Officer's Mess
Officers have dinner with the admiral and discuss the Cylons and colonial tensions.
Bauer, Van, Antonie, Eva, Atarah, Paige, Eli

2236-11-29 - Role Reversal
Joseph meets Cate and shares some sparring pointers.
Cate, Joseph

2236-11-29 - Bullseye and Milkman
Calliope and Van talk callsigns, share a smoke.
Van, Calliope

2236-11-28 - Mending Fences
Tamlin finally tracks down Gustavo. Apologies all around.
Tamlin, Gustavo

2236-11-26 - Lights Out
Finn and Eva have a boxing lesson. Calamity ensues.
Finn, Eva

2236-11-26 - The Principal's Office
The Chief comes in to check on Tamlin. Tamlin is summarily ordered to make nice with a certain Marine.
Walsh, Tamlin

2236-11-25 - Raptor Returning
Van meets the Rabbit and Echo's Raptor as it returns with Isolde, Cate, and others. Kazimir cameos.
Cate, Isolde, Van, Kazimir

2236-11-25 - Man Down
Eva is keeping vigil in Sickbay. Niemec comes to the rescue.
Antonie, Eva, Alain

2236-11-24 - The Worst Patients
Eli and Cate treat Sergeant Moreau, and then compare notes about how doctors make the worst patients.
Cate, Eli

2236-11-23 - Fish Out of Water
A Hibernian and a Virgon officer have an awkward meeting in the pool.
Cate, Cressida

2236-11-23 - Dinner and a Show
Except there's no dinner. But there is a show.
Finn, Eva, Cassie, Eli

2236-11-22 - Nerds of All Kinds
Several officers and enlisted talk in the rec room, mostly about nerdy things.
Jacob, Finn, Isolde, Van, Hallie

2236-11-22 - Business or Something Like It
A meetup in the Tech Shop leads to potential business arrangements and possible plans for the post-war future.
Charlie, Tamlin, Rhona

2236-11-21 - The Universal and the Particular
A Scorpian, a Hibernian, and a Virgon walk into a mess hall... Some things are universal. Some people are particular.
Eli, Cressida, Rhona

2236-11-21 - A Little Bit of Hope
Jacob and Cate sort a few things out and decide to try to be friends.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-20 - A Little Night Music
Lucius and Tamlin bond over music and vastly different experiences.
Lucius, Tamlin

2236-11-19 - I Think We Did All Right
Priya and Calliope unwind in the wake of their first weeks aboard ship. No ensigns were harmed in the making of this scene (much).
Calliope, Priya

2236-11-19 - Late Second Date
Van and Isolde have an imperfect second date a year and a half after they planned to.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-19 - Play Soldiers
Gustavo and Cate discuss the difference between Army and Marines over a Pyramid game.
Cate, Gustavo

2236-11-19 - On the Mats
A little bit of a lesson and a little bit of history when Oliver and Eva meet up in the Gym.
Eva, Oliver

2236-11-18 - Age of the Nerd
Van and Isolde explain nerddom to Spencer.
Isolde, Van, Spencer

2236-11-17 - This Ship is Small
It's another busy might in the Mess Hall. This time, with more parties. And Blue Food.
Ryan, Eva, Oliver, Eli

2236-11-14 - Nosy Doctors
Eli warns Charlie that he keeps an eye on PT reports...
Eli, Charlie

2236-11-13 - Feedback
Van goes to complain to Isolde about fellow pilots, and gets to help her test a VR tweak instead.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-13 - Not the Party Type
Laundry day leads to an awkward chat between exes about military rations, making friends and genocide.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-13 - After the Blooding (Part Two)
Eva and Niemec wind down after the battle. Food is consumed, water is wasted, the shelf life of men is discussed. (NSFW)
Antonie, Eva

2236-11-13 - Clean Break
Eli and Cate talk about their similar experiences while tending to a crewman with a busted arm.
Cate, Eli

2236-11-13 - After the Blooding (Part One)
Eva needs a sandwich. Niemec talks her down from the ledge.
Antonie, Eva, Julia

2236-11-12 - NAFODs Relaxing
A group of pilots, a techie, and a doctor relax in the Rec Room.
Isolde, Van, Antonie, Eva, Eli

2236-11-12 - Sliders
Van has a warning for Isolde, but she already knows.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-11 - Tech on Deck
Isolde is helping the deck crew out when Van gets back from a training flight, Neimec comes to inspect her Raptor, and Durant arrives on ship.
Isolde, Van, Antonie, Durant

2236-11-10 - Understandings
Jacob and Cate have an actual conversation and maybe sort a few things out.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-10 - This Ship Is Big
Calliope wanders aboard. Niemec steers her in the right direction.
Calliope, Antonie

2236-11-10 - Pets and Nerdom
Isolde and Van run into each other in the laundry room and talk past and present.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-10 - Not Lost
Harrison is not lost. Except he kind of is. Calliope is helpful! Except she's kind of not.
Calliope, Harrison

2236-11-09 - Friends in Low Places
Eva and Niemec meet up at the pool. An offer is extended, and possibly accepted.
Antonie, Eva

2236-11-08 - Pumping Iron
Oliver spots for Brielle at the Gym and they talk about her origins.
Brielle, Oliver

2236-11-08 - Thoughts of Home
Niemec and Ramsay bond... awkwardly... over their Tauran roots.
Antonie, Ramsay

2236-11-08 - Breakfast of Champions
While Brielle piles the food high on her tray, she and Oliver strike up a bit of small talk.
Brielle, Oliver

2236-11-08 - Catching Up
Cate and Van have a somber catching-up after Triton.
Cate, Van

2236-11-07 - Holobands and Families
Van goes to Isolde for some help with a tech problem and gets a tour and some history.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-07 - Squirrels and Their Nuts
Eva is trying to get fat. Niemec is trying to get fed. Oliver deploys cookies, and Paige just wants a meal. You know, business as usual in the Mess Hall.
Eva, Oliver, Paige

2236-11-07 - Chomping at the Bit
Niemec and Kallas talk about being anxious to take the new birds out for a spin.
Kallas, Antonie

2236-11-06 - Old Friends Reunite
Brielle finds an old friend in the BSG Gym, and reconnects with Jacob.
Jacob, Brielle

2236-11-06 - New Friends
Brielle and Isolde make friends while doing their laundry.
Isolde, Brielle

2236-11-06 - Homeless No Longer
Junior officers congregate in their newly-opened berthing.
Isolde, Van, Darcy, Antonie, Eva, Julia

2236-11-06 - Why
Cate demands answers from Jacob about what happened on Hibernia a few years ago.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-05 - Homeless Pilots
A pair of pilots run into each other in the rec room while waiting for their quarters to be completed.
Van, Antonie

2236-11-05 - King of the Mountain
Cate interrupts Jacob's training match for a painful reunion.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-05 - Hindsight
Laundry day turns into a discussion about whether anyone could have predicted what the Cylons became.
Kallas, Antonie, Ramsay, Eva

2236-11-05 - Different People
Cate and Isolde catch up at lunch, and edge around conversations of war and change.
Cate, Isolde

2236-11-05 - Re-Introductions
Isolde and Van decide to start over, trying to avoid the awkward. It's awkward.
Isolde, Van

2236-11-04 - Coming Aboard
A new ship needs a new crew, and the first waves are now arriving.
Cate, Jacob, Isolde, Van, Darcy

2236-07-10 - Anti-Cupholder
Amon doesn't appreciate Priya's modifications to a Raptor. Calliope is helpful.
Calliope, Priya, Amon

2238-03-17 - Last Prowl
The Wolves gather one last time after the awards ceremony before everyone starts getting sent off to different assignments.
Cate, Gray, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Ines, Rayner

2238-02-25 - Under Siege
Geoff, Aldrich and Cate are caught up in the evacuation of the ranch when the Cylons find it.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2238-02-25 - Against All Odds
The Picon Rescue has many moving parts. This is the one that follows Gage and the boy Nate, and the pilots, Ines and Hunter. (Ines doin' GM-y things.) Follows directly the events in 'We'll Get Them' and 'Even If It Hurts.'
Gage, Ines, Hunter

2238-02-24 - Escape From The Mine
The marines assault the mine to save Aldrich and the other prisoners.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-02-24 - A Wing And A Prayer
Hunter, Gage, and Ines go forward with their plan to steal a heavy raider and blow up the fuel stores to create a diversion from the mine, leaving an opening for the prisoners to be freed. They get the job done and it ought to be a moment of triumph, but...
Gage, Ines, Hunter

2238-02-17 - Desperately Seeking Antibiotics
Cate and Gage scout out the town in search of desperately needed antibiotics. It doesn't go well, and neither are happy with the result.
Cate, Gage

2238-02-02 - Scouting For Hope
Gage, Ines and Cate scout the mine operation / prison camp in hopes of finding an angle to help the prisoners.
Cate, Gage, Ines

2238-01-20 - Helping Hand
The missing marines have to decide whether to risk lending a hand to some others in need.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-01-13 - It's A Trap
A mission to rescue POWs leads the marines into a trap.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Lyn

2238-01-06 - Lost Company
The marines go searching for a missing Picon company.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Gage

2238-01-01 - Feast Of The First Night
The crew gathers for a feast to ring in the new year.
Aldrich, Lyn, Stirling, Yelena, Rayner

2237-12-31 - Impromptu SAR
The marines guide bombers to a target but then have to help rescue a downed Raptor.
Cate, Charlie, Bailey, Aetrian

2237-12-29 - Clearing The Way
The air wing sweeps the skies in advance of a Picon bombing raid.
Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Rayner

2237-12-19 - What We're Here For
The marines cover the evacuation of civilians and Gage shows his softer side when they find an injured dog.
Cate, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Gage, Sunny

2237-12-15 - Triad Night
A handful of Timber Wolves gather for some Triad. It doesn't end on the most friendly of terms.
Calliope, Geoff, Aldrich, Gage, Yelena

2237-12-09 - Chicks Dig Scars Right?
The marines assist a Picon squad, and Gage suffers an injury that may affect future Cage Lowjack covers.
Cate, Aldrich, Lyn, Gage, Aleksander

2237-12-09 - Port Interception
The air wing goes after some reinforcements headed for Port Powell.
Calliope, Paquette, Alain, Aubrey, Stirling, Ines, Hunter

2237-12-03 - Fish In A Barrel
The air wing goes after an armored column.
Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Ines, Hunter

2237-12-01 - Over The Cylons' Nest
The marines raid a Cylon supply depot, but to hit the target they have to get past a Cylon machinegun nest.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-11-25 - Snow Tracks
A squad of marines follows some Cylon tracks and ambushes the ambush.
Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-11-24 - Close Air Support
The Wolves break up a Cylon bombing raid on a Picon forward operating base.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah

2237-11-18 - Striking Back
In the raid on Aquaria, the pilots punch through the Cylon defenses to strike at the shipyards.
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Micah, Faye, Ines

2237-11-18 - Making A Hole
During the raid on Aquaria, the marines hit an orbital defense station to make a hole in the Cylon defense net.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Evan, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-11-05 - Happy CF Day
The gang gathers on Scorpia for a celebration of the CF's one year anniversary.
Calliope, Geoff, Irene, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Gage, Faye, Ines, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Incoming
The marines take heavy fire while defending a Tyllium mine.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-11-03 - Lending A Hand
The air wing goes to lend its support when a large-scale assault develops along the front.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Faye, Ines

2237-10-29 - Death From Above
A wing of Timber Wolves carry out a strike on a Cylon target.
Calliope, Paquette, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Faye, Ines

2237-10-28 - Hunting Season
The marines hit the ground on Sagittaron to hunt themselves some AA batteries. It's not as easy as it may seem, but does come with some satisfying //booms//.
Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Logan, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-27 - Dustup
Tensions flare when a group of CF marines and Raptor crews drop off some Virgon marines.
Cate, Calliope, Aldrich, Irene, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Nicole

2237-10-23 - Grab And Go
The Wolves save some Virgon marines trapped by an artillery barrage.
Calliope, Kell, Astraea, Stirling

2237-10-22 - Dead Zone
CAP in the canyons is always tricky, but what happens when you hit a communications dead zone?
Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Gabriela, Astraea, Faye, Ines, Pieter

2237-10-21 - Pinned Down
A new group of insurgents attacks the colonial marines. Surely the others haven't renegged on the peace treaty?
Charlie, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso, Noah

2237-10-20 - Hope For Change
Envoys from the CF meet with Chambers' after the incident with the VRM.
Geoff, Aldrich

2237-10-17 - Unfriendly Fire
A joint mission with the Sadah rebels goes awry when the Royal Marines haven't gotten the memo that everyone's supposed to be friends now.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Donny, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-10-16 - Mountain Sweep
The air wing clears out some Raiders in advance of a bombing mission.
Calliope, Irene, Kell, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Faye

2237-10-14 - Patrol Gone Awry
A group of marines out on patrol encounter trouble. A lot of it.
Charlie, Geoff, Gage, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-12 - Enemy Of My Enemy
Aldrich gets to use his diplomatic skills to try and win over some Sagittaron insurgents. Donny gets to use...other skills.
Cate, Aldrich, Donny, Noah

2237-10-08 - Demons In The Dark
Overnight guard duty rapidly goes from mind-numbingly dull to vastly more dangerous.
Charlie, Logan, Aleksander, Bailey, Akeso, Nicole

2237-10-07 - Finding The Lost Wolves
The marines execute a rescue mission to find their missing comrades. Aleksander commandeers a Cylon AA battery.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Geoff, Lyn, Astraea, Gage, Aleksander, Kyle, Akeso, Noah, Nicole

2237-10-06 - Subject 10
Bailey goes through the looking glass after being captured by Cylons.
Aldrich, Bailey

2237-10-05 - Subject 9
Lyn goes through the looking glass after being captured by Cylons.
Aldrich, Lyn

2237-10-04 - Subject 8
Emrys goes through the looking glass after being captured by Cylons.
Aldrich, Emrys

2237-10-02 - Subject 7
Astraea goes through the looking glass after being captured by Cylons.
Aldrich, Astraea

2237-10-01 - Escape Into Darkness
Cate's escape from the Cylon captors didn't go as well as she might have hoped.

2237-09-30 - Well, We Found Him
The search party finds Emrys, but not quite in the way they'd hoped.
Cate, Lyn, Astraea, Bailey

2237-09-29 - Canyon Dance
A wing of Timber Wolves go on patrol in one of the mountain ranges in the Sadah province of Sagittaron. They encounter a group of Raiders. It goes -- for the Wolves -- surprisingly well, considering the difficulties of flying (and fighting) in a canyon.
Calliope, Irene, Alain, Addison, Astraea, Faye, Nora, Ines

2237-09-26 - Hi Ho, Hi Ho
A few Wolves guard the side entrance at a tyllium mine. A squadron of Centurions decide to test their mettle. Aleksander finally takes more than a scratch.
Charlie, Gray, Erin, Gage, Aleksander, Akeso

2237-09-25 - Hard Target
The air wing runs into heavy resistance while trying to soften up defenses at a Sagittaron mine.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Ines

2237-09-16 - Surprise(?) Attack
The Cylons launch an all-out attack against Caprica City, but the colonials seem more prepared than one might have expected.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Addison, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-09-16 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
A marine squad is caught up in the Cylon bombing raid at Argyros.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Gray, Aldrich, Donny, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-12 - Wolves On The Prowl
Inter-colonial tensions boil over during a CF celebration in a local bar.
Paige, Charlie, Geoff, Aldrich, Chance, Erin, Donny, Evan, Irene, Stirling, Gage, Elena, Sarice, Ines

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Most Valuable Player
The blue team's assault turns into more of a pyramid gambit when the Wolves team up with the Capricans in some ground combat exercises.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Beckham, Chance, Donny, Lyn, Mercer, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-11 - Wargames - Cigarettes End All Wars
Meanwhile... the red team assault comes to an unorthodox conclusion.
Cate, Gray, Donny, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-08 - Intercept Course
The Air Wing runs a training mission against one of Caprica's Fighter Units
Paige, Salvae, Irene, Kell, Alain, Verity, Astraea, Emrys, Elena, Ines

2237-09-01 - Tanks In The Quad
The marines run into new challenges while assaulting the university.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-09-01 - Transports Away
In the final battle for Delphi, the air wing tries to prevent the Cylons from fleeing in transports.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Delilah, Irene, Kell, Alain, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora, Elena

2237-08-31 - Uncovering The University District Secrets
Marines and Pilots of the Timber Wolves utilize a distraction to investigate Cylon activities in the University District and why Dradis and Communications aren't working in the Area. What they find requires explosives and an epic escape to let Command know what they have found.
Paquette, Charlie, Lyn, Marina, Nora

2237-08-29 - The Boots We Leave Behind
While escorting //Autumn Cornucopia// to deliver supplies to //Dauntless//, the small group of pilots that have started to become a squad of their own discuss boots, before finding themselves intercepting a flight of Raiders attacking the transport they were protecting.
Paige, Irene, Verity, Faye

2237-08-26 - Save The Museum
The marines retake the famous Delphi museum.
Cate, Jacob, Charlie, Lyn, Abigail, Logan, Gage, Aleksander

2237-08-26 - Baker's Dozen
The air wing takes a beating from a slew of Raiders while providing air cover over Delphi.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Verity, Gabriela, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Nora

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Stairwell
A fire team engages a squad of Cylons when they board the Dauntless.
Cate, Geoff, Aleksander

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Shipboard
A squad of Cylons come into the Dauntless. They aren't selling Avon...
Aldrich, Beckham, Erin, Lyn, Gage

2237-08-24 - Defend The Dauntless - Air
The Air Wing is tasked with defending //Dauntless// from a Cylon attack.
Paige, Yohan, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey

2237-08-20 - Pinned Down
The Wolves marines go to the aid of a Caprican squad that's been pinned down by cross-fire.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham, Abigail, Aleksander

2237-08-19 - Tower Assault
The pilots attack a Cylon fortification.
Calliope, Eva, Paige, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Gabriela, Stirling, Emrys, Micah, Faye, Nora

2237-08-16 - Convoy Attack
The Air Wing tries to bomb a convoy transporting AA to Delphi.
Paquette, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Mason, Faye

2237-08-12 - Try Try Again
The marines take out SAM batteries protecting the Cylon supply depot.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Lyn, Abigail, Gage

2237-08-09 - Win Some Lose Some
The air wing takes a beating as it tries to assault a Cylon supply depot west of Delphi.
Finn, Calliope, Eva, Irene, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys, Faye

2237-08-06 - Tough Sell
The marines take on a heavily fortified position near some shops in Delphi. It goes...not so well.
Cate, Charlie, Beckham, Chance, Lyn, Logan, Aleksander

2237-07-28 - Wolves In The Bar
The pilots of the Timber Wolves dominate the bar of the hotel, though a few marines do wedge their way in.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Lucia, Kell, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Addison, Astraea, Stirling, Lanval, Emrys, Micah

2237-07-28 - Awards Gala
Post-award ceremony, pilots and marines gather to drink and dance the night away (but mostly drink).
Calliope, Charlie, Gustavo, Evan, Lyn, Irene, Rothschild, Gage, Aleksander, Micah, Faye

2237-07-27 - Friendly Competition
The pilots hold their qualification trials over Scorpia.
Isolde, Calliope, Eva, Yohan, Jackson, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-22 - New Plane Smell
A flight of Raptors loaded with pilots is being sent to collect some new Vipers to recover the Wing's losses.
Eva, Irene, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Air
The air wing defends the city of Islesboro against a massive Cylon attack.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-21 - Defend the Bay - Marines
The marines are sent to safeguard civilians at the starport during the massive attack on Islesboro and Biscayne Bay.
Cate, Charlie, Gray, Aldrich, Chance, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-20 - SAR In Force
The air wing meets resistance on their way to rescue the missing Raptor crew.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Priya, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Jackson, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-18 - Down In The Mountains
Colonial fighters attempt to stop a bombing attack on the city of Bransbur.
Van, Eva, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Emrys

2237-07-14 - School's Out
The //Vanguard// marines make their move to liberate one of the prison camps on the Cape.
Charlie, Gray, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Mercer, Gage, Aleksander

2237-07-14 - Flight For The Cape
The Timber Wolves fly in support of the rescue operations on Cape Shediac.
Van, Calliope, Eva, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Addison, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Emrys

2237-07-13 - Survivors
While trying to make their way back to friendly lines, Gustavo, Cate and Isolde try to rescue some prisoners.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-12 - Fuel Shortage
Vanguard's Air Wing faces down the Cylons attempting to retake the Frontier Fuel Station.
Finn, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Mason, Emrys

2237-07-11 - Service With A Smile
The Marines make their move to secure the refueling station.
Charlie, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Aleksander, Lanval, Josua

2237-07-10 - Clearing the Field
The //Vanguard's// Air Wing makes the first move in retaking a Cylon-Controlled fueling station.
Calliope, Priya, Eva, Tanner, Yohan, Kell, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Connor, Mason

2237-07-10 - Sink Or Swim
A SAM strike brings a Raptor down in a perilous position behind enemy lines.
Cate, Isolde, Gustavo

2237-07-08 - The Heel And Toe Express
A group of Marines escort a refugee column through contested territory.
Charlie, Gustavo, Geoff, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Aleksander, Lanval, Josua

2237-07-08 - An Amusement Of Aces
A few of the Timber Wolves pilots have hit ace... thus, cake is required.
Calliope, Priya, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Gwyndolen, Alain, Leonie, Astraea, Mason

2237-07-06 - SAR Under Fire
Vanguard Vipers and Raptors fly top-cover for the evacuation of a sinking Picon wet-navy destroyer.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Priya, Eva, Kell, Bami, Astraea

2237-07-04 - Hit And Run
The Marines Execute A Hit And Run Raid Near Summerside.
Cate, Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Kyle, Lanval, Josua

2237-07-03 - Cleanup Aisle 9
The Pilots Intercept A Huge Wing Of Bombers Heading For The Picon Coast - Including Biscayne Bay.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Hallie, Tanner, Gwyndolen, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Connor, Mason

2237-07-02 - Under The Sea
The Timberwolves are sent on a secret mission to take out a Cylon production facility!
Charlie, Liv, Salvae, Abigail, Gage

2237-07-02 - Action Stations
The Air Wing Scrambles To Defend The Vanguard When Cylon Capital Ships Come Knocking.
Eva, Hallie, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Leonie, Bami, Astraea, Stirling, Connor, Kymoto, Mason

2237-07-01 - The Internet is For Porn
The Wolves face strong opposition when they are tasked with taking down a captured communications satellite.
Eva, Salvae, Tucker, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-30 - Bridges of Havison
The Colonials destroy the bridges at Havison to stop the Cylon advance.
Cate, Charlie, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Obaia

2237-06-28 - Horrors of Havison
As the Cylons advance on Havison, the Colonial Forces go to clear the Subway of refugees and get more than they bargained for.
Cate, Charlie, Chance, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas, Gage, Aleksander, Obaia

2237-06-28 - We'll Be There Between 0900 and 2300
The Timber Wolves go to do some on-site tech support in the Picon asteroid belt.
Isolde, Van, Eva, Salvae, Alain, Jonas, Astraea

2237-06-25 - Raptors Down
Cylon ground forces take down a pair of Raptors in the city.
Cate, Mikolas, Tucker, Abigail, Bami, Astraea, Aleksander

2237-06-24 - No One Left Behind
The air wing risks returning to Paran to search for signs of Kell.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Salvae, Tucker, Alain, Stirling

2237-06-24 - Into Arborfield
The recon team runs into trouble scouting out the factory in Arborfield.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Mercer, Kyle

2237-06-23 - Get To Da Rapta
A Raptor is sent down to Picon to deliver supplies to a resistance cell in Paran City.
Aldrich, Salvae, Tucker, Gage, Aleksander

2237-06-23 - What Cost Victory
The Air Wing engages a Cylon Air Wing. Victory comes at a price.
Finn, Isolde, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Alain, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea

2237-06-22 - Arborfield Insert
Fox Force Four (plus Mercer) are sent into the field on a long range recon mission to Arborfield on Picon.Things get furry.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Mercer, Kyle

2237-06-22 - Lucent Edge
Marines and Raptor crews help evac an apartment complex threatened by Cylons.
Cate, Lyn, Tucker, Bami, Astraea, Aleksander, Kyle

2237-06-21 - Pirate's Grace
A wing from //Vanguard// comes across an 'adrift' ship, //Athena's Grace//.
Calliope, Eva, Hallie, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen, Astraea, Katja

2237-06-20 - Belltown Blowup
A mission to scout for the POW camp that Lt. Addison Walker escaped from goes sideways.
Charlie, Erin, Lyn, Jonas, Kyle

2237-06-19 - Death of the Oreti
The //Vanguard// responds to a Picon destroyer in distress, and witnesses its destruction.
Finn, Eva, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen, Aubrey, Bami, Astraea

2237-06-17 - Recon and Rescue
A team of Marines recon Cape Shediac. A detour nets them their secondary mission objective.
Chance, Erin, Abigail, Addison, Jonas

2237-06-15 - Listening Post
The pilots investigate a DRADIS ghost and find a Cylon listening post.
Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea, Stirling

2237-06-15 - Tellorn Town Tussle
A flight of Timber Wolves clear the air over the city of Tellorn in advance of a Picon recon sweep.
Isolde, Van, Eva, Salvae, Kell, Aubrey, Astraea

2237-06-11 - Asteroid Sneak Attack
Investigating an asteroid belt for possible Cylon hiding places proves fruitful and full of explosions.
Priya, Eva, Paquette, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-06-10 - Failure to Launch
While attempting to execute a supply delivery, the Timber Wolves are ambushed.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas, Gage

2237-06-09 - Firefight on the Edge of Picon
On the edges of Picon's orbit, the Wolfpack descends to defend it.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Priya, Eva, Paquette, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen, Alain, Aubrey, Stirling

2237-06-05 - High Dive
The Timber Wolves' last day on Scorpia is put to good use, as the air wing and marines go out on a practice over-water SAR mission.
Calliope, Roara, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Katja

2237-06-04 - Battle of the Ale (Mock)
A friendly game of laser tag on the beaches of Scorpia.
Erin, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-06-04 - Gunnery Practice
Eva takes a group of pilots out for target practice and gives a lesson afterwards.
Calliope, Priya, Eva, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Leonie, Katja

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Pyramid Court
Some of the Wolves hit the pyramid court on the beach after the awards ceremony.
Gustavo, Aldrich, Lyn

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Beach
Ryan hosts a BBQ and the colonies' most informal awards ceremony.
Cate, Ryan, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Gustavo, Dundonnell, Aldrich, Erin, Salvae, Lyn, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Katja, Rion

2237-06-03 - Awards BBQ - Bar
The bar portion of the Awards BBQ. There is lots of booze, lots of introductions, and a pilot goes down in flames. TWICE.
Gustavo, Dundonnell, Webb, Erin, Rothschild, Alain, Abigail, Aubrey, Jonas, Leonie, Katja

2237-05-31 - The Inquiry
An inquiry is held into the friendly fire shooting incident.
Ryan, Van, Calliope, Eva, Webb, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey, Alex, Ford

2237-05-30 - Piloting Trials
The pilots show off their skills to earn their qualification badges.
Finn, Ryan, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Priya, Darcy, Eva, Hallie, Webb, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-30 - Marksmanship Trials
The troops go to the firing range to earn their marksmanship badges.
Cate, Eva, Mikolas, Charlie, Gustavo, Lyn, Kell, Rothschild, Abigail, Mercer

2237-05-27 - Turning Tables
The air wing assists a Canceron squadron and then tries to intercept the Cylon evacuation of Kannur.
Finn, Isolde, Calliope, Darcy, Eva, Cap, Webb, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-27 - The Shaft
The marines take out a Cylon-held mine.
Cate, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo, Aldrich, Chance, Evan, Graham, Rothschild

2237-05-26 - Big'uns Bugging Out
A Colonial fighter sweep finds some distinctly odd-acting Heavy Raiders trying to escape threatened territory.
Finn, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Salvae, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-24 - Castle Crashers
The Air Wing goes to finish off the castle the Marines hit.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-23 - Storming the Castle
The marines get battered when they have to climb up to an old ruined castle to rescue human prisoners.
Cate, Charlie, Geoff, Erin, Evan, Lyn, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-22 - Transport Takedown
A CAP from //Vanguard// gets orders to take down a Cylon transport during the battle of Canceron - and discover just how dangerous the Cylon AA can be.
Finn, Eva, Irene, Kell, Tucker, Aubrey

2237-05-20 - As the Jungle Blooms
A mission to blow up a Cylon comms tower is marked with awkward reunions, drama and banter.
Cate, Charlie, Gustavo, Aldrich, Evan, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Jonas

2237-05-20 - Friendly Fire
A communications snafu leads to a friendly fire incident between CF and Canceron forces.
Calliope, Durant, Webb, Salvae, Irene, Kell

2237-05-18 - Razor Down
A rescue team goes after a downed Kell.
Antonie, Salvae, Kell, Gwyndolen

2237-05-18 - Turncoats
A //Vanguard// CAP comes to rescue of a Canceron Air Patrol, only to find that they were the ones targeted all along.
Eva, Kell, Tucker, Alain, Aubrey

2237-05-17 - Someone to Pick On
The CAP sees some Raiders and goes to distract them from their target.
Darcy, Webb, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen

2237-05-17 - The Valley
A medevac turns into a relief mission as the marines help to hold a ridge.
Kahena, Aldrich, Evan, Remi

2237-05-14 - Live Bait
A rescue team is sent to recover a Raptor crew. They walk into a trap.
Charlie, Gustavo, Geoff, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Remi

2237-05-13 - Crushing Victory
The Air Wing smashes some Cylons in a sweep over an airfield.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Hallie, Yohan, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen

2237-05-13 - What Lurks Beneath
A medevac extraction goes awry when the marines run into the Cylons' latest freakish experiment.
Cate, Gustavo, Aldrich, Lyn, Rothschild, Abigail, Remi

2237-05-12 - Anti Air
The air wing clears the way for assaults in northern Kannur by going after some air defense batteries.
Isolde, Calliope, Eva, Cap, Webb, Roara, Delilah, Salvae, Griffin, Kell, Tucker, Gwyndolen

2237-05-12 - Pinned Down
A Cylon sniper takes a heavy toll on the Timber Wolf marines.
Cate, Charlie, Tamlin, Beckham, Evan, Graham, Nathaniel

2237-05-10 - Entertaining the Tent City
The men and women of the Wolf Pack help to entertain and lift spirits on Canceron.
Cate, Calliope, Darcy, Tamlin, Geoff, Cap, Beckham, Lyn, Kell, Tucker

2237-05-10 - Recon of Brighthampton
A pair of Marine recon go to scout for Cylon positions and find a base.
Charlie, Erin, Tucker

2237-05-09 - Ground Support
The air wing goes to aid a squad of marines pinned down in the hills.
Cap, Webb, Kell, Tucker

2237-05-06 - Sisters and Cylons
A group of //Vanguard// pilots and Marines head to check a local orphanage and get more than they bargained for.
Antonie, Charlie, Tamlin, Gustavo, Cap, Beckham, Salvae, Kell

2237-05-05 - Down in the Dirt
Down on the ground, the Dorns work to restore some basic services to the local hospital and the tent city that's grown up around it.
Tamlin, Beckham

2237-05-05 - Frakking Diplomacy
Salvae realizes the supplies he and Aldrich dropped off for Camp 3 never got to their destinaton. The two grab a couple other Wolves to investigate, and discover a group of miners from the Tyllium mines revolt.
Geoff, Aldrich, Salvae, Lyn, Irene

2237-05-05 - Calliope Crashed to the Ground
While running supplies to the Tent City that the Dorns are at, Calliope Drake is blindsided by a reporter of the Canceron Press. Charlie gets her boot stuck.
Calliope, Charlie, Tamlin, Beckham

2237-05-04 - Rescue Gone Wrong
Tucker takes a couple of Marines on a rescue op on Canceron - it goes sideways in the worst possible way when one father learns his family's lost.
Cate, Tucker

2237-05-04 - Supply Run
A shipment of supplies arrives to an Aid Camp near the disaster zone on Canceron.
Aldrich, Salvae

2237-04-29 - Defend the Shipyards
The Timber Wolves help to defend the Scorpian Shipyards, but lose one of their own.
Finn, Isolde, Van, Calliope, Eva, Kazimir, Cap, Webb, Roara, Delilah, Salvae, Irene, Alain

2237-04-27 - Asteroids
A mission to practice flying around Asteroids turns into a Raider Ambush.
Isolde, Kazimir, Cap, Roara, Delilah

2237-04-22 - Red vs Blue
The Timber Wolves pilots go up against each other in a training exercise.
Isolde, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Kazimir, Webb, Roara, Alain

2237-04-21 - Shindig
The crew gets all fancied up for a formal ball.
Cate, Finn, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Paige, Bean, Mikolas, Tamlin, Gustavo, Kazimir, Liv, Geoff, Cap, Aldrich, Beckham, Erin, Vedjovic, Zeke

2237-04-20 - Timber Wolves Assemble
The brass officially announces the Timber Wolves.
Cate, Finn, Bauer, Ryan, Paige, Liv, Erin

2237-04-19 - Top Shot Competition
Members of the crew have a shooting competition, and there's a surprise winner.
Cate, Eva, Charlie, Tamlin, Geoff, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-15 - Battle for Honnal - Ground
The ground battle for Honnal. The Marines attack the captured spaceport.
Cate, Brielle, Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-15 - Battle for Honnal - Air
The air wing participates in the Battle for Honnal.
Finn, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Kazimir, Webb, Alain

2237-04-14 - Mayday
The Wolfpack hurries to assist a freighter under attack.
Finn, Eva, Paige, Kazimir, Webb, Roara

2237-04-14 - War Pauses for No One
A moment of reflection about the war's anniversary is interrupted when Cylons threaten the mine.
Cate, Ryan, Tamlin, Geoff, Aldrich, Beckham

2237-04-13 - Milk Run
After making a delivery to the Cutter that will be carrying the Timber Wolves, a flight is jumped by a group of Raiders and they fight it out.
Antonie, Eva, Paige, Kazimir

2237-04-10 - Hellos and Goodbyes
Reinforcements arrive in the jungle and the wounded are evacuated, leading to surprise reunions and tearful goodbyes.
Cate, Ryan, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich, Beckham, Chance

2237-04-09 - Grand Theft Raider
The jungle crew tries to secure a Raider for Eva and Finn's mad scheme, and Aldrich has an unexpected reunion.
Cate, Hale, Ryan, Calliope, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-04-09 - Just Lie to Me
Eva and Finn put all their eggs into one basket as they try to wrangle a heavy raider off of Canceron.
Finn, Eva

2237-04-07 - Mission Impossible Redux
Eva and Finn pitch their plan to Ryan.
Finn, Ryan, Eva

2237-04-02 - Prison Break (Demo Team)
Tamlin and Calliope try to make a really explosive diversion for the prisoner rescue.
Calliope, Tamlin

2237-04-02 - Prison Break (Rescue Team)
While the other teams create a diversion, Aldrich, Cate and Geoff try to bust out the prisoners.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-31 - Back to the Barn
In the aftermath of Edson's Fall, a small group of Cylon prisoners find themselves at the end of the line.
Finn, Eva, Webb

2237-03-31 - Escaping the Barn
The pilots try to break out of the little barn of horrors.
Finn, Ryan, Eva, Webb

2237-03-29 - Recon, Party of Two
Cate and Tamlin venture back to Edson, to ascertain the status of the base.
Cate, Tamlin

2237-03-25 - Edson's Fall
Edson Air Base falls to the Cylons after a massive surprise attack in the dead of night.
Cate, Calliope, Eli, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-03-10 - Mystery Farm pt 2 (Assault)
The marines are sent to investigate a farming village where the Cylons are up to something.
Cate, Mikolas, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-05 - Mystery Farm pt 1 (Recon)
A search for Aldrich's friends turns up something unexpected at a farming village.
Cate, Geoff, Aldrich

2237-03-03 - Jungle Hack
Two doctors and two marines head off into the jungle to search for the components of a treatment for Spiro Fever.
Eli, Bean, Gustavo

2237-02-24 - Lost Wolves
The Wolfpack suffers a terrible blow when a bombing raid meets stiff resistance and a vicious storm.
Finn, Kallas, Antonie, Eva

2237-02-21 - Triage
After a village is bombed, medical personnel and volunteers deal with the incoming wounded.
Cate, Calliope, Eli, Stefan, Mikolas, Aldrich

2237-02-11 - Friendly Assist
The fliers scramble to help out some Canceron pilots.
Kallas, Isolde, Van, Danica, Antonie, Eva

2237-01-27 - Hold the Line
The Air Wing helps to repel a Cylon breakthrough near Kadin Bridge.
Finn, Kallas, Van, Calliope, Eva

2237-01-27 - Leroy Jenkins
The marines charge across the battlefield to rescue a downed pilot.
Cate, Stefan, Mikolas, Spencer, Geoff

2237-01-23 - Check One
On the hunt for answers to the trouble with raptors, Danica and Tamlin take one out for a ride.
Danica, Tamlin

2237-01-21 - The Baby and the Bathwater
A transport ship leaving Tauron is jumped by Raiders and requests emergency assistance. The Galactica scrambles its fighters to defend it. Upon landing, the transport's cargo is not what it seems.
Cate, Danica, Antonie, Mikolas, Tamlin, Aldrich

2237-01-19 - Air Support
An air wing patrol gets called to help out some Tauron ground forces.
Finn, Kallas, Calliope, Danica, Antonie

2237-01-06 - Dambusters
The Air Wing scrambles to stop the Cylons from blowing up Illi Dam.
Kallas, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Eva, Jaxon, Alain

2236-12-16 - Landing the Hard Way
Another Raptor suffers in-flight difficulties.
Danica, Stefan, Mikolas

2236-12-11 - Bombs Away
The Wolfpack goes on a bombing run against a Cylon factory.
Finn, Kallas, Van, Calliope, Danica, Antonie, Eva, Kazimir

2236-12-08 - Breakthrough
The Marines are sent to halt a Cylon advance when they break through the front line.
Cate, Jacob, Hale, Danica, Bean, Stefan, Mikolas, Charlie, Kahena, Gustavo

2236-12-03 - Shaking Tail Feathers
The Wolfpack dukes it out with a pack of Raiders and Cypers.
Kallas, Van, Calliope, Eva, Kazimir

2236-12-03 - Splash One
A catastrophic electrical failure sends a Raptor into the lake.
Cate, Charlie, Cressida, Rhona

2236-11-27 - Run Rabbit Run
A SAR mission rescues Rabbit from behind enemy lines.
Ryan, Antonie, Eva, Bean, Hallie, Kazimir

2236-11-25 - Raptor Down
When a Raptor goes down on the front lines with technical difficulties, techs are sent in to get it flying.
Cate, Jacob, Isolde, Tamlin, Gustavo

2236-11-24 - Grave Mistake
A simple slip proves to be a costly mistake when the marines are on a recon op.
Cate, Harrison, Stefan

2236-11-24 - Blooded
A recon mission turns into a rescue when a pilot is shot down.
Kallas, Danica, Antonie, Eva, Hallie, Alain

2236-11-15 - Back to the Resort - Air
The pilots provide ground cover as the marines make a return trip to the ski resort to look for more survivors.
Kallas, Danica, Eva

2236-11-15 - Ski Patrol
The Galactica crew rescues civilians trapped at a ski resort behind Cylon lines.
Cate, Jacob, Van, Calliope, Eva, Julia, Durant, Charlie, Alain

2236-11-15 - Back to the Resort - Ground
The marines make a return trip to the ski resort to look for more survivors.
Cate, Jacob

2236-11-13 - First Blood
With the //Galactica// called in to assist Tauron, the Wolfpack, on CAP, gets their first taste of combat.
Van, Calliope, Priya, Antonie, Eva, Julia

2236-11-12 - Last Night of Freedom - Officers
The officers enjoy an ice-breaker party, then find out it may be the last for awhile.
Kallas, Van, Calliope, Antonie, Ramsay, Eva, Durant, Eli, Jia

2236-11-12 - Last Night of Freedom - Enlisted
Enlisted soldiers enjoy an ice-breaker party, then find out it may be the last for awhile.
Cate, Isolde, Harrison

2238-02-25 - Darkest Before Dawn
After the mine rescue, Cate is cheered by her old friend Deb.

2237-11-01 - The Wagner Investigation
Charlie finds herself summoned before Lieutenant Olson in regards to what Abigail and Gage had discovered.

2237-09-18 - Letter from the Front
Emrys tries to write a letter.

2237-09-14 - Pressure Valve
Stirling is debriefed by Colonel Ryan after the brawl.
Ryan, Stirling

2237-09-12 - Donny On The Prowl: Bathroom Sabotage and Taco Town Showdown
Donny's dumb adventures before and after the brawl at The Lazy Mushroom.

2237-09-07 - Dustoff
Every soldier has a story about how they wound up where they are. This is part of Ines Correa's.

2237-07-13 - Within a Moment
Sometimes the hard decisions come quickly.

2237-07-11 - Obsessive Planning
Van handles the disappearance of Isolde, Cate, and others about as well as you might imagine.

2237-07-07 - Costello Mails Out - 1
Kyle Costello sends her first message home.

2237-06-23 - Going Down
Kell is MIA as he has been shot down behind enemy lines.

2237-06-21 - Return to the Cove
Captain Zanzibar's view of the Pirate's Grace incident.

2237-06-08 - Finding Happy
Tamlin and Beckham Dorn send a video message to Cate.
Cate, Tamlin, Beckham

2237-06-06 - No More Chances
Ryan sacks Webb.
Ryan, Webb

2237-06-05 - Not My Picon
Van reacts to the Picon briefing packet.

2237-06-03 - The Last Breath
In the slave camps of Picon...

2237-05-30 - Unqualified
While Isolde waits her turn to call home with news on the Qualifiers, she is haunted by memories of failure.

2237-05-24 - A Letter of Condolence
Jonas writes to the parents of Sergeant Adam Jayne.

2237-05-22 - Always
Lyn leaves the truth for Jonas to find.
Lyn, Jonas

2237-05-16 - A Call Home
Salvae has a chance to catch up a bit with folk back home.
Salvae, Alain

2237-03-21 - Lost Letters
Somewhere behind Enemy Lines, the last pages of a journal are filled.
Abigail, Addison

2237-02-12 - That Loving Feeling
Addison's flight in which he was shot down leading to his captivity.

2236-11-06 - Love You, Too, Dad...
Isolde has a video call with her father, Masturo Asa, and it goes as swimmingly as a lead ingot.

2236-09-30 - In Transit to BSG
Brielle is in transit to BSG, and getting ready for the conflict up ahead.

2236-06-13 - Mission No Promotion
Charlie uses her paperwork to perpetuate her lowkey attempts to avoid any further promotions.

2236-05-16 - First Contact
The first meeting between Zanzibar and Eva.

2235-12-18 - Assault on Roubiax: The Birds and the Bees
Months after serving with Rothschild at Athena Academy, Cpl Lanval Whittaker returns to the start of a failed offensive that would see him disappear for nearly a year.

2235-11-05 - Fall of CNAB Thalis
During the fall of CNAB //Thalis// on Caprica, Beckham Niles and Tamlin Dorn have a missed connection in the not quite intersecting vectors of their lives, pre //Galactica//.
Tamlin, Beckham

2235-09-10 - Forward Hyperion, Part 3
In the middle of the night, the assault on Triton begins and Charlie's squad is still in the city...

2235-09-09 - Forward Hyperion, Part 2
In the very final days before PNAB: Triton and Hyperion fall into the ocean… Charlie's squad is trying to get access to a radio tower.

2235-09-07 - Forward Hyperion, Part 1
In the very final days before PNAB: Triton and Hyperion fall into the ocean... Charlie is in the city.

2235-07-07 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 4
Cate learns the ultimate fate of the prisoners in Picon's Big Blue Pyramid Stadium.

2235-07-07 - Big Blue Stadium - part 4
Cate learns the ultimate fate of the prisoners in Picon's Big Blue Stadium.

2235-06-24 - A Dead Shark
Van gets some bad news at the height of the Battle of PNAB Triton.

2235-05-27 - A Wild Milkman
Van tastes the benefits of flying wild.

2235-05-02 - Big Blue Stadium - Part 3
Cate talks her way onto a mission to scout the pyramid stadium and find out what happened to the people left behind.

2235-04-16 - Big Blue Stadium - Part 2
Cate agrees to be part of a dangerous mission to escape the pyramid stadium, but her friend isn't so keen on the idea.

2235-04-16 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 2
Cate agrees to be part of a dangerous mission to escape the pyramid stadium, but her friend isn't so keen on the idea.

2235-04-13 - The Battle of Trenoir: Holding Ground
The Battle of Trenoir from Aleksander's perspective.

2235-04-13 - The Battle of Trenoir: The Descent Into Hell
The Battle of Trenoir from Aleksander's perspective.

2235-04-12 - The Battle of Trenoir: They Know
Only 6 hours in.

2235-04-12 - Van's Toaster Intro
Van gets his first taste of Toaster over Triton.

2235-04-12 - Thula's Last Tour, Pt 2
Jonas races to get back to Thula. Lyn waits for him, then lets him go.
Lyn, Jonas

2235-04-12 - Big Blue Stadium, Part 1
Cate remembers the day of the uprising, when the Cylons struck at a pyramid exhibition in Picon's capital city.

2235-04-12 - The Battle of Trenoir: Before
Hours before the battle of Trenoir, Rothschild's life seemed so... simple.

2235-04-12 - Big Blue Stadium - part 1
Cate remembers the day of the uprising, when the Cylons struck at a pyramid exhibition in Picon's capital city.

2235-04-12 - Thula's Last Tour - Pt 1
On the first day of the Cylon Uprising, a Corporal was leading a group of students on the face of Mount Thula.

2235-04-12 - Trailblazers Under Attack
Tavo's part of the abortive Cylon uprising on Scorpia.

2235-03-15 - The Half Hitch
Van is put in charge of making sure a Tauron guest lecturer is taken care of after a speech at the Picon Naval Academy.
Isolde, Van

2233-09-12 - Balls Up
When Cate learned that Jacob wasn't who he claimed to be.
Cate, Jacob

2232-10-21 - Hurt
Beckham has a day in the life of a Sagittaron peacekeeper.

2231-08-06 - Crush
Danica's moment of distraction meets consequences.

2231-05-11 - Far From Home
Years before the war, Astraea's life takes a turn for the worse, but shows her a way out.

2229-02-19 - Duty Bound
Tamlin makes her decision.

2228-12-20 - Saturnalia Greetings
Beckham responds to a letter from his father in prison.
Tamlin, Beckham

2228-10-29 - Breakfast and Broken Vows
Tamlin has an unexpected meeting with her father in light of the arrest of Beckham's father.

2228-05-20 - The New Girl
Eva arrives for her tour as a flight instructor at the Royal Naval Academy Flight School. Emrys brings the unexpected welcoming party.
Eva, Emrys

2227-11-06 - In From the Rain
Once upon a time, there was a man known as Aleksander Davydov. One foul night, he was shot by his enemies. His brethren, unable to take him to a hospital, brought him to a Family doctor instead. The doctor was occupied, but his daughter, Yelena, wasn't... (AKA: the Story of How Aleksander and Yelena Met)
Aleksander, Yelena

2227-05-05 - Summer Whites
Abigail prepares to leave for basic training.
Abigail, Addison

2227-04-24 - The Debut
Tamlin and Beckham meet at the Spring 2227 cotillion.
Tamlin, Beckham