This is an archive of the Scuttlebutt bbs board in-game. This board is the primary means of communicating things that the characters would have heard about.


January 2238

Lost Company

Faraday -- Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:19am
The Axios offensive continues, with the Wolves supporting a colonial assault into the mountains north of the city of Kienora. Picon forces had driven the Cylons out of the city, but the mountains remained a Cylon stronghold.

One incident has gossip buzzing: a Wolves squad was sent to look for survivors after a Picon marine company got pinned down in a valley. Only a single survivor was recovered. It appeared the Cylons had murdered the rest of the wounded to finish them off.

The Wolves lost two (NPCs) of their own, and Gage and Geoff were injured.


Faraday -- Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:28am
The brass identified a production facility in northern Axios province. Taking it out, they said, would break the back of the Cylon war machine in this region. With lots of AA, and human slave labor acting as human shields, it was going to be a hard nut to crack. Several squads of Wolves marines were sent in to soften up the target before the airstrikes, taking out the SAMs and rescuing POWs.

Unfortunately, things went sideways. The Cylons seemed to know they were coming. The POWs were moved and traps left in their place. The marines suffered heavy losses.

One battered team made it back to their Raptor rendezvous to tell the tale, but the rest remain missing. Cut off a hundred miles behind enemy lines, with a comms blackout preventing them from radioing for help.